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My new puppet!

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by Tztz, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. BorkBork New Member

    WOW, nice pepe. that is amazing. For sale? Cool.

    How did you make him?

  2. vaderdentist Member

    Honestly, I used the Foam Book and just used photos of the real puppet and had a blast!!!
    Dave :)
  3. Tztz Member

    amazing! looks exactly like the real one, how do it opens it mouth?
  4. vaderdentist Member

    It is a typical hand puppet..........there are two finger tubes on the top jaw and one on the bottom jaw.............he opens his mouth not much different than any other puppet.
    Dave :)
  5. doctort13 Member

    I dig your rat puppet too! What is his/her name? Do you perform with it?
  6. Thijs Member

    Wow, that Rat looks very good indeed, Tzt! And that Pepe too!
  7. Tztz Member

    thanks you guys, his name is Albert and he is French...:)
    i do performs with him from a time to time and now i am adding him rods for the arms.
    i am using my puppets for comedy video sketches for my productions:)
  8. vaderdentist Member

    TZTZ..............that rat puppet is absolutely fantastic........his face shows such great character. You are truly amazing.
    Dave :)
  9. Tztz Member

    you have just made my day:excited:
  10. vaderdentist Member

    That looks as good as any "real" muppet I have ever seen. Are you sure you don't work for Henson????
    Dave :)
  11. Tztz Member

    wow! i dont work for them but who knows, thats every pupeteer wish:):)
  12. vaderdentist Member

    Well if you get a job with them............put in a good word for me!!!
    Dave :)
  13. Tztz Member

    its a promise
  14. doctort13 Member

    whoops, the file wouldn't load.:grouchy:
  15. Tztz Member

    what file?
  16. doctort13 Member

    this one

    That's Cyril, the Monster of Ceremonies, and his "handler"

    Cyril was the host/MC for the very first puppet slam in Cincinnati, and helped raise over $300 for the Cincinnati Area Puppetry Guild.

    He's a simple glove puppet made of fleece. The eyes are painted ping-pong balls, and the mouth plate is "fun foam" covered with black felt.

    I designed him, and did the patterns and simple sewing. My wife Lara helped make him look cooler (purple fins & eyelids) and she did the trickier sewing.

    His voice is similar to Bullwinkle with some Frank Zappa thrown in.
  17. Tztz Member

    :)))))))):excited: :excited: vey cute!!! :crazy: :crazy:
  18. Tztz Member

  19. BorkBork New Member

    he looks a bit like andy kaufman's Latka :D

    Cool puppet!!!
  20. doctort13 Member

    The puppet boy looks cool. Is he made of foam? What sort of performances do you use him in?

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