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One Shots, Parodies, & Trailers!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    No Shotsky's for me, sadly. May need to hold off on karaoke until the weekend, BUT! BUT! I do have a new story for you, an actual one, which I know, I already have two that I haven't finished, but to make the muse shut up and leave me alone, this needs to be done.

    It'll be a stand alone, the first full fic in the Up Late universe and it'll be more adultish - kinda like my Monday series - so hopefully...this week on that.
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    New story? Where is it? And why am I in overload-question mode?
    *Does appropriate Riddler laugh.

    LMK if you wants the use of my club, it's been featured in a few fics... And I has a couple ideas too, dunno when I'd post since I'm mostly always scheming over the monsters for my main pet project of Numbervania. :batty:
    *Goes to HVC's local bakery to see if they have Halloween-flavored doughnuts like my fave Boston Screams or Pumpkin King Pie and such.
  3. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I assume you're hyper. Or were, it's been a few hours.

    Actually...I just might. Kinda realizing that I need an neutral place and I don't think Rowlfie's will do it.
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Just tell me where and when and I'll see about reserving a spot at the Bat Bolt & Skull for you. We're hosting a themed dance this weekend, figured best to do it now before I gets my time tied up with watching this year's 13 Nights of Halloween. Though there are a couple of movies in the lineup that shouldn't since they have nothing to do with the holiday.
  5. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    So I obviously can't leave well enough alone - as we've seen - but I've started this Miss Piggy Mupp Adventure on her family. I'm not posting it - cause I have to get through Deadly Delay and you know I don't post new Mondays or Adventures unless something in 8 Ball is finished (or almost finished), BUT...

    It's Monday, so I thought I'd give you a taste...

    A little before ten o’clock, the Destructo Twins finally made their appearance, laughing and joking as though they hadn’t been planning his demise over breakfast. “Whatever the two of you have planned for my demise,” Kermit began, not even waiting for them to say their greetings, and pointing at them both. “Put it right out of your heads.”

    “Always the tone of suspicion,” Scooter replied, a small smirk on his lips.

    “Some may call it paranoia, Frog,” Piggy joked. The strains of a pop song rang, signaling that one of Piggy’s many suitors were probably calling. Answering quickly, the diva replied with “Vote for Piggy.” A few minutes passed as Piggy listened to the person on the other end, while Kermit and Scooter could only hear her side of the conversation.

    “Hey. Really. Huh. Uh…yeah, Moi doesn’t think that’s gonna happen, but hey thanks for calling. Ciao!” Placing her phone back in her pocket, she replied, “Well, that’s over with.”

    “What was that about?” Kermit asked.

    “Hmm?” Piggy questioned, now clearly distracted. “Oh, nothing. Nothing! It was…it was just Nate. Anyways, what were we talking about? Oh yeah, your paranoia.”

    “Wait, wait,” Kermit interrupted. “Nate? As in your brother, Nate?”

    “I didn’t know you had a brother,” Scooter commented. The red head had always thought he was the closest thing the diva would consider a best friend; certainly he considered her his best friend.

    “It’s nothing,” Piggy said, her voice now louder than before. “Now, if vous will excuse me, Moi has things to do.”

    If Kermit could count the number of times his brain and his heart warred against each other when it came to Miss Piggy, he would literally be a billionaire at this point, probably five times over by now. But, as in most cases, his heart won over any objection his brain had, and decided that he needed to find out about this phone call.

    Knocking once, Kermit made his way inside, only hearing the tail end of Piggy’s call to come in. She was sitting in front of her vanity, her make up person having not come in before him or being dismissed by Piggy, which was more likely.

    “Need something, Frog?”

    “Yeah,” he said, walking over and leaning against the table. “You alright?”

    “Would I not be?”

    “Well,” the producer began, slowly. “You said Nate called. You hardly ever have any contact with him or the rest of your family and usually when he calls, he’s calling for a reason.”

    That was certainly true – Piggy never liked talking about her past, not even to Kermit, who probably knew more about Piggy than anyone. From the various tales, the clear message he got was that Piggy was nearly estranged from the entire family, with exception to her older brother Nate, whom she clearly had some affection for, as he was the only family member who actually had her personal cell number, something she never gave out. Even in their own group, there was probably seven people who could directly reach her. Huffing in annoyance, Piggy asked, “You’re just not gonna let this go, are you?”

    “Despite popular belief,” he retorted. “I actually do care about you and I can tell when you’re upset.”

    “Moi is not upset.”

    “Distracted then.”

    “Not that either.”

    “Alright, fine,” he huffed, throwing his hands up. Why did he never just wash his hands of her, he didn’t know. Pushing himself away from the vanity, he began to march himself to the door. “I don’t care then.”

    “Don’t let the door hit you.”

    “Sometimes Piggy…”

    “Yes, yes,” she said, waving him off. “Drive you insane, can’t understand me, can be such a pain, blah blah. Thank you for visiting.”

    “Living end, Piggy,” Kermit sighed. “Just the living end, with no irony intended.”


    The heavy sigh was the only thing that stopped from walking out the door he had just opened. In times past, nothing would have stopped him from storming out, stewing over the fact that she would never listen to anything he would ever say and he would ask himself, for the millionth time, what it was that he saw in her. It took arguments, pretty bad ones, and a painful break-up before they could actually be friends, something that had seemingly alluded them when they had been dating.

    It also helped that they had dated other people for a while before they reached…whatever this was. It didn’t escape Kermit’s notice that they seemed to be a lot closer than ever before and not for the first time, the frog wondered exactly what could be going on between them. It had to be something big, because Piggy never would have given in as quickly as she did.

    “My mother died.”

    Well. That was completely unexpected.

    Closing the door quickly, he swallowed hard. “What?”

    Turning in her chair so she could face him, she whispered, “That’s…that’s why Nate called.”

    “Aw, Piggy,” he whispered, walking over and putting his arm around. “Sweetheart, I’m sorry.”

    “There’s nothing…” she started, before sighing again. “It’s doesn’t matter.”

    “Of course it matters!” he insisted. “What’re you gonna do? Are you going?”

    “What?” she sputtered. “No! That’s…that’s…no, of course not.”


    “Kermit, I’m not…why would I want to go back?” she asked, clearly agitated. “The last time Moi was in Bogen County, was the last time Moi was going to be in Bogen County.”

    “Piggy,” Kermit replied. “She was your mother. Besides, it’s not like you left on good terms, so…maybe you can put some things to rest.”

    “That won’t help.”

    “It won’t hurt either,” he retorted.

    It wasn’t an easy decision, that was obvious, but this wasn’t an easy situation either. Piggy hadn’t been back since she left decades ago and that leaving hadn’t been good at all, for anyone involved and quite frankly, Piggy never wanted to go back.

    “I’ll think about it,” she sighed.

    You're welcome :D
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    So after tonight's episode of OUAT...

