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One Shots, Parodies, & Trailers!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    After going to the source, I recommend the following regarding Piggy's parents.
    Go to the Muppet Wiki and search for "Miss Piggy", then go to the "Family and Background" subheading.
    Once finished with that, click on the link to read the info on "Miss Piggy's Mother".

    There are a few fics here that refer to Piggy's mom as Hortense, though that's an unconfirmed fan-given name.
    Hope this helps. :search:
  2. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    It does! I actually read over the Muppet Wiki and clicked on the "Missing Mother" book/comic, which wasn't really anything.

    But hey, guess what! I gots another section for you!

    Monday morning approached and for most, it was the worst day of the week. In most cases, Up Late was usually a few days ahead of the curve, so should something horrible happened, they had extra shows to put on. Luckily, even when fighting broke out amongst the cast and crew, they could at least say they had one show they could deliver before needing to break down and work on the upcoming shows for the week.

    Kermit had been hoping to avoid the scuttlebutt that would occur when something big happened, but of course, fate would not shine down on him on a Monday because…you know what?

    Fate was a jerk.

    So when walking into work on Monday, Kermit couldn’t help but notice the sad looks some people threw at him, which made him hurry that much quicker to his office than he normally would have when there was fresh coffee calling his name. And the reasoning for the looks was obvious when he sat down and discovered the letter of resignation that was sitting on his desk.

    Ever the professional, Denise had typed up a letter that detailed her reasons for leaving – that she had found another position that better suited her skills and talents and that she had enjoyed working on the show and wished that Up Late would continue its success. Even her resignation was tame; he could imagine the way Piggy would’ve handle being fired.

    Actually, he didn’t need to imagine that because it had happened.

    Well…this was the most… non-confrontational leave he had ever dealt with.


    Time for coffee.


    Monday mornings were not her favorite days, at all. Mondays were the start of the work week, making you say goodbye to your weekend and suffer through another long week before you got to the next weekend. On a good month, you could expect an extra day thanks to a holiday.

    This, sadly, was not a holiday.

    However, as much as Piggy hated Mondays, this Monday seemed to be looking up. She had made up with Kermit over their awful argument and while they would probably need to sit down at some point, she was happy in the fact that they had at least come to a decision about their current relationship, even though it had come at the expense of his girlfriend.

    The diva was pretty sure that Kermit hadn’t told her everything about this break up, but it wasn’t proper to go digging into his relationship – even if she was curious. He had admitted his interest in Denise was purely because she was a normal girlfriend, who wasn’t photobombing random people or handing out autographs – not that he had said it in so many words because Kermit, even at his worse, tried to be polite – and while Piggy had tried to temper down the fact that, hallelujah! Kermit was free at last!, she needed to remember that they hadn’t parted on the best of terms.

    Kermit’s mentioning of them being friends had actually shocked her. She couldn’t remember at any time if they had actually been friends, as sad of a prospect as that was. They had pretty much gone from meeting to seeing each other and in retrospect, that may have been the reason they always seemed to be doomed to stay together; they’d break up and make up without a pause in between.

    Piggy was still pondering this when she headed into the studios that morning, her coffee nearly gone as she approached their laden up snack table, already seeing Gonzo and Fozzie there. “Sup losers,” she greeted, getting greetings back. “What’s the word of the day?”

    “Denise up and quit,” Gonzo stated, reaching for another doughnut. “Scooter’s gonna have to cover lack, not that he doesn’t already. He’s like the G+ king.”

    “Well,” Piggy smirked, refilling her coffee container. “He did work for them, so of course he would be.”

    “I just can’t believe it,” Fozzie said, distracted. “I don’t understand what could have possibly gone wrong.”

    The Muppets had known each other for so long that sometimes, it was almost instinctual to know the next part of a sentence. Gonzo must have known the next sentence that Fozzie was going to say because the head writer immediately started to shake his head against saying whatever it was he planned on saying.

    But it was Fozzie and when the comic wasn’t thinking, he would say the first thing that came to mind. Which, in this case, was the worst thing he could have possibly said.

    “And after Kermit was going to propose.”

    And just like that, Gonzo sucked in a breath and closed his eyes, and waited for the destruction that was going to come. He could only hope his mug survived this time; he had gotten very fond of his “I embrace my insanity!” mug that Piggy had replaced for him. He wasn’t so much concerned for the bones that would be broken because, well, he had broken bones before.

    “I’m sorry, what?”

    The growl was enough to signal Gonzo’s fight or flight response, granted not something he normally listened to even when it came to Piggy, but he didn’t have a canon to hide in or even a broad sword to protect him this time. Fozzie obviously cared nothing for his life or the lives of anyone in the building because he just kept going.

    “Yeah!” he exclaimed, turning to the diva. “He had a ring and I think he had a speech prepared...”

    “Why are you trying to kill us?” Gonzo hissed, punching the comic in the arm.

    “So she broke up with him because he proposed?”

    This time, it was Gonzo and Fozzie to turned towards the diva. Denise had broken up with Kermit? That they had not heard. They had just thought because of the proposal, Denise felt it was better if she didn’t work with Kermit while they were getting married.

    “Say what now?” Gonzo asked.

    Narrowing her eyes, Piggy said, “I don’t think we’re having the same conversation.”

    “No, I think we are,” Gonzo muttered. “But I think we’re missing a few pages from the book. In fact, I’m not even sure we’re in the same library.”

    “Why would we be in a library?” Fozzie asked, only to be answered with twin, “Shut up, Fozzie.”

    “Hi ho, guys.”

    Three pairs of eyes turned to the newcomer, the very frog they had been speaking of. And the intensity of their stares actually unnerved the producer slightly.

    “Kermit,” Gonzo began, a smirk on his face. “Help us settle a debate. Is Denise quitting because she broke up with you?”

    “And was it before or after you proposed?” Piggy added.

    He should’ve mentioned it, he knew it. While the rest of the studio just knew about his break up, not everyone knew about his proposal – and if fate hated him so much, he figured it was be studio news before their morning meeting was over – and he probably, most likely should have mentioned both to interested parties.

    But sometimes…Kermit was a coward. He would admit that, he was frog enough to admit that sometimes, many times, he lacked the appropriate courage it took to confront things head on. This was one of those times. And apparently fate felt slightly bad about it because as he opened his mouth to – apologize, cough, laugh, scream, he wasn’t sure – the alarm for his meeting went off on his cell phone.

