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Need help for avenue q puppets replicas

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by darkranth, Feb 22, 2008.

  1. darkranth New Member

    I'm working on making avenue q puppets replicas for a short french canadian version of the show, for my school (but also for my own fun) and I need help for the materials. For the show I want to have Rod, nicky, trekkie, and kate monster. Rod is already done, he's really a piece of junk but he's done, and I'm currently working on trekkie and nicky. The foam bases are done (both head and body for nicky) but now the problem is for the "skin". For nicky I'm really not sure of what type of material I should use. I saw polar fleece and I think it's exactly the texture I need. If I'm right where can I get pieces of it?
    For trekkie monster I found two site for faux fur. The first one is on ebay and sell a piece of faux fur (5 feet by 6 feet)for 30$ wich is, I think a real good deal. But I dont know how long the fur is...
    The second sells a shorter piece for the same price but I know that the fur is 3 inches long.

    Also do you know what the teekkie monster's hair are make from?
    Thanks for your help!
  2. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    I believe the actual puppets are covered with Antron Fleece, which you can find lots of information about by searching this forum. Some kind of polar fleece would be a good substitute if you are working on a budget or pressed for time. I think Trekkie's hair is made from feathers.
  3. darkranth New Member

    craftking.com they have something called fun fur. I think that's what the hairs are made from. Am I right?
  4. staceyrebecca Member

  5. darkranth New Member

    so you think feather boas is a better idea?
  6. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    Who is licensing the Avenue Q show anyway? I had someone ask me about this the other day. Does anyone know?
  7. staceyrebecca Member

    I think they are if you can find the right color. really its up to you though.
  8. darkranth New Member

    By the way this is only my second experience in the puppets making.
  9. Lab Rat Member

    i am currently doing a full set of puppets for a licenced performance of Avenue Q but all the characters have to be re designed so they arent too close to the originals i had already started Nicky before they told me this so i have to re make him.
  10. Very interesting Lab Rat....sounds like a nice gig!

    Kinda funny the differences between the muppets and Q regarding different performers playing different characters, licensed shows? and stuff like that. There are other differences that help explain that, but still kinda fun comparison.
  11. jcnegron Member

    I think that trekkie's hair is made of Ostrich Feather Fringes like these ones:


    About the licensing, wikipedia cites MTI as the current licensor, but they have a page saying that the show is currently restricted. that page has been there for ages. They are probably licensing it on a case by case basis.

    I also wonder if the shows license does not include the characters because I have seen a great disparity on the look of the characters in different performances around the world. And i also wonder why lab rat's characters had to differ from the originals.
  12. Bear Man Member

    Did they give you any reason for this? I would have assumed that if the show was licenced then character likenesses would form part of that? It actually surprises me that they're not insisting on the opposite, ie characters remaining true to the original designs...
  13. Lab Rat Member

    no i got no explanation regarding character changes maybe it's because the show i'm making puppets for is so close to the west end show in terms of distance they have got the licence to put the show on but but the puppets have to differ.
  14. staceyrebecca Member


    "Music Theatre International, a New York-based licensing house for Broadway and off-Broadway shows, teamed up with "Avenue Q" creators to create a version that could play in schools and community theaters."
  15. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    It probably has something to do with the ownership/rights associated with the characters and the contract Rick Lyon has. Someone emailed me awhile back because they were looking for names of builders for a community theatre production of Avenue Q and said they weren't allowed to copy the originals either.
  16. darkranth New Member

    Actually I wrote to rick and told him about my project of making a short french-canadian version for school. He just told me to be careful with the copyrights for the puppets.
  17. darkranth New Member

    I checked for the ebay faux fur and it's 2,75" long. So I will take this one...
  18. darkranth New Member

    Is anybody has a good adress where I can get polar fleece online?
  19. staceyrebecca Member

  20. darkranth New Member

    you're right. It's a good place but their lime green is not exactly what I want... Maybe it will be easier to buy antron fleece and dye it the exact way I want. How does it works? How much does it cost? And is it really a lot more for dye it?

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