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One Way Street revised their puppet pattern

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by HandySam, Jan 30, 2004.

  1. HandySam New Member

    I talked with Keann Brown who is the director for the construction zone at OWS. She has rewritten the instructions for the people puppet pattern. I just received mine. I know most of the people here at MCF don't care for OWS but I've heard that alot of it has been because of the complication in the instructions, and the look is far from high end. Still if your looking to get started in making a puppet or two and can't afford the materials or videos yet to make the better stuff then OWS people puppet pattern is the way to go for now. The cost of the pattern is $10 and shipping for that pattern brings the total cost to $16. Shopping around between JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart you can get all the materials you need to make a complete puppet for less than $25. And thats if you use polar fleece. Grand total to start will be $41 to get started. Not bad I think.
    I'm going to build a few just like the instructions say just so I completely understand them then start modifying from there. I want to learn "high end" just like the rest of you but this is a poor mans way to start and I'm just so happy that I'm finally gonna be able to start! :excited:I forgot to add that that revision to their pattern just came out this Monday. I havent completely read them yet.
  2. Show and Tell Member

    Thats great! Get a puppet built and post a pick or two. seems even the critics here are mostly very constructive. Happy building! I might get that pattern myself just so I can say I have it. I wonder if OWS changed the look of their rod arm puppets any when they wrote these new instructions. I've read in a few threads how difficult they were to make.
  3. HandySam New Member

    Yeah there are a few things I MUST modify right away. I just don't care for the facial features like eyes, nose, ears, and hair. Later I'll have to give it more of a chin. It doesn't look to me like they changed the design really. From what Keann told me she just made the instructions a bit easier to understand. She said the instructions were hard because you had to have a level of sewing knowledge to understand what was being asked. She wrote em in laymans terms for those of us that have little to no sewing experience. I was told also that most peoples mistakes in building their people puppets were that they read over the instructions and miss key directions.
    So I borrowed Bucks soap box for a bit. <sorry Buck. I'll clean it off before I return it> :p
  4. Show and Tell Member

    Buck has a tutorial I'm looking for that has partial instructions on making a puppet. I can't remember where they are cause I like his design for making the hands much better than any I've seen. Buck If you read this could you post a link? I think it was his design anyway. It had wires in the fingers so you could pose them.
  5. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    I think you're referring to part two of my article "The Tumbles P. Bear Project" which can be found online at http://www.bear-town.com/backstage_pages/tumbles_intro.htm

    If you're looking to just get started, Puppets For Goodness Sake sells a much better (in my opinion anyway) and cheaper starter puppet pattern that is very easy to follow and the results tend to look a lot better than the OWS pattern. They also have a good puppet building kit available that uses the same pattern. The kit sells for about $25 US + shipping and includes all the materials you need to get started including the pattern, foam and fabric. The pattern by itself sold for about $5 US + shipping last time I checked.

    Again, this is a "starter" pattern but it's very customizable as is and will teach you the basics of puppet building really well. To order either kit or the pattern you can contact Marlene Reimer of Puppets For Goodness Sake at puppetsfgs@aol.com or call her toll free at 1-888-300-1400. Tell her Andrew sent you!
  6. Ryan New Member

    I can't wait to get that.. ;)
  7. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    Actually, that (finally) went out today. I'll email you privately with details. Thanks for your patience!! :)
  8. Show and Tell Member

    well I got an answering machine when I called. Hopefully they will get back to me soon. I like collecting all these patterns then taking what I like from each one to build my own works.
  9. Show and Tell Member

    Buck... one thing I couldn't figure out was after you glued the 2 halves of tumbles hands together how did you shape the fingers so they were smooth? did you sand them or something ? or did you put material over them like a glove or something? I couldnt see them up close enough to make out how they turned out so smooth and defined. I thought the dowel rod idea was a pretty cool idea too. I've never made a rod arm puppet with anything stiff in the arms before. I'd always heard it wasnt a good idea so I never tried it. How is tumbles working for you? I know hes not done but I'm sure you tried him out mechanically.
  10. Show and Tell Member


    Um.... Buck I just called Puppets for Goodness Sake and the pattern you refered to costs $15 + shipping and the email address is puppets4gs@aol.com Sounds like a very nice company.I gave em your name. I like the sound of their puppet pattern. It has a foam lower jaw unlike the OWS pattern. That was one feature (among many) that I didn't really care for about the OWS pattern. I will order one this coming week and get it probably around the end of the following week they said. Thanks for the tip!:) If you call them at 1-888-300-1400 and ask them they will e-mail you their catalog. Too bad they don't have one posted on the web.
  11. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    This is what happens when you type fast. The email address is ineeded puppets4gs@aol.com. I did actually mean to quote $15 but the "1" got left out. Oops :o

    At least I typed the phone number correctly! And I didn't know Marlene had a catalog.

