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My 1st TMS fanfic - Play, My Harmonica

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Effralyo, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Effralyo Active Member

    To GardyLardy with love for all he had done for me.
    Chapter 1 - Little Friend, Big Heart
    ...First time for all day of work Beauregard sat down to rest on the terrace and pulled up his shirt.
    The furry janitor glanced at his hand and spied a big flock of old fur on it.
    "Moult again.."
    The moult time was always hard - not only for Beau - almost every furrry muppet,earlier or later, had to bear it somehow several times in the year. The main trouble was even not constantly falling out fur - the mind was as if changing too. And the only joy for Beauregard now was a thought that the moult will be only six days long. Last year was much worse.
    Somebody gave him a nudge.
    "What`s up, man? Cheer up, eh?"
    Certainly-Clifford with a bunch of letters. (It was up to him today to check on the mailbox.)
    "Sorry, Bo, no letters to you. Waaaait..." - He touched janitor`s back and picked another big fur flock. "Sure, I thought so... Mault?"
    "M`h`m", Beau nodded sadly, which made Cliff shake his head and click tongue with sympathize, "Ts-ts-ts. Yeeeep.... I understand ya. Though smooth myself."
    "Uhum, afterall, I don`t have to be on stage, unlike certain ones", Beauregard joked.
    "And you WOULD like?"
    What could Gard reply? He shrugged and said friendly, "Y`know me, Cliff! Just think: what the heck the janitor can do on the stage? To sweep amond the band?"
    Clifford sat down near him.
    "Who knows, pal... Maybe, you might be there. Someday..."
    He took off his sunglasses and put them on Beau in a joking way.
    "Here you are, Bo! Take it easy! Just six days, afterall..."
    He cut off hearing someone`s hail from the back yard and literally jumprd up.
    "Pooh! Gosh, just comin`! Sorry, gotta go, Beau!"
    "Eeeer...." - Beauregard wanted to reply, but Clifford had already vanished.
    "...So long", Beau sighed, laying down on the couch and slipping over his shirt like a blanket. What else he could deserve except a good nap....
    "Huhank? Huhank?", somebody screamed right over Gard`s ear.
    The voice reminded him Gonzo`s, but much thinner and funnier.
    Beauregard was completely sure that it IS really Gonzo, but the creature he saw made him nearly faint! It was a certain small muppet, looking a bit like a bird, but with thick purple moustache and hair. He was very brightly colored - orange with peach chest, yellow nose, hands and feet, pink eyebrows, red and yellow wing-like flaps and pinkish-purple tail.
    Beau rubbed his eyes - the vision wasn`t gone. He got up and freezed thinking is it real or not.
    "Niice story...", he grumbled to himself. "Ghosts right amond the daylight!.."
    "Ghost yourslef!", the strange creature rapped. "I`m Effralyo!"
    Beauregard blinked in amazement.
    "Effralyo, the Echo Spirit! And who are you? And why are you so sad?"
    Beau told his name and said, "Moult time - that`s why."
    Effralyo tilted his head to the left looking at the janitor, then jumped on the couch (and did it very nimbly, by the way) and again looked into Gard`s eyes.
    "Nice to meet you, Beavergourd!", he laughed, stretching out a hand.
    Beauregard even wasn`t amazed that the small spirit messed up his name accidentally - he shook Effralyo`s hand and found out that he isn`t an illusion. The hand was real, yellow, covered with short fuzz.
    Beau only winced and exclaimed,
    "Gosh, Eff, sorry that I`m undressed..." -He quickly put on the shirt. -"Say, where from are you? Are you my guest, or want to be a stage star?"
    "I am your guest", Effralyo smiled. "But don`t ask me WHY I came to you, it`s a secret!"
    "Okay", Beau confused. And Effralyo, hearing it, jumped onto his shoulder and hugged him by the neck:
    "Thanks! Thanks!... See you later, Beerguard!"
    Beauregard wanted to rely again but only gawked at the spot where Effralyo was sitting a second ago. Empty! Absolutely empty!
    "Effralyo?", he called.
    Somewhere resounded a merry but not so loud "Huhank? Huhank?" - which echoed for a minute else and then faded.
    Gard had already forgot about his moult - he couldn`t believe that at last had found a real friend and lost him straight away.
    "Effraly-o!...", he called again. "Where are you?.."
    Changing as if in a moment, the janitor decided to go back in the house. Maybe, Effralyo is simply hiding someplace. Judging his appearance, that little echo spirit might adore to trick people around.
  2. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Wha-HOOOOOOOOO! Another Beauregard story at last! I'm loving it! You know, I never once thought about the obvious fact that Muppets would mault!!! How cooly-cool to think of it! Beauregard I love, Beauregard is great! *dances* Can't wait for more!!! Wowdydoodles!
  3. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Wow. This is great. I never thought about Muppets moulting either! I can't wait for more!
  4. Effralyo Active Member

