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need a one of a kind puppet?

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by charlie bird, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. charlie bird

    charlie bird Member

    Hi all,

    Im not sure if youre familiar with my work but i am a puppet maker who makes hand puppets or "muppet style"puppets.

    I have some puppets newly made by me that I would also like to sell.So send me youre email and I'll send you the pics so you can check em out.

    I want to sell puppets for two reasons.First to make money to make more puppets,and I would also like to know someone else has found use of my puppets.

    So,youve probuably geused that I am obsessed with puppet making,and I would say thats aboute right.

    If you have any desighn in mind then you can send it to me and I will quote you a price.

    Thank you,and please pm me if youre interested :)
  2. Knucklehead

    Knucklehead Member

    Let's see the goods!

    Hi ya ! Charlie Bird

    First of all Please know this is not to be malicious or snarky in anyway shape or form , that's pretty hard to come across in a post from outsiders .

    If your going to Advertise your awesome skills and product's here Please Please post a link or pictures of your puppet's and maybe share a little something on how you constructed a small element of your design. A picture and experience is worth much more then a thousands words.

    If I'm unable to purchase your work I might see something that would be inspiring and just might kick are creativity in to higear. When anyone shares on this forum we all win !and move just a step forward in the right direction with knowledge and a gift to incorporate .

    Said with nothing but Kindness..:)

  3. charlie bird

    charlie bird Member

    hahah!Thanks Knucklehead for the advice.Im not big on computers but I've been working on an etsy so that might be my sight.Its easy for me to upload on facebook but thats about the only source I have besides email.Ill work on that...
    thank you
  4. charlie bird

    charlie bird Member

    Thank you for all of the responcess and Im working on the pictures as much as I can ,but as of right now Im realy busy so Im working on this tech camera uploading....ugh!:p

    I was suprised that so many people wanted to see my work so thank you verry much,and Ill get back to you as soon as I can
  5. Puppetainer

    Puppetainer Member

    Hey CB! There are a number of good photo hosting sites that will allow you to easily upload photos and instantly create a link to them that you can share here. I and many others have used this site and others like it when sharing photos here at MCF.
    Here's another popular one.
    Hope that helps! If you've already got pics on your computer either one of these will easily walk you through uploading and sharing them. Best of luck!
  6. charlie bird

    charlie bird Member

    Thank you, Ill try it! here is my progress so far with it http://s1132.photobucket.com/home/Bencharlie/index
  7. charlie bird

    charlie bird Member

    Yay!UPLOADED PICTURES TO MY COMPUTER TODAY!I am so happy that I got it to work.Hope you like the pictures if you have any tips or sugestions please say so.I am trying to upload videos to my you tube acounts but Im having some trouble:(.Check it out!
  8. MuppetFan200

    MuppetFan200 New Member

    The one with the black eyes reminds me of the oogie boogie man from The Nightmare Before Christmas
  9. charlie bird

    charlie bird Member

    Hhhahaha!it is him!it is a costume I made for my brothers play!I am so happy you said that!I HAVE TO TAKE A PICTURE OF THE WHOLE THING SOME TIME JUST TO PROVE IT!AND SOME VIDEO!HAHAHA!
  10. MuppetFan200

    MuppetFan200 New Member

    :confused: it is him? well you did a fantastic job! Can't wait to see a full body picture! I gotta admit he is my all time disney villian.
  11. MuppetFan200

    MuppetFan200 New Member

    I have a question. Is it a costume or is like one of those puppet costumes like Big Bird or Sweetums?
  12. charlie bird

    charlie bird Member

    It is a costume.It can easily be used as a puppet to.It was made verry quickly and for a highschool play.My brother will be acting in it for dinner theater.Check out the full body picture i uploaded.I was wearing it in the picture and Im shorter soo it looks kind of weird. thank you
  13. MuppetFan200

    MuppetFan200 New Member

    oh. But in your spare time you should make an actual puppet costume like Big Bird because if you made that, you could make an actual puppet version.
  14. charlie bird

    charlie bird Member

    hahah thank you and I actually am planing on making a puppetcostume real soom so......I will let you know how that turns out :)exited
  15. Gerbert

    Gerbert Member

    It Looks Amazing! Bravo!
  16. charlie bird

    charlie bird Member

    Haha thank you, means alot to me that you think so!
  17. MuppetFan200

    MuppetFan200 New Member

    I got an idea! you should make it a blacklight puppet! Like how he turns green in the dark and lightish brown in light! That would be cool!
  18. charlie bird

    charlie bird Member

    haha!I was going tooo!I dont know if you meen make another puppet of oogie boogie but It might be cool to do so!I just made the costume for a play that i cant even be in I have no descision aboute anything in the play I wish I did!hahaha!I also have to make Jack skellington too aparently sooo.....I might make a ghost puppet simular to oogie boogie sometime for youtube on haloween.Ill make a video and post it of oogie boogie sooon.By the way this costume was made out of nothing but white sheets for the boddy and fabric for the head.theinside of the head is foam.
    video coming sooooon!
    thank you

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