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My own Animal Replica

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by ashkent, Jul 6, 2011.

  1. ashkent

    ashkent Well-Known Member

    As a fan of the Muppets since childhood, as I grew older and began collecting memorabilia - models, statues, busts - of various things, not just Muppets, I found one thing frustrating me for around a decade. The fact that I could not get replica of Animal that was a) true to all of the variations there have been of Animal over the years - from the very pink and fluffy original, to the less hairy and somewhat elongated version used in the upcoming Muppet movie - b) could actually be used as a puppet and not just sit there, and c) not cost so much I needed to take out a new mortgage to buy it.

    I know many people have said how they like the MR Animal, but for me, there is still something lacking in it that I can't quite put my finger on but basically it is not my Animal. I think when anyone is asked to think of Animal in particular, everyone thinks of the version they first saw.

    So with all that in mind, I set out with two doxen Animal images, a few YouTube and DVD clips, and materials costing around £60 including 1/2 inch foam, over 7000 individual spines from Ostrich feathers, some felt, some craft foam, stuffing and a red sponge ball. Oh, and a couple of clear balls that come in two halves and are usually used to make decorative Christmas baubles.

    I should point out that I had never made a puppet before. This was the ultimate baptism of fire. Creating a near accurate replica of one of the most iconic Muppet's to have come from Jim Henson's brilliant mind and actually do it justice. All I will say is, it has taken two months and has been one of the biggest but most worthwhile challenges of my life.

    Once I sort them, I will post some of the major stages of the creation of my replica of Animal, and I have to say I am happier with the end result that I ever thought I would be. I hope you like it, and until I get the others posted, here is a teaser of the finished replica.

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  2. ashkent

    ashkent Well-Known Member

  3. Reevz1977

    Reevz1977 Well-Known Member

    Gotta say, from when you have shown, THIS... LOOKS... AWESOME! ! !
  4. ashkent

    ashkent Well-Known Member

    Thanks. There were plenty of times I thought it was going to go down the pan. I'll have the rest of the pictures up to the completion of the head up later on.
  5. ashkent

    ashkent Well-Known Member

  6. ashkent

    ashkent Well-Known Member

    Just worked out how to get the actual photos into the post rather than the link. I'm not reposting all of them, but anyone wanting to just take a passing glace, I'll post a couple shortly as I've realigned the eyes because when i looked at the photos they were a little out - although oddly enough it showed a lot more on photos than when i was just looking at it.
  7. ashkent

    ashkent Well-Known Member

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  8. paplooo

    paplooo Member

    great !!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. TikiColadas

    TikiColadas Well-Known Member

  10. ashkent

    ashkent Well-Known Member

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  11. TikiColadas

    TikiColadas Well-Known Member

  12. FrackleFan2012

    FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    Awesome job! I love this!!
  13. MuppetFan1981

    MuppetFan1981 New Member

    I enjoyed your pics. Awesome replica of Animal :)
  14. catherine

    catherine Well-Known Member

    wow, that's fabulous. wish I could make one.
  15. lilmissmuppet

    lilmissmuppet Well-Known Member

    they are amazing

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