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Once Upon My Heart.

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by green stuff, Aug 8, 2006.

  1. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    Hallo, Everyone. This is a story I've been writing for quite some time, and I have a lot of it done already, so I'll be able to post big chunks of the story at the one time. (And Lisa, I promise, I didn't do it intentionally, it's just a coincidence, I promise. If you read the story, you'll see what I mean.) Well, here it is, folks. Hope everyone likes it. Oh-by the way, this is my first fan-fic here, so please....be gentle...

    It had been five years since anything out of the ordinary had happened. Yes, they still saw each other on a regular basis, but not in the way that they had grown quite accustomed to. For the most part, they all still lived at the Boarding House, but some had moved out. To be more specific, for the past year or so Gonzo and Camilla had been residing in their own apartment (with personally installed sound proof walls for those days where he felt like trying out stunts at home, of course.) For a while, Fozzie tried to live the singled out apartment life, but he found it too lonely, and moved back in to the Boarding House. Much to everyone’s relief, the Electric Mayhem got their own place. This actually proved to be more of a disappointment for some, as I suppose some actually like being awakened by a synthesizer blasting or a crescendo on an electric guitar screaming through your walls. But you know how it is: different strokes for different folks. Kermit and Piggy had been married for almost five years, and now lived in their own house (as far away from the Boarding House as humanly possible, I might add) with Robin. Piggy was still leading a double career as an actress/model, and Kermit was mostly a director, but occasionally, a screenplay writer. Speaking of Robin, Robin was a teenager now, a senior at Valley High School, in fact. He worked at the Muppet Theatre for his Uncle Kermit -when there was work to be done, that is- and worked at a local convenience store on the weekends. When he wasn’t engaging in those activities, he was busy preparing himself for college. His plan A was to attend Danhurst College, the same college that his uncle and aunt attended in their college days. If anyone, Robin was quite the busy bee.
    But the one who was even busier, of course, as always, was Kermit. See, Kermit thoroughly enjoyed being wrapped in the comfort and joy of having his ideal job, father-figuring, and marital bliss, but to him, something was off, quite off. The Muppets hadn’t been together, completely together for years. What had happened exactly was that they were all doing so well on what was once their show, that the demand became higher and higher for them to branch out and do movies again. So they did. But- for some reason, when they returned to the movies, not everybody was on board. Some wanted to get on with their lives and do other things. For some, this was their life, but they just wanted to do one or the other. Films, or the show, and not both. For some, going back to movies was a bad move, as it would mean that their services and talents would be needed less. So, needless to say, after a while, the number of Muppets who stuck around became fewer and fewer. Therefore, the Muppets, well, they kind of retired. From there, everybody went on to do their own things. (As I said, they all started to individuate and do their own things, Kermit and Piggy got married, Robin grew up, etc.) Particularly, Robin really missed it, though. The memories that he had acquired while working on the Muppet Show were some of the best he ever had. To say that whenever he would go to work at the Muppet Theatre without feeling a twinge of misery each time would be untrue, for now all their theatre was now was a sort of space used only for concerts and occasional community movie nights.. ‘There go all my hopes, my precious dreams,’ he thought.
    Little did he know that Old Uncle Kermit was way ahead of him. He had missed the feeling he got while being crowded around everyone after a successful show, too. Although he often complained of how hectic things were when they all were around, as much as he’d hate to admit it, he much rather liked it when they all were around. So--Kermit was devising a plan. A plan to get them all back together. A plan to bring them out of their semi-retirement and renew their friendship once and for all. But--it was not going to be an easy plan. I t was a plan that called for many things, and on many peoples’ parts. Yes, it was a plan that called for something old, something new, something crazy, and yes, even some blues………..
  2. Java

    Java Well-Known Member

    You seem to have a good start, but it's a little hard to read because of the lack of paragraphs. This may be driving some of the readers away.

    I'm interested in seeing more though when you can post it.
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    As am I, interested to read some more. Perhaps a bit of cleaning with certain big words, but the general idea's there... Shining through like that bright star of theirs.
    Rully intrigued... Intruged? *Barb at Lisa.
    Hope to see references to other stories, or some of the old gang from Hensonville, if you decide to include that pack of crazies that is.
    Post often, post when you can, but most importantly...

