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One Shots, Parodies, & Trailers!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    See, I had thought that, but the problem is, Bogen County Farewell takes place in the 2015 timeframe. And I reference it - I used Up Late through out, I have them discussing the show and who would be hosting, I mention the executives, and the whole thing. And of course, the first portion of the story takes place after Bear Left, Then Bear Right (the seige at Christina Applegate's).

    I mean, I could move this out from MPA to that of MFA, which is in 2015 and that would keep all MPAs in 2011. If my brain can get around that. You know it changes its mind every day.
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Your mind changes its mind too huh. Bogen County Farewell can work in either of your main camps. Just seems like an eaiser choice to put it with the other Bogen County fics and the Desert Delay, then your Season 2 can start in earnest for the 2016/2017 TV season.
    Noted you changed your sig. Good, because Gonzo could totally be a member of the X-Men, look at him and tell me he's not potentially related to Nightcrawler, having the one power I'd love to have, instant teleportation.
  3. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Of corpse it does. You know this. Why do you think I still haven't finished 2 Ball yet? I've managed to come up with like 8 different stories in between chapters! LOL

    Well, technically they can't. Desert Delay is a stand alone, much like Meeting at Shotsky's. Just to be clear - I'm not moving anything around; I'm just telling people which work goes in which universe. There's no need to change anything on the library (which, speaking of, weren't you supposed to be doing a 2016 version of that?), I want people to be thinking in the right universe for the right fic.

    Why is this important?

    Well, I'll tell you cause SPOILERS. Sorta. So, I'm sure you're all familiar with our dear Amanda Chase, who has jumped from just being in the Pool Hall series to that of the Monday series (yes, there is more Mandy there). The reason I want and probably need to make separate universes is...she isn't gonna be in the Up Late universe.

    So, Scooter is gonna have a different girl in any story taking place in that universe. It was surprising, surprised myself, but I think it fits in with our Mupps and some other stuff that would spoil things. Also, Scooter is gonna get a slight name change in the Up Late universe. Same guy, different middle name.

    Oh...there's also Robin. I haven't decided what to do with Robin's age. So, in the M11 universe, he's a teenager; as we saw on M15, he's still a child. I haven't settled on if I wanna age him up or not yet. I might cause it's been a while and he should age, but...kids do say the darnedest things and he was the one who wholeheartedly should be the team captain of Team Love.

    I did. I figured now that I have an actual working season 2 outline, I'd change it up some. And what better way to announce that I have returned (really, this time) than a change in avatar and sig?
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Eh, at this point I'd say you go with what feels best for the fic you're writing. If it works better with Robin as a kid, keep him as such. If it's Robin as a teen, then age him up. Sorry for not updating the library, I've been more engaged in other things, but it does need some and will hopefully receive some maintenance in the future. ;)
  5. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Listen up, y'all!

    Gina...has finally come BACK...to Muppet Central!!

    Yes, yes, it is I, you're lovable mistress of the web and I have missed you guys! First off, I am super sorry, so so super sorry for leaving you all with unfinished stories and tastes of stories yet to be written. I wish I had an excuse of IRL, but TBH...I got caught up in binge watching. That's what started it - I dived deep into Bob's Burgers, then I let YouTube pick my next show, which was Steven Universe and...it went down hill from there.

    Don't these people know good writing and good musical numbers are both my jam and Achilles Heel?

    BUT...within the last week, I was jonsin' for some Muppets and thus, here I be! And I did not come empty handed. I actually have a new story for you!


    I know, right? And you can blame the aforementioned Bob's Burgers for this cause it's now on my work background rotation. This little tidbit - that I'm writing right now - is from the episode Bob Day Afternoon and I have included the scene of inspiration here. Why this didn't occur to me before now, I don't know.

    Gimme...an hour or so and I shall have a new piece for you. And after that, I WILL update 2 Ball, everyone! Not only that, but I will FINISH it! It's gonna happen, everyone! It will happen!
  6. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    And your wait is over!

    EDIT - Just realized that the video above didn't start where it should've. You can skip ahead to 1:44 where the real madness starts.

