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My Muppet Short Stories

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by miss kermie, May 3, 2012.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ok, so this is little story snippets I did.
    I take suggestions too.
    Just sayin'. In case you want me to write a short story on something.

    So, here's one to start with called Fridays with Fozzie.

    Fridays with Fozzie
    It was Friday, 9:00P.M., and Fozzie and Kermit were just getting back from the movie theatre.
    "Well Fozzie, I have a pig to attend to. See ya later." Kermit excused himself to his bedroom. Fozzie has someone to attend to as well. He went upstairs, as he heard Jaz's usual videogame music. As he entered his room, Jaz was laying on the bed, reading. When a videogame was on in front of her. That's not good.
    "Jaz?" Fozzie called.
    Jaz looked up from her book, gave him the evil eye, and returned to her book.
    "Jaz, if this is about how late I am-"
    "It is." Jaz interupted, not looking up.
    "Well, we didn't know how long the movie was going to be, so-"
    "Usually they're two to three hours. You were gone for much more than that. You only said you were watching a movie." Jaz frowned. Fozzie wringed his hat.
    "Well, I-I guess we just lost track of time and-"
    "You ALWAYS lose track of time!" Jaz threw her book across the room, got off the bed, and got in his face.
    "I mean, that's ridiculous to be gone for eight hours, when you're only supposed to be gone for a maximum of three! Where do you go?" Jaz yelled.
    "I-I can't tell you that." Fozzie stuttered.
    "Well, why not?!"
    "B-Because I can't! Why can't you understand?"
    "Me? Understand? You think you deserve that?!"
    "Yes, because if I can't tell you were I've been-"
    "And there's no reason for it!"
    "Yes! There is!"
    "Then tell me!"
    "But I can't! Why aren't you listening?!?!"
    Jaz was speechless. "Wh-What?"
    "I was out buying your present. That's why."
    "But... But why did you take so long?"
    "Well, I'm doing a lot of things for you." Fozzie turned around, with his back to Jaz.
    "But I guess you don't want me anymore, so..." Jaz couldn't see Fozzie's smile that was right across his face.
    "Fozzie, don't say that! I still want you..." Jaz hugged Fozzie from behind, and remained that way.
    "I mean, you're sweet... Funny... Sexy..."
    that made Fozzie turn around. "Jaz..."
    Fozzie kissed Jaz until they fell on the bed. Jaz was being squished by Fozzie, as he kissed her. Finally, Jaz prying him off of her, laughed, and sat up along with Fozzie.
    "Y'know, we always have drama on Friday." Fozzie chuckled. Jaz giggled at the thought. "Yeah..."
    "... I still love you though..." Fozzie smiled.
    Jaz kissed him on the cheek. "I love you too Fozzie."
  2. miss muppet

    miss muppet Well-Known Member

    aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww mushy mush mush mush ! and i feelsorry for kermit if fozzies late kermit is late to so he is as my friend says ddddddddddddddddoooooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmeeeeeeeedddddddd !\:)
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  3. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Jaz and Foozie are such a great couple! More post please!
  4. floyd<3janice

