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One Hour Bear In The Big Blue House Special Planned For Week Of September 11th

Discussion in 'Family Worlds' started by Luke, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Press Release

    SOURCE: Newstream/Yahoo/Businesswire

    Disney Channel to Present Special One-Hour Episode of Popular Series `Bear in the Big Blue House' On Building Hope Within a Community in Times of Adversity and Worry

    A special hour-long episode of the Emmy Award-winning series "Bear in the Big Blue House" from Jim Henson Television, illustrating for young viewers and their parents/caregivers how a community comes together to cope with unexpected adversity, will be presented each day, Monday, Sept. 9 Through Friday, Sept. 13 (1:00-2:00 p.m., ET/PT), during Disney Channel's learning-based programming block for preschoolers, Playhouse Disney.

    You can view a multimedia version of the story by going to http://www.newstream.com/cgi-bin/display_story.cgi?6712
  2. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Leave it to JHC for tackling the tough stuff in a creative manner!
    Hmm, hopefully this fall the Bear will rise to prominence again, as Bear mania sure seems to be M.I.A.
  3. Treelo

    Treelo Well-Known Member

    "Bear Mania"

    Expect a second round of "Bear Mania" very soon!

    An all new Bear in the Big Blue House Live tour is set to premier in New York this November.

    The brand new show will expand on "Surprise Party" by including more characters - Doc Hog, Treelo's Lemur friend (sorry, the name escapes me at the moment), and the mice from Tutter's school are set to appear.

    The show's theme is going to be about new experiences and change. It should be a lot of fun....
  4. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for the info. It will be great to see more of Bear. ;)
  5. RugbyTiger

    RugbyTiger Member


    Hey everyone!! (It's sure been a while!!!)

    WOW! I really can't beileve just how excited I am about the way new series of Bear seems to be developing. I have complete faith that the team will handle the themes of September 11th with the intellegence they've already displayed in past eps like "Bats are People Too" (conquering stereotypes and uneducated predjudice in possibly the most effective way I've ever seen on television).

    They've already proved that the actual social issue doesn't need to be explicitlty disected to the point of confusing the audience, and the strengh of characters in the show should make this one of the most poignent Henson specials ever!! (and convince a few of you non-Bear believers:D )

    And WOODLAND VALLEY!!! Expanding Bear's world should be just the thing to attract those older children (that means us too!) who are put off by the formulaic nature of the show. As long as the familarity, security and warmth of the Big Blue House is preserved the fourth season should be utterly fantastic

    C'mon people, Surely this deserves just as much excitement and discussion as the action figures (which I adore by the way!) This show in partuiclar crys out for similar such support, especially as it really is the most exciting and potential filled development at Henson at the mo.

    Pleeeeeeeeeeeease, If you still haven't given him a go or dismissed him too quickly, Check out Bear's 9/11 special; If you don't love Tutter the mouse imediately I'll eat my Kermit cap!!

    Take Care guys!

    Jamie B

    (hopefully not a flying visit!!)

    ;) ;)
  6. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Jamie,

    Great to see you! The new season of Bear should be really good. We're looking forward to it.

    If you haven't seen it, there's a photo of Bear and friends at the Woodland Valley Firehouse below.

  7. RugbyTiger

    RugbyTiger Member

    Hey Phil, and thanks! (Hope you are really well) I had seen the pic already, but it was certainly worth seeing it again as it's sooo good!!!!

    Take Care and all the very best

    Jamie B:D
  8. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Well, itll be interesting to know whats planned for the new season of Bear when it hits disney this fall. Im curious if any if at all new format changes were made. Sadly, Im guess theres still gonna be no real life location scenes, and the same ol intro and outro, which makes the *actual* Bear show about 15 minutes.

    now im confused though...

    >>>An all new Bear in the Big Blue House Live tour is set to premier in New York this November. <<<

    is this the tour ala the 1998 mall tour where its actual puppets and stuff that tour places, or just big costumed guys like the Sesame tour. If only they would show this on tv...as this would be more interesting that the current format.

    Ive always wondered about the show tour...is it like the Muppet live show last December?

