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My 1st TMS fanfic - Play, My Harmonica

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Effralyo, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    "On which day is the show planned?", the echo dwarf asked.
    "Tomorrow. There will be three quarters of the city! Fancy that! And to be honest, pity that he can`t be a badpipe for a couple of hours else. I wish I have a good one for a Riverdance number, but if its unsuitable for him now, I can wait. Or Mr. Clumsworth doesn`t want it at all?"
    "Later", Beauregard wrote. "I can ask Effy, but later. When will be able to. Let`s deal with what do you plan for me now."
    "He`s right, we can choose only one thing", Stangor said to himself, turning back to the janitor: "You know, my friend, even if the charm could long more, you still couldn`t fail the show at all. Here, perhaps this will cheer you up a bit.."
    He handed to Beau a glass of coca-cola. The janitor nodded as a thank and sipped a bit....
    "Kriiiiiiiiing.......kieeeeeeeeernnnnnnnnng....Cough! Coff, coff! Coff! Agm-coff! Ack.... what was that?!.. Gosh, I speak!.."
    "Told ya!", Clifford exclaimed, slapping his knees. "Vivat the good ol`Bo!.."
    "Well, I never", Effralyo shook his head. "Weeelll!.... Just think, who would guess that the simple cola can return your voice?.."
    "See? Haha, I should patent it someday, but didn`t know about such spells", Stangor joked.
  2. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member


    He can speak again!!!
  3. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Soon afterwards, in the hall....
    "How about looking at our scene while it`s empty? In order of not to stumble next time", Stangor said under light laugh. "So here,- he gestured at the entire background,-we`ll place the whole "Mayhem", then comes out Clifford with his solo break, and then you join him. And our little magician",-the director smiled rumpling Effralyo`s hair, "will get the main task - sing!"
    "Really?!", the dwarf rolled eyes. "I haven`t enough voice...but..but..."
    "Be yourself! That`s the only thing the public longs for, there isn`t anything else. I like your funny usual voice! Besides, the spirit on stage will look also terrific. What did you mention about those laughflakes?.."
    "Ndah, the number is devoted to me, and Effralyo sings",- Beau pretended that frowns, hiding, nevertheless, a wide smile. "Weird..."
    "But sings about yourself, isn`t it wicked cool, Bo?", Zoot said. "And you are just an outstanding acrobat, they already know.."
    "Out-standing..", Janice giggled and nodded, gazing at Beau`s shapes. "Ndah, out-standing indeed.."
    "Now, now, easy!", Gard laughed himself. "You`d prefer me to be squeezed by a door to slim!"
  4. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    (HI for today! I`m going to continuuueeeee!!!!!)
    Janice`s joke didn`t insult Beau. He used to think that never will slim - just to tease her. Besides, now he was all carried away by imagination.
    "Me..On stage.."
    A certain voice inside his head was still trying to hold Beauregard from such an odd decision, but the more he looked from the empty scene into the hall the more something made him sometimes screw up his eyes, nod and just whisper, "Yeah, yeah, I...I...agree.."
    The clumsworth recovered from feeling Quentin lightly tugging him by a sleeve:
    "C`mon, Bo, I gotta show you something!.."
    Firstly neither Beauregard himself, nor Effralyo, nor completely overwhelmed Clifford couldn`t guess what`s going on. But the artist merely winked to them and said, "A second else, and you`ll see!"
    And everything got clear as they left the building and stopped near a brand new motorcycle, six times better than was Cliff`s old broken one. Our friends gazed at the bike.
    "That`s a gift for you from Auntie", Quentin explained. "Seh wanted me to buy it instead of that one, since she felt sympathize to Cliff for that event."
    "R-really?..", the pink muppet gasped.
    The artist nodded decisively.
    "Right, you can now ride around the whole city again!"
    "And...may I ?..", Beau unexpectedly asked.
    Cliff scratched head in thought.
    "Eeeer..... You said once that you ain`t a good driver, didn`t you?" - But shook head straight away: - " Pooh, what do I say!.. Ceratinly you can! If only you want..."
    "If Beau decided, we won`t insist."
    That was Stangor. The friends didn`t spy him creeping.
    "And where are guys?", Gard amazed.
    "They wait for you at home already", the director laughed. "Yep, I definitely decided about the show date, my friend. Tomorrow. Neither more nor less. Right tomorrow."
    "But the training?''..
    "Dun`worry, Gardylardy!..", Effralyo cheered the janitor, giving him a hint about the spells.
    "So you can now just go home and rest well for the concert", Stangor said. "And with a new wheels, I think, Clifford won`t feel an insult any more!"
    "Sure he won`t", Clifford chuckled at himself. "Sure not!"
    He looked back at the bike under a happy sigh. Alright, let Beauregard drive this time! It isn`t a taxi yet. He won`t crush it. Especially now, with Effralyo`s help.
    "Off we go then, Mr. Glorio!", he said, shaking director`s hand. "See ya tomorrow!"
    "On the concert?"
    "On the concert."
    "Right", Beau suggested."On the concert".
    Then he looked at Clifford with request.
    "So..will you let me ride?"
    Cliff thought for a moment else and nodded. Well! Let the lucky stagehand have a nice race! P`haps he won`t fail this time, unlike those scenes where he smashed against a telegraph pole three taxis at once. Afterall, that fail was from Beau`s bothering and worrying, and now he was giong to ride all by himself!
    And Beauregard meanwhile saddled the bike so nimbly that the director even admired: just like a cowboy! Even looks slimmer than he is.
    "Cliffy, Effy!.. Are you coming?"
    Clifford sat "aboard" too, holding the friend onto his waist. The echo dwarf hopped on Cliff`s shoulders.
    "We`re off!", Beau exclaimed. "Goodbye, Mr. Glorio!"
    "Bye, Beau! Bye all!.."
    The last thing Stangor heard was the roar of the motor.
    (End of Chapter 16)
  5. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 17- Gleemmy-Glee and Oopsie-Down!

