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New collectible section questions...

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by beaker, May 15, 2002.

  1. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    WOW! So good after all these years to see such a HUGE comprehensive databank for TMS collectibles(and I thought I'd have to wait til Kermitage!) Now for my questions:

    1. How many inches are the palitoy finger puppets?

    2. It mentions under the schelich set they made a Muppet theatre playset? Was this just the promotional cardboard display?

    3. ARGHHHH! In 1999 I emailed everywhere about where I could get that Muppets From Space Zowie Intertainment playset...the company just said 'its coming out late 1999'. And in the collectibles it says they are ont he collector's market...IT IS?
    Gah! I would pay muchos for this, palitoy finger puppets(Well dr teeth and zoot at least), the dark crystal mattel 1982 figure prototypes, TMS crew jacket, or mv3d lab coat(all of which i guess have found theyre way to collectors) Grrrrrrrr........

    4. In the palitoy finger puppet sections, it says they are close to the ones in the palitoy board game...does anybody have pix of these board game pieces?(the description mentions statler, waldoprf, wayne, wanda, janice, etc)

    5. The 1997 uk muppet books: where can i find
    "how to be a complete muppet" and "muppet mania"?
    These look so cool

    6. wilkins and wonkins...wow! I remember seeing these on ebay...how many inches are they?

    7. dark crystal action figures: ok, i wont even go into how hard i tried to find these over the years amongst collectors, but...were
    any skeksis prototypes produced? *sigh* at least theres a fizzgig
    figure out now with the gelflings.

    8. scary scary montsers: I think BlueFrackle found pix of some of th eplushes, but does anybody have more pix of this stuff?
    this series had so much potential(was their a cartoon pilot filmed?)

    9. schelich sprocket and matt: wow, finally got to see these. again, gave up trying to find these(i never saw any ebay auction alerts on old mc forum for these or any toher rare stuff)
    Again, anywhere i could get these?

    anyways, wow...whats a big time muppet collector to do?^_^


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