    floyd<3janice Well-Known Member

    aaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute i love it
    fozzie and jaz super couple and super cuteeeee <3
  5. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Waitress to Waitress
    It was a unusually slow day at Pete's. The two waitresses, Jenny, and Miss Piggy, sat at one out of many empty tables.
    Piggy, who was still upset about a little kiss on the cheek, avoided eye contact with Jenny, who was a little scared to mention Kermit at the moment.
    It was odd, because Piggy was first to speak.
    "Did he ever mention me...?" Piggy asked.
    "What do you mean Miss Piggy?" Jenny asked.
    "Before I started working here. Did he ever talk about me...?" Piggy asked, in the most delicate voice.
    "Well, of couse! You were one of his favorite things to talk about!" Jenny smiled. "I mean, just the other day, I said he'd look cute in a mustache, and he was saying you said that once too. He really likes to bring you up in conversation."
    A small smile appeared on Piggy's face. Not so much because of the fact Jenny thinks Kermit would be cute in a mustache, but because Kermit thinks about her. All the time. That could only mean that he loves her!
    But they still aren't married...
    "Jenny? Can I talk to you... Waitress to waitress?" Piggy asked.
    Jenny nodded, intrested in what Piggy might say.
    "Kermit told me, that he wouldn't marry me, until we had enough money... But... If he doesn't sell the show... What... What do we do...?" Piggy asked, almost in tears.
    Jenny gave Piggy a comforting hand on the shoulder.
    "Piggy, if he really loves you, he'll find a way. Ok?"
    Piggy smiled and nodded.
    Suddenly, customers started coming in boatloads.
    "We'd better get to work!" Piggy hummed.
    Later on, the phone rang.
    "Hello, Pete's... Kermit?" Jenny smiled hearing her friends voice, hoping to hear good news.
    "Kermit? What, what what?" Piggy asked, running up the the phone.
    Jenny listened to Kermit, becoming happier.
    "What? Really?"
    "He did it! He sold the show!"
    Piggy and Jenny rejoiced, freaking out a few customers.
    Piggy then took over the phone.
    "Kermie, now that you've sold the show... Remember what you said about getting married...?" Piggy smiled... Until he said now was not the time.
    After hanging up the phone, Piggy was fed up.
    "That Frog..."
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  6. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    I actually was just watching Muppets Take Manhattan yesterday on the car ride home. What a coincidence. Awesome story. :)
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  7. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Something I can't tell you
    Just so you understand better, here's a little thing saying what happened before the short story.
    So we leave off where Miss Piggy, Kermit, and Jaz get superpowers, and become Electropig, K Man, and The Creatah Gamah (Creater Gamer...) K Man, has saved Miss Piggy, because... He's really Kermit. And Electropig has already saved Kermit, because... She's really Miss Piggy. ANYWAY. K Man and Electropig fought crime together, and then kissed, Not knowing eachother's true identities. Kermit and Miss Piggy both think it's time for them to tell eachother who they really are... Here's how that goes...
    Miss Piggy came home while Kermit was watching the news. As soon as he laid his eyes on her, he got up, and ran to her, and Piggy did the same.
    "Kermie, I have something important to tell you."
    "Me too Piggy. I-"
    Kermit was interupted by the news.
    "Here is a newsflash! The other night, there was a robbery stopped by three new superheroes! Electropig, K Man, and The ...Creatah Gamah...? *Ahem* Anyway, these new superheroes may save the town from terror... And anti-romance!"
    The Television showed footage of K Man, and Electropig kissing. Now what would Kermit tell Piggy? He was the superhero who kissed another woman...? Same for Piggy. Kermit may have been used to her trying to make a move on another man, but they were married now!
    "Uhhhh... Nevermind, what did you need to tell me? NOTHING! I didn't have to say anything!" After saying things sulmutaniously, they both ran in the opposite direction.
    So much for telling their true identities!
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  8. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Jaz, I am so intrigue with your Muppet short stories. Keep up the good work!
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  9. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Anyway, this one, takes place in Paris. That's right, Piggy without Kermit in Paris... And Kermit without Piggy in America. Enjoy!

    A little alone time. That's all it was. Just a bit of seperation from "He who shall not be named."
    That's what Piggy was thinking as she boarded that plane. All of her things were ready to be sent to the city she loved most.
    Paris, France.
    Although, while she was very ready to move on...
    There was a small piece of her that wanted to give... him another chance.
    After all, he was the love of her life... Even... Even if he did treat her a bit rough back there... Ok... A little more than a bit... In fact... Just... Just straight up wrong.
    Piggy poured her heart out to him... Loved him, protected him... And when she got them married... He breaks her heart. A tear appeared in Piggy's eye, as she thought about him. After crying, she kept reminding herself, that it was over. Time to move on. She could do this... She was woman. She was strong. And... And No FROG was going to ruin that. All she had to do was survive the plane trip.