    “I gotta go.”

    It wasn’t a strange occurrence to see Muppets running down the hall or even Muppets chasing other Muppets down the hall and really, when Kermit was at the head of the chase and Piggy was trailing behind, it probably meant those Muppets were fleeing in terror and not that Kermit was fleeing from the three Muppets behind him.

    Age never slowed down a frog fleeing for his life, even when he managed to skid haphazardly into their conference room, nearly clotheslining himself on the table that he used to stop himself.

    “Hey everyone, it’s time for our meeting, thanks for joining us, Gonzo, Fozzie, and Piggy!” he announced breathlessly, barely able to save himself as two of the three took their seats.

    “Just wanted to make sure my head writer and sidekick were in attendance,” Piggy said, smiling at everyone. Giving Kermit’s shoulder a hard squeeze. “Moi will see you later, Frog.”

    “Okay then,” he said, wincing. He waited until she left before he rubbed his bruised shoulder.

    The meeting went off like it normally did, though Kermit noticed that Gonzo glared at him the whole time. He managed to exit said meeting without being jumped by an angry writer, though that was slightly out of character for Gonzo. He shouldn’t have worried about the writer, he should have been worried about Piggy, who had him cornered as soon as he walked into his office.

    He should have locked the door.

    “Before you kill me,” he said, pointing at her. “I just want to remind you that I’m the executive producer and no one can run the asylum like I can.”

    “Be that as it may,” the diva countered. “Were you going to tell me about this?”

    “About what, Piggy?” he questioned. “Yes, I was going to propose. Yes, Denise broke up with me. No, she didn’t based that on a proposal cause I never got that far. Is that what you want to hear?”

    “What was last night then?” she cried. “That whole ‘I love you, you’re one of my best friends’ thing?”

    “Because I know you, Pig, and I know you’d have me drawn and quartered if I were to marry someone else.”

    And there it was.

    “Do you really think I would be so petty?” she asked, shocked.

    Kermit only waited a beat before answering, “Yes. Yes I do. And don’t deny it because you would be.”

    And wasn’t that her persona biting her in the behind? That Kermit would think she didn’t care about his happiness. Okay, yes, she would be incredibly hurt and sad should Kermit go off with someone else, but she would be happy for him. She loved him and had always wanted his best interests at heart; of course she wanted to be by his side when he got his happiness, but she could stand aside if he wanted someone else in her place.

    “Well, Kermit,” she whispered and it was never a good sign when she was whispering. It meant that she was ultra angry, where screaming wouldn’t get the whole point across. “Despite what you may think, no I wouldn’t be so petty as to be upset over you marrying someone else. Sad? Yes. Hurt? Definitely. Petty? No. If you think for one moment that I would sabotage your happiness for my own…you’re not the friend I thought you were.”


    That hurt.
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  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Quick Mupdate cause I just stumbled on it waiting for tonight's episode of Once Upon a Time.
    ABC's airing The Muppets! Right now, on your TV, you can watch Episode 101 and I'll bet they'll also repeat Episode 102 immediately afterwards.
  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    OMG, if only I had cable :p I have Hulu so I can watch there. I am, however, a little more interested in the fact that you're watching OUAT. I would love to watch THAT tonight without having to wait for tomorrow, though...TBH, I'm a Rumbeller, I can't deny it any longer, so I'm purely interested in whether or not we get some explanation of why the triple digits Belle is in Camelot and not with Rumple in Storybrooke.

    And Count, I swear, if you're shipping Captain Swan, we can no longer be friends.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Gina, where have you been on our OUAT conversations? I became a fan during Season 3 chiefly because of Kelly (RedPiggy) and her own fic series focusing on the Labyrinth ablations.
    Reason why Belle is in Camelot is cause if she didn't go, she'd be a wasted character just minding a comatose Rumple. Besides, it seems the Blue Fairy gave Belle the magic rose to know how the real Rumple is doing in the meantime.
    The reason I expected Dark Swan is it so mirrors Jean Gray as Dark Phoenix from X-Men.
    Captain Swan... Hook and Emma? Meh, I can take it or leave it.
    What I rully want is for Hades to finally be brought in, and in a decent way, not like how they mishandled Chernabog last season. That, and my own personal headcannon that since Malcolm/Peter Pan is gone, then Neverland ends up becoming Halloween Town from Nightmare Before Christmas.
  6. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I didn't know we had one! OMG! Why have I not been invited!?

    Yeah, I get that. I think I'm more on the 'Blue Fairy is kinda evil/not really playing for good, why the **** - after everything! - would you just take a magical gift from someone? Where is your brain, woman!?'

    Of course that doesn't mean I'm not happy at seeing her cause I skipped most of Season 4 and nothing could make me go back (maybe after this season), cause it seems like Rumbelle and Snowing and Outlaw Queen took a backseat to Capt Swan, which I don't get.

    Is it cause Hook's a douche or what? Cause he's a bad boy with a good heart? That's not entirely true and so in the Rumbelle corner am I that I will bring up the fact that this is the second woman Hook's managed to steal away from the Gold family. Am I the only one that finds that creepy?

    I've gotten the sense that the show's gone from a pretty round about cast to just Captain Swan, which who the **** cares? Not to say that I'm not liking Dark Swan and I'm interested to see what Regina's planning on doing on tonight's episode (I think she's sacrificing herself for Emma's benefit) and of course, I'm hoping there's a reason Grumpy, Granny, Doc (?), and Belle are in Camelot. I'd like to hope that Belle's looking for Merlin to bring back Rumple and maybe this time she'll get some help without it ending badly.

    Mulan and Red are back, so extra hops for that!

    Okay, so back to Muppets, I finally got through both episodes tonight and...

    I liked it. There were some serious laugh out loud moments, more in the second episode in the first (I loved Dr. Teeth's answer to Piggy's song question - "Dead Inside. We wrote it this morning" and how everyone is so happy that Piggy's happy (except Kermit). The best though I think was the end, where Kermit is showing them the redone Up Late banner and Kermit telling Piggy she can now people she can't do it without a man. He was more of his absolute glee at saying it - and his added bye bye to Groban - that killed me)

    And Count...how did you manage to miss Denise? She's in the first episode. And she's...eh. Flirty in a downplayed way, a little southern charm, and corny as heck jokes. She does seem low key however, way more low key than Piggy.

