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One Frog, Two Pigs

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by miss kermie, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Hi-Lo Jaz the human here.

    Its been a while but here I am!

    (I'm trying not to make a big intro because I don't want to lose the words I'm gonna write :p)

    Here we go!

    In the icy depths of Sibera was a lonely Gulag. It housed many inmates of various shapes and sizes. The most popular one was the famous Constantine, who after getting arrested, was in there for a year. Today was the day they planned yet another escape. He sat silently in his cell with Dominic Badguy, his double crossing partner.

    "... So I looked over these plans... Are you sure about this? I mean won't you miss anyone?" Asked Dominic. Constantine glanced over at him and looked away.

    "The world's most dangerous frog does not miss anyone." Constantine scoffed. Dominic sat in silence for a moment, then glanced up at the Miss Piggy poster Constantine had plastered on the wall.

    "Are you trying to get back to her?" He asked.

    Constantine glared at him. "That PIG can go fall in a HOLE for all I care. I am uninterested in her."

    Dominic had a look of disbelief. "Oh really?"

    "Yes this is correct." Constantine replied with a sharp tongue.

    Dominic thought for a moment. "Such a shame really..."
    Constantine looked over at him, his face full of questions.

    "She was really looking forward to having a karate session with you." Dominic said nonchalantly.

    All Constantine could envision was Miss Piggy. Her beautiful curls falling to her shoulders and her baby blue eyes sparkled while staring into his. A smile on her face caused him to turn red. What a woman...

    "Hello...?" Dominic interrupted.

    Constantine snapped out of his trance with a blush.
    "N-Number Two! Do not interrupt me when I am dreaming about--" He cut himself off.

    "About what? Number One?" A sly smile crept on Dominic's face.

    Constantine sighed. "Alright, fine. MAAAAAYBE I have SMALL feelings for pig. But it does not matter. She has Kyermet. It is unimportant."

    Dominic could only shake his head. Oh how his boss was stubborn.

    Meanwhile, Kermit and Piggy were at it again.

    "...So you DO like Constantine!"
    "I do NOT EL TOADO!"
    "You said it on that interview!"

    A door slam was heard, and so was a sigh. Kermit came downstairs and sat in-between Fozzie and Jaz who were on the couch eating snacks and watching Family Feud.

    "You know Kermit," Jaz paused to ingest a handful of cheese curls. "Miss Piggy is pretty sensitive. You probably should've handled that better."

    "Its not like I chased after her or anything."

    Jaz and Fozzie only shook their heads.

    Oh how their boss was stubborn.
  2. Muppetjente

    Muppetjente Well-Known Member

    Good story. Can't wait for more! :)
    miss kermie likes this.
  3. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Alone in her room was Miss Piggy, angry with Kermit, but disappointed in herself. It was no secret that ever since she knew the real Constantine she had feelings for him. It wasn't love at first sight like with Kermit, but to her the feelings felt so strong. How could she feel that strong for him?
    Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

    "Piggy, its me." It sounded like Kermit.

    Piggy exhaled as the door opened.

    "Piggy I just wanted to say I was sorry... I shouldn't have--"

    Before Kermit knew it, he was in Piggy's warm embrace and traces of wet tears could be felt on his chest.

    "Piggy... Are you alright?"

    She didn't say anything. The amount of tears only increased. In all honesty, after the Kermit-Constantine confusion, she's felt really terrible for even saying Constantine's name. What if this Constantine adoration was the end of her love for Kermit?

    "Boss?" Scooter was now in the doorway. "Someone is here to see you."

    Both Kermit and Miss Piggy made their way downstairs to answer the door. In the door was a frog dressed in a tuxedo, holding a beautiful bouquet of roses. Piggy's eyes glistened in surprise.


    "Ah, yes. Hallo Pig." Constantine handed her the roses, and upon seeing her eyes wet with tears, he grabbed her chin, much to Kermit's disagreement.

    "Has Kyermet been making you cry again? Poor Pig... Well this is why I am here." Constantine grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes.
    "Pig, I have made reservations for best restaurant in LA. Will You accompany me?"

    Piggy stared at him for a moment. "I-I don't know Kermit and I--"

    "No Piggy, go ahead and go. I'm not doing anything special." Kermit had his trademark voice of jealousy.

    "Kermie, are you sure...?"

    "Just go, okay? Have fun..."

    Piggy, with a hesitant look in her eyes, walked out with Constantine. One could only wonder how this was going to go.

    Meanwhile, another frog and pig were at it again.

    "I can't believe dat ya busted outta prison Poogy! Now da cops are gonna sniff us out!"
    "No dey ain't 'Moot! I thought you'd be happy that I came home!"
    Poogy growled at him before marching out of the Moopet house.

    "Even if I try t' be good t' him, I ain't good t' him." She mumbled.

    Poogy was distracted by Constantine and Miss Piggy walking down the street.

    "....'tine?" She mumbled.

    Well what ever shall happen next?
  4. PigsInSpace2205

    PigsInSpace2205 Well-Known Member

    Wow you don't know how much I love the ContantineXPiggy stories and this is going so well, love it
    miss kermie likes this.
  5. PigsInSpace2205

    PigsInSpace2205 Well-Known Member

    Can you please upload the next chapter?
  6. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Poogy examined the green blur in the distance. She took a step for every second she thought it was Constantine. Poogy began to run.
    "Yo 'Tine!" She called, as she ran towards him. He heard her calls and he slowly turned, puzzled as can be.
    There was only one person that could and would abbreviate his name, and he didn't think he'd hear her voice here.
    "Hey 'Tine!" She huffed as she finally reached him. "Whaddya doin' here?"
    "I could ask same thing to you, Poog." He chuckled lightly.
    Piggy only rolled her eyes because well... I'm sure you know those two don't get along.
    "I busted out t' see the guys, but dey don' want me t' bring the fuzz." She explained.
    "Ah. I too busted out. You see, I wanted to say hello to the pig here." Constantine pulled Piggy closer to him, causing Piggy to blush just a little.
    "Bleah! Whaddya doin' hangin' wit dat broad?" Poogy asked.
    Piggy was honestly too lost in her thoughts to pay any attention to Poogy. As Constantine and Poogy caught up with one another, Piggy only thought about Constantine. What would it be like if she ditched Kermit and went with him? Could she do something like that? ....Would she do something like that? So many of these thoughts crossed her mind until she heard Constantine say goodbye, and saw Poogy walk away.
    "Shall we go?" Constantine asked.
    Piggy nodded and they were off on their way.

    Poogy, while walking away just thought about all those nice things Constantine's done for her back at the Gulag. Sharing his gruel... Giving her his scarf and hat... Making sure she was the first one out in all his escape schemes.... He was really sweet on her now that she thought about it...
    "He's betta than 'Moot... Dat's for sure." She said to herself with a smile.

    Where do you think this is going?

    (Sorry for the shortness. :o)

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