    Post more soon! Or face the nagging that will suck you into our swirling black hole of fanfiction!
  4. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    Ok, sorry for the paragraphs thing:o I'll try to be more careful with that. And as for more of the story, more is on the way soon, I promise. Wouldn't want to be nagged already....
  5. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Well you're going to get nagged anyway! I like the story Greenstuff! I would really like to read more as well!
  6. Java

    Java Well-Known Member

    Yes, please do post more when it's ready...
  7. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    Ok, here's chapter one. *so, please, everyone put those nagging sticks away*

    Chapter 1
    A gorgeous moonlit night, perfect for the rendezvous he had planned. It couldn’t have been better if he had planned it himself. Here he was, in the great outdoors, surrounded by trees and beautiful things. And speaking of beautiful things, there was an ever-so-gorgeous girl at his side. She had beautiful dark hair, with entrancing brown eyes, and an absolutely captivating smile. The left side of her face is completely covered by her hair, and the other side is completely bathed in moonshine. The two young lovers are running together in the woods, holding hands and laughing all the way. He looked over at her, and saw the beautiful curve that her mouth took whenever she opened it enough to laugh or smile. Just the sight of her smile was beautiful to him. Of course, like any other young person just starting out in the game of love, he was as nervous as a cat on a ferris wheel whenever he realized she was looking at him, too. He would blush, look away, even place his slender arms on top of his face, and force himself not to look at her. But he just couldn’t help it. She was just too beautiful not to look at. He gives her the biggest smile he can muster, as she gives him a devious, yet tender and longing look. This look all in itself made him want to melt into a steaming puddle of mush. No doubt about it. Young Robin the Frog was in love.

    Robin and the girl looked up at the sky, straight past the moon and up at Robin’s star. Ever since he was a tadpole, Kermit had always told Robin that there was a star out there with his name on it, just as his grandmother had told him. Tonight, his star shined brighter than ever, shining down his destiny and happiness on him. He looks back over to the girl, and softly touches her cheek. She closes her eyes briefly, then opens them with an incredibly flirtatious look that said, ‘’ Kiss me, you know you want to.‘’ Luckily for Robin, this was all the prompting he needed. As he leans in to kiss her, Robin’s star explodes into a million pieces, lighting up the sky like a combination between fireworks and lightning. It happened with a thunderous boom sounding like an earthquake; perhaps even the end of the world itself. The sparks that were once Robin’s star flew up in the air, then fell down to the earth, turning into small balls of fire upon contact. Robin pushes the girl out the way as she screams, only to have the fireballs rain down on him instead. Screams of pain are heard from both of them,-then, there is complete darkness, and the dark-haired girl disappears forever. All he can hear now is her voice.
    ‘’Robin, Robin, you must go to him. You must Robin, you must. You have to- Robin…..Robin….Robin……..’’

    Robin awoke with a start as he gasped for air and sat up. He wiped his face, only to find sweat mingling with tears on his face. Not surprisingly, he found himself shaky and nervous as he climbed out of bed, and searched for his uncle. Kermit had already heard of Robin’s strange dream, and he told Robin to tell him if he ever had it again. (That, and he just knew that Kermit had something to do with this dream.) He always knew what to do in these situations, and although Robin had outgrown the stage where he thought Kermit knew everything, he still confided in him to advise him on his problems.

    As he searched for his uncle, a thousand thoughts swam through his head. Who was that girl? Why did his star blow up? And what did Kermit have to do with any of it? He just couldn’t figure it out. Luckily, at the moment, he didn’t want to. He just needed someone to talk to to calm his fears.
    ‘’Uncle Kermit?’’ Robin called, donning a T-shirt and making his way across the hall to his bedroom. He knocked first on the enormous white door, but with no reply. He knew that the hour was late, but normally there was some sort of reply when he knocked on the door. Figuring that they must both be asleep, he made his way back to his room, when he heard a single sleepy voice.

    ‘’Kermie?” Piggy cried out sleepily. She stirred a little, and managed to sit up a little. Robin opened the door to find Piggy searching through the dark for her husband. Robin blushed a little when he stepped through the doorway, only to have his aunt mistake him for his uncle.
    ‘’Um…no. It’s Robin, Aunt Piggy,’’ he said, shifting his weight nervously from one flipper to the other.

    Piggy sat up fully now, turning on the lamp on the bedside table next to her.
    ‘’Oh Robbie,’’ she said, somewhat surprised by his presence.
    ‘’I’m sorry. I thought you were Kermit. You’re getting so tall and handsome now. You know, sometimes you look just like him.’’ Robin looked down, blushing at his aunt’s compliment. On top of that, it was gratifying to know that after all this time, Piggy still loved his uncle very much. She looked up to see the look of despair on her young nephew’s face, and her face grew serious with concern.