    It does look like, at least in the second episode, they have a friendly working relationship (how else do you explain Piggy letting Kermit in her fitting room). The Grobiggy relationship jokes were funny, though there's a little uncomfortable 'please stop'; it's the same sentiment Kermit has, but he's the ex listening to his ex talk about his current girlfriend. I almost hope/wish to see Kermit turning the tables on this in a future episode.

    So....here's another idea that's popped up in my head cause the muse refuses to be quiet now.

    With Kermit in a somewhat downplayed, assumedly happy relationship, I think at some point he'd want to get Piggy in a happy relationship, so they could be happy working with each other. He's already proven he has no qualms setting Piggy up with someone, so here's my idea -

    His plan backfires, in so far that the person he wants to set her up with isn't the person she starts dating. She actually starts dating another Muppet. Now, in my head, I see either Gonzo or Scooter. Gonzo, as he's also starting to date other people (and it would bring back the whole crush), but Scooter actually makes a better candidate I think. Either way, Kermit would have a problem with either one, but I think Scooter would be the worse cause he'd still view him as a kid and they also seem to do a lot of admin stuff together, which means they'd have to work together constantly.

    The idea came where I picture the three of them walking down the hallway and arguing, with Gonzo coming up and telling them they've got bigwigs in the building. The three of them are usually the ones to handle the big wigs, but because they're in the midst of an argument - and weren't aware of said bigwigs - they start panicing, until it turns into a big fight.

    It would change scenes over to Rowlf's, where Gonzo, Scooter, Piggy, and Kermit all walk in, with the guys banged up. In the end, Scooter and Kermit got into a fight, Kermit threw a punch that ended up hitting Gonzo and it goes down hill from there.

    Thoughts? COmments? Questions?
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  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thoughts on Muppets.
    1 My comments have been posted in the individual episode threads, they're in the first couple of pages, I don't want to have you scrolling through the entire mire just to find them.
    2 I know of Denise's appearance in the first episode. It's the second episode where I noticed her absence, only to be filled pleasantly by Yolanda.
    3 The true LOL moment for me from the first episode was when Fozzie catches the rats making out behind his podium. Reminded me of the running gag from the first Police Academy movie.
    4 As for your fic idea... Because Scooter has been such an incahoot of Piggy's and is seen as "the kid", I think it would work better if Gonzo were the one who was hooked, pardon the pun, with the diva instead.

    Thoughts on OUAT.
    1 You were always invited, it was a fic thread, though I dunno if comments at this time would make Kelly come back to post again.
    2 Hook stealing two women from the Gold family? Well, if you count Emma as married to Baelfire/Neil as the second one he's stealing. And the creep factor gets intensified when you realize he's stealing the former girlfriend of the son of his former love.
    3 Missed out on the entire Queens of Evil second half story arch of Season 4, only caught the finale where Henry got the golden quill/pen from the former author of the storybook.
    3 First we had Medusa and Pandora's Box in Season 3, then an actual fury in tonight's episode... The door to the Greek underworld is clearly being mined... So when the heck are they going to bring in James Woods as Hades? ! ?
    4 Seems they've made a point of featuring Robgina in both of these first two episodes though. Though I have serious doubts about just how much of a hero this Robin Hood is. First he gets captured by Zelena and tied to a deathtrap at the town's clock. And now the whole fury/price of a life for a life deal.

    Also loved the stuff I saw on the Halloween programs on Food Network. :hungry: :insatiable: :scary:
  8. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    1. You're the best to just tell me :D

    2. Ah, I got you. I did miss Yolanda; she hasn't been seen since...what? MTM?

    3. I did like Elizabeth Banks pushing Scooter out of the golf cart and the added, "no matter what your manager says, he hit me first". I have started liking her a lot more, from Wet Hot American Summer and her random appearance in other stuff.

    4. I did think Gonzo at first, though I think I realized that would be the obvious option because he had just a crush on her earlier. And I did think that no one would completely think the two of them would have enough in common with Piggy to start dating her, but - as with Scooter - there's been decades of growth and maturity, blah blah.

    With Scooter, because they've been so close in the past, it would make sense for them that they're close now but that Scooter isn't a teenager anymore.

    1. Must. Know. this. thread. Must. Join.

    2. I AM including the fact that Hook once stole Rumple's wife/Bae's mother and was doing the same thing with Bae's ex-girlfriend. The set up was there when Bae said he wanted Emma to be happy, even if it wasn't with him. I do find that to be creepy, more so in the fact that no one apparently sees it. I really hope Emma gets Rumple's Dark One memories because I would just love for her to confront him on his BS.

    3. I'm always leery when they bring in other characters. Look at the Frozen season 4A; a cash cow for what it was and TBH it totally just ruined the season, to the point where 4B would've been interesting. In defense, I felt the same way about 3A with Neverland, as I thought that just seemed to go on and on and on, but it also did a better job of including side players - like Belle and Ariel and Regina as Ursala, etc.

    I got as far as episode 4 in the first half of season 4 and just couldn't get myself to go further. The next episode for me would've been the one where Belle first uses the fake dagger, which...so out of character and makes me go, *** woman! Of all the hypocrites in this show, you were supposed to be the opposite. With that said, I'm hoping this season will be the return of normal thinking, fiesty Belle cause...yeah, season 4 just didn't happen.

    4. I would much rather see more Robin/Regina (outlaw queen) than Captain Swan. I think Robin's mentioned he's not a hero, but someone trying to do what is right for the people or people he cares about (there's a speech he says). And it it Robin Hood - steals from the rich, gives to the poor, so he's totally not a hero. BUT I would rather his heroics versus the Charmings, whose actions have, to me, eclipsed anything bad that Rumple has done. He at least has never shied away from his own misdeeds, while the Charmings have.

    I seriously wished Hulu was a better platform. Actually, I wish Netflix would bring current shows to their platform, cause the player is much better, no commercials...now I wanna see OUAT, but have to wait until tomorrow :p
  9. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    ANd after many a tangent - can't wait for Tuesday and next Sunday - here's the final of our story!

    Showtime at Up Late with Miss Piggy was a quiet storm compared to the constant chaos that was the original Muppet Show. It was still hectic, depending on whatever craziness had been happening before the show, which – thankfully – that actually managed to keep off the stage in this iteration.

    Kermit and Piggy had managed to avoid each other for the rest of the day after their heated argument. Kermit was admittedly feeling guilty over their words, especially when what he didn’t say was the problem. Wasn’t it always? It was the things they never said that always seemed to trip them up and the more they didn’t say, the worse it got. They always seemed to revolving around the same issues over and over, with no apparent end in sight; at least, not until he ended things between them.