    And why not?
    Wait for Chapter 2 today. ;)
  5. Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 2 - Don`t Live Like A Plant
    Pretending that is tiding the house up, Beau turned everything literally upsidown. In that case all the talkabouts were only about him. Everyone knew that usually he`s rather insociable - especially in moult time, - but now it was as if another Beauregard!
    "Scampers around like crazy!", Statler grumbled elbowing Waldorf.
    "Impossible! Just unspeakable!", Waldorf suggested.
    "He nearly flies!", Robin squeaked.
    "He`s overbeauregarded! Wocka wocka wocka!..."
    But, though he rummaged throughout the house, he didn`t manage to find the furry dwarf.
    At last, with broken heart, the janitor hidden in the larder. He was ready to cry....
    "He never will be back...."
    Beauregard sobbed, but at the same moment felt how somebody small and light climbs onto his shoulder..... He winced in disbelief.....
    "Guess who! Huhahahahhahahahaha!......"
    "EFFEY????", Beau screamed.
    Effralyo literally hung on his neck, rubbing his head against the janitor`s chin.
    "Gardy, Gardylardy.... I`m always here!... I can`t be anywhere away, Gardy!.."
    Beauregard was touched by such a tender name. No one called him like that before. "Gardylardy" - fancy that!..
    "And why don`t you want to show yourself to my other friends?", he asked Effralyo, but the echo spirit looked at him wide-eyed:
    "What? I dun`mind to it, Gardy! Frankly! But, maybe, they have another eyes and aren`t able to see the spirits?.."
    (TBC in a minute)

  6. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I love it!

    Yup. That's right. Beau really is like tha tmost days, but today!

    I love the way Statler elbowed Waldorf.

    And so was I when I read that!

    WOw! It fits with that picture you drew!!!

    Fancy that indeed! ;)

    How true that is...people have different eyes, and don't see the world as we see it.

    One small questian though, do you always use the formatting for every sentence? The [ i ] and [ left ] etc. Becuase it isn't needed on every sentence. For thsi passage for example. You could have written [ i ] at the begining, and then [ / i ] at the end, and it would all have been italicized.

    Loving it!

  7. Effralyo Active Member

    ..."They`re magical critters themselves. I thought you`ve gone forever!"
    "Why? I just have a custom to disappear suddenly.. Mean custom, I know, but so my magic works!"
    The steps in the corridor.
    "Clifford!", Beau shouted in glad. "Now, let`s check on his vision ability..."
    Cliff laughed seeing his old pal.
    "Weeell, Bo, I never thought that this moult will change you so much!", he amazed slapping Gard`s shoulder. "Gosh, or today`s your happiest day?"
    "Yep", the janitor replied with pride. "Meet my new friend, Effralyo". - And gestured at.....
    ....the empty spot - as Clifford saw.
    The pink muppet bent down and turned to Beau in confuse.
    "I say, Bo, either something`s wrong with my eyes, or with your brains, but I see none!"
    "See none?"
    "Absolutely none, holy cow! It seems your - what`s his name? -Effralyo? - is so darn clear that even doesn`t make the shadow!"
    Effralyo looked at Cliff overwhelmed. Request was in Beauregard`s small eyes. Clifford got up and shrugged.
    "Y`know what, Bo", he said at last. "You can make up as much invisible friends as you want. And I dun`want to disappoint neither you, nor that Effralyo, whoever he was. Let`s assume I had seen him." - He put his hand on Bo`s shoulder and continued, "But dun`forget that you, besides, have a house stuffed with visible friends. Okay?"
    Beauregard nodded.
    "So... I mustn`t say to anyone else about him?"
    Clifford pinched his goatee in thought.
    "You might... but, eh, no use. They won`t believe.Or you should go and ask Bunsen... P`haps he`ll invent something, eh?"
    He got a harmonica out of his pocket handing it to Beau.
    "Had found on the terrace. Here. And don`t drop away your things next time!"
    Effralyo was scared. He tried to tug Clifford by his pantsleg.
    "See me... Please, see me!.."
    No way! The pink muppet felt none.
  8. Effralyo Active Member

