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My 1st TMS fanfic - Play, My Harmonica

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Effralyo, Jul 24, 2005.

  1. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Wait, just find a link to the main song!
  2. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member


    ...They could only hear what`s going on on the stage. And Effralyo, being awhile invisable, was already in there.
    The public saw that a funny lil shadow appeared on the scene background. Someone shrieked several times - as if a hoarsy cross between a honk and a bagpipe..
    And at the next second, Effralyo materialised! In a gold vest, holding a microphone, he was looking cuter than ever! All the spectators gasped at once. And he gestured to the "Mayhem" to play and started to sing himself.

    See me, hear me, laugh with me, I adore to make the glee,
    I adore to make you gee, sing along with Clumsworth here!
    Who`s that Clumsworth, [I:]`ll say,
    Let his music n[o:]w play,
    Call him here, ah, call him here,
    Try you all catch up the glee!
    (He turned into a banjo, played a short solo and became himself again going on singing-)

    See me, hear me, laugh with me, I adore to make the glee,

    I adore to make you gee, sing along with Clumsworth here!

    Show yourself, you Ga`dee,
    Show yourself, you La`dee,
    Hall is stuffed and waiting now
    When you`ll come out, Fla`dee!
    -All together!-
    Dance with us, Gardy, sing with us, Gardy,
    Harmonica plays just for you-just for you!
    Dance with us, Gardy, sing with us, Gardy,
    Hall is full and claps just to you-just to you!..
    Beau felt that already cannot stand still. The music was calling! Literally drawing him to dance! And.... Hardly he thought about it, and got on the stage!!!!!!
    It was amazing where from he knew what to do. As if he was a dancer all life long! "Boom-sbang, boom-ta-sbang!"- the ex-janitor heard, and it were his tread sounds. Haha, let them see what he can!..
    And Effralyo went on...
    Can you turn a cart-wheel now, oh Gardylardyloo-whooa,
    Can you make a somersault, hey, Gardlylardylooo-whoooa!
    Look at their smiles-whooa!-look how they wait-whooa!-
    Let your harmonica play, oh Gardlylardyloo-whoooa!
    (Dance with us, Gardy, sing with us, Gardy,
    Harmonica plays just for you-just for you!
    Dance with us, Gardy, sing with us, Gardy,
    Hall is full and claps just to you-just to you!..)
    And under the Beau`s solo tune, Clifford joined him in a break number. Gard did the same...
    "That one`s Clifford?.. Look... And our boy!.. Look how he dances! Whoa!.. ", Beautingleroth whispered excited. "Hehe... Look... He doesn`t fall! Nimbly!.."
    And they shouted along with the public..
    Dance with us, Gardy, sing with us, Gardy,
    Harmonica plays just for you-just for you!
    Dance with us, Gardy, sing with us, Gardy,
    Hall is full and claps just to you-just to you!..
    -And the harmonica plays along!-
    Dance up-Kweelraaa-goo, sing up-kweelraaa-gooo,
    Harmonica plays-kweeila-doo-kweeila-goooooo!..
    Dance up-Kweelraaa-goo, sing up-kweelraaa-gooo,
    Harmonica plays-kweeila-doo-kweeila-gooooooooooo!..
    (Clap, clap, clapclapclapclapclapclap....)
    (TBC in a mo!)
  3. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    For a second Beauregard forgot where does he stand and nearly fell down from the stage! But Effralyo magicked him up so nimbly that he didn`t fell, but just bent down and caught a certain muppet lady fron the first row...lifting her on the stage! And when he saw her face, nearly got nuts...
    "Mildred???"- glimpsed in his head.
    But she was looking glad!.. He didn`t even recognize how started to dance in country-style with her! Oh my gosh, the "Mayhem" claps, Effralyo echoes "Kweerla-Gah!", the spectators - both the muppets and humans- only manage to sing along.... And the clumsworth screwed up his eyes on a moment and said the spell he couldn`t refrain from, not a certain mumbo-jumbo, but simply-
    "Play, My Harmonica!.."
    What started to go on...... Such a merrily that NO ONE in the hall could silent!
    Gyolikkeee-riolikko-reyo, gyolikkee-riolit-to-a,
    Gyolikkeee-riolikko-reyo, gyolikkee-riolee-hey!

