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Mysterious Theater Fic Idea/Thoughts

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by salemfan, Feb 6, 2018.

  1. salemfan

    salemfan Member

    Because of the intro to Mysterious Theater, I want people to tell me what they think of the idea of the first episode containing a picture of Will Lee (who played Mr. Hooper) in Vincent Twice's living room, then in the next episode a picture of Northern Calloway (who played David) would be next to the picture of Will Lee, then as the series went on, one picture of a deceased member of the Sesame Street cast and crew would be added (the background would eventually consist of one picture of each of the following people: Will Lee, Northern Calloway, Joe Raposo, Jim Henson, Richard Hunt, Jon Stone, Jeff Moss, (and if the series ran past 1999), Bill McCutcheon (who played Uncle Wally) Michael Jeter, Kermit Love, Jerry Nelson, and David Smyrl (who played Mr. Handford).

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