    ‘’Is everything all right, Robbie?’’ she asked with genuine care. She patted a spot on the bed next to her, beckoning for Robin to sit next to her. He accepted the invitation, and took a seat next to her.
    ‘’Yeah, it’s just that I’ve been having this weird dream, and I think it had something to do with Uncle Kermit.’’
    ‘’Kermie?’’ Piggy asked, her ears perking up a little at this.
    ‘’Well, yeah, I’ve been having a dream about this pretty girl with black hair, and my- she’s beautiful, and she keeps calling m- uh, never mind. This is silly. I’m sorry I bothered you.’’
    ‘’Oh no bother at all, sweetie, you can tell me. Please tell me.’’
    ‘’Aw, it’s nothing really, nothing to wake you up in the middle of the night for.’’
    ‘’But I’m glad you did, honey. You’re opening up to me. I like that - please tell me what’s been bothering you.’’
    ‘’It’s not really important, Aunt Piggy. It’s just a silly dream. Um…I guess I’ll be going back to bed now. Goodnight.’’
    She watched her troubled nephew walk out the room, half with regret, and half with worry.
    ‘’Well, if you’re sure…’’ she said, uncertainty reigning in her voice. ‘’Goodnight, Robbie,’’ she said warmly, smiling. She was about to turn off the lamp, when,

    ‘’And Robbie?’’
    He turned back lightly. ‘’Yes?’’
    ‘’Find that crazy uncle of yours, and tell him to come to bed.’’
    At this, he let out a little giggle. ‘’I will Aunt Piggy. Goodnight.’’
    He shut the door softly, and turned around to make his way down the opposite side of the hallway. He did his best to adjust his eyes to the darkness, but the further Robin moved down the hallway, the more it seemed like a dark, damp, dragon’s cave. Robin was about to conclude that he wasn’t in the kitchen, which was at the end of the hallway, when he saw an almost imaginary, yet faint light emanating from it. As he came closer, he heard Kermit’s unmistakable voice while he was speaking to someone on his personal cell phone-seemingly, in annoyance. Seeing him there really comforted Robin, and he let out a little sigh of relief to see him there. Robin loved his aunt to death, he really did; but- when it just boiled down to it, talking about this dream was kind of- a guy thing. (or a frog thing, whichever you prefer.) He hung in the doorway as he listened in on Kermit finishing his conversation.

    ‘’No, no Gonzo, for the last time, no more exploding fish! I mean-your burns haven’t even fully healed from the last time!’’
    It was then that Robin felt himself let out a little giggle, and Kermit turned and smiled to see his nephew standing in the doorway of the kitchen. He lightly laughed himself, and motioned for him to sit down. He took a seat next to Kermit at the kitchen table, and tried to stifle his laughter.
    ‘’Listen, Gonzo, I gotta get going. It’s pretty late, and my wife’s probably noticed I’m not in bed by now…….Thanks, I will………….Yes, give my best to Camilla……….Yes, I’ll think about it, but no promises, ok?…………………I know, I know……………..Yes, yes……………You too. Goodnight, Gonzo.’’
    Finally, Kermit hung up the phone with a slight snicker as he glanced at his nephew.

    ‘’And what are you doing up so late, young frog?’’ He tried his best to look serious and stern, but he knew that Robin always saw right through it. When it came down to it, Kermit was just a big softy; a teddy bear. (or in his case, a teddy frog.) Robin giggled boyishly as he moved a little closer to Kermit in his chair.
    ‘’I had that dream again, Uncle Kermit.’’
    ‘’Oh yeah?’’ Kermit said, Concern growing on his face. ‘’Well, do you think maybe this time, you figured something out about it?’’
    ‘’I don’t think so,’’ Robin admitted sadly. ‘’Every night, it’s the same thing. I’d like to think that it’s nothing, just a dream, but it just seems so real.’’
    ‘’And,’’ said Kermit softly, ‘’you’ve been having this dream for a long time. Grandma always told me if you have a dream more than three times, someone’s trying to tell you something.’’
    ‘’But Uncle Kermit, I don’t understand. What would someone be trying to tell me?’’
    ‘’Well, I don’t know Robin. Maybe we should try going to a dream interpreter.’’
    ‘’What’s that, Uncle Kermit?’’ Kermit paused for a second as he gathered his thoughts together to try to explain. Finally, he had it.
    ‘’Well, it’s kind of like a therapist, really. It’s someone you talk with about your dreams, and they try to help you understand what they mean. A lot of times, there’s symbols in your dreams that you don’t even realize.’’
    ‘’Symbols? Like what?’’
    ‘’Well, take this dark-haired girl for example. Maybe she represents something you want, or maybe a fear of some kind.’’ Robin nodded in his uncle’s insight and knowledge. That could very well be, it very well could.

    ‘’You know, I think I’ll call Brian in the morning. Mr. Henson used to see one all the time, you know.’’
    ‘’But Uncle Kermit- what if they can’t help me?’’
    ‘’Then we’ll just try something else, I guess. But for right now, I think we both better get back to bed.. Especially me.’’ they both giggled at this. ‘’Before your aunt starts calling for me.’’
    As if on cue, Piggy poked her head out of the bedroom door, and called lightly for her husband.