    Title: Frog Day Afternoon

    Genre: Comedy/Parody

    Inspiration: Bob Day Afternoon, Bob’s Burgers, season 2, episode 2

    Summary: In which Kermit finds himself the friendly negotiator in a hostage situation

    It was a surreal atmosphere within the borrowed offices of Shuster & Lutz, a former law firm that was going to be turned into a small children’s clinic, though you wouldn’t have guessed that from the commotion that was happening in the street. On the same block, across the street to be specific, was Best Solution Financial Bank and it was currently involved in a hostage situation.

    Police had of course moved in as soon as one of the bank tellers had hit the silent alarm, but it gave the robber enough time to sequester himself and several hostages within the building. That had been about an hour ago, with LAPD blocking the neighborhood and area, and sending over a hostage negotiator to try and talk things out. This would all be fine ad dandy if not the problem that was now occurring in Shuster & Lutz.

    Because of the building’s change of format, the cast and some of the crew of Up Late with Miss Piggy were actually inside the former law offices, filming a segment that was, hopefully going to be played either tonight or when the building was officially opened as the kids’ clinic. And while they had been in the middle of rehearsal, Best Solution was being robbed, which put several Muppets inside the temporary headquarters for the police while they straightened out the situation.

    To make matters worse, the robber had since discovered who was across the street and wanted the executive producer himself to bring over the recently delivered food.

    And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how Kermit the Frog found himself being strapped into a bullet proof vest and heading into what would, by far, be the most absurd and dangerous thing he had ever done. This was literally supposed to be an hour, maybe two, off set, where they would do a quick little piece for a news segment Miss Piggy wanted to try out. It should have only consisted of himself, Piggy, and their cameraman Stoli, but no, even that couldn’t have been simple.

    So instead of three people, he almost had half the set inside the building with him. Fozzie Bear, the show’s announcer/unrecognized co-host, insisted he be there as Piggy’s comic foil – which Piggy quickly noted she didn’t need – and sidekick; the Great Gonzo, the show’s head writer, insisted he come along because what if they needed to change the script? Scooter Grosse, the assistant producer, naturally wanted to go to give Kermit a hand and then there was fifteen-year-old Robin the Frog, Kermit’s nephew, who shadowed Scooter at most times, but was today taking over for Stoli, who had gotten sick during lunch.

    Kermit couldn’t think of a worst time or the worst group of people to be stuck with during a time like this. Not that he didn’t love or care about the people around him, it was just dangerous to be here and worse considering that he was the one who had to go across the street. Detective Sloan, the lead detective and negotiator there had been talking about getting Kermit to talk with the robber, which had led to the frog now being put into a bullet-proof vest.

    “I really don’t like this plan,” the frog was saying, shaking his head as his third vest was being put on. The police normally weren’t going around putting bullet-proof vests on Muppets and certainly not on Muppet frogs, so it took some maneuvering to make sure that Kermit would actually be protected should a shoot out occur, which did nothing to lessen the frog’s apprehension. “And I’m not feeling right about wearing this.”

    “It’s just for protection, Kermie,” Piggy cooed, rubbing a satin hand down his arm.

    “This way you don’t get popped in case Big Bank Hank over there wants to throw down,” Gonzo added. “Scooter would have to take your place.”

    Scooter turned wide eyes on the former stuntman. “I don’t want to go over there!” he protested.

    “No, dude,” Gonzo said. “I mean, take over as producer. You know, in case Kermit gets made into frog tar-tar or something.”

    “Gonzo!” Both Kermit and Fozzie exclaimed, turning annoyed looks towards the weirdo.

    “I’d be ready to be the Muppet of this company,” the page nodded.

    “I’m ready to call you boss, Scooter,” Robin admitted. “Like Springsteen!”

    “No one is calling Scooter ‘boss’,” Piggy affirmed. “Or Springsteen.”

    “Scootersteen!” Fozzie piped up, the nickname just slipping out before he realized what he had said and was alluding to.

    “Okay, yeah, let’s go,” Kermit muttered. “I’m kinda looking forward to being in a new kind of insanity now.”