    Kermit sat on the couch, Piggy's pick of the 80's. The fact that Piggy even picked it out made him upset. Why did he yell? Why couldn't he just make her understand without losing it? The biggest piece of his life was gone... And there was no point in looking for her. She was genuinely upset. More upset than he's even seen her before... There's no way she'd take him back now... No way in heck... Like Piggy, there was a part of him, that differed from the rest. Part of him, said to forget about her. Get out of the house, and move on... But The part told him to... Keep the house. Because she would've wanted that. At the same time, it would be painful to live in a house with her aura all over it... Kermit thought about it... Instead of moving on... He followed his heart. Even though, It was going to hurt him inside.

    Piggy arrived in Paris, bringing all her clothes, a french to English book, and a few designer books that she drew in years ago. She had no plans for these books, but she wanted to see how much her taste changed. She moved into what seemed like a mansion. As she unpacked, she went through her books, noticing her fashion sense hadn't changed... But no one thought of these designs. Vouge was hiring... It was a new company. The thought of being a designer zipped to the back of her mind as she pulled out that photo. The photo with a missing half, containing... He who shall not be named...
    She had forgotten she put it in her suitcase...
    More tears began to fall as she stared at it. To avoid it from getting wet, She pulled it close, and looked up. "I still love you Kermie..." She whispered.

    Kermit, sitting on the bed in the guest room of Piggy's house, had the missing half of the picture. As he looked out the window, he stared at the picture lovingly.
    "I know you're out there somewhere Piggy..." He whispered.

    And both the Frog, and Pig, went to sleep.
  10. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    I'd like to call this next one,
    "He Swept me off my feet"
    This was inspired by me cleaning my room, while also texting my own little prince charming. :)
    So I was thinking, "That would make a sweet fic. :)"
    SO HERE IT IS!!!

    Here we see our favorite Diva, cleaning for once in her life. Humming to herself, as she dusted the old photos of herself, and her friends... And most importantly, her frog.
    As she dusted the photos-- even the one with that weirdo-- She smiled. Although, thinking of her friends, she wondered why no one, and I mean absolutely no one was in the house with her. No one. The house was a ghost town. It was so peculiar to see herself alone... That's when her phone went off... "Kermie..." She mumbled to herself. It was a text message.

    Whatcha doin'? :)

    Piggy smiled lovingly at the message.

    I'm cleaning.

    You? Cleaning? I thought princesses weren't supposed to lift a finger.

    Flirt. That's what he was. He was a flirt.... And Piggy loved that about him.

    Don't you have something better to do than pester me?

    Of course not. :)

    Piggy giggled a little at the message.
    She briefly prevented herself from texting him, so she could grab the broom, and begin sweeping the kitchen floor.

    Kermie, where are you anyway?

    Somewhere. :)

    Where somewhere?

    Somewhere. :)

    That frog certainly knew what buttons to push to make her irritated... But it was a good irritated... She seemed more attracted to him when he made her mad.

    TELL ME.

    Now, that would spoil the surprise...

    Piggy's eyes lit up with delight, and her disposition turned soft.

    What surprise...?

    Take a good look around the kitchen... :)

    After that last part, Piggy figured that he was somewhere in the room. As she looked around, she noticed something green behind the door.
    "Hmmm... I wonder what this could be..." Moving the door, she saw it was just one of her friends' coats. Piggy giggled after hearing Kermit's soft chuckle, that echoed around the room. "Kermie, wherever you are, I don't have time for this..." Piggy resumed sweeping the kitchen floor, until she began to hear footsteps.
    Piggy looked up briefly, but shook her head, paying it no mind.
    Then suddenly she felt arms embrace her figure, guiding her broom, as she did.
    "Guess who?"
    Piggy smiled.
    "Hmm... Let moi take a guess... Link?"
    Kermit scrunched up his face, and faced her.
    "No!" He said.
    Piggy planted a kiss on his head. "You're cute."
    Kermit smiled, snatching the broom from her, and began to use it as a cane, as he tap danced, hoping to entertain the pig of his dreams.
    "Would you stop goofing off and give me back the broom?"
    As Piggy approached, Kermit hopped backward, dancing.
    Piggy, in the most playful way possible, got angry, everytime she tried to capture him, he danced away, and it was starting to get on her nerves.
    Finally, when she got close enough to him, Kermit ditched the broom, and dipped Piggy on the spot, kissing her sweetly.
    Piggy only giggled.
    "Oh Kermie..."
    "C'mon, take a break with me... No one's home."
    Piggy blushed wildly. Was he implying that he wanted to...
    She giggled, and nodded, following Kermit to his room.
    "I love you Kermie."
    "I love you too."
    Kermit kissed her...
    And they had a VERY peaceful night.