    ‘’Kermieeee!’’ They both looked at each other, paused for a second, then exploded into laughter.
    ‘’I almost forgot,’’ said Robin through almost a tear. ‘’That was why I came here in the first place. To come and get you.’’ They both laughed a little harder at this, and Uncle and Nephew came closer and shared a hug.
    Growing serious now, Kermit said, ‘’ But seriously, Robin, you’re going to be just fine. We’re going to figure out what this dreams means, you and I. I promise you, buddy.’’ At this, Robin, let a grin dance across his face. Kermit hadn’t called him buddy since he was a very, very young frog. To think that Kermit still thought of him sometimes as a little frog made him smile-both on the inside and the outside.

    ‘’You really promise?’’ he asked, looking at Kermit. By now, Robin was as tall as Kermit, and dare I say, even a little taller, so he didn’t look up at him anymore. But now, at this exact moment, Kermit could swear that he wasn’t looking at a seventeen year old Robin the Frog, but a wee two year old Robin, the one he fell in love with once he officially adopted him. He could see his sweet, adorable big eyes staring up him warmly, waiting for an answer from him. Kermit had to fight himself in two ways when he saw this look in Robin: he had to fight his urge to cry as well as the urge to scoop him up in his arms the way he used to and tell him everything was going to be fine. Instead of doing either, he simply sighed and placed a supportive hand on his nephew’s shoulder.
    ‘’I really promise. We’ll get to the bottom of this, no matter what.’’
    ‘’Oh thank you, Uncle Kermit!’’ and Robin rushed into another hug, only this one was much tighter than the first one. Kermit reciprocated, smoothing a warm hand over Robin’s back. It was moments like these that really astounded Kermit; no matter how old Robin got, he was never too old for a hug. It made him feel good; made him feel needed, and he liked it.
    ‘’Now off to bed with you, young frog,’’ he said, giving Robin’s back a slight tap. He looked back, giggling, and scurried off to bed, feeling much better. Before he was completely in his room, though, Robin turned back one more time.

    ‘’Hey Uncle Kermit?’’
    ‘’What were you talking to Gonzo about?’’
    Kermit lightly smiled at Robin, slightly regretting the fact that he taught him to be observant and not miss a thing.
    ‘’We’ll talk about that later. Right now, it’s time for bed.’’
    It was then that Robin nodded satisfactorily and came the rest of the way in his room as the two exchanged their goodnights.

    As Kermit watched him go, he couldn’t help but let out a little sigh. Robin was a lot of things to Kermit. Of course, he was his nephew, but he was also so much more than that. He was his solace, his sanity, his legacy; the son he never had. Sometimes, Kermit had a slip of the tongue, and even called Robin ‘’son.’’ Robin always corrected him, but secretly, he loved hearing him call him son. It was the warmest feeling in the world to him. But, what surprised Kermit the most about his nephew was that even after all these years, the only thing that had really changed about him was his height. Robin was still a ball of energy, full of questions, vibrant, and full of life. Inside, Kermit hoped to himself that that quality in Robin would never change, even when he got to be a funny, delightful, little old frog.

    Still always asking questions, he thought to himself. Just then, his dreamy reverie was broken by his young wife calling for him again.
    ‘’Kermieee! Come to bed!’’ Kermit smiled to himself, reflecting on the fact that this happened every night. It was a kind of game that they played. The object of this game was to see who would come to who first. He would wait in the kitchen until she came. She would call and call until he came. Unfortunately, Kermit was a softy, and he always gave up the game to her. She never once came to the kitchen to get him; she always waited firmly at her station in the bedroom. Tonight, though, he wasn’t going to keep her waiting. He was happy, and he wanted to make her happy, too. He loosened his robe as he made his way down the hallway, smiling in ecstasy all the way there.
    ‘’Coming, Sweetheart.’’
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Wow... There's just so much here to hug...

    The dream... Something Harry Potterish about that scene.
    And then Robin talking to Piggy, showing her motherly/auntlike concern.

    Kermit in the kitchen talking to Gonzo... Exploding fish, that made me giggle too.
    Going to see Mr. Henson about the dream, hope he'll be of some help...
    But the best part was how Kermit thought of Robin, that young frog still a young frog at heart and the only thing that changed about him was his height.

    Good stuff here, keep it coming, we can take it!
  9. Java

    Java Well-Known Member

    I really enjoyed this. You've definately got the Muppet spirit in your writing.

    The dream and trying to figure out what it means...
    The touching scene between Robin and Miss Piggy...
    Oh, yes, the exploding fish had me giggling too...

