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My Visual Language Site

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Squigiman, Apr 14, 2002.

  1. Squigiman Active Member

    Hey everybody,
    Well, my page is starting to take form, though I still have a ways to go. Besides being a web design project, meaning I need to make it look really well polished on the HTML side of things, including certain criteria for a third and final project, it is also a final image-gathering project for my other class. This entails looking all over the web for Muppety pics that fit what I'm trying to say. I will give credit for the pics where they're due, but on a side note, as I'm home for the weekend, I can't really get too many of these good pics saved onto my floppy disk. As such, I must wait to return to school to really get the gathering of images into full gear. Once I have those, I can work text around them, in what I want to convey. Many ideas still spinning in my head, and I've saved the contributed ones from the Delphi posts. Just thought I'd start the thread again to remind you all that ideas are still welcomed and greatly appreciated. I'll be sure to let you all know when I've finished and uploaded it. Take care. Bye!

  2. SuprGro78 New Member

    What kinda muppety pics?

    Not to be redundant, but what kind of Muppet photos are you looking for?
  3. matleo Active Member

    hey dude!

    Haven't forgotten ya bud! I'm going to try and get those designs scanned in and sent to you ommorow morning., When is the project supposedo tbe done/graded? Anything else I can do to help, jut let me know. i'm in tech week this week, so things may get hairy, but I'll do what I can to help.

  4. Squigiman Active Member

    Pics I need

    Thanks for all of your help, so far, especially Matt. I saw the e-mails, and can't wait to download the pics, which I should get to around now, actually. Anyways, I was trying to brainstorm some pics I could really use, and here are some I came up with:

    Everyone with their eyes wide open at the end of "Happiness Hotel" in GMC,
    Piggy with angry eyes, defending Kermit in TMM,
    A good pic of Lips,
    Pics from the same instant of Gonzo and Animal with eyelids down and then up,
    Pics from the same instant of Dr. Teeth with shades/eyelids up and down.

    That's about all I can think of for now, but they'd all be really important to my section on eyes. Thanks a lot. Take care. Bye.

  5. matleo Active Member

    hey Squig,

    Putting together another shipment for you now. I';; make sure to fit Lips n in there for ya. I'll look into the others for you. Don't have the GMC one. Piggy in TMM I can get you. I'll look for Teeth, Gonz, and Animal. that's a tall order, that one is. I'll sen what I can this afternoon.

  6. Squigiman Active Member

    Thanks, Matt

    Matt, I really gotta thank you for all of the help that you've given me so far, gathering these pics. I'd get 'em, myself, if I had access to them, but some are harder to find than others. Once again, you're doing great, and thanks so much. Just if anyone else out there is listening, I'd like to see others lightening Matt's load. If anyone else can offer any pics or info they think I could use, I'd really appreciate it. The suggestions and pics I've gotten so far are continually expanding my horizons for this site. Thanks, once again for everything. Take care.

  7. matleo Active Member

    hey Suig,
    Glad to be of help. I think I'm tapped unless you have any other specific requests. I actually picked up my copy of Desgins and Doodles tody and flipped through it a bit (Thank god you have that one. i'd be here for months!!!) That should give you Sweetums, Rowlf, mahna mahna, Beaker (a better on than I sent you) B. Bird, Oscar, bert/Ernie, and even a little Cookie Monster on one page. Plus Koozebanians and such. Good book.
    Anyway, unless you have something else you need, I'm out of photos, Ifyou think of enything specific, just drop me a note. I'm here and yo have my e-mail.

  8. Squigiman Active Member

    More pics, anyone?

    Hey Matt,
    Or anyone else, for that matter, I still need some essential pics for my page. I really could use those Gonzo & Animal eye comparison shots, as well as good close-ups of Bunsen & Beaker together, Statler & Waldorf together, each member of the EM, a sketch of Zoot, if there is one, to go with the rest, and Piggys through the ages, in different outfits/hairstyles, and such. Thanks a lot, everyone, take care.

  9. matleo Active Member

    careful Squig!!