    He always assumed the worst of her, he didn’t mean to, but it just happened that way. Kermit was well aware that Miss Piggy was not necessarily the same Piggy Lee that he always saw underneath; it was just sometimes – most times - Miss Piggy was larger than the two of them put together and that was always the problem. But he always hated that look Piggy got when she thought he wasn’t 100% behind her, which wasn’t always the case; he’d always be behind her, no matter what she did or would do.

    He wasn’t sure what killed him more – the look on her face or that Piggy thought he didn’t want to be friends with her or that they never could be friends.

    He loved her, why wouldn’t he? How could he not?

    Seven minutes till curtain and Piggy was already there, probably running through lines in her head and deciding just how much damage she’d do to Fozzie for the horrible jokes he was telling. Piggy was a consummate professional, even when it was clear she didn’t want to or couldn’t be. Sliding up next to her as though he had some last minute detail, Kermit leaned over and whispered, “I meant what I said. You are one of my best friends, probably my most trusted friend and I do love you. And no, I don’t think you’d sabotage my happiness if you knew it really meant something to me.”

    “Two minutes, guys,” Scooter said, patting his amphibian boss on the back before heading out towards their podiums at stage front.

    “I was a horrible boyfriend,” he continued. “And I’ve been an even worse friend to you and I’m sorry. I really am, Piggy. I owe you more than you could ever know.”

    A hitch in her voice told him his words hit right on the mark. “If you make me cry before I go on stage…”

    Kermit couldn’t help but chuckle at that. “They’d love you if you were in a straitjacket and a collar.”

    If that wasn’t the perfect opening.

    Turning to her producer, Piggy whispered back, “I didn’t know you and Denise were into that kind thing.”

    “Oh, that’s cute,” he deadpanned. She was going to out any second, but to settle his peace of mind, he needed to know one last thing.

    “Are we okay?”

    She waited a beat before saying, “No. But we will are. We always are.”

    “And here she is! Miss! Piggy!”

    Rubbing her back slightly, he said, “Go get ‘em, Tiger.” He stepped away as the curtains opened and Piggy turned it on full force. She was right; they weren’t okay, not yet anyway. They would be though and this time, he would make sure of it.
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  10. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    And...I have another idea. **** this show and my ideas! So, another Archer episode, this time it's "On the Carpet". The first two minutes are perfect, but I have no idea what could possibly happen, however I'm thinking if I go with that same title, something happened 'on the carpet'. Red carpet, most likely.

    So, what zaniness could possibly happen with Scooter, Fozzie, Piggy, Gonzo, Rizzo, and Pepe on the red carpet that would result in broken glasses, a broken nose, and a naked Rizzo and/or Pepe?
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Apparently the people making the new show have been reading your stuff... Because at the end of Episode 103 Piggy got arrested by an officer from the Beverly Hills BHPD. Then again, it's not like that's her first time in the California jail system. ;)
  12. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Shut up, what? For what? Wait, wait...I shouldn't ask cause I hopefully plan to see it tomorrow before work, but what? Surprising? No, cause it's Piggy and she's got that bad girl vibe, but what?

    I won't lie, I actually do want to know why the heck Fozzie got tranq'd but...hey. How the heck are you able to watch the episode before the rest of us? Oh wait... you're on the east coast, aren't you? Always get everything first :p
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh, you're one to grumble about the earliness of Muppet watching. The folks in Australia are complaining because they don't have a "Your Thoughts" thread open to them on Monday, a full day before us in the USA.

    Fozzie got tranqed because as I jokingly said, the park he was at probably had one too many incidents with bears wearing hats and ties stealing campers' pickinick baskets.

    Piggy got arrested, some say for spying, but my theory is that... After she sent Scooter to try to get Cristina Applegate to smoosh her face in a bought cake seeking vengeance for the clip shown on Up Late at the beginning of the episode which Gonzo approved behind Kermit's back, Ms. Applegate called the cops telling them of Piggy trespassing on private property. Yeah, it's a bit convoluted to explain, watch the episode and it'll make sense.
  14. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    So apparently I can't quit and the Muse won't let me. Here's another Up Late series that has a lot of pre-reading notes, so listen up cause there will be a quiz afterwards.

    So to set this up, this is a mostly from Denise POV, for the sheer fact that we've seen her all of once in the three episodes that have aired and she's supposedly Kermit's girlfriend. Few things - because I've decided to mostly do this from Denise's POV, I've made mention that she's horrible with names. Like complete rubbish, so in the course of this, she's going to be naming people by either their work title or other things (you'll see).

    The game they play towards the end is quite literally taken from the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon's True Confessions, which I literally discovered at watched yesterday and suddenly this whole entire idea was made. If you've never seen it (you should. It's actually a hilarious show), here's the one I saw and thought was the funniest, with the very lovely and funny Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

    The video will of course describe the game and the guys will pretty much explain their version in the story.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2015
  15. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Okay, now that the admin stuff is done, here's that story!

    There was always a tint of worry when it came to Muppet parties, especially Muppet parties thrown by Gonzo. They weren’t wild, per se, like something you would see out of a college fraternity, but they were still ruckus affairs that get out of hand just by the stunts the host could decide to perform at any moment or the fact that hundreds of people couldn’t exactly all fit inside a one-bedroom apartment.

    But that situation changed during the pre-summer months. While Gonzo had been a daredevil in his former life, he hadn’t been crazy with his money and with said money, he had finally purchased a nice three bedroom, two bath house right off Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood; this actually put him not only closer to the studio from his apartment in South Gate, but it also put him closer to everyone else – Piggy would be to the west in Beverly Hills, while he was in close proximity to Kermit, Scooter, and Fozzie, who all lived in or around Hollywood proper.

    And of course Gonzo couldn’t just move in, he had to have a house party, one he was more than happy to announce when walking in that Friday morning. That of course got everyone started on the ‘Muppet Party Rap’, starting with the Mayhem and descending from there – “Ain’t no party like a Muppet party cause a Muppet party don’t stop!” – until the entire room was in a musical uproar. And it was Friday, so why the heck wouldn’t they be having a party on a Friday? It was going to be a big party, that was for sure, with the amount of people who had totally said they would be there; there was only one problem with this scenario.