    Gyolikkeee-riolikko-reyo, gyolikkee-riolit-to-a,

    Gyolikkeee-riolikko-reyo, gyolikkee-riolee-hey!-
    they were playing together with Mildred, a time he, a time she, and then the librarian even peaked him lightly in the cheek, but Beau was so overwhelmed - couldn`t trust himself that he DID it- that firstly didn`t recognise...
    ..He recovered from the first bouquet thrown on the stage to his feet. Then the bouquets started to spill just like a snow.... Mildred gave him a hug and returned to her seat, while our ex-janitor was only blinking and repeating, "Thank you..thank you all...."
    And Stangor, on his upper seat, was only wiping his eyes with a handskerchief:
    "My god.... that was...something..... That was something!..... Oh my!.."
    (..Pheeew!.. End of Chapter 12!..But NOT the end yet!)
  4. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    My god.... that was...something..... That was something!..... Oh my!..

    That just about expresses my thoughts! In fact, they can't be exressed in Egnlish. GlarreflargEXTRALARDEGLARD!!!!!! FlerspluuuveWOWDEFLOOOO! *dances*
  5. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 20- Beau-monde
    He didn`t remember yet, how did they all get home.. He could hear only Clifford`s voice, somehting about "make a celebration near our house...", and for some reason it seemed to him for a second that there was a familiar face of a clumsworthess in the crowd. And as they arrived home, Clifford said him to shut eyes and tied them with a blindfold.
    That was all. Beau could hear now only hullabaloo in the garden and sit still waiting Cliff`s sign.
    Meanwhile, the pink muppet hurried to rummage in Beau`s shirts with signs. There were lots of different ones, but which one can suit now for his trick? "Broadway to stroke - got a joke"? Or "Don`t measure, just hug"? Or perhaps, "The Supplies Storage?" No, it`s better to take "Wanna slim - invite me to you"...
    A half of a hour later, he found at last the suiting one - "Big is BEAU-tiful". The clumsworth put it on (still wearing a blindfold), and Clifford went out of the house and, like Stangor before, roared:
    "Ladies and gentlemen, Beauregaaaaaard.... Clumswoooooooooorth!..."
  6. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    That was the moment Beauregard understood what was he longing for ages.
    The darkness turned into a certain multi-handed creature, and all the hands were..stroking him! Stroking and tickling!... Beau firstly was wincing from a sudden strange feeling, but quickly got used to it,- nothing to see, nothing to hear,only the body begs: stroke, stroke, stroke. The hands get to the fur, rumple his dreads, and he doesn`t feel any horror, it`s pleasureful.... Darn pleasureful... The clumsworth even fell on his back.. luckily, landed on a bench, -and moaned something glad.... And Clifford`s laugh, this time isn`t spurious yet... And a familiar low voice: "Let me hug him! I want to look at last at my son..."
    And someone took the blindfold off his eyes....
  7. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Beautingleroth cuddled his dear son to himself. Gard felt this time that now he`s just on the heaven...
    Nancy and Effralyo were staring at them from nearby.
    The clumsworthess was proud for her "sonnyboy", but now she was trying to spy Clifford in the crowd which filled all the area by Muppet House. Swedish Chief was hardly dealing with cooking marshmallows for everyone. Gonzo and Robin were spilling Stangor with questions. Kermit was standing also near Beau wiping eyes.

    "Sorry, did anyone see Clifford here?", Nancy asked.
    "I`m always here, ma`am", the pink muppet appeared as if from nowhere - she didn`t notice him creeping. - "Are you glad? Bo dealed with a great deed!"
    " Yes, but now I want to say you something", Mrs. Regard said turning to Beautingleroth:-"Honey, can we talk seriously together?"
    "So that`s that Clifford who was writing us about you and worrying so much?", Mr. Regard asked Beau. "Such a thin smoothee?"
    Beauregard nodded.
    "We came here not at random, Cliff", Beautingleroth continued. "Sure, we wanted to look how does Beau play, but there`s also another reason we came for."
    Clifford arched eyebrows in amazement.
    "If there wasn`t Effralyo", Nancy said, "who knows all about the ones he loves, we`d never know who you are."
    "Y...you mean...."
    "You`ll come and will live with us!", Beautingleroth exclaimed.
    "In Raenbu!", Beau nodded gladly.
    "Our home will be yours", Nancy suggested.
    Clifford freezed with a dropped jaw.
    "Mrs. Reg...ack... How kind...you..... are......"
    "Call me Mum", Nancy smiled and wrapped her arm around his shoulders. "Just Mum."
  8. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member


