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New All-Muppet Museum?

Discussion in 'Muppet Appearances' started by SesameFever, May 27, 2013.

  1. SesameFever

    SesameFever Well-Known Member

    I heard BRIEFLY on the radio that in New York City is going to have an All-Muppet Museum. Not the exibit at the Moving Picture Museum. Anybody know more about this or when it is going to open??? Thanks. Bob
  2. FunnyBear

    FunnyBear Well-Known Member

    I've never heard of it, sounds cool
  3. SesameFever

    SesameFever Well-Known Member

  4. rowlfy662

    rowlfy662 Well-Known Member

    are you sure not getting it mixed up with the muppets having a permanent display at the new York museum of moving image because that's the news that really relates to a muppet museum
    Muppetboy09 likes this.
  5. MelissaY1

    MelissaY1 Well-Known Member

    I just Googled NY Muppet museum and every link that came up is related to the upcoming permanent Henson gallery they're installing at the Museum of the Moving Image. So perhaps the radio program you were listening to got their facts muddled?
  6. SesameFever

    SesameFever Well-Known Member

    Thanks because I heard it was gonna be on Long Island.
  7. RC1979

    RC1979 Well-Known Member

    Sounds cool!
  8. MelissaY1

    MelissaY1 Well-Known Member

    I WISH! I live on Long Island, and that would be a dream come true, but as far as I know, haven't heard anything.
    FunnyBear likes this.
  9. SesameFever

    SesameFever Well-Known Member

  10. Scooterforever

    Scooterforever Well-Known Member

    A PERMANENT Henson gallery at the Museum of the Moving Image? I went there two years ago to see Jim Henson's Fantastic World, the traveling Muppet exhibit, and it was a really cool museum. They had some cool movie props, like the Tyrell building from Blade Runner and Freddy Krueger's sweater from Nightmare on Elm Street 5. Sounds like a great place for a permanent Henson exhibit.
    MelissaY1 likes this.
  11. MelissaY1

    MelissaY1 Well-Known Member

    Indeed Scooter, I went to see the exhibit at well the day Frank Oz was giving a Q&A/interview, the museum itself is a lot of fun, and the exhibits even the non Muppet ones are amazing, but yes, the Henson exhibit went so well, they are making a permanent exhibit there.
  12. SesameFever

    SesameFever Well-Known Member

    I can't wait. When will it be finished?
  13. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    Winter 2014-ish.
  14. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Now I'm bummed out... I was all uber-excited about the possibility of a Muppet Museum... oh well.

    But on that subject, why can't we have an all-Muppet Museum? Or a Henson Museum in general? Walt Disney has a museum, Charles Schulz has a museum, why can't Jim have one?
  15. MelissaY1

    MelissaY1 Well-Known Member

    He does in Lealand, Miss., his hometown. It's small, but there is one there....
    Mr.Penguin likes this.
  16. gavry3

    gavry3 Well-Known Member

    Update: It's coming in May as a travelling exhibit and then it'll come to MoMI as a permanent one. YES!

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