    ..Goodness gracious, he didn`t even know how wicked neat is rushing all-for-leather along the city! Rrrrrrrannnnnnng! Rrrranrraaaanrrrranrrrraaaannnnng!... Beauregard was now feeeling his fur rising...and as for Clifford, he was afraid to look on the road. No, when he drives the bike himself, it isn`t scary,- but who knows what can come in Gard`s head?.. Maybe, he`ll imagine himself as a F1 racer, and then... No, it`s better not to know.
    But- no....
    Gard felt that saddled the wind! Only the road ahead...cold from backward.. The wild wind rumples his dreads, and, here`s a wonder, the cap does NOT fly away! Effralyo, obviously, charmed it up... Only rush onward, and breath, as if you caught the breeze inside, and now try to hold it. Beau lifted his head and - nearly let the rudder go. The grey, light-blue, green, yellow medley... The skyscrapers, the trees, the road signs... Cold from both sides... Clifford all huddled and only in his thoughts begs his pal not to fly so fast... Hohoho, Cliff!.. Look, I fly!.. Look!.. I`m free, can you hear, I!!! AM!!! FREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!.... Gosh, I wish it continue for ages, and ages, and mooore!....
    "Bo, slower, I beg you, slower, we can smash again...", Clifford whispers, and- no way, and only the whistle of the wind in ears from such speed, and a bit scary: what if won`t deal... - but he does....
    "Cliff, look, I don`t hold!.. Look!.."
    Only a miracle held Clifford from falling down. Beauregard was riding with lifted arms, as if on switchback!..
    "Look, Cliff, I don`t see!.."
    His eyes were shut... The pink muppet was mentally ready to be smashed to thousands of pieces...
    "Effy, I want to fly... Can you make us fly?.. I`d never feel so cool... If I only could look at the city from upstairs..."
    Effralyo - the another one who wasn`t trembling from fear - quickly stretched out a hand catching the sparkle of Beau`s wish, and them thrown it up.
    The bike started to lift over the road slowly, gaining height. A minute later Beauregard opened his eyes and, to his glad, saw it already really flying.
    "Yohohoooooooo!..", he yelled, being even not in a bit of horror. "C`mooooooon!.."
    Effralyo, as Clifford found out very soon, charmed up them both. Ouir friends could fly on the bike wherever they want and with any speed, butcouldn`t fall down. And so Cliff`s first fear was gone.
    Beau clung onti the rudder, and the bike soared higher. They could now see the roofs of some buildings.
    "..And where can be our home, Bo?", Clifford asked, yet enjoying the fresh wind gently hitting his face.
    "Yonder!" - Gard waved his hand towards a certain hiway. "Look, the sun seats.."
    All three of them became silent looking at the wonderful sight.
    Thin sunbeams sometines got under Beauregard `s cap visor, and the janitor smiled and blinked several times, even without a look at their way. Clifford was laughing like crazy, and Effralyo giggled along with him. The janitor for some reason imagined himself from the side - a prety funny show...- and burst with laugh too.
    "Let`s get lower", he offered and lowed the speed. Now the bike was in twenty feet over the road. Some of the drivers could spy a weird dark thing in the sky. It wasn`t meither a plane, nor a bird, nor even Super Grover.
