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Piggy Gone?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by FraggleFrick, Apr 22, 2016.

  1. FraggleFrick

    FraggleFrick Well-Known Member

    Chapter One
    Piggy stared down at her desk. She didn't have a thought in mind, except for her loneliness. She sighed, looking at a picture of Muppet Show days. She missed the fun of performing, flirting with Kermit, and the fans. She raced to Fozzie's office, at her wit's end. The odd bear was playing with his old comedy props. Piggy sat down with an attitude no one had ever seen in the feisty pig. She had a gloomy frown, and she seemed deeply troubled. Fozzie peered up from his rubber chicken, confused at Piggy's visit. "Hello Piggy! Did ya hear about the..." He realized she was feeling sad. "What's the matter, Piggy?" he whispered. She looked up. "I miss the old days. I miss when we were young." she sniffled. Fozzie cleared his throat. "Well... it may be true the old days are long gone, but we're still the same old buddies!" he chuckled. Piggy's cheeks flushed red. "Not to me, Fozzie." she cried angrily. She trudged out the door, leaving Fozzie in great confusion. She packed up her best belongings, and she walked out the door. She was done with Kermit. She was done with The Muppets. As she walked along, she started feeling a turning back motion to the studio. But she kept on. She felt melancholy the whole time, but she kept going. When she reached an office, she immediately went inside. A heavy man peered through his glasses. "Dr. Flutesnoot, we gotta pig to see you." The man opened the door. An irritated man looked at Piggy. "Here's the deal. You make toy slingshots, you make 3 bucks a day, you start tomorrow." he smiled, but not friendly. Piggy was surprised by the man's quickness, but she just shrugged and looked for a hotel. Meanwhile, Kermit was out playing golf with Dr. Teeth. Kermit looked down at his watch. "Looks like time to go." he said. They packed up their cart, and drove back to the studio. They were greeted by the rest of the Muppets searching for something or someone. Kermit laughed nervously. "What's going on, guys?" Scooter gulped. "Uh, Kermit? Piggy's not here."

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