    (Guess what turned out wierd! :o )
  11. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Awwww Jaz! It was not weird at all. It was a very sweet short story. Hmmm. me thinks when Piggy is not w/ "Kermie.", she would text him. Tee-hee! :) Keep posting, Jaz!
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  12. lady piggy

    lady piggy Well-Known Member

    This story is so charming. Piggy and Kermit be all flirty and piggy cleaning ,not every day you heer that in the same sentence :fanatic:
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  13. misspiggy5260

    misspiggy5260 Well-Known Member

    i LOVE this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ok... So... I have no idea what to call this.
    But it's inspired by...
    The posters... That are in someone else's hallway...
    They're Muppet posters...
    And... Well... Uhm... I was mad about it... :p
    So, I turned it into a romance thing...
    It's told from a few different views, so to help, I've colored 'em.
    Jaz is purple
    Piggy's pink
    Kermit's green
    Fozzie's orange.
    I have a feeling this will be stupid.

    There he is... He's that frog I can't stop thinking about... He's the one I can't stand being away from... His class is across the hall... I wish I could be lucky enough to speak to him... But sadly I am left with my friends in my class. I still love them, but... They don't amount to him...

    Wow... She's really pretty. I see her across the hall everyday. She's always looking in my direction, but I'm not sure if it's because she's attracted to me, or if it's purely coincidence... I really like her, but what do I say...?

    She's staring at him again. I wish she'd get to class already. We have a project to present later, and I'm not failing because of some guy she's never going to get a chance to talk to. I guess I'll have to drag her back to cl-

    I-Is she looking at me...? She was looking at the pig a second ago, and now all of a sudden, she's making direct eye-contact... I... I... Heh...

    We are now being dragged by the teacher, me and Jaz. I really wish I could see him sometime. I'd get in so much trouble if I went to talk to him in his hall...

    Wow... That bear was... He was... Wow, he's was so cute... I never imagined having a crush on anyone would be so amazing... Oh well... I can't talk to him, because we're in class now...


    I reach for my back pack and walk out with Fozzie. When we get outside the building, I see her. The Pig of my dreams--

    The frog of my heart... I run to him, mindlessly--

    I hold her in my arms and I kiss her, as if I knew her already.

    I blush and back away before my mother catches me with a boy.

    I walk to my bus leaving my companion behind.

    I was face to face with her. I haven't been more nervous in a lifetime. Surely, I must have worried her with my disposition.

    I was entertained by his fear. I thought it was precious, and I couldn't hold back any longer. I kissed him... On the cheek, and went to my bus.

    I rubbed my cheek, and smiled. Perhaps both the frog and I have made some progress.

    I have... ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA where this stuff comes from. :o
    Perhaps the windmills of my mind. :p
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  15. misspiggy5260

    misspiggy5260 Well-Known Member

    That was good!!
  16. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    More Jaz more please!!!!!!!!!
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  17. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    This one... I seriously made up as I went, with... simply an idea.
    So if it's a piece o' crap, feel free to tell me, I know. :p

    Now, I'd like to think of this as an alternative to IAVMMC, if Bitterman took the theater, and this is what happened years, (Months?) Later. I leave that up to you to decide, it's your imagination.

    Story time man. :cool:

    They were in a dark alley. Cold, hungry, and they barely had any money in at their disposal... Their family had been shattered. Broken. Some of them had parted on their own, others went to be with family that would house them... Others got arrested for trying to make a living... And three of them were in this alley. A frog, his girl, and his best friend.