    One of the policemen, spying the flying bike, firstly thought that overate muffins, but then he started quickly whisper in the walkie-talkie:
    "Attention! Attention all! There`s a.."
    "..bike in the sky? With the three muppets, right?..", hte voice of his boss resounded.
    "Yes, sir! what to do now?"
    "That`s only Beauregard. Let him ride. He won`t bother anything."
    "I said what I must say. Don`t panic, Wilton."
    "Ok, sir. "-Wilton sat back in his car and wiped his forehead." Beauregard, sir... Okay."
    ..Getting higher, Gard made the bike overturn several times. Ya-ha-hooo!.. The friends resisted only thanks to the magic.
    "C`mon, guys, that`s our night!.."
    Who said that he`s a bad driver?.. Who said that he`d never hold anything but a mop?.. As if a huge stone fell down from Beau`s mind. He thought, when firstly felt the moulting time, that just won`t survive till its end. He nearly wasted the whole magic power to save their old teacher. And is still alive. Isn`t it a miracle?..
    That` s their night, only theirs.
    Rrrrunnng, rruuuunnnnnng, rrunrrunrrruuuuuuuunnnnnng!......
    They are someplace on the city edge, and nothing around, only highway and sunset, clouds and wind.
    Beauregard spies soon a bunch of white bikes on the road with white, bearded, see-thru and brave-looking kind creatures on them.
    "Who`s that?", he asks Effralyo secretly.
    "The Roadhuggers. They`re from our world too. You can lead them if you want..."
    "And why not?", the clumsworth decides and comes down, to their gang.
    If onl anyone could know what a pleasure is race witjh the roadhuggers in the evening... hey`re all bright silver, look a bit like the usual bikers and shout something like "Hoah1" Though, p`haps, they hail:"Beau!" - who knew.. They will ride all night long and disappear someplace with the first sunbeams, and you`ll successfully get home: they`re kind, just live for race, nothing more, and what for - no one can say.
    Beauregard rushes and rushes ahead, the blue eyes do flame... Onward and onward... and soon afterwards, as the road splits, - wags bye to the roadhuggers and takes a turn home. Where they`re already expected.
    (End of Chapter 17)
  6. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 18 - Clifford`s Secret
    "Mum, Dad, this time it`s really me, Beau! I`d just returned home from the studio. Stangor says that we`ll play right tomorrow, so I`m all in stew. But Effy calms me down, like, frankly speaking, everyone else. Quentin gave Cliff a new bike as a gift, and Clifford let me ride a bit. Do`nt worry, the bike`s ok, we just flied on it along the city - thanx to Effy- and had seen the roadhuggers. They look a bit weird but very nice. I led their gang and then came back home.
    I`m also ok myself, finished moulting successfully, and, as you guessed, feel healthy again. Janice wants me to slim and harps about it every hour, but I never listen to her.
    And now I have to sleep, since got already tired. Good night. Will see you as soon as I can!
    Love, Beau"
    Beauregard put the letter into envelope, sealed it and stuck a magic stamp. The letter disappeared, as ever, and our janitor at last fell happily asleep like a log.

