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Our new show begins later today!

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by crazy chris, May 28, 2011.

  1. crazy chris

    crazy chris Well-Known Member

    We are soooooo excited to be performing our 5th production since opening in november! Our troop just seems to fuel each other creatively and it flows nicely into writing and producing new product for our fanbase!

    Our new show takes us on a vacation to HAWAII!... the first few minutes are an imagination induced plane ride...consisting of comical banter from our flight attendant and captain...and the inflight comedy stylings of ZUG the comedian!

    The rest of the show is a celebration of all things hawaii! An EXTRAVAGANZA INDEED!



  2. Gonzo's Hobbit

    Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    That sounds like fun Chris. Break a leg.
  3. crazy chris

    crazy chris Well-Known Member

  4. Gonzo's Hobbit

    Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    Nice pics. Wow, you've even got merchandising going on.
    That little girl is so cute.
  5. crazy chris

    crazy chris Well-Known Member

    hee hee yeah... i kept getting emails from mothers who begged us to come up with some sort of gabby toy because their kids wouldnt stop saying his name... some kids even slept with one of our flyers in their hands...LOLOL

    so kevin at lunaspuppets.com designed something affordable that he could do in mass quantities!...its great!

  6. crazy chris

    crazy chris Well-Known Member

  7. Gonzo's Hobbit

    Gonzo's Hobbit Well-Known Member

    That's just increduble. If I'm ever in West Virginia I gotta come check it out.
  8. crazy chris

    crazy chris Well-Known Member

    PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE DO! We would love to meet you in person!

    hee hee


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