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New Regency Lands ‘Fraggle Rock’ Feature Rights Auction

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Speed Tracer, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. Speed Tracer

    Speed Tracer Well-Known Member


    So - YAY for someone besides Weinstein owning the film rights now, EHHH for it being the folks behind those Alvin pictures.
  2. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah, Bobo was my favorite Fraggle! :smirk:

    Jokes aside, I'm still not convinced this movie is happening.
  3. ZeppoAndFriends

    ZeppoAndFriends Well-Known Member

    The company behind Alvin and the Chipmunks? Bobo Fraggle? "Are figuring out" whether or not they're going to use puppets?

    This does not bode well. :concern:
  4. Speed Tracer

    Speed Tracer Well-Known Member

    The "G" is right above the "B" - it's a typo.
  5. Duke Remington

    Duke Remington Well-Known Member

    I bet DrTooth is going to have a field day when he hears about this.

    It's reasons like this that we should be even more grateful for the fact that the classic Muppets are in caring, loving hands at Disney.

    I feel very sorry for the poor Fraggles and other struggling Henson properties. It sure is tough living in a world where there are people who will choose compromising artistic integrity for the sake of making a fast buck instead of taking the time to do things right the first time. :(
    BobThePizzaBoy likes this.
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Why? It's still not going to get made. :D

    I really hope if this thing happens (mark my words, it won't) Henson has final approval on everything. I know Corey Edwards got the short end of the stick when it came to Hoodwinked Too and he got all the blame for it (he actually was VERY disappointed with the final result, but said something to the extent of "this is what happens when it's out of my hands"), but I want Henson to coax him to come back and redo the script again. He seemed pretty hard line when it came to studio meddling with the original script.

    I can take the same company as Alvin, but PLEASE no same director. Tim Hill already ruined one Muppet movie. As long as we get a strong script and enough henpecking from Henson to make sure the film is quality, this may actually be a not bad thing. If they can maintain that it will be a Puppet based movie with as much of the original cast as possible, I'll hope for the not worst.

    On the plus side, at least we'd have plush toys that don't sorta kinda look like them sorta and cost 20 bucks.
  7. ZeppoAndFriends

    ZeppoAndFriends Well-Known Member

    I realized that, but you think someone would've daught it.
    TSSD likes this.
  8. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member


    "WOW! Ya... ya mean I get to be in a FRAGGLE movie? Heh! Won't the guys be so proud'a me when I tell 'em. Yup! I'm real hot stuff! Don't touch.


    that... that was a typo? Ehhh.... well, I guess that's okay. Uh... I'm in that OTHER movie and all, so it's not all bad, right? Kinda... kinda wan'ned to meet Junior Gorg but... eh, okay."
  9. Speed Tracer

    Speed Tracer Well-Known Member

    My advice for them - hire Brian Lynch. The guy is writing some really successful, fun kids movies right now (Hop and Puss in Boots), and is a die-hard Muppet fan. His script for The New Muppet Movie was super fun, and he would knock a Fraggle movie out of the park.
  10. MrBloogarFoobly

    MrBloogarFoobly Well-Known Member


    Well, we'll see if this happens. I really hope they stick to puppetry. CGI is garbage.
  11. Collgoff

    Collgoff Well-Known Member

  12. Collgoff

    Collgoff Well-Known Member

    Well I f0und that out about the big news!
  13. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    Back when Muppets Tonight was on the air, i SO wanted to see a Fraggle cameo where two understudies would have to fill in for the ailing Seymour and Pepe...

    Bobo: I'm Bobo!
    Gobo: I'm Gobo!
    Both: We're two of a kind!
    Gobo: I'm a little bit shorter.
    Bobo: And i've got a bear behind.
  14. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I'll take anyone who can keep as much of the integrity of the show as possible. As long as they don't try to make it "Edgy" like Weinstine wanted to do... even though I STILL say was Weinstine trying to stall for time until they went bankrupt. I'm just waiting for that clock to count down, and with the non-success of every movie they released this year, that's going to be a lot sooner than anyone thinks.
  15. Speed Tracer

    Speed Tracer Well-Known Member

    Brian would, absolutely. He understands and loves the characters and the world. If you're a fan of the Whedonverse, check out his canonical "Season 6" run of Angel comics - he completely gets how to play in other creators' worlds.
  16. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    Interesting, but I'm still not getting my hopes up that it's going to happen anyway.
  17. Collgoff

    Collgoff Well-Known Member

    Why not?
  18. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Based on some of the things I've read, is the script the full property of Weinstein, or can this new company use the previously-written script?
  19. JJandJanice

    JJandJanice Well-Known Member

    We've been told about this Fraggle Rock movie for how long now? As explained by many other MC users, the Henson company right hasn't really been doing much with their current franchasies.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I want them to fail and no Fraggle movie comes out. I'm just saying I'm not getting my hopes up.
    BobThePizzaBoy likes this.
  20. BobThePizzaBoy

    BobThePizzaBoy Well-Known Member

    I couldn't have said it better myself. It's been 6 years since the project was first announced for heaven's sake.

    While I will say that this movie has more of a chance of happening under Regency than it did under Weinstein, I still refuse to get my hopes up.

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