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My Sesame Street Collection

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by Canadian Fan, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. Canadian Fan

    Canadian Fan Member

    My brother had an Ernie doll and I got a Bert doll from a yard sale. My niece plays with them when she visits.

    I have 2 sets of Sesame Street Treasuries. One set is from the late 1970s (1978?) that my brother had, the other set is from 1983 (the yellow version was my set). I actually photocopied the recipes out of the books the other night and put them in a binder. My niece loves to make cookies, so I might try the recipes when she comes up.

    I got a Fisher-Price Sesame Street Clubhouse for my first Christmas that is still used today by my niece.

    I have a few Sesame Street golden books (including The Monster At The End Of This Book) and I also have The Sesame Street Bedtime Storybook that my aunt got me and my brother for Christmas.

    None of these items are for sale, I'm just wanted to share what I have in my collection with other fans.

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