    Gonzo had of course invited Kermit, who had asked – very nicely – if it was okay to invite his girlfriend. His girlfriend, Denise, who was definitely not his ex-girlfriend Piggy. The ex-girlfriend that Gonzo had planned to invite after his stop with his boss. And inviting her had been tricky –

    “What’s up, loser?”

    “Piggy, if there’s one thing I love about you, it’s your glorious greetings.”

    “You’ve got five minutes.”

    “You’re invited to my house warming,” he started, ignoring the very bored look she was throwing him. “However, there’s a bit of a snag…”

    “What makes you think I’m going to waste my Friday night at your house?”

    “Oh, I’m sorry,” he replied, sarcastically. “Am I keeping you form a quart of ice cream or a plate of donuts?”

    “Watch it.”

    “Anyway,” Gonzo continued. “I would like, very much, to invite you to my house warming. The snag that I mentioned earlier has to deal with our good friend Kermit.” Here, Gonzo paused before saying, “And his guest.”

    “Did you come here to tell me that to see how Moi would react?” she asked. “Or to see if Moi would still bother to come?”

    Gonzo smirked and decided to push his luck. “This act of yours may work on your assistants,” he whispered. “But you seem to forget that I know you and I have known you for quite some time. Hence why I’m telling you that Kermit is bringing his girlfriend, so that you aren’t thrown by it when you see her.”

    The two of them had never been close and they probably wouldn’t ever be, especially if Kermit’s relationship with Denise ever went past dating, but there were times when the diva forgot that the others saw her as their friend too, even if they all gave each other a hard time over things.

    Sighing deeply, Piggy said, “It would be mean of you not to let him bring her.”

    “It would’ve been mean of me to not tell you.”

    To be honest, Gonzo almost hadn’t invited either of them, knowing that putting the pig and the frog in a room together would certainly cause sparks and then to throw in a significant other that wasn’t the other party was just a recipe for disaster. However, despite whatever internal feelings Piggy had on the situation – something Gonzo knew full force – she and Kermit were at least somewhat friendly with each other now. And hopefully, they’d managed to not to burn down his new house with whatever combustible attraction while in each other’s presence.


    Denise run a hand down her blouse one last time before checking the time on the clock. Kermit had said he’d be by around seven-thirty so they’d be able to – hopefully – not be the first guests for Gonzo’s party. The brunette pig wouldn’t lie – she was nervous and extremely so. Despite being Kermit’s girlfriend for nearly four months, this was the first true time she’d be hanging out with his friends in a collective group. Oh, there was the one time he had invited her to join him at his friend’s tavern and while she had enjoyed herself, she did rather feel left out.

    She still wasn’t sure where she stood with his friends or his ex, Miss Piggy. Denise was positive that Kermit cared for her, maybe not as much as she cared for him, but he never really seemed to want to spend time with both her and his friends together. Their office atmosphere was fine and for a while, she thought maybe he was having a hard time connecting with them outside of work; but that couldn’t be true. He had worked with these people before, decades if she added up correctly, in both television and movies and he certainly seemed to get along with everyone, sharing in these secrets that only those who had known you for a long time would know.

    She knew it was hard for an outsider to break into close knit group of people, but even she would admit that breaking into the inner core of the Muppets was like breaking into Ft. Knox; she already had strikes against her – Miss Piggy hated her, that much was true and she had a terrible time remembering everyone’s names. Some could dismiss it as just having a lot of people on set, but Denise was just terrible at remembering names and always had been. She still kept thinking Kermit’s red head friend, the one that did the talent booking, was named Scott, but she instinctively knew that wasn’t it. It started with an S and had a T in there somewhere.

    And the worse part was, that wasn’t even his name! It was a nickname and she’d be hard press to remember his first name as well. It was like, some rap guy name, she thought.

    Closing her eyes, she opened them when she heard her frog’s familiar knock on the door. Taking a deep, she steeled herself and went to answer, mentally hoping that everything wouldn’t be a complete disaster.


    It was a complete disaster.

    She wasn’t in tears, thankfully, though she was now convinced if she was ever left alone with Miss Piggy again, the diva would certainly kill her. And Kermit had explained really hard that she and the red head had been apparently joking when they insinuated that Piggy wouldn’t necessarily poison her at some point, but that maybe she could dismember her.

    Her frog had been enraged, to the point where he had dragged both of them into a back room and let them have it, then had made them apologize, though it was very clear neither wanted to and she was quite sure Piggy didn’t really mean it.

    That had been just one of the more uncomfortable moments at that party – while she didn’t disparage Kermit’s mingling, she did seem to be the quiet one in some of their conversations. There were times, many times to be honest, when she wondered how exactly Kermit became friends with half of the people in that house. How exactly does one become close friends with a former daredevil and ‘performance artist’ like Gonzo? Just hearing some of the things he did – the thing actually ate a tire once! – and then there was the comic bear, who wasn’t the slightest bit funny or even the mad scientist and his pin cushion assistant.

    But no one astounded her more than Piggy. Talk about oil and water, Denise was still confused over not only how they managed to date each other, but how they continued to date each other for years. They had nothing in common – Piggy was a former low circuit beauty queen from the mid-west and Kermit was a nice Southern boy from Mississippi; she was high maintenance, he wasn’t. That was probably why Denise and Kermit did much better together; he had told her such, that she was a breath of fresh air in comparison to Piggy. But it still didn’t stop the jealous twinge whenever the two of them looked at each other and it was clear, some unspoken message was happening.

    Actually, it seemed everyone had that with Kermit.

    Everyone but her.


    For a Friday night at Gonzo’s, the party seemed to slow down pretty fast. Maybe it was because they had spent most of the week working on the show and the weekend was the first moments of actual, delicious sleep they could look forward to, but Gonzo’s house party was down to six people, including Gonzo, by 9:30. And the only reason they were still there was because Kermit had started helping their host get his new house back into the shape it was before nearly fifty people had come over to it. That lent to the others just falling in line, with picking up cups, bottles, plates, and other things.

    Gonzo had even tried to politely stop her from helping, stating that she was the guest; as much as it was a nice offer, it actually did the opposite of what she was sure the weirdo thought. She was actually offended by it; she was the guest, but so were the others, so why did they get to help clean up? It only reinforced the feelings of inadequacy she already felt. Planting a sweet smile on her face, she told Gonzo it was no trouble at all and made her way towards the sink, where Kermit and Piggy were arguing over who would wash and who would dry.