    I'm a bit disappointed in Nimue (pronounced as "Nimu-way") was the big reveal of the First Dark One. Mainly because it bludgeons the point through the viewer's head that there's always an association of the Dark One fighting against or being fought by their loved ones. Plus the fact I've seen this conflict of prior life romance between a master mage and his lady love with Visiir and Mirage in the animated Aladdin series.

    Not surprised Zelina was working with Arthur for a nefarious plot.

    Though the Horned King didn't appear, maybe I was influenced by Lady Warrior's theory, but when Arthur plunged a guard's helmet into the brew in the cauldron talking about an army that would be mere teeth and bones, was I the only one who thought he was talking about the Cauldron Born and thought he possessed Arawn the Black Cauldron itself?

    On another note... First it was Medusa in the underground lair trap set by Regina when she was still the Evil Queen in the Enchanted Forest. Then it was Pandora's Box to contain the evil that was Peter Pan/Malcolm/Rumple's father. Now they need a spark from mankind's first fire, the torch that Prometheus stole from Mt. Olympus? D-it!, when are they going to bring in Hades?!?

    Another thing that I'm not entirely buying... Excalibur was forged from melting down and reshaping the Holy Grail? Er, both Excalibur and the Holy Grail are separate items of Arthurian legendary importance, not one made from the other. And if the Holy Grail contained water that made whoever drank from it immortal, the obvious question of its namesake aside, does anyone else see that that same water could be then sought after as the fabled waters of the Fountain of Youth in an effort to further tie POTC with OUAT? They already had Captain Jack Sparrow's compass that always points North and the appearance of Blackbeard. So there's another franchise the showrunners could mine for whichever half-a-season they might want in the future.
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Man, Gina, if you watch this week's episode of The Muppets titled "Pigs in a Blackout" you're going to find a heck of a ton of material that'll probably influence both Desert Delay and your other Scooter-centric fics. Particularly the line after Scooter's been put in charge of the show during Kermit's absence.
    ;): "I can't let Kermit down, he's my father, mentor. Mentor, mentor."

    And for OUAT... The whole dramatic scene where Emma stood up to Nimue as Merlin's test doesn't make much sense when it's undermined later when Emma follows the influence of the crowd of Dark Ones by reforging Excalibur to potentially slay the light of herodom.
    Oh, and I find it funny yet appropriate the reviews comparing Arthur to a brat throwing a tantrum about his role in legendness.
  8. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I know! I heard about that! I'll tell you what - I'm about to never recommend Hulu to anyone because their player is suck. It's suck incarnate. Two different houses and I still can't watch an episode of ANYTHING all the way through from beginning to end without it stopping ever five seconds.

    Hulu's gonna make us get cable.

    Yeah, just saw the sneak peek #2 and Emma's plan is all about Hook?? Really? Not saving her family or even bringing Neil/Bae back, but about Hook?

    That...is just annoying. Annoying as all get out. I liked him better when he was a no good, conniving pirate. Actually, I liked him better when he wasn't in the show. But at least the 2-hour show this Sunday brings back both Red and Mulan, so holla for that!
  9. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    You know what? So I've been working on this new Miss Piggy Adventure for...a while now cause I'm determined to have this thing ready after 2 Ball is done. And...it would be time for a Mupp Adventure, right? Cause I finished a Monday, then did Pool Hall, so we're back on Mupp Adventures? Anyway, as I mentioned...may have mentioned, this idea has been in my head for a while and for some reason, thanks to the new show, it's come back around. So I gave you a taste earlier...

    Would you like another?

    Yeah. I'll give you another. Don't say I never gave you nuttin' -

    “Not too often we get starlets out this way, Hollywood,” the elder pig replied, watching as the group came forward.

    “Well, I thought I’d come and class the place up a bit,” came Piggy’s retort, walking up the steps and facing the brawly pig. “How’s it hanging, Slick?”

    “It hangs.”

    Nodding her head towards Kermit, she asked, “You remember the frog, don’t you?”

    Nodding, the other pig replied, “Nice to finally meet you, Mitt.”

    “Likewise,” Kermit replied, smiling slightly. There were only a handful of people who actually called him that, mostly some of his younger siblings, so it went a long way to show that at least one member of Piggy’s family liked him enough to use the nickname.

    “Oh uh, that’s Gonzo, Fozzie; Gonzo, Fozzie, my brother Nate.” Indicating her head towards the door, Piggy continued with, “So what’s the situation?”

    “Well,” Nate replied, looking inside the front window. “Hattie and Millie are here, so are Ricky Lane, John…oh, cousin Blackjack...”

    “You have a cousin named Blackjack?” Gonzo asked.


    “Why do they call him Blackjack?” Fozzie asked, nervously.

    “You don’t want to know,” Piggy responded.

    “Oh, and Grandma’s here.”

    “Grandma’s here?” Piggy asked, a grin lighting her face for the first time since arriving. “How is the old battle-axe?”

    “Old, obstinate, cranky…” Nate began. “You know…Grandma.”

    Piggy nodded, before looking over at the SUV she parked next to. Most of her family still lived in the area, so arriving shouldn’t have been an issue. “Who owns that monstrosity?” she asked, thumbing the larger car behind them.

    Nate smiled, though it was more playful than anything else. “Oh, that’s baby Hammy’s.”

    Rolling her eyes, Piggy muttered, “Of course it is, because this day has been going so well. I bet he brought the ‘smart’ twins with him, too.”

    “Now, now, darling sister,” Nate chuckled. “Those are our nephews and it is our duty to love, honor, cherish, blah blah. Yeah, dumb and dumberer are here.”

    “And my day gets better,” she sighed. “You didn’t happen to mention that I planned to be here, did you?”

    Nate outright laughed. “What?” he sputtered. “Of course not! Why ruin the surprise?”

    Glaring at him, Piggy deadpanned, “You’re all heart, big brother.”

    “In case you forgot,” he retorted. “There’s nothing to do around here. Watching you and Hammy go at it will pick up a slow day.”

    “Ugh, let’s get this over with.”

    The quintet headed inside, being announced with Nate’s, “Look who the gypsies left on the doorstep!”

    Piggy said hello the aunts and uncles who were assembled, her mother’s siblings, as well as the aforementioned Blackjack, before introducing Kermit, Gonzo, and Fozzie. It only took five minutes before the group heard, “What’re you doing here?”

    “Hamilton,” Piggy sighed, turning around to face a younger and shorter pig, this one dressed in what had been a suit, just without the jacket and his shirt sleeves rolled up. “Because my life wouldn’t be complete until I saw you.”

    Throwing a look at his older brother, the younger pig growled, “You could’ve warned me, Nate.”

    “Again,” the eldest smirked. “Why ruin the surprise?”

    “There was a reason we called him ‘the instigator’ as children,” Piggy huffed. Pointing outside to the SUV, she asked, “Who’d you scam to get large marge out there?”

