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New Members: Please Post and Introduce Yourself

Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by Phillip, Sep 6, 2002.

  1. muppetfan24/7 Well-Known Member

    Good one, ShakaRaka! When I was younger, I used to act like Oscar by saying opposite things, but what the hey. I am more of a Prarie Dawn kind of cute girl. Okay! So, nobody's perfect, but I DID grow up with Sesame Street. (sighs) Back then, my mom used to be a fan of Sesame Street when she introduce to me to it.
  2. Cheaplazymom New Member

    Hi All--
    Looks like a super group. I am a big Muppet fan from way back.
    Fragglemuppet likes this.
  3. Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    My, but it has been a long time since I posted here! It took me most of the day to catch up, since there was no way I was missing posts by any new people!
    First of all, to all the new members, welcome! I'm Kathleen, though most people call me Kate. I don't put too much thought into nicknames, so just call me whatever variation of that you like! lol
    Becky, I'm in the same boat, in college and somewhat lonely for muppety friends! Good thing we got us here!
    Sarge, I love MFS, so you're in good company there!
    is my favorite muppet, or at least very high on the list.
    I was also pleasantly suprised to see the return of some MC legends from days gone by! Rian and Quinn, I may have come in just as you were going out, but I still remember you! Welcome back, and I hope you mannage to stick around! "You can not leave the magic."

    I find myself mostly around the fanfiction these days, probably because my crazy life means that I find myself coming here in short spiratic bursts these days. Anyway, that means I don't know how much I'll see of all of you for now, depending on where you tend to hang out when you're here, but if you'll stick around, I'm sure I'll catch up with you eventually! Happy to meet you all!
    FrackleFan2012 and Plaid Fraggle like this.
  4. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Welcome, everyone! Hope you have fun. :)
  5. FrackleFan2012 Well-Known Member

    It's nice to meet you, Fragglemuppet. I love Fraggle Rock, too. I hope you enjoy Muppet Central Forum as much as us. :drool:
  6. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    What's the point of welcoming senior members who post here to welcome new members? ;)
  7. Fragglemuppet Well-Known Member

    Thanks Vincent. I know it's a bit harder to tell since the new format no longer allows you to see certain things like when people joined or their post count, but I thought the content of my post might've given some hint. In any case, it did cross my mind to wonder if I posted, who would try to welcome me! lol
  8. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    It's still possible to view the info. Just click the user's avatar.
    And your rank is active member instead of new member.
  9. Hubert Well-Known Member

    I'm late, but welcome to all new members that have not been welcomed by me!

    (That was such a weirdly worded sentence :p)
    Fragglemuppet and cjd874 like this.
  10. 7PuppetGrogan New Member

    New member! Love the forum! My wife and I are new to puppet building but we love it! Can't wait to learn more!
  11. Mister Muppet Active Member

    Welcome to muppet central 7PuppetGrogan :)
  12. 7PuppetGrogan New Member

  13. Mister Muppet Active Member

  14. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Welcome, 7PuppetGorgan! Hope you have a great time here!
  15. cjd874 Well-Known Member

    Grogan, not Gorgan...but there is a Fraggle Rock reference with yours, Vincent. :)

    Hi there, 7PuppetGrogan! Welcome to the forum!
    Type your cares away, worry's for another day,
    Let the members play...down at Fraggle Rock...I mean the MC forum.
  16. 7PuppetGrogan New Member

    Long live Jim!
  17. zanfree New Member

    Hello all,
    This is my very first post, though I've been a member for years. I've been a Muppet fan since the late 70's. I remember being upset that my half-day kindergarten class made me miss Sesame Street. Anyway, way back when I was a wee thing I video taped A Muppet Family Christmas - it was the original aired on TV without any cuts. In order to update it, I made it into a DVD. We have watched this movie every year for the last 20 years or so. However, we sat down tonight to watch it as a family and can NOT find the DVD! The old VHS is long gone. Any copy I try to find has many songs and a few scenes cut from it.

    Does anyone on this site have a copy of the original A Muppet Family Christmas they would be willing to share with me (containing all of the songs and scenes)? I will of course cover the costs of the sharing experience.

    Thank you Muppet Fan Family!
    email: abrown941@yahoo.com
    Fragglemuppet likes this.
  18. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Hi! Saying welcome seems weird, so um… welcome back!
    I'll send you a copy, though I'm not sure if it's the same version. Hope you continue to post here at Muppet Central!
  19. zanfree New Member

    Thank you! It would be the same version if it has: 1)Rowlf singing and playing the piano (he's singing Sleigh Ride) 2) Fozzie and the Snowman telling jokes outside 3) the muppet babies singing a full song before Animal smashes through the screen (not just a few piano bars) 4) Miss Piggy singing "I"ll be home for Christmas" as she pulls up on her sleigh.

    There may be more scenes that have since been deleted. These are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. And THANKS for the super quick reply! If it is the same version, just email me details of where to send $$ to cover the costs of shipping and sharing :) Thank you!!
  20. Vincent Liu Well-Known Member

    Next time, try the Buy, Sell and Trade section. :)

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