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Next Muppet Replicas: Gonzo, Animal

Discussion in 'Muppet Replicas' started by Was Once Ernie, Jul 20, 2006.

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  1. rexcrk Active Member

    Animal looks good! As does Gonzo! I can't wait until I can get both of them.

    (Although I just spent like 200+ bucks on the final Lord of the Rings figures to complete my collection so I won't be buying anything for a while :o :concern: )

    As for the 3 coming in '08, I would love Rizzo, Sam the Eagle, annnnd Scooter or Rowlf.
  2. Erine81981 Active Member

    Gonzo and Animal look awsome! Thanks again Travis. I hope that i can afford them sometime in the near future being that i don't make that much like i used to but i'll have to start saving then. *pulls out every penny ever found and places it into a big jug* Hope that helps. :concern: :halo: Also i would love to see Fozzie and Rowlf be one of the next two.
  3. TheJimHensonHour New Member

    yeah I'm still not so much enjoying the animal the body and outfit are fine to me but there is still something very much off about his face...the nose is to small or something or it's the eyes it's something on the center of his face that just comes off as odd to me.
    And I love the gonzo allready 100% the only thing I'd enjoy more is if it was modern checker vest and dress shirt Gonzo.
    Thanks for the pics trav!
  4. Telly Active Member

    I've changed my mind. I NEED Animal now! I seriously hope Fozzie or Piggy is one of the bigger ones. I NEED Rizzo and Pepe toO!
  5. MuppetCaper Active Member

  6. Keeermit Active Member

    hi all, I'm not to sure about animal - as some of you know I hae recently made my own gonzo and animal replicas ( you can check them out in the link below) and I have studied the size relation (e.g. eyes and nose to mouth etc and they both seem alittle off, Now I know my Kermit looks better than the ones in the photos so I just hope that animal and gonzo improve before they go on my shelf alongside Kermit. :)

  7. muppetperson Well-Known Member

    I think the nose should be slightly bigger.You cant refer to the studio pattern being correct, because, as I recall, Terry found that the nose halves didnt match, so he had to cut down one half to match the other.
  8. antonydavanzo New Member

    I am loving Animal.....sure he looks a little off but with the tweaking he should look spot on.

    Gonzo for me looks weird.......his nose just looks wrong but then again that is being fixed as well. In short i cannot wait to have these in my collection.
  9. antonydavanzo New Member

    IMO these are better than MR.....maybe I could buy one from you instead of MR!

    Take note MR.......these are perfect.
  10. Telly Active Member

    Have you thought about doing Pepe or Rizzo? i think Janice would be fun too!
  11. KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    Travis, they are both coming along nicely! The wait nearly killed me, but you swooped in like always to douse the fire. ;) With the changes you've mentioned about both Animal and Gonzo, I expect they'll be perfect.

    In regards to the next 3 characters for next year, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE will you guys consider Rowlf to be one of them? There've been a lot more votes for him by others' as well, and that would be the coolest thing EVER!

    So yeah, I love Rowlf. :D Can't wait to hear who's on the roster!
  12. ElecMayhem Member

    Wow Keeermit, that are really, really good. I mean REALLY good.

    Here's the thing you all have to remember... we are mass producing these guys, and when you mass produce anything -- even only 1,500 or 2,500 units -- you have to make concessions. First and foremost, price is an issue. If I had to guess, I would say that Keeermit's Animal and Gonzo probably cost him (or her?) a LOT in materials... Correct me if I am wrong, but I would guess that it's a LOT more than the cost of one of our Photo Puppets. And that $ amount does not even include payment for however many painstaking hours it takes to build these puppets.

    We are trying to produce these guys as accurately as possible, with still brining them to market for a reasonable price. I mean, people complained about paying $200 for Kermit, for goodness sakes! But look on eBay -- the guy making the unathorized knock-off Kermit is asking like $800+... the fact of the matter is, these are expensive to make. It's a no-win situation, because our other alternative is to charge $1000+ apiece. And we all know how THAT would go over...

    The Animal that I had here in my office -- and remember, I am a life-long, die-hard Muppet fan with a collection that I guarantee can rival just about anyone's -- looked dead on to me. So, it may be an issue of the angle in the photograph, or something... As Keeermit points out, none of the photos of Kermit did the product justice. So, we will keep you posted, and get new pictures out as they become available... But on Animal, I think people will be pleased.

    As for Gonzo... yeah, his nose is way off right now. And we're working on it. As I explained yesterday, the foam -- as seen in Keermit's exquiste Gonzo puppet -- WILL deteriorate over time. It's just a fact, and it's one of the reasons that Henson (and now Disney) has to keep making new puppets. And so, we are not COMFORTABLE selling a product that will deteriorate in 2-3 years, so we are searching for reaonable alternative materials. Will it look a little different in the end? Yes. But will you still have your replica in 5 years? Yes. Again, it's a concession that has to b e made for a mass produced item. Terry's original prototype WAS made from the real foam.

    Anyway, sorry for the long winded explantation... Any other questions, comments, concerns?
  13. ElecMayhem Member

    Oh, and by the way... sorry I disappeared last night. I had to go home and eat dinner, and spend some time with my girlfriend and my puppies. ;)

    So, I will give you an oh-so-subtle hint as to confirm ONE of the characters for next year. Ready?
    Wocka Wocka! :o
  14. mrsieve Member

    I figured as much.
    Is one of the others Miss Piggy?
  15. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    That is exciting! Thanks for the "hint" ElecMayhem! It's nice to have an insider around! As for Animal, I think he looks kind of cool. I was going to stop with Kermit...but I don't know, maybe I need to save money and figure out a way to display all of them....especially if :o is really going to happen next year.
  16. tomahawk Member

    Cool! Fozzie! Thanks Travis.
  17. ElecMayhem Member

    Fozzie IS going to happen, and in fact, Terry is already hard at work on him...
  18. redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    That's just awesome! The other one I'd love is Rowlf.....
  19. mrsieve Member

    Sweet! Can't wait to see those protypes pictures too.


    Has it been looked into for spraying or coating the foam (for Gonzo) so that it doesn't deteriorate?

  20. KermieBaby47 Well-Known Member

    I have a question Travis!

    Will Animal & Gonzo have eyelids that can be moved, and if so, will they stay in position?

    I know this was a question a long time ago, but I have Windows Vista, & I don't have 2 hours to wait for other pages to come up. I hate Windows Vista. :rolleyes:

    Thanks so much!
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