    There's so much here. I can't wait to see more!
  10. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the encouragement, guys! More coming soon!
  11. Leyla

    Leyla Well-Known Member

    Hmm... I'm liking this. I'm liking it a lot! Especially the ushy gushy... but not just the ushy gushy. Lovely Kermit Robin bonding, and the dream was interesting.

    Looking forward to more!

  12. Ruahnna

    Ruahnna Well-Known Member

    Hey there--I did check out your story today, er, tonight. Here were the things I liked about it so far:
    1. You have an over-arching plot line: Kermit wants to get the old gang back together and Robin wants to see it happen. THis is tempered with more urgent concerns, such as Robin's recurring dream and the need to have it explained/interpreted to him.
    2. You also have good delineation of characters--you've established not only where Kermit and Piggy are geographically (away from the boarding house) but where they are in relationship to each other. Ditto Robin and Kermit. Ditto Kermit and Gonzo. Ditto Gonzo and Camilla.
    3. You have some nice dialogue.

    Here something that might help: You're changing your tenses around a bit--easy to do when writing first drafts, but luckily, easy to fix in revision. In simplest terms, you're letting us watch some of what's happening by showing it to us through dialogue and behavior, but you're also "telling" us some of the story instead of letting us see what's happening for ourselves. Does that make sense? I believe that, when writing, the most important thing is to get the thought down. You can rewrite to your heart's content after that, but it's also good to rewrite to the audience's eye as well. Keep up the good work, dear--I'd like to see more.
  13. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Ruhanna, I didn't even notice I was doing that. I'll be sure to be more careful when posting more. But, for now *wipes sweat off of forehead* must go and post more, before those nagging sticks come out again..
  14. Muppet Matt

    Muppet Matt Well-Known Member

    Great start so far Green Stuff! Love Kermit's and Robin's bondage.
  15. green stuff

    green stuff Well-Known Member

    A Slight Warning:

    This chapter is a bit longer than the first one. It's not really a bad thing, but it's longer because the second part of it is mostly Robin's thoughts. Sorry if this is boring to some of you guys, but it's important that everyone understand what he's thinking. That way, the events that follow won't seem random. Just bare with me, everyone, it's going to get a lot better, I promise! And now, without further adieu, chapter 2!

    Chapter 2
    ‘’Frank, are you sure about this?’’ Penny asked apprehensively. Never had she been so uncertain of anything in her life. Her fingers drummed nervously on the arm of the green cushioned chair that she was uneasily seated in. In her other hand, she fiddled with the ruffles of her mint colored dress, and stared down at the ground. Penny had made big movements in her career before, but never anything like this. This morning, on the other half of the world, Penny the Panda Bear was being advised on a huge career decision by her agent, Frank. Penny was quite a successful actress in China, much like any mentionable movie star that can be named in America. Despite the fact that she was not human, she found herself in success’ doorway almost immediately. However, this was exactly why she was in Frank’s office in the first place. Frank was trying his hardest not only to convince, but to actually make her see that Penny had gone as far as she could have in China. Almost effortlessly, she had reached the top, and now she could go no farther as far as her career was concerned. So now, if Penny really wished to continue to expand her talents and build her career up, she would have to branch out- to America. Unfortunately, the mere thought of moving to another country, especially for the sake of work, scared the living daylights out of Penny.

    ‘’Penny Baby, I’m telling you, this is the only way you’re gonna truly get to the top. China’s got nothing left for you, America’s got everything.’’
    ‘’But Frank, my family, my friends! My whole life is here in China; I cannot just uproot myself like that without any real thought first! And what about my daughter? I cannot make her move now, this is her last year of school before she goes to college. Her life and all of her friends are here as well. What will she think?’’

    ‘’Penny, just think about it. I know your daughter is making friends and becoming popular, but there’s nothing saying that she can’t do that in the United States. And you, the offers you’ll get in America will be much better, not to mention you’ll get bigger parts in the movies, and many more chances to branch out. And- and, you’ll earn more money. That’s more money towards a better life for you and your family-- and your daughter’s college fund.’’
    That thought got Penny stirring a bit. It was true that going to America would make more money for her daughter’s education, but she herself really had no use for money, she was a very simple panda bear; not high maintenance at all. The fame and fortune that had been so quickly thrust upon her really had no affect on her; she still went to public places like the library, and still shopped at the local thrift stores that she used to before she became ‘’famous.’’ In fact, she didn’t even like to be referred to as famous. Yes, she admitted that she was successful, but anything beyond that, she denied whole-heartedly. If she had to describe herself and her career, she would say, ‘’ I’m just an ordinary panda doing extraordinary things.’’