    “Unlike you,” Ham replied. “I drove here when I heard Mother was sick.” Looking out the same window, the younger pig smirked before glancing back at his sister. “Aw, did you drive your little put-put car up from the airport?”

    Crossing her arms, Piggy glared at him. “Not my choice.”

    Kermit wasn’t completely sure she was just talking about the choice of car, but the reason she was there in the first place.

    “Oh I see,” Ham said, smiling widely. “And what was your first choice, sister dear? A BMW? Caddy? Corvette?”

    “A Maserati!” Fozzie supplied, unhelpfully.

    Throwing a look at the comic, Ham’s smile grew larger before turning back to his sister. “A Maserati. Kudos. You know, some would say that was a desperate cry for attention.”

    “So glad to see that psychology degree has come in handy.”

    “Well,” Ham retorted, leaning in towards her. “It is a real profession.”

    Not even ten minutes inside and already there was trouble from the way the diva took a few steps towards her brother, brandishing her fist at him. “You know, baby Hammy,” she snarled. “It would be a great disservice if I let you head back to New York without prettying up that face of yours.”

    “Piggy…” Kermit warned, blocking her path.

    From behind him, Kermit could feel the younger pig stepping up behind him. “Do not call me ‘baby Hammy’,” came his warning.

    “Hey, Grandma, look who’s here!” Nate shouted, causing a total stand down process for Piggy and Ham – the raised fist from Piggy suddenly became a wave, while Ham turned around sharply to smile at the smaller, older pig who was walking towards them.

    “Is that my little diva?” the elderly matron asked, as she came over. Ida Rose Maline, grandmother on their mother’s side, was on the short side, easily being dwarfed by her children and grandchildren; the aforementioned Hattie and Millie being two of her four daughters. Her greying curls sat on top her head in a tight bun and while her movements were slightly slow, she seemed to carry herself as an elder you should and had better respect.

    “Even as a child,” Kermit whispered, throwing a look towards Gonzo and Fozzie, who smirked.

    “Don’t start with me,” came the retort before said diva greeted her grandmother. “Yes, yes. It is Moi, here in the flesh.”

    Looking at three of her twelve grandchildren, Ida smiled widely. “Look at my little piglets, gathered together again,” she cooed, causing a round of scandalized “Grandma!” from the trio.

    “We’re not kids anymore,” Ham groused.

    “Well, you’re still old enough to cut your own switch, aren’t you, Hamilton Lee?”

    Piggy’s snicker didn’t go unnoticed either. “Something funny, Pigathia?”

    Clearing her throat, Piggy seemed to stand up straighter and regain her composure. It was probably the first and last time the other Muppets would ever see Piggy cowed by anyone. “No, ma’am,” she said. “I just…nothing. Clearing my throat. Have you met my friends, Grandma?”

    Again, introductions were made before Ida turned her attention back to her three ‘favorite little piglets’, earning another round of embarrassed groaning. “You’re my grandchildren,” the elder pig admonished. “And if I wanna call you piglets, I’m gonna call you piglets until I die. And even then, when we get to heaven, I’m still gonna call you piglets. Unless the three of you want to do something about it?”

    The three piglets did not want to have anything to do with that, with all them shaking their heads, and Nate sending a little, “Piglets forever, Grandma” to appease her. Satisfied her message was heard loud and clear, Ida nodded before clapping her hands together once. “Now,” she announced. “Who’d like to help me with dinner?”

    Immediately, the fuzzy arm of one Fozzie Bear shot up, excitedly. “I would!”

    Smiling, Ida patted the bear on the arm. “What a delightful young man,” she cooed.

    Offering his arm, Fozzie said, “Allow me to escort m’lady to the kitchen fair.”

    “Oh, I like you!” Ida chuckled, taking the arm and letting the comic lead her towards the kitchen, leaving a group of surprised spectators.

    “You see that?” Piggy complained, poking Kermit in the shoulder. “Been here fifteen minutes and your bear absconds with my grandmother!”

    “Rather ironic,” Ham observed. “A bear who’s a Cub.”

    “What?” Gonzo sputtered, a mix between laughter and disgust. “Fozzie!?”

    Kermit turned to look at the younger pig. “What’re you…?” When the term caught up with the frog’s brain, like Gonzo, he also sputtered, though more on the disgust side than anything else. “What!? No! No, he just likes being babied by mothers and grandmothers!” Glaring at the diva behind him, he spat, “Phrasing, Piggy!”

    “Right,” Gonzo replied, sarcastically. “Cause your explanation makes it sound less creepy.”
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  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, stopping every so and so, that's what watching videos on youtube was like for me before. And now I get to enjoy that kind of jerkiness when doing Wiki walks with these stupid re-updating frames and open document crap. :grouchy:

    Next week's Muppets episode should be frought with even more fic inspiration... Triple date between Kermit and Denise + Fozzie and Becky, and the one I'm kind of cringing at Scooter and his TV crush Chelsey Handler.
    *Still remembers :mad:'s stint as a guest interviewee on that show. Don't get me wrong, I like Chelsey's humor, but for the Muppets it's just I feel it's going back to the earlier episodes when they were building something right with these last two episodes.

    As for OUAT, I think they might just end up in POTC territory if Hook is so prominent as part of the storyarch, meh, whatevs.
    The other show I'm currently loving is Sleepy Hollow and how this third season has returned to what was so great in Season 1 with the worldly monsters/creatures tied to the events of the historical past and ongoing present.

    Edit: Yeah Gonz, and you've got such a better reply... Ignoring your own mom's emails from her South American cruise because you think they're spam. Good schtuff in this tidbit of Piggy's adventures back home, interested in reading more.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2015
  11. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Hence why Hulu sucks; I have NO issues with Netflix or YouTube or Amazon or even places on the internet in which I can stream things that *cough* I may not have bought *cough*

    Only Hulu. Do you know how annoying it is when it takes an hour and a half to watch a 45 minute show? It's the reason I'm still behind on Muppets! Every time I start an episode, it takes another 20 minutes to get through the first 20 minute episode!

    Don't you mean double date? Unless Scooter and Chelsea are joining them. And you know what? I like a dating Scooter, cause by now he's not a kid anymore, so it's nice to see him date people (especially if they're going for the stereotypical 'nerd lives with his mom' which it sounds like).

    Kermit and Fozzie and Sig O's? As my mind Piggy says, "That's can't possibly be disastrous!" I see the four of them getting kicked out of a restaurant. I don't care the reason, but I'm seeing that. I do have to wonder if Kermit's gonna make faux paus number 3 by getting a recommendation from Piggy. Actually, after knowing he screwed up the last time (did he realize the song playing was theirs? Like, did he know Piggy may have been nice to Denise, but totally trolled him? I heard he kinda shrugged it off), he'd probably get Fozzie to do it and Piggy would see right through him.