    Just to make somethng clear for Squigi. the 'sketch of Zoot" he's looking for would be a desgin sketch of Zoot (by Jim, Mike Frith, etc.) and not just a regular sketch of Zoot. Right Squig? I'll do some diggin tonight and get you Buns, beaker, Sta, Waldo, the EM and as many Piggys as I can find. Although I think promarily you're looking for 3 main piggy's. The 1970's piggy we're all so fond of, the mid-8-'s perm Piggy we all hate and the 90s Piggy with the short haircut. Yeah, Ithink I can find those. Talk to you later. Squig


    PS--I shoul also be able to sitdown and do that video tape for you this week. "Hobbit" opened theo ther day so things are much slower for me now.
  10. Squigiman Active Member

    Yes, that is, indeed, what I meant about the Zoot sketch. Thanks for bringing that to my attention. If there is one, I could really use it to go along with the rest of the EM sketches you sent me. Also, I need a good facial close-up of Zoot, such as your avatar, though at a size more like the others you sent, which I must say are great. I'm especially pleased to see Teeth, in a position that seems to mirror the sketch, just as would be preferred by me. Sorry to put so much pressure on you, but no one else seems to be really contributing, and you're doing a fantastic job, my boy! Some really great stuff, so far, and I can't wait to see what else you have in store. Everything so far has been really terrific, just what I need, sorta stuff, and it's all really helpful. Just a few more pictures, and I should be able to sort it all out, and put it all together, into a fully functional site. Also, can't wait to see the tape, once the trade is complete, but what were you saying about "The Hobbit", though? Anyways, really great job! Thanks, once again. Let me know if you come across any good finds. Take care. See ya.

  11. matleo Active Member

    "hobbit" is the show I've been buildign puppets and masks for for the last 3 weeks for a children's theater I'm associated with. It opened Friday so my schedule is a lot clearer than it has been. if I ever get pics on my siye for it, I'll let you know.
    A Zoot pic is no problem. I've been trying to find pics of at least the EM guys which are close to the sketches. Animal is the same way. its why I'm sending you some different Floyds tommorow for you to choose from. I think you might find one that's a bit closer or a bit more interesting. Stat, Wald, BunsnBeakr were a little harder to find that way.
    You never answered my question regarding the sketches in desings and Doodles. have you been able to scan them all? and 2) do you need photos for any of those characters (Rowlf, Sweetums, Mahna Mahna, Thog, Bert, Ernie, b. Bird, Oscar, ect.? Oh and I sent you skecthes of Beau and Chef, do you need shots of them?

  12. Squigiman Active Member

    Sorry not to answer you, there. Um, I don't have a scanner, here at school, though I'm mainly using the book as a source of info. I also got some of the sketches you mentioned from Henson.com's "Featured Creature" section. Maybe I could use the Rowlf sketches, but I'm not totally sure, at this point. Also, some of the guys, like Thog and Sweetums, though I think they might also be on Henson.com, I don't know if I'm going to fit them in, right now, but may add them, once I'm done as an assignment, to expand the site. I really appreciate the effort to get the pics close to the sketches, but don't stress yourself, as it helps, but is not ABSOLUTELY necessary. I found a Beau that works, and Chef has a whole page dedicated to him, so that should be no prob. The main important pics I still need are the Gonzo/Animal wide/not-so-wide eye comparisons, Piggys, Zoot pic/sketch if available, and maybe more, but not sure off of the top of my head. Once again, thanks for everything. See ya, take care.

  13. matleo Active Member

    hey Squig,

    I had a thougbht the other night which yo uor I or Luke may have already touched on, (or at least aspects of) that might help with your site. I think we had talked at one point about how Jim eliminated the proscenium and used the TV as aproscenium nd we ha talked about the Mupps beign the amongst the firstto use synthetic and flexible materials, but we never really put that together. I thikn one of the things that makes the muppets work (Kermit particularly) is that Jim would move in and get those close-ups (like you would a normal actor) for an intense emotional shot. If you watch the scene at the duck pond in GMC there's a real good example of this with kermit. Same for a lot of Gonzo's scenes in MFS. I t's kind of interesting. it's not just that reading and the actig that comes into play there but 'how th muppets are shot' or framed in scene. You get closer to a character. you get an intimacy. if you know anything about the Little Shop of Horrors and why they had to change the ending. it's the same principle. Part of the reason, Seymour and Audrey couldn't die because you had that close-up and began to care for their characters. that close-up that, that intimacy is part of what makes us care for those characters. Hope this helps alittle. Sorry if I'm repeasting anytihgn that was said. but my attention was elewhere when things were baing said. Hope the site is going well.

  14. Fozzie Bear Moderator

    Every time I see Little Shop of Horrors, I feel like I'm getting revenge by eating a salad!


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