    Just before she took her steps to stand by Kermit’s side, the comic – Frank? Freddie? – rushed over, laying out a series of jokes that just caused the others to groan. The red head – ugh, it totally wasn’t Scott. Steve, maybe? – must have seen that she had nothing to do, so he enlisted her help in putting the food away.

    “Hey Gonzo.”

    “Hey Piggy.”

    The diva had taken to sitting on the counter next to the sink – the one that Kermit happened to be washing dishes in – and was holding up one of the drinking glasses. “Are these the same glasses you got when we went up to Denver?” she asked.

    “Brava,” the weirdo said, chuckling. “They are indeed. I even managed to order another set after Fozzie broke three of them.”

    “That wasn’t me,” the bear protested. “It was Beaker. In fact, both Bunsen and Beaker are responsible for that. I was trying to save your glasses. Hey Denise, wanna see something cool?”

    And suddenly, there was Fozzie right in front of the pig, flexing, and pointing to a faded scar under his fur. “This is the sacrifice I made for those broken glasses,” he said. “There was a lot of blood.”

    “Really?” she asked, curiously. She didn’t have a lot of medical training, but she used to watch a lot of investigative cop shows and she was at least aware that if hit right, a small cut could lead into bigger problems.

    “Not really,” Scooter whispered next to her. Looking at Fozzie, he said, “Not that he remembers much because he fainted.”

    “From blood loss,” Fozzie added.

    “No,” Piggy corrected. “It’s because you hate the sight of blood.”

    “Hey, Major Pain,” Kermit called. “How ‘bout coming back over here and helping me with these dishes so her royal highness has something to do.”

    “I am doing something!”

    “What, exactly?” Kermit countered.

    Piggy looked at him as though he was crazy. “Um, hello,” she stated. “Moi is letting you bask in her presence, soak up the aura that Moi has left you in this kitchen.”

    Was she serious? Just where did this pig get off? But as with everything else, no one seemed to think the pig was being pretentious or at least Denise thought. Hand on his heart, Gonzo proclaimed, “Oh well, praise be! I am sure all of us are truly blessed to be in the glorious presence that is you. Oh woe are the hethens and villains who dare not heed the all empowering glory of our resident diva.”

    “Testify,” Kermit said, turning from the sink to watch the…spectacle.

    “Kermit,” Frankie – maybe? - admonished, though he didn’t stop the laugh that bubbled out of him. “Don’t encourage this.”

    Gary – no, that wasn’t. Ugh, what was his name again? – had just gotten started, throwing his arms out and saying, “I come to you, friends, Romans, countrymen, and Muppet galore to preach to you tonight about the glory and everlasting tribute that we have for Miss Piggy. Can I get a witness?”

    Scott or Steve piped up or rather sang out, “Witness!”

    Denise was sure the diva was about to beat them all up, despite the fact that it was Gerry that started the whole mess. So imagine her surprise when the only punishment the head writer got was a snap of the dish dry towel that Piggy still held in her hands and even that was easily caught by the blue fuzzy hand, leading to a small tug of war between the two. In fact, both of them had smiles – or rather a smirk in Piggy’s case – on their faces.

    “Your talents are clearly wasted in entertainment,” the diva said, pulling on the towel between them. “If you pull me off this counter…”

    The head writer relented, giving the diva a pat on her thigh, which she answered with a slap, though light, to the back of his head. “Piggy, my sweet, pull me six Mai Tai glasses if would.”

    “What do you need six Mai Tai glasses for?” she asked, opening the cabinet next to her and pulling out the glasses as requested.

    “Cause I’m gonna make six Mai Tais,” came the answer, as Garrett – ugh, no that wasn’t it – grabbed the glasses and brought them over to his table before grabbing all the ingredients to make said Mai Tais.

    Denise hadn’t been sure what type of party this would be, so she had opted to be the designated driver, especially after Fru – forget it. He was just going to be Comic Guy for the rest of the night – told her Head Writer G always threw the best, if not the wildest, parties. That didn’t sound all that safe and knowing that HWG also hung out with the Rat and the Four Armed Shrimp there was no guarantee she wasn’t going to be dragging a poor, drunk frog and/or bear home with her.

    She wasn’t a huge drinker anyway and she didn’t remember seeing her boyfriend have anything – she thought – but he seemed sobered.

    Obviously her boyfriend had the same thought because as he finished up the rest of the dishes, he looked at his friend and said, “Uh, Gonzo, you are aware that some of us need to drive home.”

    “Uh Kermit,” Gonzo shot back. “You are aware that I own a three bedroom house now. You know I’m not letting any of you leave if I think you aren’t perfectly safe to drive home.”

    Well, that was surprising.

    “Why?” he asked. “You got plans tomorrow?”


    That was a bit hurtful, though she admitted that they hadn’t exactly made plans for that weekend past this party, but it would’ve been nice if Kermit had mentioned that perhaps she wanted to spend time with him. Almost as though he read her mind, Kermit immediately turned to her, and his eyes went wide. “Or maybe!” he corrected. “I don’t know. Probably?”

    Head Writer Guy raised an eyebrow and said, “I don’t think that’s entirely true, so you get a Mai Tai.”

    “And make sure those are Mai Tais,” Steve said, pointing at the glasses.

    “Are you still mad about that little drink mix up at your birthday?”

    “How you mix up a Long Island with a Mai Tai I don’t know.”

    “This is why you have a bar buddy, Gonzo,” Comic Guy replied.

    “Well, Floyd’s not here right now,” HWG said. “And this time, I’m perfectly sober. Besides, this is your hard earned reward for staying and helping me clean up.”

    “Or you’re trying to get rid of your Curacao,” Steve smirked.

    “Mostly that, actually.”

    The group headed into the living room, with Gonzo following them with a platter full of Mai Tais, which he started passing out once everyone was settled. “I’ve never had a Mai Tai before,” Denise admitted, taking the end seat of the couch. She was pleased when Kermit took the area to her right, but she held in an exaspirated sigh when Piggy took his other side.

    “Well then, you’ll love mine.”

    “Don’t drink all of it,” Kermit whispered to her. “One of us has to drive home.”

    “Hello!” HWG did a spin motion with his finger. “Whole lotta room, extra space, and all that.”

    “You just love throwing that extra space in there, don’t you?” Piggy asked.

    “You’ve been to my former apartment,” he groused. “In fact, I believe you once told me that I would have more room in a sardine can, especially given the company I kept.”