    It sounds like the A/B plots are working better, so yay for that. I've got high hopes for the new showrunner, based on That 70s Show and HIMYM and it sounds like the show's turning around, so...*fingers crossed*

    Oh geez, I hope they don't do that, though I have heard we're gonna go looking into Hook's past, which - I don't care. I really have no idea why women love him so or the ugh ship Capt Swan. I just...don't.

    I...have not seen Sleepy Hollow. In fact, I skipped over the Bones cross over thinking that it would probably make more sense if I actually saw the Sleepy Hollow show.

    Not sure how I feel about uneccessary characters, especially those that you never see. Like Gonzo's mom and Scooter's mom; I mean, Gonzo's background is sketchy as is and even if you discount MFS, bringing up his mom is kinda like 'really?' Where as with Scooter, it's pretty much established that he's never truly known his parents or else his uncle wouldn't have been his guardian.

    Not to say that characters can't have siblings or parents or relatives, I'm more like, if you're going to add in relatives, at least give them a reason to be there. Most of the time, people just through in siblings just to throw in a sibling for a character who previously never had siblings just because, no thought about it. I feel that's what the new 'moms' are there for - the throw away mom joke that needs to go to someone, like Gonzo, consequences be ******.

    Back on topic, for this upcoming story, Piggy's already mentioned she's one of several siblings - though for this story, I've spaced out their ages - and she has at least one brother (who is the father of Andy and Randy).

    Speaking of which - Counters, is Muppet Adventures next in our fic rotation? It's been a while, so I've lost track. I usually go Mondays, Pool Hall, and then Mupp Adventure, so this one should be next, right? AND it may or may not be the only Up Late universe Mupp Adventure, as all the others take place in a revised Muppet Show.

    Oh boy, this is probably gonna wreck havoc with stuff.
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry for not replying sooner, twas off reading epic fic elsewhere.

    Agree with you about mention-only characters. If you mention them, then by heck, we want to actually meet them! *Tries to imagine a motherlike version of Gonzo-type origins. Wouldn't it be great if we had a Mother's Day episode like on Muppets Tonight where these characters like Gonzo's and Scooter's moms showed up? Thing with Scooter's mom, even if only as a faceless/characterless mention, I keep thinking (and if I had an actual Twitter account, championing for) Sadie from the Sadie's Stories fics written by Sara here. But didn't Carl ask Scooter about who "Jo" was when he handed him his mom's credit card to buy coffee for Yolanda and everyone else?

    The Bones/SH crossover was well done because it gave Ichabod Crane and Abby Mills an actual reason to go to DC to retrieve both the body and skull (murder weapon) of a former Revolutionary British general to bury him back home. Though they thought it was someone else which was they went there more urgently in the beginning, but I digress.

    Rotation... You still has 2-Ball and Desert Delay unfinished, not sure where/when you want to work on posting this Piggy Adventure. Then again, I has some ramblings of me own to take care of, primarily with my number creatures that are my main focus. I also have a Potter-esque fic and a NBC version of The Soldier and Death in my mind, dunno if I'd actual get to writing either of them.
  13. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Right. So...all this talk about a season 2 of The Muppets and me not finishing the first season, well...the muse would not be denied. It wouldn't stop thinking about what could possibly happen in season 2 (if/when we get one) and you know what happens when the brain starts thinking, so...

    Ladies and gents, I present you with my season 2 outline. And yes, regardless whether we see a season 2 or not...I am planning on writing these; I even made a writing plan, so this 'series' if you will would come after your standard Mondays, but before your Miss Piggy Adventures. I got an itchy trigger finger - which before you say anything, yes it's being used to finish up 2 Ball - but the ideas won't stop, soooo...

    Here is your The Muppets Season 2 upcoming 'episodes' -

    Episode I [Season Premiere]: Weekend at Piggy's
    With Up Late with Miss Piggy on hiatus, Piggy, Kermit, and Pepe find themselves in Thailand, as Kermit tries to convince Piggy to give their relationship another chance. With unwanted help from Pepe.

    Episode II: The Dream Dinner
    Gonzo's plans for the perfect couple's dinner hits a brick wall when Fozzie announces he and Becky have split up.

    Episode III: Honeymoon in Vegas
    A trip to Vegas results in a huge mistake for Fozzie when he gets married and brings back an unwanted foe.

    Episode IV: The Flu Bites Back
    A stomach flu epidemic strikes the lot, causing Floyd to quarantine everyone left inside.

    Episode V: [no title as of yet]
    The Up Late crew needs to combat two different fronts - a moral guardian that rubs even Sam the wrong way and Scooter's new apparent 'groupie'

    Episode VI: The New Blood
    Wanting to appeal to a younger demographic, Kermit and Piggy find their place as leading couple jeopardized with a new, younger couple.

    And that's what my brain has come up with so far. Now, I do have a holiday idea that will no doubt stem from our last MPA and will - maybe - run off on the MPFA, but just know a holiday feature would feature both Kermit's family, Piggy's family, and the Muppet fam as a whole, but I haven't decided if I want that one here yet.

    I do keep having this idea of the Dream Vacation, which would be the sequel to episode II, but it's not fleshed out yet.

    And there you go!
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2016
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  14. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Hey! What's up?

    Yes, before anyone says anything - I will get back to 2 Ball. In fact, the reason I'm here is cause my mind has just shifted back to our Mupps. Can I just say that...I am quite sad that the show was cancelled. I mean, I saw it coming, but it had potential. And yes, now that season two isn't in effect, I've worked the episodes into the rotation. I even came up with a new 'episode' today.

    So why am I here?

    Cause I have a one shot for you! This has been plaguing me for at least a week and finally, I said "what better way to get back into the swing of things than by coming up with a one shot?"

    Still working on it, but here it is. Any Always Sunny fans will recognize this and I've set this in our Up Late uni.

    Title: A Tangled Web

    Genre: Parody/Humor

    Inspiration: The Gang Gets Trapped, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Season 7, episode 9

    The two story home sat amongst the beautiful neighborhood within Pasadena, CA. It was a classic structure, being built within the 1920s and being renovated again in the 1960s and 1970s and was set about green lawns and large trees. It was a fairly well to do neighborhood, like most of the cities within California, and was known as a growing hub for young professionals and families.

    Inside the home, the walls were painted a lovely burgundy, with white trimming along the tops and bottoms. There were pictures on the walls, with family knick knacks littered about on tables and dressers; upstairs, there were three bedrooms that lined across the hallway. At the end of that hallway was the master bedroom, decorated with more images and a large king sized bed that sat in the middle of the room.

    The master bathroom door was closed, as the home owner took a shower to ready themselves for an upcoming appointment. After a time, the door opened, with the home owner exiting the room, already dressed. She quickly moved from the door to the dresser on the opposite side of the room, before pulling out the drawers and taking out a number of different sets of clothing. Laying them on the bed, she grabbed a nearby suitcase and began to pack.

