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Palisades Muppets Trade/Sell

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by rhyseeelb, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. rhyseeelb

    rhyseeelb New Member

    Hello, Im looking to trade/sell some of my Palisades muppets collection. I have the following -
    2x Dr.Bunsen Honeydew
    3x Crazy Harry
    2x Gonzo the great w/cannon
    1x Lew Zealand
    1x Swedish Chef
    1x Muppet news man
    1x Clifford
    1x Rizzo
    1x Original Beaker
    1x Palisades 1 0f 100 Collectors club invisible Beaker
    1x Fozzie Bear
    1x Tuxedo Kermit
    1x Miss Piggy
    1x Gonzo in normal clothing
    1x Kermit the frog
    1x Koozbane Kermit
    1x Sam the eagle
    1x Scooter
    1x Animal

    1x Backstage Playset
    1x Electric Mayhem Stage
    1x Muppet Labs

    If you would like to trade please reply or message me
  2. RespcttheFett

    RespcttheFett New Member

    Is any of this still available?

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