    “That does sound like something Moi would say.”

    “I’d be more shocked if you hadn’t said it,” Kermit replied, sarcastically.

    “Hey,” Steve interrupted. “It’s still early, it’s like ten till. You guys wanna do something? Unless this is far too late for any of you to be up.”

    Piggy shoved him playfully. “Watch it, junior.”

    “It’s well past your bedtime,” Comic Guy retorted. “Us adults can stay up until at least ten.”

    “Yeah, you tell ‘em, Foz,” Gonzo said, rolling his eyes. “Alright - ” Pointing to both Comic Guy and Steve, he continued with, “The kids need to be entertained before they can go to sleep. So what’ll it be?”

    “Oh!” Comic Guy exclaimed, bouncing up and down from his perch on the floor. “Oh I know! I know!”

    “Yes,” Steve replied, nodding to him. “You with the hat.”

    “You know what we haven’t played in a while?” he asked. “True confessions!”

    Denise wasn’t sure what true confessions was, but from the way Kermit was shaking his head, while the others seemed to be on board with it meant it couldn’t be something good. “We can’t do that,” her boyfriend was saying. “Because Denise is here.”

    “That makes it perfect then,” Head Writer Guy said. “Especially if she’s planning on hanging out with us more, being your girlfriend and all.”

    The marketing manager would be lying if she hadn’t been touched that Head Writer Guy would not only include her, but also allude to the fact that he was welcoming her to continue joining them during their outings. She was only worried for a second when she saw the look that HWG was throwing either Kermit or Piggy, as though he was daring either of them to correct him on his assumptions.

    “Alright,” she said. “I’m intrigued. What exactly is true confessions?”

    “Gonzo,” Kermit asked. “Would you like the honors?”

    “Your girlfriend, Frog.”

    “Fine.” Turning to her, Kermit started, “Long story short, we came up with this game as a…getting to know you, icebreaker when we first started doing the Muppet Show. We’ve changed it, but the rules are simple – you get two envelopes and those envelopes you put something that is true about you and something that isn’t. When it’s your turn, we have to figure out if what you told us was the truth or not. Now listen, you don’t have to tell us anything that’s highly embarrassing or extremely personal…”

    “Though it’s a lot more fun if you did,” HGW grinned.

    “And anything that you say does not leave this room.” That was to everyone else, who instantly groaned at the warning.

    “Is this the part where we pinky swear and we all take a blood oath?” Piggy asked.

    “Okay, that’s it, we’re not playing.”

    “Oh c’mon!”



    “It’s okay, sweetie,” Denise said, rubbing a thin green arm. “I’m game. How do we start?”

    Comic Guy excitedly began to tell her about some of the changes they had made since the last few times they had played, such as making the truth and lies a much longer list that would keep the game going, especially when there was only a small group playing. She was trying to pay attention, but the whispered conversation next to her continued to catch her attention.

    Denise had of course heard about Kermit and Piggy’s legendary arguments – which was one reason she wondered how on earth they managed to stay together for so long – and even when they weren’t dating, it seemed that they could still snipe at each other over the littelest things.

    “Let’s see how well you know your girlfriend,” Piggy joked.

    “More than you know about me, I bet,” her boy hissed back.

    “We’ll test that in a minute.”

    The group took about ten minutes, each coming up with ten different truths and lies before stuffing both of their lists in their appropriate envelopes. “Seeing as Denise is our guest,” HWG replied. “We’ll let her go first. Denise, if you would hold up your envelopes; Kermit, pick your poison.”

    “Not funny, Gonzo.” Kermit spent a second looking between the envelopes before tapping on the first one. “Number one, cause you’re number one in my heart.”

    “Lame,” Piggy whispered to him.

    “Not talking to you.”

    Taking a deep breath, Denise looked at her list of five and choose her first statement. “I set my school on fire.”

    Everyone looked at her, then each other, then back to her. It couldn’t have been more than a few seconds, but it unnerved her all the same. HWG hit their timer before asking, “You set your school on fire?”

    “Not on purpose!” she cried. “A complete accident, but yeah. I…kinda did.”

    “Which school?” Steve asked.

    “Monroe elementary.”

    “And you were how old?” Piggy asked.

    “Seven or eight, I think.”

    “How did you do it?” asked Comic Guy.

    “Science project gone wrong,” Denise shrugged. “I was doing something with electricity and batteries and I think I plugged in something that was on its way out because the next thing I knew…whoosh went the wall.”

    They asked a few more before the buzzer rang. This was the point where they would decide if her story was true or not – ironically, both Piggy and Steve believed her, though she wasn’t sure if it was because they figured a seven year old would accidently set a school on fire or if they thought they were catching her in some pre-pubescent arson attempt, but in the end, those two had been right – she had accidently got the school’s gym on fire – and the game continued.

    She had to ask about the fairness of them playing – certainly after knowing each for so long, they couldn’t have that many secrets between them anymore.

    “Well that’s the beauty of it,” HWG said, winking at her. “Every time we play, we have to come up with something new that the others don’t know. That’s the point where we get to personal and embarrassing.”

    “As you can imagine,” Comic Guy said. “Our lists are getting kinda small.”

    Kermit was next, with a wild story on how he had once ran the family washing machine so long, it ended up flooding the house. Denise was the only one who believed him, which was unfortunate because she was wrong; Piggy had even challenged him on it.

    “Totally not true.”

    “You’re so sure of that?”

    “Yes,” she replied. “Because you would have told me. And if not you, your mom for sure. Or Jimmy to get back at you for some of the pranks you pulled.”

    “You?” Denise asked, shocked. “The prankster?”

    “He is the oldest,” Piggy said, as though it not only explained everything, but it was something Denise should have known.

    Piggy’s story was equally unbelievable, in that she had once been the manager of a nudist park while in France, which everyone was clearly on the side that it was a complete lie, although Head Writer Guy sided with her – “Not that I believe you, cause I don’t, but I just really wish it was true. And you owe for the last time you deceived us in such a way.”

    “It is not Moi’s fault if your perverted minds wanted to believe something that wasn’t true,” the diva giggled. “Oh Denise, you should’ve seen the look on their perverted faces. I had fun with that for months.”

    Scooter – whose name she would probably never, ever remember – went next and surprised everyone when his statement was, “I was arrested for attempted murder.” It was a harmless fight that was caused by a bully, who then tried to press charges against the booking manager. Head Writer Guy went next, stating something that everyone totally believed, only for him to state that it was completely untrue.