    "... In short, Bo, I again gotta go. Ok, good luck. And...." - Clifford stumbled for a second. - "Friends must trust to each other... Maybe, he didn`t get used to me yet? Or simply afraid? Let`s wait for the time when he`ll show himself, and awhile..." - He closed the finger to his lip, shook Bo`s hand before saying bye and went away.
    Beauregard and the little spirit looked at each other in anxiety. The janitor scratched his head.
    "Strange, no?" - Effralyo exclaimed. "I stand and tug his pantsleg, and he`s still like a log!.." - Suddenly he spied the harmonica and gawked at it in delight. "Wowooooow..."
    "You liked it?", Beau laughed. "It seems it`s the only one deed I can do well besided sweeping!"
    He played several tunes to try it, and Effralyo`s eyes literally flashed with rapture.
  9. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Wow. I like! As always. I love that way that Clifford is being so nice to Beau, it's a soft side of him I'd never seen before. But that I think is lovely. Maybe Bunsen CAN invent something..I sure hope so, or Beau's friends will think him going mad if he talks to invisable friends!!! But...they don't KNOW the truth about that believing is seeing.

    I love it! Gardy go play your harmonica!!!
  10. Effralyo Active Member

    (wait, wait! I`ll go on now!)
  11. Effralyo Active Member

    Beauregard nodded hiding the harmonica back in his pocket. The spirit jumped on his shoulder.
    "You should, you definitely might play onthe stage, Gardylardy!", he confessed. "Why don`t they take you? Say please, why?"
    Beau tilted down his head.
    "But I can almost none, Fralyo... Fancy that... Just think: what can do a janitor amond the rock stars and other stuff?.. Besides, you ARE invisible to them. No, Eff, my only occupation for all seasons will be sweeping."
    "DON`T SAY SO!!!!!!!!!"
    Beau nearly became deaf from Effralyo`s sudden scream, while the spirit continued, choking with words:
    "Can you get on that you mustn`t even think so! I wish you only good, Gardy!.. You mustn`t let your mind be lazy! You mustn`t be JUST a janitor! Look at yourself, Gardy!..Look at your eyes. What are they?"
    "Small?..', Beauregard said indecisively.
    "No, they`re blue! And are you going to spoil them by only looking down, down, down, down?? Are you going to live like..... like.... a plant?!.."
    Beau lost his head even more. Frankly speaking, he`ve never thiught before why does he only sweep and carry the boxes from here to there, he just did.But Effralyo`s anxiety confused him.
    (End of Chapter 2)
  12. Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 3 - Look At Yourself, Look As Yourself

    "Let`s go and walk along the city?", Effralyo offered.
    The easy-going janitor agreed.
    He brushed out all the old fur, put on a new checked shirt, slipped over the sport jacket and, with the furry dwarf on his shoulder, went out of the house.
    The two friends were on their way to the city center. The humans around as if were all charmed. Effralyo lightly tugged Beauregard by the dread, and when the brown muppet looked around, he saw smiles on their faces. Friendly smiles. They made the janitor firstly distract but then smile too.
    "How d`ya feel?", the spirit whispered.
    ""Fine", Bo whispered.
    "And how`s your moult?"
    "Moult?.. I...I... have forgot about it!", Bo laughed.
    Indeed! The usual boredom and weariness had already disappeared. In the mirror of a shop showcase Beauregard saw a muppet with sparkling blue eyes under his cap and with a wide smile. It was himself... But so darn changed!
    "Hey, pal, why did ya stick to the showcase?", someone hailed him from backward. Beau winced and turned to the stranger.
  13. Effralyo Active Member

    A middle-aged man in the green sweater winked to him. He was holding an album inhte hard cover.
    "A newbie in here too?", he asked.
    "Nope, simply rarely appear in the city", the janitor muppet smiled. "And where from are you?"
    "From Columbia. I`m Quentin. Nice to meet ya! And what a bizarre pet do you have!" -said the stranger pointing at Effralyo, which made Beau gawk at him with dropped jaw.
    "Y-y-you said you DO see him?..", he asked.
    "Certainly I do, and what`s wrong with it?"
    Beau wanted to say that no one of his friends had seen the spirit awhile, but cut off and said:
    "He isn`t my pet, he`s my pal, and his name`s Effralyo. And I`m afraid that he can lose in here accidentally."
    "Sweell, swell!", Quentin laughed. "Effralyo! Nice name! And what`s yours?"
    "What?? Beauregard Clumsworth?...", the man exclaimed nodding someplace toward the Muppet House.
  14. Effralyo Active Member

