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On the hunt

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by Fronkenstien, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. Fronkenstien

    Fronkenstien New Member

    I'm new to collecting Muppets stuff and I'm having a terrible time finding stuff. I currently own a lot of Animal stuff such as a poster, keychain, two beanies, and adult footie pjs. I also have a Beaker keychain and season 1 of the show on DVD. I would like to collect the action figures, but the only place I can find them is online. I've found stuff at Hot Topic, Spencers, TJ Maxx, F.Y.E, Best Buy, and places like that. I find Kermit, Animal, Miss Piggy, and Sesame Street stuff in abundance. But I can't seem to find other stuff anywhere. Are there a secret to shopping for Muppet stuff? I feel like I'm looking in the wrong places.

    I particulary want to collect Electric Mayhem and Palisades figures of my favorites. They downside is the price of some of the rarer ones like Zoot. Is there any Muppet stores in existence?
  2. ceelos

    ceelos Member

  3. Fronkenstien

    Fronkenstien New Member

    Cool. I'll look into that. I knew Amazon and Ebay would probably be what I would have to use for the figures. I kind of wish stuff like that was available (and I know it probably used to be) in places like Toys R Us and Walmart. Be way easier and more convenient, but we can't always get what we want.
  4. Quazimoto

    Quazimoto Active Member

    Yup... Amazon and eBay are going to be your best bets. Or, right here on Muppet Central Forum as well. If there's something you're looking for, just post a thread and be patient. Your fellow Muppet collectors often have extras of certain pieces or other ones that they're looking/willing to sell.
  5. Fronkenstien

    Fronkenstien New Member

    Coolness. Thanks! :D
  6. Rockit

    Rockit New Member

    Ecrater.com is also an awesome site to find inexpensive Muppet items
  7. Fronkenstien

    Fronkenstien New Member

    Wow! Thanks!
  8. Rockit

    Rockit New Member

    np ...As with any site Check Feedbacks :search: before purchasing from a seller:wisdom:

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