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Naturally So

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by MissMusical12, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    I haven't written a NON-PG 13 FloydxJanice oneshot in a while. This one has been popping in my head for quite some time, so I figured, Let's do it now while I have time. Enjoy!!

    DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN THE MUPPETS!! They are owned by The Jim Henson Company, The Walt Disney Company and The Muppet Studios!
    March 11, 1981. To help promote their latest movie, which was something along the lines of an action adventure mystery musical, Kermit, Jim and the other "fathers" decided to film a television special.... as a tribute to the most popular movies of all time at the time. "Casablanca," "The Three Musketeers," "Wizard of Oz," you name it, the Muppets spoofed them. However, a spare musical number in the special (other than Miss Piggy's rendition of "Tropical Heat Wave") in between was necessary in order to fully fill the 1-hour slot. And so the search was on...............

    Zoot, Lips, and Animal were hanging out in the dressing room the guys in the Electric Mayhem had to share that afternoon. (Dr. Teeth was on a much needed vacation after nearly straining his voice singing his song (backed up by the Mayhem, of course) for the movie.) "So, did you guys hear?" Lips started. "Hear what?" Zoot asked, waking up from his nap. "Jim, Kermit, and the other fathers are looking for one last spot for a musical number in the special," Lips explained. "Number?" Animal curiously asked. "DRUM SOLO! DRUM SOLO!" "Animal, you had plenty of those in the show," Zoot said, a little jealous. "You played alongside Rita, Buddy and Harry." "Not Debbie Harry...." Animal said, a little disappointed. "Hey, maybe Jim could give me my own trumpet solo number," Lips suggested.

    "WE GOT IT!" Janice yelled out in excitement as she burst into the dressing room. "Got what?" Zoot asked. "Like, the spot! Floyd and I got the spot in the special!" Janice said excitingly. "So much for your trumpet solo, Lips," Zoot said as he turned to Lips. "Awwww man," Lips said, disappointingly. "I was gonna do this really cool jazz piece, too. Oh well." He then gave a Janice a high five in congrats. "Congrats, Janice. I think you and Floyd deserve it more than I do." "Awww, Lips, don't say that," Janice said, trying to Lips up. "Maybe the next TV special Jim does, we promise we'll give you a rully awesome trumpet solo." "Can it be a Christmas special?" Lips asked. "Fer sure," she replied. "CHRISTMAS SPECIAL! CHRISTMAS! CHRISTMAS!" Animal yelled out in excitement. "Christmas was three months ago, Animal," Zoot said. "Besides, we pretty much spent our Christmas in London......." "And, to quote Floyd "We could've been spending it in Rio," " Lips added in and laughed along with Zoot and Animal.

    "Hey, like, speaking of Floyd, have you guys seen him anywhere?" Janice asked, realizing she hasn't told the most important person in her life the big news yet. "I think he said he needed time to think alone in the lounge, Jan. Took his incense with him," Lips replied. "Is there anyone else in there?" she asked. "No. Usually whenever Floyd takes his incense with him, everyone, except us, pretty much goes away," Zoot replied. "They just really hate the scent of that thing." "Rully," she agreed. "Incense smell good. No one understand like us," Animal added in. "You're right, Animal," Janice said. "How long has he been down there for?" "An hour or so," Lips replied. "You can go down there and check on him if you want. I'm sure he won't mind." "Like thanks, Lips," Janice said and headed off to the lounge to find Floyd. Lips and Zoot then turned to each other, with smirks on their faces. "Five dollars he makes out with her," Zoot bet. "You're on," Lips said, accepting Zoot's bet.

    Janice hurried down the stairs to the lounge of the theater. She could easily smell the scent of Floyd's incense as she got closer to the lounge. When she came in, Janice noticed that Floyd had fallen asleep on the couch. His bass guitar was set off to the side and his hat was off. Janice could easily tell, from the looks of it, that Floyd had certainly fallen into a very deep sleep. She crept quietly towards him, trying desperately not to wake up her "sleeping prince." "Awww..." Janice said, quietly. "Like he looks so adorable when he sleeps." She then knelt down and gave him a kiss on the forehead. "Sweet dreams, honey," she whispered and then quietly, but quickly, headed back upstairs to leave her sleeping Floyd alone.