    Penny’s daughter was no different. Beside from the fact that she had to put her in a private girl’s school because of her fame, she was no different from any other teenage girl. She loved shopping, hanging out with girl friends, cooking, playing soccer, roller blading, and of course, dancing. Dancing was her forte. She had such grace and style in every movement that she did; she could captivate any audience with a simple sashay. And, as a reward for her high school graduation (or fourth year finishing school -- in China, it's not called high school) Penny had saved virtually all of her pay to buy her daughter the nicest and best car that she could afford. While this was all good and well, this put a rather sizable dent in the amount of money that she had left for her college fund. Now that Frank was so insistent on her going to America to rebuild her career, that seemed to be null and void now as well. (If Penny and her daughter were to go to America, her daughter could never drive it there-the steering wheels are on the right in China.) And as for the rest of her family…..well, suffice it to say that they weren’t so easy to leave either.

    ‘’Jen-Li,’’ she whispered. Penny then heaved a heavy sigh, and smoothed a hand through her beautiful dark braided hair. She looked straight into Frank’s eager eyes. She knew that he was just trying to encourage her and look out for her well-being, but it just wasn’t that easy.

    ‘’Well, Frank, thank you for laying out the possibilities for me. You’ve given me quite a lot to think about. But I’m afraid I cannot make a decision right now without discussing it with my daughter first. If I go, I want it to be a yes on both of our parts; this affects her life as much as it does mine. But I promise, I will call you this weekend, and I will give you my decision then.’’
    ‘’Of course,’’ said Frank patiently, placing a supportive hand on her shoulder. He then took her hand, helped her out of her chair, and walked her to the door. With a wide grin on his face, he opened it for her. He then gave her a look that said everything. Everything he did say, and everything he wanted to to further convince her. Penny saw it, and it made her just a little uncomfortable. He responded with a smile, and moved a little closer to her.

    ‘’America has plenty of opportunities for you, Penny. Don’t be afraid to take them.’’ Penny’s only reply was a smile as she walked out the door and through the massive hallway that led to Frank’s office.

    ‘’Think about it, ‘’ he said, half to himself. He then watched the most deserving and talented client he had ever had walk away with the biggest decision she would ever have to make in her life.

    ’But Uncle Kermit, I still don’t understand what the interpreter meant when she said that I have an ‘’inner struggle’’ that I need to deal with.’’ The three climbed into the car after their bizarre, yet informative visit with the dream interpreter that Brian had recommended. Unfortunately, it only confused poor Robin more. Robin was seated in the back seat of the family car, staring up at his aunt and uncle from the rear view mirror.

    ‘’You know, I think all that she was trying to say was that there’s something that’s bothering you that you have to get out of the way first before you can do anything else,’’ Piggy replied matter-of-factly. Her response was an astonished look from her husband.

    ‘’You mean, you were actually listening to her? Every time I looked at you, you were busy applying your make-up.’’ His response was a look from Piggy saying, ‘’Don’t go there.’’ Needless the say, the frog backed down.

    ‘’I know she said that I‘m sort of off, but how am I supposed to find what it is that’s bothering me? I mean, I’m happy, Uncle Kermit, I really am. I’m completely happy with my life and the way that things are going right now.’’
    ‘’Well, there must be something that’s making you unhappy Robin, even if it’s deep down inside of you.’’

    At that, Robin wrinkled his face in thought. He still didn‘t know what the interpreter meant, but he had a good idea of how to find out. Mentally, he pieced together the elements of his dream. The star.. His dreams. The ones that he had always had. And the girl. According to the interpreter, she represented something he wanted out of life; something that he felt was missing., and the star stood for whatever was bothering him. Kermit had hit the nail on the head with that one. Thinking long and hard about it all the way home, Robin put two and two together, so to speak: the only things in life that have ever truly bothered him were his fears. As a young frog, he had many fears: fear of heights, fear of bees, fear of blood, and later, an almost obsessive and unnecessary in nature, fear of girls. And lately, there was a slight fear that Robin had in his hearts of hearts. Not a fear of oversized insects or the cutie at the coffee shop, but a simple fear of himself. A fear that he would not be himself, a fear that he would somehow stop himself from getting what he truly wanted, a fear that somehow, his innermost desires would be thwarted, one by one. From what the interpreter said, he was going to have to crush that fear at once in order to move on; but, like any other fear, that was easier said than done. Not only that, this was no ordinary fear. Unlike heights, he couldn’t just expose himself to the highest step on the slide like he did when he was little. This fear would require so much more to get over, and the mere thought of it made him nervous.