    >>>And WOODLAND VALLEY!!! Expanding Bear's world should be just the thing to attract those older children (that means us too!) who are put off by the formulaic nature of the show<<<

    the formula has changed??? Hmm, maybe Im missing something...

    fromt he article: >>>For the first time since the series premiered in October 1997, viewers will see Bear visit other locales in Woodland Valley including the General Store and Post Office, the Movie Theatre, Fire Station and Library. Additional upcoming episodes of "Bear in the Big Blue House" continue the theme of community and heroes with stories about volunteering, charity and bravery<<<

    Hmmm, why not actually have Bear visit a NYC firestation with Tutter? Sheesh..even FR ventured into the real world with Uncle Matt.

    Sadly I dont feel theres a lot of love for the third biggest Muppet franchise today...if they would only change some of the formula, mix things up it might attract more older viewers.
  9. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    Re: "Bear Mania"

    Thanks for the info Treelo. I knew a tour was starting up in November because a puppeteer I know got cast in it, but I didn't realize it was a brand new show. Any idea how long it is out on the road?

    I actually had an audition for the live tour, but couldn't make it because it conflicted with some work I was doing. :( Man, I would have loved to have been Tutter! (Sigh) there's always next year...
  10. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    >>>I actually had an audition for the live tour, but couldn't make it because it conflicted with some work I was doing<<<

    so the live tour is more akin to the live TMS show from December, and not guys in suits dancing around like Sesame? Im glad if its puppets, as Id feel cheated if my parents took me to Sesame live to see people in big suits;)

    Now one big question...is it all prerecorded or live voices? I ask because the Bear character voices arent hard to do at all(heck I can do tutter and treelo!), so itd be weird if it was 100% prerecorded...as this wouldnt allow for any studio participation.
  11. Treelo

    Treelo Well-Known Member

    The Bear tours feature the characters exactly as you see them on television - with the exception that the puppets are built 30% larger so that they can be more easily seen from far away.

    The puppets were all built by Henson for the first tour, but the VEE workshop will be building the smaller puppets (Tutter, Pip, Pop) for the second. Now that Henson has downsized, they don't have time to do all of the characters. Actually (and this may be too much information for some of you) the LA shop is going to build a few, the NYC workshop is going to build a few, and the VEE workshop is going to build few. So there. ;)

    The voices are all prerecorded by the Henson puppeteers. There are four human cast members that assist in audience participation.
  12. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Thanx for the info! This sounds a heckuva lot cooler than the Sesame Live big suits thing. Ive been a big time Bear fan for 5 years now, so its kind of disheartening to see such a lull in interest...from no more Bear stuff in disney store to hardly any posts Bear related on MC. Bear is afterall, with the end of FR a decade and a half ago, the third biggest Muppet franchise.

    I am really curious about what format changes hinted at are in store for the new season, along with the Bear movie status.
    I really think Bear and company would benefit from some real life locations...maybe they'll incorporate that into the show.

    Finally, can we expect some new merchandise finally this holiday season? I sure would like to see a series 2 of the Fisher Price Bear figure line. People can talk about the Palisades figures all they want, but I would be equally excited about a wave two of Bear figures(ie: Doc Hogg, Flutter, Jack the Dog, Ray, etc)
  13. kansasteen14

    kansasteen14 Well-Known Member

    ok no offense but the sesame live and Live locations is getting really annoying and old and when I was little I liked Sesame Live.anyway you should go to my Disney Store they have bear pins and plush.at the theme pparks they also have pin and plush for playhouse disney.Playhouse Disney is a show at the Disney MgM Studios featuring the stars of Bear,Book o Pooh,Stanley,and Olie if ya didnt know.they also have a float in the new parade(meaning 2 floats in one parade star muppets) and you used to be able to meet bear.
  14. baby sinclair

    baby sinclair Well-Known Member

    Yeah when i was 5 i went to sesame street live every time it came to town. But you have to remember theres lil babies who still like big bird hey at sesame street live are those the real voices the real people.
  15. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    The tough pigs site hs a very angry response to this


    (I warn you, the "f" word is in it!)

    I haven't seen this, but anything to fend off childrens fears is okay by me!

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