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My Muppet replicas

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by MUPPETMONKEY, Nov 14, 2011.


    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    And here's where I was supposed to post these, not in the replica section. (agh!)
    Anyway, here are my Muppet replicas and me and some of my friends performing them just for the heck of it this past saturday
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    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    These puppets took me about a week each to build. Here's me performing Kermit in Spanish and in english:

    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

  4. ToodlesTeam

    ToodlesTeam Well-Known Member

    Wow these are quite well done. Gonzo especially is really cool, but Fozzie and Kermit are nothing to sneeze at either. And the voices are pretty decent too!

    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    Thank you, señor!
  6. jcnegron

    jcnegron Well-Known Member

    I like the voices! They actually sound closer to the original dubbed voices from the TV Show and Plaza Sesamo, as opposed to the NEW dubbed voices. By the way, I hate Disney's ridiculous policy of using only English names instead of they localizations. Since the first appearance in 1972 Plaza Sesamo, Kermit was known in all Latin-America as Rene, and they keep it consistent during all this years in The Muppet Show, The Muppet Babies, and all the Muppet movies until now, that Disney decided to scratch out all the previous dubbing work. Odd enough, they allowed localized names in Spain but not in Latin-America.

    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Glad you like them
    Yeah, I also find that a little absurd. To me, Kermit will always be René. It's also absurd that Spain is still allowed to call Kermit "Gustavo", but to each it's own.
    So far I've heard three different translators for Kermit. The Muppet Show one wasn't the same as the one in Plaza Sesamo. For Kermit Swamp Years a new translator took the job but ironically for a Very Merry Muppet Christmas, the Plaza Sesamo translator took the gig. Now for the new movie we have the guy who dubbed Kermit in Muppets from Space. He tries to sound like Jim but...meeeeeeehh

    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    So Disney-Puerto Rico invited me to do a promo interview with my Muppet replicas. So I gathered some of my puppeteer friends and off we went. Click on the link and check the video below.
    We had a great time and it was quite an experience.
    It's in spanish so you've been warned! The audios it's not so great but, hey, we made it.
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    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    Here are some pics of the taping. I'm the one with Kermit[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    Later that day we were invited to make an appearance in a movie critique show.

    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    Me and Kermit here after a long exhausting day promoting the movie. It was kind of fun. [​IMG]
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  12. Frogpuppeteer

    Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    i missed rizzo he looks great

    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I sort of missed him too.
  14. daltysmilth

    daltysmilth Member

    Wow, you guys actually sound quite a bit like Jim Henson, Dave Goelz, and Frank Oz.
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    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    New backstage pic during the taping of "De Pelicula" a TV movie critique show[​IMG]

    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    Kermit contemplates de show's logo[​IMG]
  17. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    That video was awesome! Though I wish I could understand it, ha. Really, reeeeally great Kermit voice man, you sound a lot like Jim. :)

    Oh, so what was the joke Rizzo said at the end that had everyone laughing so hard?

    Also, how did Disney Puerto Rico find you? Was it from here on MC, or had they seen your other work, or had you contacted them? In any case, that's really cool! Great work; building, performing, everything.


    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Anthony. I try to get as close as I can to Jim. Glad to know you like it!

    Oh, and Rizzo's joke was sort of a local joke. Santin, (his puppeteer), was joking all through the taping with a merengue song that goes "La hermana de este, la mas bonita". In english that is "This guy's sister is the most pretty" the thing is that the original song continues with lyrics like "this guy's sister was with this other guy's brother and that other guy's cousin so I'm dying to meet this guy's sister too" So everytime he started singing that song and making that little dance to Rizzo we all exploded in laughter. It was silly, I know but that's what the Muppets are about. For a few hours we felt what Jim's Muppeteers would've felt in those days when things went silly during tapings.

    How Disney reached me for this was sort of a chain reaction thing. I've been posting the building process of the puppets on my Facebook page just for the heck of it. I have a comic strip that is published in "Primera Hora" (the newspaper that taped the online promo) and one of the online reporters that I happen to have as a friend in Facebook saw the puppets. So she calls this guy who works the promos for Disney movies. He sees the video and he calls Disney's agency in PR and they call Disney US. Disney US approves the puppets, Disney PR says that we should do a promo tour, the guy who runs their movie promos calls the reporter and the reporter calls me...(*wheeww*...don't ask me to explain that again...LOL)
    So we did this online thing, and the TV appearance. We were supposed to be at the premiere but the guy who was in charge of it (which isn't the guy who runs the promos), didn't know what to do and never contacted us back.

    And there you go!
  19. KermieBaby47

    KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    That is so cool man!! Ha ha, what an adventure huh? :D Awesome Rizzo story too, that does sound like Jim and the Gang back in the day.

    Good for you brother! Cheers,

    MUPPETMONKEY Well-Known Member

    It was a great ride. We didn't earn a penny from this but the experience alone to me and my friends was priceless. Seeing how the people reacted to the Muppets was unforgettable. They took like a hundred pictures with them. We joked with everyone...wow! It was a blast!
    I'm looking at the puppets right now standing in my work bench and it's incredible how these pieces of foam and fur have taken over the world's hearts.
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