    As for the girl, he still wasn’t quite sure about her. He had no significant other in his life, so that ruled out a huge range of possibilities. He just wasn’t quite sure that it all meant. Just when he was about to rule out that part of the dream for the time being, he remembered: she stood for something he wanted. Surprisingly, this was the thing that really stumped him. He couldn’t think of a single thing he wanted. Kermit had taught him to be selfless and not want much. He had lived by the rule, and it made Robin feel selfish to even think of something he could possibly want. ‘Oh well,‘ he thought to himself. Perhaps that part wasn’t to be figured out at the time.

    Still, he had two important pieces. One, he had a fear that he needed to conquer, and two, he needed to have something that he felt was missing. To Robin, that had a connection. A very strong connection. He nodded his head lightly to his aunt and uncle and softly said, ‘’Yeah, I think I know what I need to do now.’’ Kermit smiled and nodded back to his young nephew, while Piggy simply smiled. Little did Robin know that that smile was half to himself. Little did Robin know that the part of Robin’s dream that he wasn’t taking into consideration, the thing that would throw his scheme off balance, the part where Kermit is behind it all, was about to come into play. Kermit had been in the wings long enough with it, and it was time for his ship to set sail. Yes, it was time to put his plan into action now.
    ‘’Me too,’’ said Kermit, smiling at his wife and nephew. ‘’Me too.’’

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    Fozzie's in chapter 3, so I promise to deliver some laughs next time!
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    Actually... This was quite good. Only thing that needs cleaning up is where Kermit and Piggy are getting into their car after visiting the dream interpretor, a bit confusing who's responding to whom there.
    Interesting schtuff with Penny the Panda and her daughter, I'm sure she'll come into play as the story progresses.

    And Robin's fears/thoughts... Very powerful, and it helps explain what he's been going through and how the story will hopefully take shape in future chapters.
    Very good, post more when you can.
  18. green stuff

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    thanks for the encouragement. More to come soon!
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    My, it's so intriguing! Oh.......... Wow. I just...

    MORE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Ok, Here's the long awaited chapter 3. Sorry it took me so long to post, but I've been feeling kind of depressed lately. I promise, chapter 4 won't take this long. Here it is, chapter 3

    Chapter 3
    ‘’Thanks for coming down on such short notice, Fozzie.’’ Kermit smiled warmly at his best friend, passing him a hot cup of coffee. (With lots of sugar, of course. Fozzie believed that if you put enough sugar in coffee, it tasted just like Ovaltine.) This morning was beginning in the usual way; Piggy was out shopping, and Robin had just gone to school. Kermit was at home, taking a rare but much needed break to go over…..’’The Plans’’ with Fozzie.

    ‘’Anything, Kermit. What can I do for you?’’ To say the least, Fozzie was more than a little nervous about seeing Kermit again. The friends hadn’t seen each other in about six months, since Fozzie tried to move out on his own. Granted, Kermit and the family threw him a house warming party, but not since then. He felt that if anyone had come to visit him, that he would be depending on someone, and he wanted to test himself to see if he could survive without depending on anyone for a while. Not to say that he couldn’t do it, but over the years, Fozzie had proven himself a real intovert, but one who thrived on companionship.

    Beside from that, Fozzie felt that sometimes, being around Kermit was downright depressing. He and Kermit were about the same age, and had had the same experiences in life, but yet only one of them had the ‘’good life.’’ Kermit had a wife, a nephew he had practically raised as a son, a beautiful house, a promising career, and a great troupe of friends who were willing to do just about anything for him. Fozzie thought that he had….none of those things. He wasn’t married, or even seeing anyone for that matter. In fact, Fozzie never really had anyone that he felt he could actually call a girlfriend. He felt too lonely, so he had to move back into the Boarding House. He had a good job though, he did have to admit that he liked what he was doing. However, even work put a damper on things. Since the Muppets’ retirement, he was back to doing his standup routines, where hecklers like Statler and Waldorf were mere child’s play.

    (Quick Flashback)
    ‘’Kermit, I can’t do this! They keep throwing vegetables at me!’’ Fozzie was covered from head to toe in squashed tomatoes, heads of lettuce, squash, beans, and just about any other kind of vegetable imaginable. Kermit, the ever-encouraging one, felt that sometimes, a comedian is at his funniest when someone makes him laugh. So, Kermit tried a joke of his own.
    ‘’Well then keep telling jokes. Maybe they’ll throw dessert!’’
    (End of Flashback)

    Furthermore, he thought that the only reason he had friends was because he was a friend of Kermit’s. Needless to say, Fozzie was quite lonesome. He would never tell Kermit that, but he didn’t have to. Kermit seemed to have a sixth sense about these things, and he could tell something didn’t sit quite right with him from the first.