    Beau nodded and felt heat on his face. He blushed, -but thru his color it wasn`t noticable, -and stretched out a hand to Quentin, so did Effralyo then.
    "Alright, nicely met! Never thought that will meet you one day!.. I just ought to imprint this moment. How about sit in there for a couple of hours while I make a sketch?" - Quentin pointed at the nearby park bench.
    "You`re an artist?", Gard guessed.
    "Yes, and came here because decided to look for something to draw and finish my last painting. Y`know, there isn`t yet enough suitable details for it."
    Beauregard agreed. A couple of minutes later they were all sitting on the bench. Quentin opened his album,got a pencil out of the pocket and started to work.
    But the janitor`s face on the picture was looking too stiff for some reason. The artist carefully looked at him - Beau freezed, being as if scared and waiting.
    "What`s up,pal?", Quentin asked in amazement.
    "I heard from Pepe that you mustn`t move an inch when you`re drawn", Gard replied still with a stiff face. "And must look as serious as you can.."
  15. Effralyo Active Member

    "What a nonsense!", Effralyo laughed.
    "Your friend`s right", the artist suggested. "Afterall, I draw you, not your seriousity!"
    "Really?" - The brown muppet confused. "Hm.. Sorry..."
    "I want you to have your own face, not so long", Quentin explained. "Imagine that I`m not here. Simply talk awhile with Effralyo."
    ....While Quentin was finishing his drawing, Beau couldn`t stop thinking - does he want to be on stage or not. He confessed to the echo spirit, and Effralyo replied, scratching his head,
    "Pretty difficult.... but possible..."
    And, frankly speaking, Beauregard felt easier after those words.
    The artist had finished to draw.
    For some reason Gard firstly thought that sees an absolutely unknown muppet on the picture. But he guessed next second that it`s himself - only the smile is wider than ever, and Effralyo floats in the sky over the crowd....
    "W-wow!", the janitor only sad gawking at himself."But are you sure that I really look like that, Quentin?"
    The artist winked to our two friends and closed his album.
    "I`ll show you all that had I gathered already since way long ago. All the six hundreds of happiest days!"
    "Whoa!", Effralyo exclaimed. Quentin nodded going on, "I drawn all the impressions I`ve got."
    "Cool", Beau showed a thumb up to him.
    "Okay, guys, it`s time for me already", the artist said. "If you`ll need me, I`m in that hotel! So long!"
    "Wait, wait!", Beau managed to hail him. "So you`re going to paint us? Seriously?"
    "Certainly, Bo! Certainly!... Bye!.. Bye, Effralyo!.."
    For about a hour Beauregard couldn`t get up from the bench. He couldn`t even dream about it. If only Kermit could see him now! Somebody knows and likes him!.. Just think!...
    "Just think, just think", Beau was whispering to himself.
    (End of Chapter 3)
  16. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oooh! I like! What I like best is that his expressions keep changig even to the extent that he can hardly recognise himself!!! He does have Loooovely blue eyes but we hardly notice them in his usuall dreery self, btu here they blaze bright and strong. *hugs Beauregard..wait...I am Beauregard...hmmm....*
  17. Effralyo Active Member

    (I`ll hug you myself, I`m Effralyo, afterall.)
    Gardy-Gardy-Gaaardy! Gardylaaardy!!! Gardik! Gardik!..... Mm.......uuuh!
  18. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    That is true, you are. However...I still have a little confusion over who that person is? Is he from FR, SS, or TMS? And/or is he a new charcter you made up? *confused*
  19. Effralyo Active Member

    If you mean Effralyo, it`s the new character I`ve made up. Haha, though it would be a nice idea to enclude him somewhere... ;)
  20. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ahhh! I seeeee! Yes, I did mean him. And I thought, "Weird, I don't remeber hearign of him, and I know that he must be someone I know" *tehe* That explains it then!

    Awe-tripplyhow-some. Waiting for more!

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