    As she did, she had no idea that she was being watched. Inside of her closet, there were two foreign bodies hidden within.

    “Ridiculous,” hissed the green frog that stood inside. “This whole thing is ridiculous! I mean, we have done a lot of things in our career, but this…this takes the cake!”

    “We need to get of here,” replied his pig companion. “We need a plan.”

    “Oh, oh do you think we need a plan?” he asked, sarcastically. “Because right now, as it stands, our last plan didn’t work out so well. I’m sick of this, Piggy! More often than not, we come up with these far-fetched plans, that have no basis in reality what so ever and before you know it, we find ourselves in the situation where we’ve broken into someone’s house. And the home owner is home!”

    “Okay, alright, Kermit, just calm down,” Piggy whispered, throwing a look to the movement that was happening in the bedroom itself. “Now, Moi will take some of the responsibility for this because, in hindsight, Moi does regret giving that speech earlier. However, it is not my fault your idiot friends took it heart!”

    “No, no,” Kermit snapped back. “This is completely all your fault! But be that as it may, the one thing I mostly regret in this moment is you getting double onions on your burger and ordering onion rings for lunch.”

    “Well, I’m sorry, I didn’t think I would stuck in a closet with you all afternoon!”

    Despite the obvious contention between the occupants in the closet, the home owner continued her packing, zipping up the case before turning and heading out of the room.

    “Is she gone?”

    Piggy leaned closer to the slats on the closet door, letting her blue eyes shift over the room, before nodding. “She’s gone.”

    “Good,” Kermit replied, waving his hand at her. “Gimme that walkie-talkie.”

    Reaching behind her, Piggy handed over a walkie-talkie, which the frog quickly grabbed before pressing the button. “Extraction team, come in.”

    Outside, sitting in the familiar dark brown Studebaker, sat Fozzie Bear and The Great Gonzo in the driver’s and passenger seats respectively. In Gonzo’s hand was the twin to the walkie that Kermit and Piggy were using while inside the house. Raising it to his lips, he responded with, “Extraction team here. You guys find those jewels yet?”

    “We are not finding anything in this house,” Kermit stressed, following Piggy as she crept out of the closet, high on alert in case the home owner returned. “We are leaving! So Fozzie start the car and be ready because we are totally getting out of this house.”

    “Negative,” the comic replied. “Negative, buddy. The whole point was to take those stolen jewels and give them to a museum where they belong.”

    “The jewels are not stolen,” Piggy said, leaning over to speak into the walkie. From the corner of her eye, she was able to see Scooter Grosse slide out from under the bed, where he had been hiding. “In fact, if we continue with this plan, then they will be stolen.”

    “And I think the last thing we want to put more criminal charges on our permanent records,” Kermit supplied.

    Pulling out his own walkie, Scooter replied back, “I’m still in. I’m invested in making sure these precious jewels are where they need to belong.”

    “You know what,” Kermit said. “I don’t care. You lunatics can do whatever you want cause…”

    Whatever the frog was going to say was interrupted by Gonzo’s “Hey heads up! A car just pulled up into the driveway.”

    “We can’t see his face,” Fozzie piped up. “But he’s wearing a suit, so you know. Watch out. He could be mafia.”

    “How do you deduce that?” asked the weirdo. “Cause he’s wearing a suit?”

    “You don’t know that he’s not!”

    “Well I…I…” the stuntman mumbled. “Okay, I can’t prove anything, but…”

    The sounds of someone coming up the stairs caused all three to hurry back into the closet. As expected, the home owner immediately came back into the room, but wasn’t expected was her hiding the suitcase and sliding it under the bed. Before the intruders could think about that, she rushed to the doorway.

    “What was that about?” Kermit questioned, sending a look to the others.

    “I bet you she put the jewels in the suitcase,” Scooter whispered.

    “Stop thinking about the stupid jewels,” Piggy chastised. “Now is not the time.”

    “Oh my God!” the manager hissed. Turning to the pig, he said, “You are to never eat onions again.”

    “Honey, what’re you doing here?”

    “I got a call from the alarm system,” replied the voice.

    “Oh my gosh!” said the first, assumedly the female home owner. “I’m sorry! I must’ve set it off when I came back here. Can you believe I forgot my phone? Sometimes…”

    “Oh honey!”

    “I know,” she laughed. “I’d forget my head if it wasn’t attached. I’m sorry you came all this way.”

    “No worries,” the second voice, a male, chuckled. “So…um…I guess…I guess I’ll head back to work. I’ll see you when I get home.”

    “Okay dear.”

    Back within the closet, Piggy and Kermit were looking at each other in confusion. “That was weird,” the frog whispered.

    “That was very weird,” the pig agreed.

    “Hey, what’s going on in there?”

    Lifting the walkie that Scooter still held in his hand, Piggy said, “The lady just lied to the man.”

    Opening the door slightly, Scooter peaked out before walking out of the closet completely. Not bothering to even think, the manager immediately hit the floor and removed the suitcase, throwing it on the bed and opening it.

    “Have you lost all sense of reason!?” Kermit shouted, causing both Piggy and Scooter to shush him.

    “You were the ones that were all gung ho about preserving the sanctity of artifacts,” Scooter insisted, stopping his rifling so he could look at the frog. “What about that big speech Piggy made at lunch?”

    “That’s what made us come here,” Fozzie replied. “It was a really good speech.”

    “Moi knows it was a good speech,” the diva huffed. “And I know I went on and on about how Moi’s abilities to waltz in and out of here, with cat like abilities, Moi knows what she said.”

    “And that kind of thing is how we get into situations like this,” Kermit spat. “I’m leaving. And if any of you have any brains, you’ll leave with me.”

    “No,” Scooter stated, holding up a coiled whip in his other hand. “I’m going to find those jewels and make sure they get to a museum where they belong.”

    “Atta boy, Red,” Gonzo exclaimed. “You do us credit, buddy.”

    “Insane,” Kermit said, throwing his arms up in exasperation. “Lunatics, all of you. I’m leaving.”

    “Hold on, Moi is coming with you.”

    “The first sensible thing you’ve said.”

    The frog and pig wasted no time hurrying out of the bedroom and down the hall towards the stairs, while Scooter made his way down the hall to the other bedrooms he hadn’t checked out yet. Once again, their ability to escape was hindered by the very home owner they were trying to escape. Scooter was able to duck in a nearby room, while Kermit and Piggy had to rush back towards the master bedroom, ducking inside the closer bathroom.

    “It was just strange,” the woman replied, walking towards their location. “Do you think he knows?”

    “Knows what?” Kermit asked, looking at the pig.

    “I don’t think we can take the chance,” the conversation continued. “We need to pull the trigger on this!”

    “What the hey!?” The frog whispered, confusion and fear warring on his face. “Pull the trigger? Pull what trigger? What does that even mean?”

    Piggy shrugged, a pained look on her face.