    ‘’Well, I , uh, actually have a uh, proposition for you. I’ve been working up some- you ok, Fozzie?’’
    ‘’Hmm?’’ said Fozzie absently. ‘’Oh- yes, I’m ok, Kermit.’’
    ‘’Are you……..sure?’’ Obviously, Kermit wasn’t buying it for a minute. He gave Fozzie a look expressing so. Fozzie saw that look, and he looked down at the floor in an uncomfortable manner. When he looked back up, he saw the concerned and caring eyes of Kermit straight on him. Startled, he cocked his head back at first, then went back to his nervous stance. Kermit advanced to Fozzie and placed a supportive hand on his shoulder.

    ‘’Fozzie, what- what’s wrong?’’
    Fozzie took his coffee colored hat off, and began to wring it in his hands nervously. He looked straight up to find those warm, concerned eyes of Kermit’s staring straight at him. Fozzie’s only reply was a sigh.
    ‘’C’mon, buddy, what’s the face?’’ Now, Fozzie just looked plain confused.
    ‘’What do you mean? Kermit, this is the face I’ve always had.’’ Suddenly, Fozzie looked up hopefully, and with a sparkle in his eye. ‘’Is it a funny face?’’
    Kermit scrunched his face, trying to find a way to tell the truth without crushing Fozzie’s feelings. After a moment of racking his brain, the frog decided that he just couldn’t lie to his friend.

    ‘’Well…uh, not really, no. I just thought that you looked um…kind of sad. Are you sure everything’s ok?’’ Fozzie replied (very unconvincingly) with a simple nod of his head. Kermit still didn’t buy it, but, if it’s one thing that he learned from his spouse, it was to NOT push people when they don’t want to talk about certain things. He certainly didn’t like it when it was done to him, so he wouldn’t even dream to doing it to someone else.

    ‘’Well….if you’re sure….’’Kermit said, rather slowly.
    ‘’ Yes, Kermit, I’m positive,’’ he said, actually starting to mean it. No matter how bad or hopeless the situation seemed sometimes, somehow, in one way or another, just talking to Kermit always made him feel better. And he liked it; this was the main reason why Fozzie had pledged loyalty and lifelong friendship to him. There was just something to him that was well, sort of magical. Even now, Kermit was working his ‘’magic’’ on Fozzie.

    Just as he had once told him at a comedy club not long ago, sometimes to be your funniest, you have to let people make you laugh. In this particular case, he wasn’t trying to make him funnier, just to get him to loosen up a bit. So, in came Kermit with another one of his clever jokes.
    ‘’Oh, you’re positive,’’ said Kermit leaning back on a plum-colored couch.
    ‘’I see. But you know, Fozzie, only fools are positive.’’
    ‘’They are? Are you sure?’’
    ‘’I’m positive,’’ Kermit beamed, thoroughly enjoying himself.
    ‘’But that means--’’ Fozzie stopped, suddenly catching on to the joke, ‘’Hey, that’s funny! Wocka wocka!’’ He went from one extreme to the next; from looking downright glum, to oozing out joy and energy.’’
    ‘’Oh good,’’ Kermit sang out in his calm, mellow voice. ‘’ Now that’s what I like to see. A smiling Fozzie.’’

    Little did the both of them know that pretty soon, Kermit was going to arrange something that would have Fozzie smiling for a very, very long time.
    After Kermit explained that plan in the works to Fozzie, Fozzie was overjoyed to say the least, but also very confused. And…he didn’t mind telling Kermit so.

    ‘’So…this is a movie?’’
    ‘’No, it’s a show, but a show about the movies.’’
    ‘’Then it’s a movie about a show?’’
    ‘’No, the other way around,’’ said Kermit, getting slightly annoyed.
    ‘’Oh! I get it! So we’re going to show a movie!! Ah-hah!’’ Fozzie chuckled at what he thought was his own cleverness, but he wiped the smile he had on right off his face when he saw Kermit scowling at him.

    ‘’No Fozzie, I already explained it to you…but I guess I’ll have to explain again. We’re going to get the Muppet Show going again, right?’’
    ‘’Yes, sir.’’
    ‘’And we know that most of the people here in Hollywood are movie fans, right?’’
    ‘’So-- when we bring the show back, the first show that we’ll do is going to be a movie theme. Everyone will pick a scene from a famous movie, and do it Muppet style. Do you understand?’’
    ‘’Of course I do! We’re doing a movie about the Muppet Show!’’

    Kermit heaved a heavy sigh, and reached for the phone. One could surely believe that if Kermit had hair, he would most certainly be pulling it out right now. He pressed a number on the speed dial of his phone, and held it against his would-be ear.

    ‘’Who are you calling, Kermit?’’ Fozzie asked innocently. Kermit’s only response was a quick slap of his left hand against his forehead. After about another three seconds…

    ‘’Yeah, honey? Where do you keep the aspirin?’’


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