  7. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    *pauses after the first new section today*

    Beau, driving! Be ok! Be Ok! BE OK!!!!!!!!
  8. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member


    That flying scene was the most...teh most magical...beautifull...and...it was just sto wow that I felt the rushing, and found myself flyign with them, I dance and fly over the stars, the moon, silver clouds, and wowness the sky is so clear and so beautifull!!!! Can that be the hint of a ranbow! *spins with glee*


    Ok. I am calm now. *tehe*
  9. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    As for Clifford, he stayed awhile in the kitchen to play poker with Rizzo and Pepe and think about the thing bothering him since way, way long.
    "Cliff, what`s up? Isn`t everything swell?..", Pepe amazed, staring at him.
    "Nope, nothing, just felt a bit sick from the race...", the pink muppet pretended that got just tired.
    "C`mon, dude, calm down, okay! If Bo will play tomorrow, you actually kinda needn`t sweat about it ,okay', Pepe giggled. "I see first time a night show host in such awe, okay! Car-ramba, will you move?!"
    The last phrase was related to Rizzo, who nearly snored over his cards.
    "C`mon, i don`t want to play now actually", Cliff sighed. "I can`t.. for some reason.."
    He climbed on the sofa, as ever, hugged his knees - the obvious sign of his sad mood, - and became silent.
    "Well, you can stay, and I go to bed", the prawn said, stretching all his four arms. "Night all, okay."
    "Say frankly, Cliff, are you envy?", Rizzo asked, getting on the sofa too. "You`re so gloomy, and..."
    Clifford looked at him and smiled. Rizzo didn`t see any jeal in his eyes. Only sadness.
    Cliff stretched out a hand sitting the rat on his lap.
    "Nope, Rizzo. Yuo think wrong."
    "What`s on with you, then?"
    "You`re a lucky.."
    "Ndah, I just recalled how did we met in the school first time..."
    ..Rizzo had been listening carefully all the story. Clifford told him about everything - sharing of school lunches with Beau, the passages he used to copy and got only Cs for them, the paper planes, and god knows what else. The rat could see clearly that Clifford is really worrying for Beauregard, but why, he couldn`t get on, - and asked Cliff about it.
    And the pink muppet didn`t reply straight away, as he used to do before, but answered as if under a press, with tense and being ashame of the tender words:
    "I..got used to him so much... I`ve never had anyone.. closer...than him."
    "Well, judge yourself! You have lots of siblings. Fozzie loves his Mum. Kermit has a nephew. Gonzo has the fellow gonzoids. And I am..."
    He hardly gulped in pain, which made Rizzo worry more, freezed for a second with opened mouth, and put the glasses on tilting his head down. And even though the light of the lamp was pretty weak, Rizzo guessed by the moving of Clifford`s lips that the last word was "orphan".
    "I`ll better leave him alone", the rat thought, leaving the room - just in time. It was good that he didnb`t spy a thin wet stripe on Cliff`s cheek.
    ..Sleepy Floyd shuffled by the sofa in the dark - wanted to drink some water, - and, coming back, stopped and covered the tired and lonesome pink muppet with a plaid.
    (End of Chapter 18)
  10. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    *wiping eyes* Oh Clifford....I'll give you a hug!!! Pleawse, let me hug you!!!
  11. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Ceratinly, hug him, hug and make feel easier. Ceratinly, Gardy.

    And, ladies & gentlemen, the first half of the chapter that gave the name to the story,-

    Chapter 19 - Play Harmonica Play!..
    "Ssh.. He sleeps!..'
    "I see..."
    "He`s beautiful!.."
    "Yes, yes, but easy!.. You`ll awake him!.. Ssh.."
    "Sorry, honey.."
    "He mustn`t know that we cane awhile."
    "Right.. But will you let me just kiss him? Only one kiss?.."
    "Be careful, Nancy. Who knows does he sleep or not, hehe.."
    ( A tender sound of smack.)
    "Sleep calmly, my boy. Can`t wait to see you in there."
    "Nancy, quick, it`s time already! Come on, this way!.."
    (Sound of steps and door creak.)