    About an hour later, Janice was back in the guys' dressing room with Zoot, Lips and Animal. Animal was busy making prank phone calls to random numbers he typed in. The one thing immature the guys of the Mayhem LOVED doing, even as grown men, was prank calling. Animal was the master of it. One time, he prank called a local nightclub, but happily ended up getting a hot date with one of the dancers there. Zoot and Lips were watching as Animal typed in a random number on the keypad while Janice was on the couch, tuning her guitar. "Hello? Bif's Motorcycle Depot, how may we help you?" a male voice asked on the other line. "You sell cars?" Animal asked. "No. We sell motorcycles," the man replied. "Sell cars! SELL CARS!!! SELL CARS!!!" Animal yelled and slammed the phone down. After that, Lips and Zoot laughed so hard, they barely breathed. "Man that was a good one!" Zoot complimented. "Good one! Ya!" Animal replied.

    Suddenly, there was a knock on the door. "Don't fret, guys," Janice said as she set down her guitar and hurried towards the doorway. "Like I'll get it." She then opened the door and saw Floyd, standing by the doorway carrying his incense. "Hey, lovely," Floyd said as he saw Janice by the door, still sounding a little tired from his nap. "Floyd!" Janice said in excitement as she hugged her exhausted boyfriend. "Oh like it's so good to see you. Sleep well?" "Now how'd you know I was sleeping, mama?" Floyd asked curiously as Janice led him back into the dressing room. He then gave Lips his incense to set down on the counter and sat on the couch next to Janice. "Like I came down to come and tell you something, but like I didn't wanna bother you while you were sleeping," she replied as she went back to playing her guitar. "You just look rully peaceful when you're sleeping." "Baby girl...." Floyd said, smiling but rolling his eyes. "But, seriously, what did you want to tell me?"

    "Like, we got the spot!" Janice said, excitingly. "In the special?" Floyd asked, to which Janice nodded. "I knew Jim and Kermit and the other "fathers" were gonna agree on us getting the spot. Maybe Jerry or Richie had something to do with it." Floyd then chuckled. "So what are you two lovebirds doing for the special, anyways?" Zoot curiously asked. "Like, we haven't thought about it yet," Janice replied. "Maybe a love song or something....." "Yeah, maybe," Floyd chimed in. "I haven't really came up with anything myself either. How long we got to decide, babe?" "Two days," Janice replied. "We like have to decide by the 13th, rehearse the song till the 15th, and record on the 16th. The song can't be more than 3 minutes, though." "Well...that gets rid of "The Joker," " Floyd said. "Man, don't do "The Joker," " Lips butted in. "There might be kids watching this special. And besides, it's not even a duet." "You're right, man," Floyd agreed.

    "May I suggest something, though?" Lips asked. "Like, go ahead, Lips," Janice said. "I'm pretty sure you guys are Beatles fans?" he asked. "Man, The Beatles are MY band," Floyd said proudly. "We could tell...." Zoot interrupted. "Sometimes, I can't help but decide if we're either The Electric Mayhem or Sgt. Floyd Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band." "Oh come off it, Zoot," Floyd said, not wanting to bring up the subject of his obsession of The Beatles. "You were saying, Lips?"

    "I know a great a duet you guys should do that The Beatles have done," Lips suggested. "Like is it a love song?" Janice asked. "Well........not really," he replied. "It's called "Act Naturally." They sorta did a cover of it, but I can definitely see you two covering it yourselves as well." "Like didn't Gonzo cover that?" Janice asked. "Yeah, but he was Paul AND Ringo, though," Floyd chuckled. "He pretty much did a duet for one. But yeah, I wouldn't mind covering "Act Naturally." It's pretty fitting for the theme of the special, too." "Fer sure," Janice nodded. "I think we should cover "Act Naturally." It's not a love song, but it's a rully amazing idea. We could do something that no other couple has done before." "Then it's official, Lips," Floyd said.

    "That's great!" Lips replied. "Jan, maybe you should go hurry now and tell Kermit and Jim that you and Floyd are doing "Act Naturally" for the special." "Or like we could use technology!" Janice excitingly said. "Animal, like can I use the phone?" "Awww...me was getting to good prank," Animal said, a little a disappointed. "Okay." Janice then called Kermit to tell Jim that "Act Naturally" was their song choice for the special.

    March 16, 1981. 5 days later, after practicing the song almost like crazy, it was now time for Floyd and Janice to perform their duet in front of the camera, where almost millions of people will be watching them. "You nervous?" Floyd asked. "A little....." Janice replied, sounding nervous. "Baby, don't fret," he said, placing a hand on her shoulder. "You'll be great. Just like we practiced." Janice then took a deep breath and nodded. She was nervous, but she was ready.

    "Are you two ready?" Kermit called from his director's chair. "We're ready, my little green friend," Floyd replied. "Fer sure," Janice added in. "Alright, then," Kermit said. "Lights......" The lights were immediately on the two of them. "Camera......." The cameras then started rolling. Floyd immediately started up the song as soon as Kermit called out "Action!"