    It's too awesome! I still feel everything that Beauregard feels, and now Cliffy, and now they go home! To Raenbu, but...will they leave their friends?
  9. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    "Hmm", Effralyo giggled, "now I really see the happiness in flesh! But...will you agree to leave your friends?.."
    "And who says that we WILL?", Beau arched his eyebrows and laughed. "Cliffy just will be a member of our family! Right? And now we`re going to do something!" - He whispered to the dwarf: "Magic up a... psshpsshpsssh..."
    "Aha!" - Effralyo got him on, clicked his fingers, and a small velvet pillow with a butterscotch on it appeared in his hands.
    "Now," he said, "you will see Clifford getting rid of his old surname he hates so darn much."
    He turned to the pink muppet and added:
    "Are you ready?"
    "Yo! Sure!"
    "Them,"-Effralyo pause a bit to make the moment more curious, "-FAREWELL BUTTERSCOTCH!"
    "Farewell Butterscotch!", the crowd cried in unison.
    And Cliff calmly ate up the sweet.
    "Clifford Regard", Beautingleroth smiled. "Does that sound well? Clifford Regard!"
    "Mh...mh", Clifford mumbled thru the butterscotch. "And is there any chances that I`ll turn also into a clumsworth?"
    It cheered the family up.
    "Certainly not!", Nancy calmed him. "You`ll stay a smoothee. But still will be our lovable son."
    "And I`ll show you your room!", Beauregard exclaimed in excitement. "And the Orange Lake! And our whole dale we live in!.. And...."
    Clifford felt as if he can fly when heard the words "your room".
    Stangor, who heard everything, walked to the small group and said to him:
    "And I`ve already asked them to give you a month of vacation. To make you get used to the new home."
    The pink muppet nodded and looked at Gard, who for some reason gulped and turned away.

    "I must to do..something....", floated in the clumsworth`s mind. "Or I`ll burst from glad.. Anyone, relief it.. I must give for not being bulged...by the......."
    "What`s up, Bo?", Quentin turned to him. "Feelings overflow?"
    Beauregard quickly nodded, and the sight happened next moment made everyone freeze almost in horror and astonishment. He looked at the artist, and Quentin suddenly flashed with bright light and.. disappeared! Poof! - And only the empty spot stayed after him...

    When Quentin recovered from sudden shock, he saw.. only the solid darkness around. The feelings were as if he got into gigantic vase of jelly, but...could breath...
    A strange noise resounded over him. It reminded the artist.... heartbeat, but so loud that he scared for a second and thought, "Where am I?.."
    "Gosh, and I did it?... But..how?..", Beau`s voice sounded over, and Quentin guessed..that does hear his thoughts somehow.
    (TBC, hehehe!..)
  10. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    And outside...
    "He disappeared!..", Miss Maltreat scared. "Just vanished! And flashed... "
    "So that`s that?..", Clifford nearly dropped his glasses down. "So.... that tale about the Swallowers was true?!"
    "The tale of - what?.."
    The teacher fainted. Her nephew... is swallowed! And perhaps she`ll never see him!
    "And what must we do now, Effy?", Cliff asked in anxiety. "Is there any way to return him? A spell, or a power, or..."
    "Wait, wait..." - it was obvious that Effralyo is darn trying to recall something. Suddenly he glanced at the garage gate and slapped forehead: "Sure! The gate!.. how could I forget!... Open Your Gate....Yes, that`s that!- ERKYOLLEENE GARDLAIDER!.."
    FFFFFFFFAAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUN!- The flash of light came out of Beau`s chest, and a moment later everyone saw Quentin, alive and undamaged, but all darn gooey!
    "Pheew", the artist said wiping his eyes from bright daylight. "Well.... All that I can say is that I`ve got a gigantic charge of inspiration...."
    "SLI-IME!..", screamed a certain lady in the crowd as he acidentally waved a hand.
    "Ah, yeah!", Eff laughed, clicked fingers again and made the artist back dry. "Who knew! That depended from the character!.."
    (End of Chapter 20)
  11. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    And at last the ending, the last and longest chapter in here,-

    Chapter 21- F-A-M-I-L-Y!!!!!!

    Every event has an end, and the Beau-monde, the holiday the half of the city had organised in honour of the clumsworth`s success today, slowly came to end. Quentin was still feeling a bit strange after being swallowed, but as Beautingleroth explained him all about it, he was touched by such an unusual form of tenderness.
    Stangor said that the company Clifford works in really lets him go to vacation, so the "homie made of foamie" got a real chance to have fun in the magic land.
    And to 8 o`clock the crowd near the house dispersed.
    "This night we`ll spend still in here, and tomorrow will move to Raenbu", Effralyo said."Are you agree?"
    But it was a bit unlike what he wanted - instead of common sleeping, they got a gigantic, whole-house tea-drinking with table-talks and lots of sweets.
    Stars were glimpsing over the house, and Beau was full of pride that it all was caused by him. Who could think that the lone clumsworth can do so much ado about himself?..
    For a month they with Clifford will disappear. Only for a month. No one even will notice it. George will replace him for a while. And, hehe, what a face will have Clifford as he`ll see his OWN room... He doesn`t know yet how the Clumsworts` family prepared and decorated it all especially to his arriving...
    But the morning sunbeams already appeared. It was time to say goodbye...
    Effralyo generated a fireball and thrown it up. It explosed with colorful splashes in the sky, and the rainbow arch got right down to their feet.
    "S`il vouz plait!", the dwarf bowed to Nancy.
    She stepped first into the arch and disappeared. The rest followed her...