    “What the heck is going on here?” Kermit continued. “Oh my God! What if there’s something more going on here? We’re trapped in a house where she’s apparently packing and talking about pulling triggers on people…what is wrong with you? You should be all over this!”

    “And I would be,” she confessed. “But I’ve been holding in four cups of coffee and two ice teas.” Pointing at the toilet behind him, she said, “It’s right there, so I’m just gonna go.”

    “Are you insane!?” He hissed. “We can’t be spaying DNA all over the place!”

    Piggy just stood and looked at him. “We’ve lived together for five years,” she stated. “You have sisters and nieces. How do you not know how this works!? If anyone is going to spraying DNA…you know what? I don’t care. Out of my way.”
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  15. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    Oh my god! I love this! Sunny is one of my favorite sitcoms and this is one of the best episodes. I had never thought of it, but this plot does work great with the Muppets. Can't wait to see what spin you put on the Jay Leno tickets, lol.
  16. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    CTO! What up buddy!?

    I actually skipped the Leno ticket scene, but I have decided to make this a better, more thought out story - similar to what I did for Bogen County Bruhaha - and placed it within what I call the Muppets Season 2 outline. I'll post those and something you'll enjoy with Rowlf later.

    And speaking of, here's your conclusion to this!

    Kermit continued his complaints, even as he was pushed out of the way by a pig on a mission. “I cannot believe you people,” he hissed, making his way to the door. “No regards for the law. At all!” Sneaking out and heading back towards their closet sanctuary, Kermit was glad he had at least liberated the walkie from Piggy. Now he could try and talk some sense into the idiots sitting outside in the car. Right as he went to push the button, it was clear that Gonzo and Fozzie were already in the midst of a conversation.

    “I say we just leave right now,” Gonzo was saying. “It’s clear those guys are gonna get caught. I mean, Scooter’s gone crazy with that whip.”

    “Right?” Fozzie replied. “I mean, that kid’s gonna pop someone’s eye out. If it wasn’t for Piggy’s big speech about saving history and all that, I don’t think I’d be here.”

    “Of course you wouldn’t be!” Gonzo insisted. “None of us would! But look, I think we need to just cut our losses. We need to get out of here and I mean like far away, just in case Piggy survives, cause she will hold a grudge.”

    “Oh!” Fozzie exclaimed. “We could finally open that leather shop in Arizona we’ve been talking about!”

    “Hey!” Kermit interrupted, not at all liking what he was hearing. “Do not take off without us. And a leather shop? In Arizona? The state’s average temperature is 120 degrees, almost year round. You would go out of business in a week’s time.”

    The sound of the toilet flushing stopped Kermit.

    “Piggy’s flushed the toilet,” he wondered out loud, stunned that his girlfriend – who literally learned most of her crime solving techniques from the various detective shows she watched – would take such a risk.

    “We’re not…” Fozzie tried to save the conversation, though he did throw a look to Gonzo. “We are totally not leaving you, Kermit. We were just…you know what? I think you’re right, I think we just take our leave here.”

    “I am not leaving until I get those jewels,” countered Scooter.

    “If you’re going to leave, you leave the boy,” Kermit said. He was startled when the closet door opened, thankfully it was just Piggy. “What is wrong with you?” he spat. “Do you want to get caught?”

    “Well you had me all freaked out about DNA,” she huffed. “Which Moi doesn’t even know why she was listening to you, I know more about crime scene forensics. Anyways, what’s going on there?”

    “They’re going to ditch us,” Kermit replied, angrily and shaking the walkie in his fist. He could faintly hear Gonzo and Fozzie still arguing before one of them realized they still had their finger on the speak button. “They’re trying to ditch us to run leather shops in Arizona.”

    “A leather shop in Arizona?” Piggy looked at him incredulously. “They would be out of business in a week’s time.”

    “Thank you!”

    “Hey guys,” Scooter piped up. He stood in the room of a child, assumedly a little girl thanks to the decorations and stuffed animals around. He had managed to stumble into it when he heard the homeowner return. He had just walked out from his hideout before noticing that there was a suitcase on the bed as well.

    “There’s a suitcase sitting on the bed and I bet you the jewels are in here,” he continued. “No one would suspect a child of smuggling in priceless jewels out of the country.”

    “Let it go, Scooter!” Kermit hissed.

    “I don’t think a leather shop is a bad idea.”

    “Oh my god,” the frog sighed, listening as – once again – Gonzo and Fozzie were suddenly back on trying to ditch them. Looking to Piggy in exasperation, he said, “I can’t get anyone to focus.”

    “You just gotta split them up,” she said, taking the walkie back. “Hey Fozzie? Hey it’s Piggy. Say, how come Gonzo’s the only one that gets to hit the button on the walkie?”

    Back inside the Studebaker, Fozzie had a peculiar look on his face. Why didn’t Gonzo let him push the button? It was bad enough the stunt weirdo sat and ate a bag of chips in front of him without even offering and when the comic had asked, Gonzo had denied him chips. All because he hadn’t felt like chips when they had stopped off to get the walkie talkies.

    “Let me get back to you on that,” he replied, watching as Gonzo released the button.

    Back inside, Scooter was rifling through the little girl’s suitcase, trying to find the elusive jewels that they had stormed the house for in the first place. Finding a stuffed elephant packed on the side, the manager initially didn’t think anything of it until he picked it up and felt something hard within. “Guys,” he said, excitedly. “There’s something in this elephant and I bet it’s the jewels.”

    Taking the initiative, Scooter began to tear into the elephant. However, what he had thought could be a jewelry case was actually a voice box, which immediately went off, with the animal stating “Hi! I’m Evie!” before the doll began to make the familiar ‘trumpet’ sound of larger pachyderms. Surprised by the noise, Scooter tried his best to silence the sound, before finally stomping on it, and whipping it quietly.

    Back in the closet, Kermit and Piggy were horrified at the amount of noise that they could easily hear from their location. That also meant it could be heard throughout the house. “That is an ungodly amount of noise!” Kermit shrieked, trying to keep his calm.

    Blessedly, the sounds died down until they were greeted with silence again. The two waited for a few minutes, certain that the closet doors would open and they would be met with the face of the home owner or worse, the home owner and the police. When nothing happened after about five minutes, the two looked at each other inn confusion.

    How have we not been caught?” Piggy asked, surprised.

    The doors to the closet finally opened, startling both occupants until they relaxed when they discovered who the intruder was. “Fozzie!?” Kermit exclaimed. “What’re you doing here?”

    The bear comic nodded to both, smiling at them as though he was just passing them by on the street. “So Gonzo was being a jerk,” Fozzie complained. “You know, not letting me push the button on the walkie-talkie and then, like, he wouldn’t give me any chips earlier. I mean, that’s just rude, right? I would’ve shared my chips with him. In fact, you know what, I have! I have totally shared chips and cake with him.” Huffing, the bear muttered, “Jerk.”