    "Piggy could you pass me my coat?" Kermit asked, as he needed to cover up with something, for his cold feet had gotten too cold for his liking.
    Piggy looked down at her feet, as she clutched her knees. Kermit noticed her sudden silence, and directed all attention to her, as Fozzie watched fearfully.
    "Piggy? My jacket?"
    Piggy was on the verge of tears, and he could see it in her sparkling eyes.
    "I sold it."
    Kermit did a double take.
    "You sold it?" He began. "You should that jacket that my FATHER gave to me Piggy? You knew that was valuable to me!" He tone began to increase it's volume.
    Piggy yanked her head up to meet his eyes. "You wanted to EAT, right? What else was I supposed to do?" Piggy seemed to shift into a familiar defensive position.
    "How about selling your OWN stuff for once?! You are so selfish that you only think about yourself! And another thing--"
    "--Well excuse me for caring and think you might want to--"
    "--Well maybe I don't care! Go ahead, try to FREEZE us--"
    "--At least I TRIED to get a job, FROG!"
    Fozzie watched them argue in horror. Ever since they ended up like this, they've argued and argued until they became weary and went to sleep. He couldn't let this happen again...
    "HOLD IT!" Fozzie shouted.
    The two slowly ceased their arguing and payed most of their attention to the sweet comedian. The rest of their attention was used to throw each other scornful glances.
    "Please guys, don't do this again! Our family is as about as little as it can get. Please, just be nice to eachother."
    Piggy turned away from them both.
    "Kermit, Piggy did what she thought was best for us, and you know she's sorry..."
    Kermit muttered out a "yeah" and lowered his head in shame.
    "And Piggy, I know you were only trying to help, but you know that jacket was given to him by his dad!" Fozzie lectured.
    Piggy nodded, and turned her head back to them, more so Kermit than Fozzie.
    "I'm so sorry Kermie." She scooted closer so him, sharing her warmth with him.
    "Oh Piggy..." He place a sweet forgiving kiss on her forehead telling her it was alright, and giving her a warm sense of security.
    Fozzie smiled. "Thanks for keeping our family whole." He said, joining them in the hug. Everything was going to be ok...

    :cry: Be honest, if you saw this as like... a TV special or something, wouldn't you just DIE inside?
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  18. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    *Is dusting through fanfics*
    Oh hey!
    I think I'll dust this one with a short story!

    This one is about Moopets and Muppets.
    More so Miss Poogy.
    You know what?
    I don't know.
    It's based off this Jim Henson Role Play I'm in on Deviant art...
    So it has few Characters... Jaz isn't in it. But LinkiePie<3's OC is in it.
    (Luanne is her OC's name. :p)
    It's also kind of a dream too...
    Whatever, I'll leave that up to you to decide.
    Like most oneshots and short stories I post here, I have not come up with a legitimate title, and therefore, I just go for it. :p

    It was a very special day. What day you ask?
    November 23rd!
    Not only was this the day that The Muppets went to theatres, but it was also Walter's birthday! How exciting was that? Everyone was preparing for Walter's big party that night.
    "Alright you guys, we have two hours until Digit and Vicki bring Walter back!" Scooter announced. The small group of Muppets moved as fast as they could to get all the decoration hung.
    "Link darling, could you fetch me the scotch tape?" Luanne asked.
    Link nodded and brought back a roll of tape, and handed it to her.
    "This is duct tape, dummo." Luanne sighed. "I'll just get it myself."
    "Hey man, what about the music?" Zoot asked.
    "I'm sure Walter would love it if you preformed a saxophone solo for him." Scooter smiled. Somewhere else in the room was Piggy, relaxing on the couch, "Supervising" a certain young fan of hers.
    "How's this ma'am?" Asked Annie Sue.
    "Oh, that's very nice Annabelle." Called Piggy, despite not paying any attention whatsoever. So yes, everyone was actively involved in making sure everything turned out perfect... All except for one.

