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Need help with mold making!

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by piggy989piggy, Jun 3, 2016.

  1. piggy989piggy

    piggy989piggy Well-Known Member


    My MissPiggy head caly model is almost completely dry now,and I already bought plaster and everything is ready for mold making.

    I was wondering what sould I put on the clay before I pour the plaster,so the clay wont stic to the mold?...(its dry water based clay)
  2. muppetperson

    muppetperson Well-Known Member

    I have heard some people use vasoline. I think some use cling wrap, but I don't know if that would be suitable in this case, as the plastic could leave crinkle marks and mightn't cling to the curves around the nose, etc.
  3. propologist

    propologist Well-Known Member

    You can coat it with "Krylon Crystal clear" about 4 good coats should be good. Make sure you let each coat dry before you spray more coats. This should be a 2 piece mold front and back. if you are doing foam of any type you should also have a core to make it hollow for your hand.
  4. piggy989piggy

    piggy989piggy Well-Known Member

  5. propologist

    propologist Well-Known Member

    yes but make sure each layer is dry before the next.
  6. piggy989piggy

    piggy989piggy Well-Known Member

  7. SandPunk

    SandPunk Active Member

    As far as mold release goes you can dust liberally with talcum powder, or buy a spray mold release from just about any craft store.
    piggy989piggy likes this.
  8. FoxWorthy

    FoxWorthy Well-Known Member

    Updates? I don't get out here too often but when I do, I'm always hoping for an update on your Miss Piggy. How's it going?
    piggy989piggy likes this.
  9. piggy989piggy

    piggy989piggy Well-Known Member

    Happy you find it interesting:)

    well actually I am planing on updating soon, because Im almost done!

    I have already made the head and the body and everything else I need for the basic(even made a few dresses and bought a wig) and I am waiting for the fleece to arrive.(will take about a month)

    first I planed to flock her, but I couldnt find the right flock with the right price that ships to my country, so I decided to go with antron fleece.

    I must say I am pretty happy with the results by far I think I got her just right, as I said, they are not covered yet but I can post some pics of the body and the head now if you want.

    it will work as a poser(it has posable legs and replaceable posable hands) and as a puppet.

    when I'l be done I'l post pictures with details and everything.
  10. FoxWorthy

    FoxWorthy Well-Known Member

    I'd love to Seethepics! :)
  11. piggy989piggy

    piggy989piggy Well-Known Member

    FoxWorthy likes this.

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