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Muppets Trivia

Discussion in 'Games' started by Fozzie Bear, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. kermiegirl New Member

    Okay, here is my question. This is going to be a sort of tough one so you might need to look it up on Muppet Wiki. Here it is:
    What is Snore Pie with Yawn Sauce?
  2. Gonzo14 Active Member

    a postcard from Traveling Matt?
  3. Pork Active Member

    I pretty sure that's right. haha, I love that quote. I it use all the time.
  4. kermiegirl New Member

    You're correct. Do you know what episode it came from because I had no idea what it was in the first place. Anyway, it's your turn, Gonzo14.
  5. Pork Active Member

    I'll have to get back to you. I watched it a while ago but I forget which episode it's from. It's from season two though. I can tell you that.
  6. kermiegirl New Member

    Do you want to do the question, Gonzo14 or can I do it for you?
  7. Gonzo14 Active Member

    go for it, i can't think of a question
  8. kermiegirl New Member

    What was the name of the special that featured a tiger named Rugby, a catnip toy named Mew and a rag doll named Raisin?
  9. maniacal muppet Active Member

    Err, actually, the special "The Christmas Toy" featured Apple as the main doll, and Rasin was in the series "The Secret Life of Toys".
  10. kermiegirl New Member

    I can accept both answers. I kind of messed up on the dolls name. Sorry about that. Your turn now.
  11. maniacal muppet Active Member

    Haha, no problem. OK now....

    Which of the 3 puppets that were going to be made by the company Ideal Toys wasn't actually produced?

    (I'd give choices, but then it'd be obvious.)
  12. BabyScooter New Member

    I have no idea lol;) :)
  13. kermiegirl New Member

    Was it the Snerf puppet?
  14. maniacal muppet Active Member

    Yep, nice. Yer turn.
  15. kermiegirl New Member

    Okay, here is my question:
    List all of the celebrities from "The Muppet Movie" in order of appearance.
    Good luck!
  16. maniacal muppet Active Member

    Hmmm... Ok, do Max and Doc count? and if they are repeated in the film, should they be mentioned?
  17. kermiegirl New Member

    They are repeated in the film, so I think you should count them only once. Not only do you have to list the celebrities in order of appearance, you also have to tell me what their character is. I hope you get it now, maniacal muppet.
  18. maniacal muppet Active Member

    Oh boy.... lemme see...

    Deluise- Bernie the Agent
    Austin :)D) Pendleton- Max
    James Coburn- Bar Manager (Best line...)Jim Frawley (Director?)- Waiter
    Madeline Kahn- Woman in bar
    Carol Kane(?)- "Miss" Gag
    Charles Durning- Doc Hopper
    Frank Oz- Grabs Fozzie and flings him in the Bar
    Milton Berle- Car Salesman (Presumeably "Mad Man Mooney")
    Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy- Judges
    Steve Whitmire- Man In audience right before "Never Before..."
    Bob Hope- Ice Cream man
    Richard Pryor- Balloon salesman
    Steve Martin- Waiter
    Mel Brooks- Dr. Krassman
    Jim Henson- One of Doc's bunch in showdown scene
    Orson Welles- Lou Lord

    Ok, I think that's it. Darnit if I missed some. Really fun though :)

    EDIT: K, I just looked on Muppet Wiki and I did miss some. Oh fudge...
  19. kermiegirl New Member

    You are correct. I think you forgot one more. Paul Williams was the piano player at the bar who introduced Fozzie's act. Your turn now.
  20. maniacal muppet Active Member

    Thanks. I think I missed like 2 others too.

    Easy one... What are Doozer sticks made of?

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