    FYI, the kit was about $35 Cdn (aprox. $25 US) last time I checked, but the price may have gone up since the US dollar has lost a lot of it's value in the past year. The best thing to do is call and verify prices.

    Honestly though, the pattern and the kits from PFGS are pretty good. I know a lot of people who have used them in workshops and were very pleased. The Armslength Kits are probably a little more advanced, but they also cost more and many MCers have waited months to get them since David P. makes them up by hand. PFGS' kit is good place to start.
  12. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    They end up smooth because you are gluing the sides of each half to the other. The foam at the edges of each half naturally press together and come out smooth. This only works with contact cement though. It won't turn out as nice with hot glue.
  13. Show and Tell Member

    OK I think I know what you mean. I'm giving it a shot. Gonna build a set of arms just like you showed in your tutorial tomarrow morning. I'd love very much for your constructive criticism when I post the picks if you dont mind and find the time. I'm also using the dowel rod arm thing you did too. Just bought all the materials I need to make 2 puppets tonight. Got my patterns cut and Im ready to go at it after a nights rest. This is my first attempt at a high(er) end puppet. I'm pretty excited!:excited: But I'm cool :cool:
    110 First Road West
    Stoney Creek, ON L8J 2S6
    905-573-6320 or toll free 1-888-300-1400
    CANADIAN PRICE LIST Effective January 1, 2003
    180 Puppet Making Kit, including material and pattern $37.00

    181 Puppet making pattern only $15.00

    182 Puppet making kit material only, without pattern $25.00

    183 Completed Workshop Kit puppet $60.00

  14. Show and Tell Member

    Just my preference but I have never used hot glue on a puppet. Thanks so much for the tips. I'm trying to find those doll joints that puppet planet posted on her web tutorial for removable rod arms also. If I can find em I will make a pocket in the hands and make them just like she did more or less.
  15. Ryan New Member

    I didn't seem to get your email..mind resending it?
  16. Buck-Beaver Active Member

    Basically it was just that the puppet kit went out Friday. Grey Seal should be sending the other stuff directly to you. I still have no T-shirts.
  17. Puppetplanet Member

    Doll joints can be found at Walmart, Michaels, Joanns Fabric, and you'll hit the jackpot if you can find a wholesale craft supply store nearby (they usually sell them in bulk). Also, some areas may have specialty stores specifically for doll making craft.

    Hope this helps!
  18. Show and Tell Member

    struck out at JoAnn Fabrics and Walmart but maybe I'll find em at A.C.Moore AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! The smell of contact cement..........Kinda makes ya feeeeeel funnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyy HEHEHEHEEH
  19. Show and Tell Member

    well I found them at A.C. Moore and I have one hand almost finished. I still have to put the fabric on but this is so much FUN!!!!!!!! I'm Lovin it! Great tips! I even made the little pockets and hot glued the doll joints after setting them to the right depth I super glued them so they wouldnt continue to close any tighter and then I hot glued them into the little pockets I made for each hand. Then I contact cemented the hands together which are lined with twisted 26 gauge wire and put the loops in the fingertips just as Buck and puppet planet said. Then cemented the edges of the fingers and hands so as to get that rounded look per Buck's instructions. the pocket is just sticking out of the bottom of the palm of the hand so I can sew or glue it to the rest of the fleece that will go on the hand. It's looking good so far. I'm so impressed. Did I mention I'm having a great time with this?:excited:
  20. Show and Tell Member

    I don't remember where the post was but someone had posted a link to a picture of their puppet and it was a OWS adapted deign, They stated something about not being able to figure out what it was that was being asked of them in the instructions. Just wanted to let everyone know that although there are parts to the pattern I didn't quite understand myself, I was able to call Keann Brown, the director of the construction zone at OWS and she walked me through the parts that I didn't feel were clearly illustrated. They are very friendly there.

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