    They all shut their eyes for a couple of minutes, and when opened them back, saw that Effralyo thanks to his power made them land not somewhere in the middle of Raenbu, but right in the living-room of Regards` house!
  12. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I don't know what to say, our saga is coming to an end, and what an end! And there are not words, but, i must think of some words, for it deserves the praise it does. This story is so beau-tiifull! So powetic in every wy, the very choice of words in itself make it sing in the hearts, and the mind, and the warmth and magic that springs inside when we read it...oh it was just so....Gardylardyglarkyflarkyjohnnyhoneyjimhensonflarggywonderflute!!!

    "What`s up, Bo?", Quentin turned to him. "Feelings overflow?"

    Yes...yes that is exactly it my feelings for this story are to amazing to express...so I just will have to hug the image of a plushie gardy and deam...
  13. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Wait, it isn`t the end yet, Ga`dee! Here`s the continue o`the chapter.

    "C`mon, Cliff, your room`s waiting!", Beau laughed hurrying his pal. "Let`s go upstairs!"
    No. It was too hard to describe what did the pink muppet feel seeing his own room. Tears filled his eyes when he saw how snowy were the bedclothes:their shining made eyes hurt. The mantelpiece, just like in the Muppet House. The armchair with the palid on it...
    "Why?..", he barely emited turning to Gard,"..why did you make it all?.. Am I worth?.."
    "Gardylardy is the living suggesting to that", Effralyo said. "You saved his life. Not even me, I just helped a bit."
    Cliff moved carefully his hand along the sheet. No, everything was real, it wasn`t a vision, yet was hard to believe. As if an award for all have he done.
    "Okay, you`ll manage to amire it all later", Beau laughed. "How about go and bath in the Orange Lake? And I`ll just take the fishing stuff..."
    (TBC in a mo)
  14. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ooooooooooooooooooo-h! I thought it ws finished!!!

    Good, good, they go swimming in the orange lake! Beware of the furry fish! Tehe!
  15. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    .....Soon afterwards.....
    Clifford was lying on the lake bank,- the head was on the sand, the rest - in the water. Sometimes the blossoms of a nearby cherry-tree were falling on the lake surface, and for a second it seemed to Cliff that he bathes in lemonade. He even didn`t spy that fell asleep.
    Beauregard was close to the same - now he, with Effralyo sitting under his jacket, was watching the two angles, resting in a couple of yards from Cliff - under the tree.
    "Effy", the clumsworth hailed.
    "And you will live in our home for ever, won`t you?"
    the echo dwarf pinched a moustache in thought.
    "M-m... I certainly shall, but...Firstly, I must do something..."
    "Will it take long?", Beau worried.
    "P`haps, till the morning... Only say to Zeliboba that I`ve done his task, and.."
    No, Effralyo really mentioned the name of the president of Mupetland Beau could know quite weakly,only from news issues and newspapers! So he.... is..his helper???
    Gard blinked and even shifted.
    "You mean..our...president?.."
    "Right", the spirit arched his eyebrows. "And did I tell you before?"
    Beauregard looked at him more wide-eyed. So this small and fancy weirdo ..really helps..their "king"?..
    "You said that it`s not so matter where from did you come", he said.
    "Ha! If there wasn`t Zeliboba, I`d never know about ya, Gardylardy!", Effralyo explained. "He can`t leave for long time his courtyard-plauground for he`s a Dratcher - their guard,- so he sent me to help."
    "He knew.."
    "Everything! And asked me because we`re friends since way long! We were growing up together."
    Beau nodded in confuse, while Effralyo continued:
    "And I didn`t say all yet. If Zel tackles something,he always frankly does it till the end.. I won`t be amazed if will find out that Stangor works for him too."
    The clumsworth felt so awkward that couldn`t look at Eff like before. As if a minister or a vice president was infront of him.
    "Gardy, Ga-ardy!.." - The dwarf lightly tugged him by the collar. - "C`mon, Gardylardy!.. Are we friends or not?.. Stop it, or.." -he paused and didn`t find to answer anything better than "..or I`ll cry."
    Beau`s mood shifted to relief. No, Effey is neither a minister, nor a vice president - but just a small spirit who longs now for being hugged. He recognized it as if from a side.
  16. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

