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My Senior Film Puppet Movie

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Cory Maffucci, Nov 10, 2012.

  1. Cory Maffucci

    Cory Maffucci New Member

    Hey guys, I'm working on my senior film project for film school at Quinnipiac University. Currently working on the budget for it by way of kickstarter, aswell as other things ( recycling bottles and cans "donated" by the school)

    For my senior project we are shooting a 15 minute short film about a retired children show host who is visited by his show time friends 15 years after he left the show in order to restore his innocence and keep him from sending his son to a boarding school.

    anyways, one of the "friends" from his show, and one of the most important characters, is a puppet. His name is Bingo and he is Andy's (main character) best friend on the show. We really wanna high-lite him in the movie and really be ambitious by getting a puppet made and by hiring a puppeteer. Bingo is going to be a Muppet-esque puppet. We also plan on showing this in festivals around the country, student festivals and bigger festivals alike, whatever we get into.

    can you guys check out my kickstarter?
    Not asking for Donations,(however they would be greatly appreciated)
    i am more or less trying to get as much publicity for it as possible.
    so could you guys help me get this thing seen? tweeting about it, posting it on facebook etc. trying to spread it as far as i can. try to get people from across the country to see it.
    the more people that see it the better chance we have of getting donations, the more people that see it will also spread our audience once it comes out, especially because we want to send it to lots of festivals.

    Anyways, help me out, share it around to as many people as you can, like the facebook page, and tell me what you think of the it, and the kickstarter, and the videos.



    - There is a video on the main page...but if you go to the updates there is a video of me singing "Man or Muppet" from The Muppet Movie. Its a solo, everyone gets a kick out of it....i cant sing...it was to celebrate making over $100 in one day

    Reddit (help us Up vote it! so people can see it)

    any questions or comments feel free to message me, or respond here

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