    In her room, was Miss Poogy, practicing her knife throwing skills. She had targets all over the room, and she hasn't missed a target yet. In the middle of her practice, Kermoot came in the door, and nearly got a knife to the head.
    "Nice aim ya got there dollface." He smirked.
    "Ever heard a' knockin'? I could've been gettin' dressed." Poogy said, sharpening the next knife she was about to throw.
    "I'm not dat lucky." Kermoot shrugged.
    Poogy rolled her eyes. Typical Kermoot to invade her personal space, and then have the nerve to flirt with her. Men.
    "What're ya doin' up here? It's ya birthday. You shouldn't be cramped up in ya room all day... At least not alone." He walked up to her, arms folded, but he was in kissing distance.
    "They don' care dat it's my birthday. So why should I?" She asked, putting down her knife and crossing her arms as well.
    Kermoot raised an eyebrow. "What makes ya think dey don't care?"
    "I'm mean t' everyone remember?"
    "Y' got a point there." He smirked.
    Poogy punched him lightly and even smiled a little. "Get outta my room."
    Kermoot did as instructed, and went downstairs to see if Poogy was really right about them not caring about her. There was a big banner that said,
    "Happy Birthday to:" And underneath, "Walter" was written. Nothing else.
    They really didn't care...
    Kermoot took a seat on the couch not saying a word.
    "Link, ya dolt, I said get me a three candle! Does this look like a three to you?" Luanne held a candle the shape of a seven to Link's face.
    "Yes." Link plainly stated.
    Luanne facepalmed and went off to get the candle herself.
    Scooter was helping Annie Sue pick which music Walter would want to listen to at his party. They both easily decided on Muppet music of course.
    As Luanne came back from getting a new candle, she noticed Kermoot.
    "Oh, hello Kermoot." She was a little confused as to why he was downstairs with her and her friends, instead of upstairs with the one he loves.
    "Miss Poogy's upstairs..."
    "I know. Do you know why she's upstairs?" He questioned.
    "I don't know..."
    That's when everyone else chimed in.
    "Because she doesn't like us very much?"
    "Because she's grumpy, man."
    "Because she's Anti-Social?"
    "Because she's ugly!"
    "Check da calendar." Kermoot motioned toward the calendar on the wall.
    The Muppets gathered around it, taking a second to find today's date.
    "WE FORGOT MISS POOGY'S BIRTHDAY!?" Link screamed.
    "Good." Piggy mumbled.
    "She's gonna kill us, man..." Zoot cried.
    "But we hardly know anything about her to have a party for her. We're on a deadline!" Scooter explained.
    "I'll help ya."
    "You? Help us? You stole Annie Sue's purse once! ... Not that I have a problem with that." Piggy mumbled.
    "No no no, I want what's best for my gal, and she's gonna get the best. Are we just gonna stand here like a bunch of idiots, or are we gonna get to work? I thought we were on a deadline people!" Kermoot shouted.
    Everyone zipped off into two teams. Team Walter, and Team Poogy.
    So, someone who loves Muppets and hates violence is sharing a party with someone who hates Muppets and loves violence.

    Meanwhile, Digit, Vicki, and Walter were making their way back to the house.
    "I can't wait to see this surprise you keep talking about." Walter beamed.
    Digit and Vicki smiled at his excitement.
    In fact Walter was so excited, he was ahead of them.
    That kind of gave them the opportunity to hold hands. Digit blushed as his hand touched hers. Somehow, as a cyborg, was capable of emotions. He seemed to be mostly mechanic.
    Walter looked behind him, and they both immediately kept their hands to themselves. "C'mon you guys!" Walter called.
    Digit smiled, and hurried up along with Walter, as Vicki chased behind.

    Scooter was at the door keeping watch for Walter as the rest of the Muppets
    (And Moopet) put up the finishing touches. They finally finished, and just in time too. "They're coming!" Scooter called.
    "Quick Kermoot, go get Poogy!" Luanne said.
    Kermoot nodded, and ran upstairs. "Hey babe, I need you downstairs!"
    "I ain't comin' down." Poogy called from behind her door.
    "But uh... Da Muppets are playin' wit ya knives!" He lied.
    Poogy slammed the door open. "I'll kill 'em."
    Poogy stomped downstairs just as Walter came through the door.
    "HAPPY BIRTHDAY WALTER!" They shouted.
    There was a brief moment of silence until Luanne nudged Link.
    "AND MISS POOGY!" Link shouted.
    Walter was very happy. "Wow thanks guys!" Walter ran up and gave everyone a hug. Poogy was still in utter shock. She wasn't a sack of doorknobs after all.
    Zoot turned the music on. It was a heavy metal version of the Muppet show theme song.
    How wonderful.
    There were plenty of chips. For Poogy.
    Muppet shaped balloons. For Walter.
    And Cake because everyone loved to eat it. :p
    Zoot had went up to Poogy. "Happy Birthday, Man." Zoot said.
    Poogy barely smiled. "Thanks Zoot." If Poogy bothered to remember any of their names, it was Zoot, the only Moopet she ever made friends with. Or as she would call it, "The only Muppet she hated the least."
    Kermoot was a little jealous of him.
    "Yeah yeah, get outta here ya hippie." He waved Zoot away.
    "Dis is all because of you ain't it? They forgot me, and you made them do somethin' about it didn't ya?" Poogy asked.
    "What, me? Babe, I had nothin' t' do wit dis..." Kermoot smirked and walked away.
    Poogy shrugged. She might as well make the most of it.
    She laid on the couch. :p

