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My 1st Jim pic.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Effralyo, May 20, 2005.

  1. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

  2. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member


    Gasping speechless as always. Glaaaark!
  3. Docnzhoss

    Docnzhoss Active Member

    Very nicely done!
  4. HPDJ

    HPDJ Member

    Cool! You da man (or woman, I'm so sorry!)!!!!!!!!
  5. That Announcer

    That Announcer New Member

    Amazing. Congratulations.
  6. lowercasegods

    lowercasegods Member

    You know what I like best about this? It's not an obvious take on Jim. It's very original, from your choice of medium (pastels, I assume) to the choice of puppet for Jim to possess (Kermit would have been waaayyyy to obvious. But Convincing John? What an original thought!). This is a really great impression of the man without being too familiar or inspired by existing photos or TV images. Bravo!
  7. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    this is happy. I like all the funky clock stuff.
    Well this may be happy but my sleep cycle sure istn. I really need to get away to bed...
  8. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    And now about WHY Convincing Johnny. I plan a new RPG on Fragglerocker.com in June and its name will be "Return Our Creator". So I decided to draw its first moment - the vision of CJ from which he learns first time about his Master.
  9. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    And a poem I wrote to this reason.

    The Tears of Convincing John

    When you were holding me, I could talk,

    And laugh, and live by your only word;

    You`ve placed me here, in this fancy world,

    The Greatest Master of Fraggle Rock.

    I wasn`t around when you were gone,

    But still believe that the dream will come true -

    I`ll one more time be a part of you,

    And let the others have lots of fun.

    You were only one who made my eyes

    And vested me with a persuade,

    While building my body, you gave me soul

    That started to feel before I was made.

    Whatever was death, I shan`t afraid,

    Just use my gift, wanting help one more,

    And if it will need me to die instead, -

    I`ll try to convince it to let you go.
  10. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    That is beautiful. I am almost crying here. I would submit this to Phil as a tribute to Jim.
  11. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Why not? I don`t mind - it will be a great honour to me.
  12. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I meant, if I was you, I would. i.e. you should submit it. ;)


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