    They're gonna put me in the movies
    They're gonna make a big star out of me
    We'll make a film about a man that's sad and lonely
    And all I gotta do is act naturally

    (Floyd and Janice)
    Well, I'll bet you I'm (he's) gonna be a big star
    Might win an Oscar, you can never tell
    The movies gonna make me (him) a big star
    'Cause I (he) can play the part so well

    Well I hope you'll come and see him in the movies
    Then I know that you will plainly see

    The biggest fool that ever hit the big time

    And all I gotta do is act naturally

    Immediately following was a quick instrumental, in which Floyd decided to be a bit of a show off on his bass guitar. "Oh rully..." Janice said and rolled her eyes, but continued to play along.

    (Floyd and Janice)
    Well I hope you'll come and see me (him) in the movies
    Then I know that you will plainly see
    The biggest fool that ever hit the big time
    And all I gotta do is act naturally

    One last bass guitar riff from Floyd and a spoken "Act naturally." and "Fer sure" from the two and filming was finished. But not before the cameras caught a glimpse of Floyd kissing Janice on the cheek, which did surprise Janice a bit. This was the first time ever, really, that Floyd had pretty much admitted to national television that he and Janice were OFFICIALLY a couple. And he didn't want anything to change about it. Janice laid her head on Floyd's shoulder in return, not trying to get too mushy gushy with him, but still letting the moment be simple and sweet.

    Kermit and Jim were watching from the side, nodding their heads proudly in a job well done. "Excellent job, you two! Excellent job!" Kermit complimented. "Yes, very very good job," Jim said in agreement. Jerry and Richard, Floyd and Janice's "fathers",respectively, were on the other side, congratulating their "children" on an amazing job. "You two have grown up on us so fast," Jerry said. "That last song was incredibly done. We're very proud of both of you." "Thanks, man," Floyd said. "Jerry, one of these days, we gotta cover that song together," Richard said. "I don't care where, even if it's up in the heavens, we gotta cover that song." "Like you have such a determined mind, Richie," Janice said. "You won't give up on anything, no matter what happens to you." "Fer sure, my dearest Janice," Richard replied. "Hey, if you guys don't mind, I wanna have a few words with Jan," Floyd asked. "No problem, man," Jerry replied and went off with Richard.

    "Well?" Janice asked, in wonder. "Babe, that was the best duet I've ever done with you," Floyd said. "You really made a lot of us proud out there. Jim, Kermit, Jerry, Richie, the band....and especially me. And you should be proud of yourself, too. I mean......that's truly an accomplishment going out there performing a duet that'll be shown to millions of people in the world. Babe....no other duet we sing together now is EVER going to top what we just did. And I mean it." Janice's eyes then met Floyd's as they got closer. "Don't ever forget our duet....and I mean....OUR duet. And there's one more I've been dying to say, especially in front of the camera." "What?" Janice asked. Floyd took a deep breath and said those four words "Janice............I love you."

    Janice's eyes were watering with tears. This was a moment she just couldn't help but cry over. Happily, though. "I love you, too, Floyd," she replied. Janice then lovingly hugged Floyd. He returned the favor and held her, as tight as he could without making her desperate for air. After a bit of holding each other tight, Floyd tilted Janice's head up and kissed her on the lips, sweetly. Janice returned the favor and kissed him back, not ever wanting to let his lips release hers.

    When they did, Floyd then said "I tried to do that while we were filming, but then I got a little unsure about it and decided to peck you on the cheek instead." "Like, I think more people are gonna know more about the kiss on the cheek than the kiss we just had," Janice replied. "Well...their loss," he chuckled and grabbed Janice's hand to take her over to where the other guys in the band were.
    ---------------------------------------------THE END------------------------------------------
    This.......took.......forever. But, I think this is my BEST FloydxJanice. Definitely my best. I really wanted to do a oneshot sorta involving their "Act Naturally" duet. Did you guys notice my references to Jim Henson, Jerry Nelson and Richard Hunt at all? Well....maybe you did. R.I.P Jim, Richard and Jerry.

    And finally.........
  2. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member


    All I need to say.
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  3. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member


    All I need to say.
  4. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    Well you've said it twice. :halo:
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  5. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    All I can say is... this is great. I LOVE Act Naturally (one of my favorite Beatles songs). Well, Jim, Richard, and Jerry are no longer with us, but their lagacy, stories, and history will never go away. Thank you for posting!
    MissMusical12 likes this.
  6. MissMusical12

    MissMusical12 Well-Known Member

    You are welcome. :halo:

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