    “Remember Kermit,” Sloan replied, looking the frog in the eye. “You want to keep the perp talking until we get our units close enough to take him out. If he wishes to engage in conversation, do so, but don’t upset him in any way, got it? He seemed to really like you, so maybe you can draw him out.”

    Kermit nodded, reluctantly. He really didn’t want to be doing this, but as Sloan stated, the robber seemed to only want to talk to the frog and was very relaxed in doing so. If Kermit was hopeful, he could try and talk the robber into either letting go his hostages or maybe even give himself up.

    “Okay, let’s go.”

    Kermit hadn’t taken one step before he was being wrapped up in a hug and kiss from Piggy. “Kermie, vous is so brave,” she gushed. “Please be careful!”

    “Come on, Kermit.”

    “Yeah,” the frog began. “I just…”

    “Kermit, I love you!” shouted Fozzie, who managed to throw his arms around Kermit’s neck in his own bear hug.

    “I know, Foz…”

    “Kermit,” Sloan insisted. “Let’s go.”

    “Hold…” the frog tried but was silenced by another kiss and by Scooter and Robin both jumping in front of him. “Hold on, a second. I'm trying to say goodbye or something here.”

    “Uncle Kermit,” Robin began. “I’ll have to write my report on Scootersteen if you die.”


    “Yeah!” Kermit said, over the rising voices of the other.

    “He’s not gonna die,” Gonzo chimed in, though he also managed to attach himself to Kermit’s side. “Kermit, we’ll be useless if you die!”

    “Guys, come on,” Kermit tried to reason. “Get off me, please.”

    “Kermit, don’t go!” Scooter screamed, throwing himself around Kermit’s leg and nearly causing the frog to fall forward.


    “This is a timely operation, Frog.”

    “I-I know that!” Kermit groused, trying to make headway towards the door. The more he moved however, the tighter the huddled embraces got.

    “I changed my mind!” Robin shouted, jumping on the frog and trying to climb him the way he had when he was five. Except, the young frog wasn’t five and his extra was causing the frog to tip like the leaning tower of Pisa. “Don’t go, Uncle Kermit!”

    “Robin! Scooter, let me…boys!”

    What should have been, as Sloan had repeatedly said, a precision operation was now being hampered by, if anything, the power of love. No matter how much Kermit was obviously trying to do his duty, his Muppet cohorts weren’t letting him, clinging to him like dew that clings to a window after a summer storm or sweat to an athlete. Soon, words of love and admiration were being shouted over each other, which meant they were also being shouted over Sloan’s words for the frog to get a move on and Kermit’s insistence that he was on the way, plus the pleas that the others let him go.

    “I love you so much, Kermie!”

    “Frog of my heart, I can’t quit you!”

    “Kermit, let’s go!”

    “Don’t go! No one’s gonna okay my squid act!”

    “Dad gave me the talk, but I still have a lot of questions!”

    "Enough, Kermit!"

    “Robin, get down!”

    “I don’t wanna run the show without you!”

    “No squids, Gonzo! Get off me!”

    “If you come back, everything’s on the table. Even on the table!”

    “Oh my God! Kermit!”


    “I don’t think Gonzo’s the right person to answer them!”

    “I said I’m coming!”

    “How am I supposed to officiate if you’re dead!?”

    “Shake them loose, Kermit!”

    “I don’t wanna be an only child!”

    “I am trying! They won’t let go!”

    “I need you to be uncle to my wickens!”

    “What do I do if…”

    “Fozzie, you’re choking me!”

    “I’m too young to be a widow!”

    “Robin, this is not at all an appropriate time for this conversation!”

    “No, Kermit! No!”

    At wit’s end, Sloan used the one thing he apparently had left in his arsenal – a bullhorn. “Kermit!” The unwieldy mass that was Muppets came to a shaky stop, thankfully for Kermit, who was being bogged down by weight. Fozzie had all but jumped on his back, Scooter was clinging to his leg, while Robin was clutched around his front and middle; how Piggy and Gonzo were able to keep their hold on him from either side of him, he didn’t know.

    “Come back safely, Mon Capitan,” Piggy replied. “Don’t leave me with these lunatics.”

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