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"Name That Sound" w/ Ord from Dragon Tales

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Dil, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. Dil

    Dil Guest

    SW created both Sesame Street & Dragon Tales.
    Here's a 2006 GameShow with Guy Smiley and Ord the Dragon:

    (The theme music is the same as the last Name That Sound Game Show w/ Grover Monster.)

    ANNOUNCER: "And now it's finally time for everyone's favorite gameshow 'Name That Sound'! And here is everyone's favorite gameshow host, Guy Smiley!"

    (Guy enters the studio.)

    GUY: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This is everyone's favorite gameshow host, Guy Smiley, ready to play everyone's favorite gameshow 'Name That Sound', with our new 'Name That Sound' contestant, Mr. Ord Dragon from 'Dragon Tales'!"

    (Ord (in his same form from 'Dragon Tales" enters the studio.)

    ORD: "Oh? Thank you! Thank you! Uh... Hello, Mr. Smiley."

    GUY: "Hello, Ord Dragon! (music stops) And are you ready to play 'Name That Sound'?"

    ORD: "I dunno, what kind of prize would I win?"

    GUY: "Listen carefully."

    ORD: "Listening."

    GUY: "If you can answer three sounds correctly, that's three sounds!..."

    ORD: "Three sounds!..."

    GUY: "You will win a Magical Imagining Book!"

    (Audience gasps.)

    GUY: "YES! What would you say, Mr. Ord Dragon?"

    ORD: "Uh... I was thinking I might get a sculpture of one of my friends, like Emmy or Max..."

    GUY: "No chance, but are you now ready to play the game?!"

    ORD: "Uh, OK, Now I'm ready."

    GUY: "Alright, complete silence from the audience please!"

    (Audience silents.)

    ORD: "Thank you."

    GUY: "Here comes sound #1!"

    (Sound of an Airplane is heard.)

    ORD: (close-up) "Uh... let's see... ummm (thinks) I think it flies just like a dragon like me, and it gives people a ride, like I give Max a ride on my back."

    GUY: "Can you be more specific?"

    ORD: (softly) "It is an airplane."

    GUY: (Loudly, startling Ord) "IT IS AN AIRPLANE!!"

    ORD: "Aah!"

    MUSIC: "Ta-daa!"

    (Audience cheers shortly.)

    GUY: "OK, 1 down, 3 to go!"

    ORD: "Ahem. I'm ready for another one."

    GUY: "Alright, complete silence please!"

    (Audience silents.)

    ORD: "Thanks."

    GUY: "Here comes sound #2!"

    (Drumming can be heard.)

    ORD: "Uh... Alright... um... I think it's.... a group of... um... (thinks) male fairies marching to the Fairy Castle."

    GUY: "I beg your pardon?"

    ORD: "I think those fairies are drumming on... drums."

    GUY: "It is a drum!!"

    ORD: "Ee!"

    MUSIC: "Ta-daa!"

    ORD: "Don't startle me like that!"

    GUY: "Sorry, Mr. Ord Dragon! I got excited!"

    ORD: "Can't you see that I'm not so brave of heart?"

    GUY: "I'm sorry. OK, are you ready for the last sound?!"

    ORD: "Y-yes sir, Mr. Smiley."

    GUY: "Alright, may I have complete silence please?"

    (Audience silents.)

    ORD: "Thank you."

    GUY: "Here comes sound #3!"

    (Ghost noises are heard.)

    ORD: "Umm... t-t-that is a toughie... I-I-I don't... t-th-th- think I like it.."

    GUY: "I think it's coming in our studio.."

    ORD: "T-this may not be."

    (A few ghosts appear in the studio.)

    GUY: "Y-yes.. tell me before... it's.. t-too late!..."

    ORD: "When did the owner of the st-studios bring these... ghosts?"

    GUY: "GHOST!!!? That's correct! YOU WIN!!! YOU WIN!!! YOU GET YOUR BOOK!!! BEFORE WE SHOULD...!..."

    (The theme plays as Ord & Guy run around scared of the ghosts.)

    ANNOUNCER: "Tune in next time, and get scared again by 'Name That Sound'!"

    (The sketch ends as the theme ends.)

    What do you think of that?
  2. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Active Member

    wow um ok. It was a good script. But still you gotta control yourself dil. I have nothing against your fanfics, its just the way you keep bugging people about it which angers me. um, this is very bizzare now. I am literally laughing.
  3. Aaron

    Aaron Active Member

    dil you really should work on your patience not just your persistence
  4. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    That was a cute script, Dil. I think you captured Guy Smiley pretty well.

    First, I deleted the posts that were off-topic to this discussion.

    Second, Dil: People do NOT live on the internet and may not respond to your posts immediately. Not even 5 hours later. When you make a post, let it take a few days if you have to for someone to reply. The impatience wears thin on some of the other members so please be more patient and wait for replies rather than requesting replies because it becomes useless posts which is trying to increase post-count which really isn't pleasing to moderation.

    Third: Let's let this discussion of impatience bypass now and continue with the script critiques.

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