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New Muppet Pilot in Development by Randall Einhorn (The Office, Modern Family) for ABC

Discussion in 'Muppet Headlines' started by Phillip, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    At least that looked creative and conveyed what kind of a movie it was going to be - this one literally just screams Muppet copy of THE OFFICE.
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  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Mainly because that wasn't the same film as The Muppets. Remember, Jason's original title was something to the extent of "The Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time Ever" or something like that. The obvious thing being that it wasn't (The first three kinda beat it to the punch), but boastful titles turn viewers away.

    And for the record, The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made? Think outside of the fandom. NO ONE would want to watch a film with that title.

    I'm not going to nitpick the pilot's title and lack of interesting font. I'm none too fond of the minimalism trend in entertainment marketing. The show itself I could very well see being something like Louie or The Comedians (actually very much so like The Comedians). Office Style shows aren't really around anymore. Parks and Rec is gone, and Modern Family seems to have basically ascended beyond that influence. And the stress should be on pilot. The Muppet Show was only sort of like Sex and Violence. Things tend to change shape with these sorts of things.
  3. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    I mean few theme songs are that good, that I want to keep hearing it, to be honest after watching TMS for more than ten episodes, the theme song got tedious, and I just did not care, so maybe the show does not need a theme song. The only show these days that really have theme songs are animated, but the other one is Brooklyn Nine Nine, which I actually want to see every episode, but really the title card for the pilot really does not matter, compare the title for Sex and Violence, and the actual show, big difference, but so far this show looks really great, when will this be green lit, come on, just announce something.
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  4. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    If my memory serves me correctly the original "Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever" was the title of the movie that Jim Henson and Jerry Jul where working on before Jim's death. So when they where going to call the then new movie that I was kind of shocked.

    As for the title and the title card, I don't know. I really hope that they don't copy the Office as much as it would appear. I mean sure they are using that kind of style, but they should try and keep it as original as they can. I would think they would want to try and keep it as separate from the past Muppet Shows and any other show for that matter and make the new show there own.
    With the title and things I wonder if we are just getting a revised version of the Office, but with Muppets this time.
  5. Muppetboy09

    Muppetboy09 Well-Known Member

    What I meant by my post was, that was originally intended to be the comeback movie for the Muppets, and that got changed to (or put aside in favor of) the Greatest Muppet Movie of All Time, obviously a take off on the title of the previously mentioned script, which ended up becoming the Muppets. So kind of full circle.

    Also, what if the Cold Open of each episode is like a copy-cat version of a different popular show, this one being the office. Just like their movie posters in WDW. Just a thought...
    Muppet fan 123 likes this.
  6. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    So people aren't going to want to see a movie with a title like THE CHEAPEST MUPPET MOVIE EVER MADE, but people will willingly go to see a movie with a title like THE SECOND BEST MARIGOLD HOTEL or whatever it's called?
  7. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Well let me answer that question with another question. When the Muppet Show was on the air did the casual watcher call it the Muppet Show, or simply the Muppets?
    Duke Remington likes this.
  8. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    I think you missed my point.
  9. Muppet fan 123

    Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    I agree with @Drtooth's comments. For anyone out of the fandom, the title is a flop, and no one would have saw it. It needed something simple. The Muppets was not the title we deserved, but the one it needed.

    The annoying thing is that they're calling the TV show the same exact thing, although I think they might need a simple name, it's just annoying they're doing the same exact title which makes it all the more confusing.
  10. Aaron

    Aaron Well-Known Member

    I'll bet anything it's just a working title for the presentation.
  11. WalterLinz

    WalterLinz Well-Known Member

    In the comments under one of Bob's Instagram photos, he said, "It's called The Muppets...for now.":p
    BlakeConor14, ploobis and LaRanaRene like this.
  12. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Well things can always change......
  13. ploobis

    ploobis Well-Known Member

    No matter what the pilot will be like, I just can't wait to see what the Muppets will do next! :) :fanatic:
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  14. MuppetMan28

    MuppetMan28 Active Member

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  15. JimAndFrank

    JimAndFrank Well-Known Member

    I just thought I'd share this from the Sydney Morning Herald:


    "The proposed reboot of The Muppet Show will be unveiled at this year's May Screenings in Los Angeles. A pilot has not been filmed, but programmers will see a sizzle reel for the series, which is to be a "mockumentary-style series" exploring the personal lives of the Muppet characters""

    I'm not sure how accurate this information is, but if it's just a sizzle reel, then perhaps the format for the actual pilot might change depending on its response.
  16. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    My belief is that they had every intention to make that movie, but Segal had that script finished first and they decided to go with that one. Whatever anyone can say about TM, that was the right film to kick the franchise back off. 90 minutes devoted to a gag that could go stale in the first 10 minutes? Not so much. And the film wouldn't have been from a completed Henson Juhl script, so I could see script doctoring and edgy updating so it wouldn't even be the direct film Jim proposed.

    Well, the Marigold films are part of the Old British Lady and Indian Culture Cinematic Universe. If they miss out on that one, how are they ever going to appreciate "A Thousand Nights of Vindaloos" or "Please Forget our Turbulent History, Let's join forces to make Pretentious Crap."

    Seriously, though. "Cheapest" isn't going to translate to the general movie going public as self deprecating fun, but rather "this thing's admitting that it's a piece of crap."

    It's nice to know that former fan we ripped apart and the media have the same "awareness" about this project that they keep calling it a "Reboot." A word that's been flung around too many times, and even then, mostly used accurately. The word "reboot" is sending the message of "Oh, Hollywood's ruining our ever precious childhood again" (as in the precious childhood they grew the heck out of in middle school, threw all their toys away called everything "gay" because that's "mature" and then grew back into in their 20's because they're in their 20's now and spending a fortune buying back everything they purposely threw out, so they indeed have ownership of the property)... I don't like it. MT wasn't a reboot, JHH wasn't a reboot. I'd argue that TM was only a kickstart of a franchise, but one that's been around just kind of irregular.

    The show should be called what it is. Not a reboot, not a continuation, just "new series to star the Muppets."
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  17. Muppet fan 123

    Muppet fan 123 Well-Known Member

    No, the pilot has been filmed and is in post-production right now. I expect they'll be screening it to the ABC folks any day now.
    The sizzle reel on the other hand was filmed during those Youtube segments or even possibly earlier. It sounds interesting that they would show a sizzle reel to a show that hasn't even been picked up yet, but if it's true that would be really neat.
  18. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    I can't decide how I feel about the show being just called The Muppets (or is the title "The Muppets... For Now"?:)). I guess I shouldn't be surprised that it's The Muppets, I figured it'd be that or The Muppet Show (at least it's not The Muppets Show). The likely confusion between The Muppet Show and The Muppets will probably be similar to the confusion between The Muppet Movie and The Muppets.

    It would be great if the popularity of this new show leads to more classic Muppet content on DVD, but judging by what DVDs we didn't get with the last two movies I shouldn't hold my breath here. I'm sure this show will be released on DVD though.
  19. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Where's that Joseph Sirrico guy when you need him? He could probably come up with a brilliant title for this thing!
  20. LaRanaRene

    LaRanaRene Well-Known Member

    It is a reality show parody-type thing. How about "Keeping Up with the Muppets?" Or "Muppet Shore?" Or "Real Muppets of ABC?" (Joking of course)
    D'Snowth likes this.

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