    A new wake up, as if ducking out of somewhere, again.
    Beauregard laughed secretly at himself, at his laziness that was bothering him to get up at last. What to do, if your body begs for more rest. Especially if under a dream you felt a very familiar kiss. Was it just a dream?..
    He heard a light rain in the night. It might mean something. But now the sky was stark clear.
    "Homesick", Beau decided and turned to sleeping Effralyo.
  12. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Awww! So cute!!!!

    (P.S. Hello! How are you this day?)
  13. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    (Swell!!!!!!!!! I`ve drawn a Nancy pic, btw.:) But I can be here only today. So please write something nice as I`ll finish the first half - to recall it during the web break;) and not feel so hard while studing.Ok?)

    The cunning dwarf snored so naturally that everyone could easily trust that he DOES sleep. And, of course, Gard hadn`t a clue where did Effralyo manage to get this morning and what to do.
    "Eerrrmh-mh- is it morning yet?.."
    He got up and rubbed his eyes with absolutely innocent look (told ya- cunning!) under a yawn. - "Whiat dream had you seen, Gardylardy?"
    "As if someone kissed me". - Beau held onto his cheek. "In here. And I heard someone whispering something.."
    Eff had to poke his nose into the pillow - or the clumsworth could guess about all - and secretly chuckle.
    "Homesick?..", he barely emited thru the pillow.
    Gard sat in his bed, combed his dreads with a hand, glanced at the fur, spying that it`s.. golden. It wasn`t an effect of sunlight, every fur fibre was shining.
    "As if not me!.."
    Effralyo hopped to him.
    "Nope, it`s you! But as you really are!"
    "Thanx to your magic, Fraly."
    "And your belief!"
    "Hey-hola-fringa-rola-haikie-wakie-Bo-oo!.." - Clifford, yet unlike himself last night, erupted into the room. "Hoho, uh-oh. Didn`t know that Mr. Star doesn`t sleep yet."
    "Ha,c1`mon, Cliff!.. Look who`s talking..", Beau winked, getting up and dressing.
    "C`mon, c`mon, before muffins get cold. I`m ok, Bo! That` s your knees get weak!"
    Click on the nose!
    "Haha, joke! Ok, c`mon."
    Beau didn`t spy anything odd in the house, only the door of the Muppet Labs got stuck, but ti used to happen thousands o`times before. To his luck, the janitor saw that everyone behaves themselves as usual. Might be worse if they all could pile in hjis room and yell, "Good luck, break a leg!..."No, instead of hullabaloo Kermit shook his hand and said, "My congrats with a debute." And Gard quietly sat to the table. The another odd thing he spied was that Janice was calm,absolutely calm even though he devoured forty muffins. Forty! Though... eh, who knows, maybe, everyone was just too worrying now, and there wasn`t time to pass remarks?..
  14. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ummm...I wanna eat forty muffins!" Speaking of wich, aclver choice of food concidering that Muffins are a running gag at MC!!!

    His fur shone gold...wow! Golden gardylardy! I can onyl begin to imagine it and it makes my heart sing for him.

    At the same time it does break my heart how Clifford *sniff* is sooo sad, yet pretending happiness for Gardy's sake!!! Makes me smile a sad smile, and think, "Oh, Clifford, you're so Kind!"
  15. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    (Hehe, you don`t know what surprise is waiting for Cliff soon! Dun`sniff, I`ll take care about him! ;) Bye, Gardeeeeee! Smack! Hug! Sbowwwwwwwn, "bassdrummer!":))
  16. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    I love this story, Effralyo! I love it I love it I love it! I feel sooooo bad for Clifford right now!
    But it's sooooo good to see Beauregard happy, and getting the attention he deserves, and yay!
  17. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Hohoho, I`m here again today, and here`s the another part of the chapter. It`s actually the longest chapter of all, so wait for more!