    The last person was Comic Guy and if Bicycle’s – his name had something to do with a vehicle of some sort – true confession had everyone floored, it was nothing compared to Comic Guy’s. “I was once married for 24 hours.”

    “No, you weren’t.” HWG was adamant on that.

    “There’s no way,” Kermit said.

    “I have yet to hear a question.”

    “How is that even possible?”

    “Is that your question?”

    “Gonzo, start the clock. How is that even possible?”

    “Well, you see, Kermit,” Comic Guy began. “When a bear loves a woman, he goes out and buys a ring…”

    “Shut up,” Piggy insisted. “What was her name?”

    “Stella Jorgenson.”

    “Where’d you meet her?” Motorbike asked.

    “You guys remember that deli that was down the street from the theater?”

    “What?” Kermit asked, surprised. “No. No, no. When was this?”

    “Um…” Comic Guy thought. “Around ’79, I think.”

    That unleashed a whole new round of disbelief. “Shenanigans,” Head Writer Guy said. “I’m calling shenanigans on this right now because there is no way you got married and none of us knew about it.”

    “It was only for a day,” Comic Guy lamely explained.

    A chorus of nos were sounded. “You’re totally lying,” HWG stated. Everyone but Piggy were right behind him. “Are you kidding?”

    “The story is horrible,” the diva admitted. “Because he’s a horrible storyteller, but it’s Fozzie. He’s a hopeless romantic. No way would he lie about getting married.”

    “Well?” Kermit asked, more like demanded from where she was sitting.

    Comic Guy shrugged. “It’s true.”

    “Absolutely not,” HWG stated. Turning to Motorbike, he said, “Scooter, you look that up.”

    “How is Scooter gonna find it?”

    Scooter – she knew it was a vehicle! – looked at Comic Guy like he was insane. “First,” he said. “It’s the Internet. If it exists, it’s online. Second, I’m Andy Westside. I can find anything on the Internet.”

    “That must’ve gotten you in trouble at some point,” Denise smirked.

    Scooter leaned past Piggy to look at it. “Told you, it’s me. If I can find it, I can most certainly make it disappear.”

    “Can you make my marriage license disappear?” Comic Guy asked, timidly.

    “Yeah,” Scooter agreed. “When I find it and we all look at it for authenticity and to prove you aren’t pulling the biggest practical joke ever.”

    It took the talent manager about fifteen minutes, but his soft swear announced that he had run into something. “I don’t believe it,” he whispered, looking at the tablet screen. “Here it is. Fozwaldo McMillian Bear…”

    “Fozwaldo?” Piggy griped, looking over Scooter’s shoulder. “Ugh! That is a horrible name! I am terribly sorry for you.”

    “Really, Pigathia?” Fozwaldo shot back. “That’s a horrible name?”

    “Uh yeah!” she said. “Your name trumps mine by like a thousand and one thousands.”

    “Why would your poor mother name you that?” HWG asked.

    “It’s a family name!”

    “Oh god, that’s a family name?” Piggy exclaimed.

    “I was named after my uncle.”

    “What’re your aunts’ names?” asked HWG.

    “Okay, here’s a question,” Piggy began.

    “About my marriage?”

    “No, but we’re gonna circle back on that,” the diva said. “No, what Moi wants to know is – how did you end up being called Fozzie and not say, Waldo?”

    “Are you kidding?” Fozzie puttered. “Waldo’s a horrible name!”

    “Okay seriously though,” Vehicle Kid responded. “Neither one of you should be pointing and name shaming. Okay, Pigathia? Fozwaldo?”
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  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Rully like that you're creating something from Denise's POV. Once knew a Denise. For those of you playing at home, that's Piggy got 1 thing that's true about Denise while Kermit didn't. At least, if the fictional truths about the characters posted in this oneshot are to be believed.

    Please post more when possible, I yearn for good fics. :insatiable:
  17. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the idea just came to me, especially when, well other than one episode, and we've heard Kermit mention her once. Obviously we can't say anything about her, cause we haven't seen anything about her.

    My thought was that, she is the outsider in a group of people who have known each other for decades and, sadly against her, she's horrible with names so she can never remember who each and every person is. Not her fault, but in trying to get within said group, not knowing who anyone is can be saddening.

    Piggy of course isn't gonna make it easy. That story from Kermit is that perfect example - if it had actually happened (and of course there are some things that Kermit probably did do some things as a kid and as the oldest, he could have been behind), it's not something Kermit's going around telling everyone about it; the problem of course is that, Kermit and Piggy had been together forever, so of course over time, they'd know about these little details, while Denise has only had a few months with him, where she's still trying to learn what she can.

    Of course, this could potentially change if/when we ever see her again.

    So of course, I have come up with another idea because why not? Not sure when I'll get to writing it down, but I will tell you right now, it's not gonna be sunny and bright. Think on the side of the Mondays.
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  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    If you think being an outsider to the main core group and being awful with names is bad... Then try being blind/visually challenged and not able to instantly remember who a person is because you have to be constantly introduced to the other people, unless it's someone you can recognize by their voice. Then there's the new girlfriend trying to be part of the group angle, which in my family is my second brother's current girlfriend, whom we jokingly blame/get mad at if things go missing or if she makes a "duh" comment, but there's no real malice in it and she's in on the jocularity of the conversation. So yeah, all this to say I like how you're presenting Denise, because the new show hasn't rully done anything regarding that character development unlike how they're treating Yolanda instead.
  19. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Aw. *virtual hug* :flirt:

    This kinda leads me to think this relationship is totally not going to pan out. Personally, the whole breakup was for publicity for the new show, but it would make no sense - sorta - to let Kermit and Piggy just be single, so they threw together a girlfriend for him. I'm totally hoping they aren't going to go all Tinder with this and just make it about Kermit jumping at the first pig he could.

    This is totally a rebound relationship and even if, by some weird event, Kermit were to actually propose, I don't see him getting married to Denise. In fact, besides my "you'll need to stop being friends with Piggy" idea, I have another that...hold that thought - I've just got another. Oh geez, I'll never get anything done now.
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    So, are we heading over to Shotsky's for karaoke night? Or you want me to arrange something at my club instead?
    And I'll warn you now about the nightmare fuel of Scooter without his eyes/glasses the day after because he crushed them performing "Maniac" from Flashdancer.

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