    After hours of partying, Link's stupidity, and Digit getting punch in his circuits, a slow song came on. Neither Walter or Poogy had a particular liking for this kind of music, so someone must've snuck in a romance CD.
    (*Cough cough* Kermoot)
    So everyone proceeded to dance.
    Luanne danced with Link.
    "Y'know Porkchop, if there's anything you can do right, it's dance." Luanne smiled, as Link dipped her.
    "Of course I can dance. Did you think I was going to step on your feet?"
    "Yes." She said plainly.
    Scooter danced with Annie Sue.
    "I'm not too bad a dancer am I?" Annie Sue asked.
    "Oh no, not at all. You're doing great." Scooter smiled.
    Miss Piggy ended up dancing with Walter.
    "Wow, I can't believe I'm dancing with the one and only Miss Piggy..." Walter beamed. "Just don't tell Kermie. Wouldn't want to make him jealous... On second thought..." Piggy grinned mischievously.
    Poogy still remained on the couch, eating potato chips.
    "May I have dis dance?" Kermoot asked, sort of blushing.
    "I can't dance." Poogy said.
    Kermoot yanked her up, and into position.
    "Don't worry about it. I'll take care of everythin'." He smiled.
    Poogy blushed just a little, as she danced with who she loved, but of course she'd never admit it.
    "Can I cut in man?" Zoot asked, holding his saxophone.
    Kermoot frowned. "No! Get outta here ya hippie!"
    "You're so mean." Poogy smirked.
    "I try."
    For a moment it was quiet.
    "Wait a minute... it's your birthday too... And I didn't get ya nothin'!"
    "You dancin' wit me is da only present I need."
    Poogy had to admit, he was quite the charmer.
    "Hey man, we gonna eat this cake or what?" Zoot asked.
    And with that, everyone ran to the cake. :p

    "Alright, you both have to make a wish!" Luanne smiled.
    Walter closed his eyes for a moment, then blew.
    "What'd you wish for, man?"
    "Steven, he can't tell you that!" Luanne said.
    "Yeah Mr. Zoot sir! If he tells you, his wish won't come true!" Annie Sue explained.
    "Oh... I'm gonna go find my Floof man." Zoot just walked away.
    It was Poogy's turn now.
    She closed her eyes, then blew.
    "Let's hope your wishes come true." Luanne smiled.
    Everyone resumed dancing, except for a few who REALLY wanted cake.
    As Poogy was getting her cake, she dropped some on herself.
    Kermoot to the rescue. :p
    He grabbed some napkins, and before he could completely reach her, he tripped!
    Poogy turned around to be met with a kiss.
    They both blushed as Luanne giggled.
    I think both their birthday wishes came true.

    (Dat cheap ending... XD)
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    :eek:*Looks frantically for love button*
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    Jaz. Since you said you take sugggetions something hiarious happened earlier tonight and when that happened I thought "THAT IS A JAZ FAN-FIC TO BE COMING TO LIFE!" so The juvinille detention officers come to my door and my mom answers. They say "Mam we're here to tak your daughter." and she was like "OH H*LL NO!"
    so turns out they were looking 4 the girl that lived here before us. Oh and when my mom comes back in she said "Ashey you should've cleaned your room."
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