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Part Puppet... Oscar/Bruno Costume

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by keithallison, May 7, 2009.

  1. keithallison

    keithallison New Member

    For the longest time, I searched for images and logos and whatnot related to Bruno and Oscar the grouch:grouchy: because I wanted to do a Halloween costume. I created it last year and am just now getting around to posting a pic. reference material is not entirely easy to come by... but I think I did alright. I was in a time crunch so the Oscar puppet doesn't look 100%... but is functional with a human arm. the garbage can is brand new and painted to look crappy. I made everything including the hat... you'd be surprised how difficult it is to find a baseball cap that big! I can post other pics... but they'll take awhile, I'm busy working on my 'big puppet project'...
    Bruno-Oscar Image

    thanks for looking!

  2. CoOKiE

    CoOKiE Member


    i did the same thing.. however i used a rain jacket instead of making one or buying a denium one.

    Really awsome.

    I made mine so that i could operate Oscar's head and arm, as well as operate Bruno's mouth. In this pic it doesn't look like you allowed for Bruno to talk.

    But yours bruno looks better then mine. I had never done something like this before and i thought it would be easy. the can was easier then making Bruno.

    Did you make Oscar yourself? :grouchy:
  3. keithallison

    keithallison New Member

    Hey Cookie... yes, I made oscar as well. I kow it's not close to the real oscar, but I think I made the entire costume in 4 days... including oscar. It got the point across, people knew that it was supposed to be oscar and nobody gave me grief over the eyebrows or anything!

    My bruno isn't setup to talk... looking at pics, I couldn't figure out in time how the original was done, so I made it non-functional. wouldn't matter if I could, I found the costume to be very strenuous on my body, the way that I had to hold the can and work the mouth / arm... I know that if I spent more time on it, I could have made it easier / better... there's always this next Halloween!

    btw... denim jacket... 3XL walmart, $12! I bought a second one at salvation army ($2.96) and cut it up to make the hat...
  4. bezalel

    bezalel New Member

    Hey Keith! Good to "see" ya.

    Looks great! Very nice likeness. It takes quite a lot to tackle a set-up like Bruno and Oscar. Looking forward to more...(ie. the "big puppet project") :)
  5. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    I wonder what Caroll Spinney would think of something like that. It looks good though. Great job. :)
  6. mr3urious

    mr3urious Well-Known Member

    Bruno looks so close to the real thing, it's scary! I really would love to see Caroll's reaction to this!
  7. keithallison

    keithallison New Member

    geez... thanks everyone! I'm thinking about making a video in the costume... maybe oscar singing 'I love trash' or something... not sure, but I don't want the costume to just sit and collect dust.
  8. Gerbert

    Gerbert Member

    Please. Do That. Thanks. What's Your Youtube Username That Is If You Have An Youtube Account.
    - Gerbert.
  9. keithallison

    keithallison New Member

    Gerbert... here's my youtube channel...

    Not sure everything on there is interesting, but I do have a puppet doc and a teaser for my big project.... love to hear your comments if you watch anything on there!
  10. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Hey, great work! I really like that! You should get invited to participate in your town's parade or something with that.
  11. Gerbert

    Gerbert Member

    Coolio. I Just Subscribed. Can You Make Copies Of Your Oscar Puppet And Sell It. If You Did Then That Will Be Awsome. Awsome Work.
    - Gerbert.
  12. keithallison

    keithallison New Member

    My Oscar honestly looks nothing like the REAL Oscar... and I'd never sell copies, not really my thing. Aside from the Oscar / Bruno, I couldn't see spending time building someone else's design - besides, I'm not really that great at it! I keep trying and improving but I don't think I could make a puppet good enough that anyone would buy.
  13. Vic Romano

    Vic Romano Active Member

    Very very cool! How do you see when you're in the costume?

    At the SS 40th Event, I think I remember Caroll saying that they looked in the storage area where they keep larger retired Muppets just a few years ago to discover the actual Bruno Muppet was severely deteriorated. He said it would cost something insane to rebuild a new and functional one like 10 or 20 thousand dollars!
  14. keithallison

    keithallison New Member

    VIC.. I'll try and post a pic later... it's kinda difficult to see out of, there are small holes next to the top of the nose... the tips of the hair blend in with the holes making them seamless -even up close. There are 2 small holes right above the lip / under the nose to help facilitate breathing... doesn't work though! If I had a fan mounted inside to blow through some strategically placed holes, it would be much more comfortable.
  15. Gerbert

    Gerbert Member

    Your Puppet Is And EXACT Beutiful Working Puppet. Also With The Eybrw Mechignisom Of Course Someone Would Buy It. By The Way Your Bruno Is Even Beutifiler Then The Costume/Full Bodied Muppet/Puppet/Costume. I Guess Someone Will Buy The Whole Thing! You Have An Talent keithallison. Whatever Price I/Someone Will Buy Anything You Make Any Price. I'm Serious. Maybe Try To See If You Can Improve Your Oscar PatterThat Is If You Use Them By Asking Keeermit ( Jarrod The Master Of Puppets ) For The Pattern He Used For His Oscar. Speaking Of That I'm Thinking OF dESIGNING a sIMPLE pEOPLE lIKE pUPPET aND hE bUILDS iT sENDS iT ETC. yOU kNOW tHE rEST. Sorry For The Caps Lock.
  16. keithallison

    keithallison New Member

    ok, finalyl got around to taking some detail shots as well as the logo I designed and applied- since I couldn't find Bruno's actual logo...

    bruno 1
    bruno 2
    bruno 3
    bruno 4
  17. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    That was impressive. Almost how I'd expect him to look if he was on Sesame Street Live. It's great that you figured out a wa to see with the head on. I've often wondered how Caroll Spinney could see while inside Bruno. I wonder if that's how he did see.

    Ever since I first read that the puppet wore out and would cost too much to rebuild, I've been a little amazed. I mean, his head is the only part of his body not covered in clothing. Couldn't they just build the head, and then buy some work clothes, and maybe somethign to stuff Bruno's arms with? The same basic thing was said in the tough pigs article about the 40th anniversary event, but I've been wondering this for years before the event. I'd be surprised if Caroll Spinney actually wore an orange Muppet body suit underneath the clothing.
  18. Sidebottom

    Sidebottom Member

  19. Sidebottom

    Sidebottom Member

  20. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    A behind-the-scenes photo of Caroll Spinney in part of the Bruno costume was recently posted at Muppet Wiki on the Bruno the Trashman page, and I THINKI saw some holes near his eyebrows in that photo. I'm not sure, but it looks like you may have figured it out (unless of course you already knew) how to see with that mask on.

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