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News and merchandise layout updates

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Phillip, Feb 1, 2004.

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  1. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Today we have rolled out some layout and design changes to several of the pages on Muppet Central. I wanted to let you guys know a little bit why these changes were made and how we hope they help to make the site more useful for you.

    All of the information on these pages has been on the site in some form, we are just trying to improve the organization in some areas, especially in terms of current company news and merchandise news.


    Our home page has been redesigned with a lead story that takes up the top of the entire main content frame. Below that are three smaller columns with links to related info for news, merchandise and articles. The biggest change is that in addition to official releases, forum discussions are linked under these categories. This allows us to quickly update the site when new info is available whether there is an official release or not.


    2004 NEWS PAGE

    If you click on the "more news" link on the home page it will take you to this page (which is now the default news page for the site replacing our old one).

    Basically this is just an expansion of the news highlights for the year as we have always done. There is also a "dates to remember" column with a descending list of upcoming important dates whether that be related to TV news, appearances or company news.

    So whether it's an "official" story from Henson or just a possible rumor, all news events big and small will be listed on this one page for the year.



    This is a new page in the news section. Previously we had all news stories grouped together, but this will allow you to have one page solely for all merchandise news and discussions. Like on the other page, there is a "dates to remember" category of important upcoming release dates.


    Take a look at the changes and let us know what you think. There are still some tweaks and updates needed here and there. So we will continue to modify things some as we go along. Hopefully having one page for all Henson/Sesame Workshop news and one page for all merchandise news will be helpful.

    Discuss the updates here...

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