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Need "Professional Pirate" sheet music

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by Craig, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Craig

    Craig New Member

    Help! I need to get the sheet music (for piano) for "Professional Pirate" from "Muppet Treasure Island". The only source seems to be the movie songbook which apparently is permanently out of print.

    While I'm here I may as well ask: I also need the sheet music for "Mack the Black" by Cole Porter from the 1948 Judy Garland/Gene Kelly movie "The Pirate". It also seems to be out of print.

  2. Craig

    Craig New Member

    Thanks! One of you sent it to me within an hour of posting! Much obliged!

  3. Dawn

    Dawn New Member

    Can one of you send this to me too? My son is at Marine Boot Camp in San Diego and believe it or not this song is stuck in his head and he wants me to send him the sheet music. He sang in choir and really misses reading music and although he learned the classics and sang at Carnegie Hall this is the diddy he likes.

    Thanks a BUNCH!!
  4. Craig

    Craig New Member

    Write me at my email (above) and I'll send it.

  5. Adam1985

    Adam1985 New Member

    Any chance that I can get the sheet music for Professional Pirate too? I've been looking for years, but have never been able to find it.
  6. Craig

    Craig New Member

  7. Kaitlin W

    Kaitlin W New Member

    Is anyone still checking this? I would love access to the Professional Pirate sheet music as well, but it's been a while since this was posted.
  8. Craig

    Craig New Member

    Kaitlin, Send me your email (see first message in thread). -- Craig
  9. Tracey Costanzo

    Tracey Costanzo New Member

    Dear Craig, I have been searching for this music everywhere, even flea markets in the hope I will come across the book. It seems to be so rare and so in demand maybe they should reprint the Pirate Movies Sheet music book (hint hint lol). If it wasn't being too bold or too forward may I ask if you would be so kind as to send the sheet music for Professional Pirate to me also (I fear you may have been inundated with this request :( )
    I will send you my email. If you are able too, Thank-you so very much.
  10. Craig

    Craig New Member

  11. Craig

    Craig New Member

  12. Tracey Costanzo

    Tracey Costanzo New Member

    That is awfully kind of you Craig, Thank-you. I actually sent
    you an email yesterday, I am hoping you recieved it?
  13. squibble

    squibble New Member

    Hi chaps and chapettes, I'm a life long Muppets fan and I've spent ages trying to find the sheet music for Muppet Treasure Island, alas availability for such in the UK is depressingly limited.
    I would be eternally grateful to anyone who could send me the Professional Pirate sheet music, and doubly so to anyone who could send me any other of the brilliant tracks from the film - vocal or instrumental. x

    My email is Philip.cox17@btinternet.com

    Much loves!
  14. Becca219

    Becca219 New Member

    Hello, I am also guilty of looking for the Professional Pirate music, as I am currently writing our college pantomime of Peter Pan and I thought it would be a great song for Captain Hook to sing. If anyone is still checking this could you please send a copy to becca.hassell@mail.com as it would be a great help! x
  15. youcanpromiseme

    youcanpromiseme New Member

    Hello! I too am looking for "Professional Pirate" to use in a silly sketch I am directing and I know it would be a hit with my 2nd graders. Its too bad that the Muppet Treasure Island vocal selections is out of print. If anyone would be willing to send the music to me, I would appreciate it greatly!
  16. Jupiter

    Jupiter New Member

    I know these postings go a long way back but I really need the music for "Professional Pirate", will someone please send it to the email address bobindaveland@hotmail.co.uk please, it's really urgent. Thank you in advance :)
  17. scrambles

    scrambles New Member

    If anyone on this thread has this (I know this is old, but it's also the only place anywhere on the internet I've even gotten a hint that sheet music for this exists)... I'd love a copy sent to teh.scrambles@gmail.com .

  18. Sarahthegreat

    Sarahthegreat New Member

    I would love a copy of Professional Pirate. Could someone email me the piano part, plz & thank you. Here's my email: smlthegreat@yahoo.com
    MikaelaMuppet likes this.

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