  17. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    "He`ll be glad", Eff said, guessing Gard`s thoughts. "Dun`worry, I`ll just chronodive on Sesame street this night, and will be back when you`ll aw.. A BIIITE!!!!"
    "A fight?.. A fight?.. Where`s a fight?..", Clifford suddenly jumped up since didn`t listen the sudden scream, but saw the friends grabbing angles and laughed, sitting still in the water.
    "Fourth!..", Beau exclaimed, pointing at a small furry fish he hooked. "Pooh, what`s up with them today? Or they take you for a catfish who can eat them, Cliff?"
    "Possibly!", the pink muppet chuckled, getting back on the ground to get dry. And the clumsworth let go to all four fishies, saying "Go all home, we needn`t ya!"
    ...Effralyo didn`t tell his secret to clifford, just said instead that will have to go tonight and will be back next morning.
    They were now all siting by the camp-fire, thinking who about what, but Beauregard was seeing his best friend as a brother first time.
    "I don`t even know, Bo", Clifford broke the silence first. "I can`t stop worrying that I`m just a sponger to your..our parents."
    "That`s nothing, Cliff, Raenbu`s rich", the clumsworth comforted him. "Lok, I`ve got a check on zillions o`greens! And now, besides, you`re a member of our family, and whether a smoothee or not, no matter."
    Clifford smiled, still feeling a bit awkward. So many years of loneliness - and such an award now... Why?.. Why the heaven is so generous to him?..
    Effralyo thought of glad that came as he managed to turn the two actually unhappy muppets into siblings. He was trying to stuck safe from the fire - or his fake wings might flame. The small dwarf turned to the right -and Beau`s plaid shirt appeared infront of him. He poked his face in it and first time felt sorry that he isn`t a human - wanted Gard to swallow him too. The janitor laughed softly, stroking Eff`s hair:
    "And, look, here comes Mummy..."
    Nancy indeed was walking to them down the hill, holding a small basket and a certain roll.
  18. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    "So that`s where our boys are", she smiled, standing the basket on the ground.
    "What`s it?", Beauregard asked, looking at it.
    "Some lunch", Mrs. Regard replied. "And how are you, Candlet? Bathed well?"
    (And "Candlet" was a tender nickname she made up for Clifford for he was indeed thin and with flaming dreadlocks.)
    "Er...yes, thanks", Clifford emited under blush.
    "Here`s something esecially for you", Nancy handed him the roll.
    The pink muppet, being just knocked out by that, carefully unrolled the gift. It was a new sweater, orange with lime green collar and a letter C on the chest, -just by such a thinand frail figure as his.
    Clifford straight away put it on, and for some reason felt..at last...that home warmth he was need since the time he spent in the orphanage...
    He didn`t know that Nancy charmed up the yarn way ebfore especially for it.
    "Mummy", Cliff expired. "Mum... Thank you so much.."
    "Is it warm, Candlet?"
    Clifford didn`t reply, but the pleasure he felt was obvious by the expession of his face.
  19. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    They all returned home when the sky was all in pink and orange stripes of sunset.
    "And our Cliffy`s just a sweetie today", Beautingleroth noticed, as Clifford entered the living-room.
    "Right, jut as I imagined him myself when recieved his first letter", Nancy suggested. "And Beau?.. Are you glad for him?.. I`ve never seen him like...like this..."
    "Honey, you`re right, but that`s who is worth a praise first", Mr. Regard said, taking Effralyo in hands.
    The echo spirit embraced him - for luck in the way tonight.
    "As if I hold onto a bowl of light", he said.
    'Really?"- Beautingleroth arched eyebrows in amazement. - "Haha, never know that look like a bowl..."
    "They say, Graal is way hard to find, and I`ve already found it!", Effralyo laughed, rubbing his sideburn against Mr. Regard`s beard, which cheered the old clumsworth more.
    Then Eff leapt on the window-sill - it was time to say goodbye till next morning.
  20. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    "Tell me frankly, Effy", Beauregard asked him. "You`ll never disappear for ever, will you? I`d just die from boredom if you do."
    "Me too", Clifford exclaimed. "Promise that you WILL be back, Effy!"
    "I d-EFF-initely will", the dwarf promised. "Remember, only one night without me."
    And Beau gave him a goodbye hug.
    "Thanx again, Eff", Clifford said. "I`d never seen such a classy dude!.."
    And shook his hand too.
    Effralyo looked at them all, as if was leaving for ages, sighed and clicked his fingers. Poof! And disappeared.
    "See ya in the morning!..", Gard hardly managed to say.

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