    "..and you go to there too, don`t you?", Beau heard someone`s voice - possibly Zoot - talking to Kermit.
    "Yep, in a hour. They say, four front rows are all for us. But who on the earth booked so many tickets?!"
    "And you won`t need the tickets. They allowe the muppets for free today! Cool, no?"
    "Kinda rully..." - That`s already Janice. - "Anyone can pass me the salt?.."
    Gard was carried away by his thoughts sop much that couldn`t recognize that sits with a dropped jaw, which Cliff spied straight away and, for a joke, poked a choco bar in his mouth. So now Beau reminded a roast pig - with the choco bar instead of apple, while the "homie made of foamie" was again laughing in stitches along with the rest. He guessed about the trick only when the bar started to melt, but didn`t insult and ate it too.
    "Gardylardy, off we go, the public`s waiting!", Effralyo winked.

    It seemed Stangor is only one who was nervous today since the morning - in a good meaning. Like last time, there were several video cameras in the hall - to make the show run already on the air. The director kept looking at his watch all the time - until heard the "Mayhem" bus stopping.
    "Hello, hello all, hope our Clumsworth isn`t charmed up today?", he laughed, meeting the friends in his office. -'I don`t want to have him pipe-singing again..."
    "Frankly speaking, if he`d be a musical instrument, I think, he`d be a perfect bass drum!", Janice jokeed (in whisper).
    "Uhum, ok, and how d`you feel yourself, Beau-can`t spell?"
    "...regard.Um...a bit... awkwardly... and what if I`ll do something wrong again? Y-y-you know what an apologise for acrobat I am...'
    'What? Hardly stepped on the stage and got your knees already trembling?..", Stangor exclained. "C`mon, stop shaking! Your buddies will stare!"
    "A-and where`s Quentin?.."
    "In the hall. Four front rows are all for the muppets, the rest is for humans. He said he`ll be in Row 5 or 6, I can`t recall.. - well, not so far from the scene."
    It comforted Beauregard, and, since there was bags of time before the show start, he and Effralyo decided to repeat in short what must they do.

    "Mr. Regard, this way; Mrs. Regard, follow him please," - that was Piggy`s voice; she was showing the way to the hall to Beau`s parents - Beautingleroth and Nancy Regard. - "Watch out... Here we are."

    Nancy the clumsworthess wiped a tear:
    "Oh my... Our boy`s on stage... we`re invited... Gosh, can`t believe that it happened!.."
    "You must thank Effralyo", Gonzo said. "If there wasn`t him, you`d never get here without a rainbow.'
    "Right, I`ll definitely thank him later", the elder Regard said. "But if there wasn`t you all, I`d go crazy thinking of what`s on with my son..."
    Beautingleroth winced, looked backward and saw effralyo tearing along to them like a small rocket.
    "Mr.Regard!.. Wait, I have to say you something1.. And you too, Mrs.Regard!..'
    "It`s private. And mum`s a word! Do you know that Clifford.."
    The little spirit gestured both clumsworths to listen to him and started to whisper something. No one of the rest could hear what does Effralyo speak. Beau`s parents firstly were scared, then overwhelmed,and finally felt sympathise.
    Clifford himselkf could just burst from glad if he`d hear the words of the dwarf. But now both he and Gard were on the backstage.
    It wasn`t time to worry much now. It was time to take their places in the hall. And the group hurried to the seats.

    The third buzz.
    "Are you ready?", Clifford asks.
    "Me? Sure! And you?", Beau nods.
    "Me too."
    "Let`s wait for a sign!"
    The janitor checked his pocket out. The harmonica`s here. Okay. So, now Effralyo sings..
    No one sound from the hall.
    "Laides and gentlemen!..", Stangor`s voice rumbles from the loudspeakers. "Let me introduce our new rising staaaaaarrrs!.... They`re waiting for your approve now. Applaaaaaaause!!!!..."
    The sound of applause made Beauregard`s heart literally moan from inpatience. The fear was gone, only the wish of being in THERE stayed.
    Mute. Obviously, they turned the light in the hall off.
  18. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh!

    I know what the spirit was telling them! I know! I klnow! Pick me! Pick me!!!!!!
  19. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    (You guessed, Gardy! Right! But the continue is not TODAY. Hehe...;) R u glad for Cliff?)
  20. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

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