    Kermit and Piggy stared at one another, before looking at Fozzie, and then looking at each other again.

    “So he can sneak in, but we can’t sneak out?” Piggy asked, exasperatedly.

    “Okay,” Kermit sighed. “Obviously, this is a lost cause. We’ll try talking to the boy again, but we’re leaving him.” Turning back to Fozzie, he asked, “Fozzie, how did you get in?”

    “The front door.”

    Again, the pig and frog just stared at the bear.

    “The front door?” asked Kermit.

    “You just walked in through the front door?” Piggy asked.

    “Well…” Fozzie began, looking between them. “I mean, I had a little pep in my step, but yeah. I probably would’ve been here earlier, but I didn’t know which closet you guys were in and there are a ton of closets in here. Actually, now that I think about it, you guys could’ve gone through the front door instead of going up the trellis.”

    Another a minute of silence passed before Kermit said, “I’m beginning to think that we should…just walk out the front door.”

    Apparently agreed, the trio had just opened the door to walk out when they heard a new voice emerge in the situation.

    “Mommy! I’m home!”

    Quickly stepping back into the closet, Kermit immediately push the button on the walkie. “Gonzo!” he hissed. “There’s a little kid in the house now! A little head’s up, being our lookout and all.”

    “Kermit, can you hold on for a second?” he asked.

    “Welcome to Charley’s, would you like try our new Charley Chicken sandwich?”

    “Yeah, actually,” Gonzo replied.

    “Would you like the sandwich or the meal?”

    “Let’s go with the meal,” he said. “But could I have curly fries instead of regular ones?”


    “One second.”

    “That’ll be $7.29 at the next window.”

    “Thanks much.”

    “You are a horrible lookout,” Kermit chastised. “And now we are trapped in here because you have gone to get another lunch!”

    “I’m just around the corner,” the stunt weirdo said, rolling his eyes. “I’ll be back in like two seconds. And don’t worry. I came up with a really good plan to get you guys out of there. I’m gonna be a traveling plumber and I’ll tell them I’m going door to door, selling services, you know. Like my previous job.”

    The frog was completely irritated, but it didn’t matter. None of it mattered, because all he wanted was to leave. “You know what?” he sighed. “Doesn’t matter. I don’t care, just get back here.”

    There were sounds of movement going on, thankfully downstairs however, the voices were coming closer, as mother and daughter began to climb the stairs. “Ginger, how would you like to go to the beach every day?”


    “Absolutely!” said the home owner. “I’ve already packed your bag. It’s in your room.”

    “Did you pack Marmo?” the girl asked.

    “No, I packed Evie.”

    “But I don’t want Evie, I want Marmo!” the girl whined.

    “Well, go get him cause we’re gonna leave in a little bit.”

    Looking at each other, Kermit immediately hit the button to notify Scooter. “Scooter! Little girl is coming your way!”

    “I’m on it,” the manager said. “If she sees me, I’ll whip her in the face!”

    “There is absolutely no need for that!” Kermit stressed, looking in horror at the others.

    “We have got to get that whip away from him,” Piggy said. “We should have never given him that whip in the first place. That was a bad idea.”

    “This whole thing is one big bad idea!” the frog cried.

    “Oh you know what?” Gonzo interrupted, pulling up to the pickup window. “I’ll do it with a Swedish accent.”

    “Why?” asked Piggy. “There is no reason to do that. These people don’t know who you are!”

    “Okay, I’ll have you know I get recognized on a daily basis,” the stunt weirdo huffed. “So the accent is needed.”

    “The accent is not needed,” Kermit insists. “In fact, I’m pretty sure you don’t even need to come to the door. You just need to bring the car back so we can get into it!”

    “You could call the police,” Fozzie said, his face scrunched in anger. “And report that you’ve stolen my car!”

    “Oh my god, we do not have time for this!” Kermit shouted. “Gonzo, get back here!” Pointing at Fozzie and Piggy, he said, “You two come with me because we are leaving right now and I swear, Gonzo if you are not outside by the time we leave, we are having you arrested!”

    Not waiting for the answer, the frog pushed his way past the pig and bear to head out of the closet, before turning and heading towards the stairs, not caring if his companions are right behind him or not. “There is nothing weird or suspicious or malicious going on here,” he mutters. “This is a nice family, who are obviously planning a nice vacation, and we have just so very conveniently broken into their house because we obviously have nothing better to do during the day! Which is surprising, because we should be doing a show, but what’re we doing instead? Breaking into people’s houses!”

    The back staircase was slightly hidden, a second path taken to the second landing, while the front staircase was a prominent feature as you walked through the front door. As far as Kermit was concerned, he was done and the further away from this thing the better. Coming through the side path, Kermit made a deliberate stride towards the front door, only to – once again – be stopped in the act of escaping when the doorbell rang.

    Uncharacteristically, both Piggy and Fozzie heard him mutter a swear word before back peddling into both of them. Luckily, Fozzie remembered the nearby closet that was situated under the stairs, pushing the frog inside and going in himself, leaving Piggy to eaves drop. The home owner had already rushed down the front stairs to open the door, greeting the visitor.

    “Marcus!” she said, breathlessly. “What took you so long?”

    “Ran into some traffic on the way.”

    “Mommy? What’s Marcus doing here?”

    “We’re gonna be going to the beach together,” replied Marcus.

    “Without Daddy?” asked the little girl.

    “Well, I’ll be your new daddy.”

    “Oh boy,” Piggy mumbled, quickly entering the closet and closing the door behind her. “Not good,” she whispered to her companions. “The woman’s having an affair and they’re taking off for the beach!”

    “That’s great!” Fozzie said, causing the two to look at him. “If they’re gone, then we don’t need to sneak around. We can escape! Or we can look for those jewels.”

    “Forget about the jewels!” the two exclaimed.

    The sound of a car screeching its way into the driveway was faintly heard before the front door was opened and slammed. “Marcus! I knew it!!

    “Dave!? What’re you doing here?”

    “Despite what you may think, I live here!” cried Dave. “I’ve suspected for a while now, but I had hoped I was wrong. How could you do this to me!?”

    “Oh, this is bad,” Kermit grimaced.

    “Wife’s cheating on him, family’s falling apart, we’re in his house trying to steal his jewels,” Fozzie added, ignoring the looks Piggy and Kermit threw at him. “This is just not his day.”

    “Alright, everyone shut up!” Dave shouted, silencing everyone in the house. “Now. Why don’t we just sit down and talk this out? And I don’t care if it takes all night…”

    All night!?

    The occupants in the downstairs closet inwardly groaned. They had already spent nearly two hours within the house as it was. “All night?” Piggy asked. “Kermit, I can’t. I can't do all night. I don’t have it in me.”

    “Okay,” Kermit began. “You know what? Let’s just walk out the front door. They probably won’t even notice.”

    “They have a lot going on right now,” Fozzie supplied.

