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New Puppetry Musical Opens Off Broadway this Nov. 2015!

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by RealMen, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. RealMen

    RealMen New Member

    [​IMG] Actor/Puppeteer, Paul Louis, will bring some masculine-fueled puppetry joy to New York City’s midtown this holiday season, with his award winning musical comedy, REAL MEN: The Musical. The show will play at New World Stages (340 W 50 Street, and is also the complex where Avenue Q is playing). REAL MEN has been called “A hilarious romp through manhood” by Examiner.com, and stars Louis, co-author, Nick Santa Maria, Stephen G. Anthony, and a cast of cute, and sometimes naughty puppets. Written by Paul Louis and Nick Santa Maria, directed by David Arisco with musical direction by Martin Landry and arrangements by Manny Schvartzman, REAL MEN will begin performances on November 12 opening December 10 and will initially run through January 2, 2016. Tickets are $59-$79 and can be purchased by calling 212.239.6200 or visiting Telecharge.com. There is also a special $29 ticket offer if you purchase before Nov. 12th, using promo code RLNWS29 HERE.

    “The wide variety of puppets used in the show bring unique enhancement, playing the parts of our wives, children, girlfriends, etc.”, says Louis.
    All men are schmucks who struggle with their daily existence.REAL MEN: The Musical follows that existence down Manhood Lane to gain some clarity, or at the very least, explore the common bond that all men are morons just trying to get by. REAL MEN is a 90-minute romp that delves into fatherhood, mid-life crisis, dating, marriage, potency, and sexuality.

    “Old, young; married, single, straight, gay, bridge, tunnel – Ultimately, all men are schmucks and REAL MEN is a musical about what it means to be a real guy, good, bad, or indifferent.” -Co-creators of Real Men Paul Louis and Nick Santa Maria.

    Starring Stephen G. Anthony (I Love You, You’re Perfect. Now Change) and Paul Louis (TV: “Jelly Bean Jungle”), Nick Santa Maria (Secret Every Smart Traveler Should Know). Creative team includes Patrick Tennant (Lighting Designer) and M. Florian Staab (Sound Designer).
    Get the latest news and offers on the show at the official REAL MEN Facebook page.

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