    “Exactly,” the frog nodded. “Let’s go.”

    The three slowly opened the closet door, hearing the murmured conversation within the living, and began to take the steps towards the door. The living room was opened, allowing for easy sight to the front door, but the group within were so involved, they initially didn’t see the trio leaving until the frog stopped in his tracks when he caught sight of the family.

    And the family caught sight of them.

    “Hello,” Kermit said, smiling nervously at the group.

    The door suddenly opened, revealing Gonzo as he walked in. “Hello! I am a Swedish plumber and I am…”

    “Gonzo…” the frog waved him off, showing that the family was already aware of their presence. The stunt weirdo also stared into the living room, noting the trio of adults, with the small little girl sitting on her father’s lap.



    “Hey guy!” Gonzo said, smiling at the father. “How’s it going? Gosh, I haven’t seen you since…oh! That night in ‘Cisco. And look at you now! This your family?”

    “Gonzo,” Kermit interrupted. “Dave has a lot going on right now, so…really don’t think now is a great time for conversation.”

    “Right,” he said, thinking the frog was talking about them being in the house and not Dave’s other problem. “Right! Well, you know, we were just…just cruising down Trenton and saw the house and…you know.”

    “This isn’t Trenton,” Dave said, still shocked at having more people in his house.

    “What’s that now?”

    “This isn’t Trenton,” Dave repeated. “The street, I mean. This isn’t Trenton Ave, it’s Thorton Road.”

    “Oh!” Gonzo said, looking the others. “We’re at the wrong house.”

    “Of course we are,” Kermit replied, sarcastically. “Cause that explains a lot.”

    “Scooter, we’re out of here!” shouted Fozzie.

    The sounds of footsteps coming down signaled the sounds of Scooter coming into the room, shocked to see his co-conspirators standing in the front hallway and a group of others sitting in the living room. Leaning around the comic, Piggy told Scooter, “We’re in the wrong house.”

    The page nodded. “That explains a lot.”

    “Well…” Kermit said, waving his hands in a nervous tick. “We’ll uh…we’ll just be going now. Um… good luck with…all of this. Best wishes…to everyone, obviously, involved and…yeah.”

    The group began to head out, with Fozzie throwing a “You have a lovely home” which Piggy quickly agreed with, as she ushered the others outside before closing the door behind her.

    Once outside, the group stood in silence, not sure what their next course was. “So, who was our navigator for this trip?” asked Kermit.

    “Um…that…that was me,” Scooter admitted, shyly.

    “Okay,” the frog replied. “Well, you suck at it, so…never again.”

    “It was weird they were fish, right?” Piggy asked.

    “No, that was weird,” Kermit said, leading the others towards the car.

    “That was not expected,” Fozzie added.
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  17. WebMistressGina

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    And, as promised, here are the synaps for episodes 7 and 8 for what I call 'season 2', which comes before the previous one shot. Also, if anyone is a Always Sunny fan and you'd like to see a Muppet-ized version of an episode, let me know. I've tried playing with the idea of 'Mac Day', but I haven't pinpointed a main person for that yet (originally, it was Sam, but I can't get a good idea from that).

    Episode 4 is a parody of "The Gang Get Quarantined" - which is one of my favorites - and of course, I've done a 'Chardee Macdennis' (and yes, I do have a sequel to that). Of course, Sunny isn't the only show I love, so if you have an idea and I've seen it, let me know and I'll try to do a one shot.

    Also, I've only got 8 'episodes' in this season 2 and I'd like to make a full season here and maybe a season 3 if possible, so if you have ideas (or titles), you will have my love. Also, anyone who is a good rapper or lyricist would also be welcomed.

    Here we go!

    Episode VII: [Untitled]
    Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, and Gonzo are on a mission to keep Rowlf from being taken on a ride by his new girlfriend.

    Episode VIII: Tangled Web [may retitle][full version of the above one shot]

    The cast of Up Late find themselves trapped inside a house where the homeowner is home and possibly up to no good.
  18. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    I love the image of Fozzie sitting next to Gonzo wondering why he can't use the walkie-talkie and have any chips, lol. His character has some similarities with Charlie, though I think Fozzie has him beat in the reading department!
  19. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Ok kids, Gina has an official update.

    So, after thinking about it I've decided to split my stories into two universes, as well as creating a writing schedule so you guys (and me) would know what's coming down the pike. And I came up with this -

    The Muppets 2011/Revamp Muppet Show

    Seeing as I joined the site shortly after the 2011 movie came out, many of my stories feature into this universe, with the movie and aftermath being referenced several times and the Muppets getting back into the biz with a revamped Muppet Show, as seen in both M11 and MMW. Stories/series in this universe are as follows:
    • Pool Hall series
    • Monday series
    • Wedding Day Blues parts 1 & 2
    • Miss Piggy's Muppet Adventures
    • One Shots, Parodies, and Trailers

    The Muppets 2015/Up Late with Miss Piggy

    Now that our show has been cancelled and, to date, no word on any type of revival or resurge on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, future stories will most likely be taking place in this universe, with the action taking place in or around Piggy's late show. All of season 1 may be referenced here (in part because I haven't finished watching the season yet and I just haven't had the motivation to do so). Stories/series in this universe are as follows:
    • The Muppets Season 2
    • Miss Piggy's Muppet Adventures
    • Miss Piggy's Family Adventures
    • One Shots, Parodies, and Trailers

    Exceptions to the Rule

    There are some exceptions to the above. For instance, Miss Piggy's Adventures - which began before M15 - will now be split. The first half will have taken place in the M11/RMS universe, while later stories (Bogen County Farewell and later) will be in the M15/ULMP universe.

    A big exception is One Shots, which is basically all my ideas that I've started and don't have a story for, so they can be in either universe.

    So What's Next?

    I am GOING to FINISH 2 Ball! I know I keep saying it, but I really will. I've had the first portion of the next chapter written for months now and like George R R Martin, I just keep getting distracted by other things, like work, new fandoms, new shows (okay, so not at all like GRR Martin), but I promise, dragons are coming, okay?

    After 2 Ball is done, you can look forward to the season premiere of Muppets Season 2, the next Monday, and the next MPA which will take place in the Up Late universe. For obvious reasons, you'll probably get your next Monday first, just to keep the universes together, but no promises. You know my mind wanders.

    And that's it. I am totally, absolutely going to work on 2 Ball at some point this week. I don't know when, but I'm going to do it.

    EDIT: Also wanted to add that I have revised the Season 2 episode guide, so now all but two episodes have titles and summaries. You can get that when I start S2.
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Seems to me it'd be easier if all your Miss Piggy's Adventures fics including Bogen County Farewell are in the Muppets 2011 camp, and then any new fic takes place in the Muppets 2015 timeframe. That'd lend believability to Up Late being on the air for at least five years.

    So long as you post, we'll come and read what you've got.Thanks for the Mupdate. :jim:

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