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Play, My Harmonica- 2: Saving the Geewiliker

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Effralyo, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Effralyo Active Member

    Hehe, I just can`t sit calmly and wait when the inspiration will stike again,- I hurry to write when it`s strong! And decided that it will be easier to work at the two fanfics at once - switching them judging the inspiration level. Besides, I can`t just live a day without PMH since got used to it darn much, so here`s its sequel!
    PLAY, MY HARMONICA-2: Saving the Geewiliker
    Chapter 1 - Back to the Muppet House!
    "Mummy, we`re coming!..", resounded from a farther hill.
    Nancy Regard sighed with relief, getting back up from the cauldron of sugar syrup. In the kitchen window she saw Beauregard and Clifford walking towards the house - they were both carrying two basketfuls of apples each, and a second later Nancy saw Effralyo the Geewiliker near them - the four baskets of apples were floating in the air behind him.
    "Oh ny!..", the clumsworthess exclaimed as they reached the house. "Oh you my little helpers!.. C`mon, it`s dinner time!.. And where`s Dad?"
    "He takes away the rest!", Beau replied under pant, standing his baskets on the ground. "He`ll be later.. P`haps in a half of a hour.."
    "Okay, sonnyboy. Now, all go to wash your hands - and to the table!", Mrs. Regard smiled, patting her son on the shoulder.
    "Pheew! Sorry, Mrs. Regard, I took as many as I could!", Effralyo apologised. "Mr. Regard said, I can take four, and..."
    "Four?.. Such a little one and took so many?..", Nancy laughed. "Ah, you my little helper!.."
    She cuddled the little spirit tightly and kissed him in the nose. And Eff, being literally bulged with glad, rushed to wash hands too.
    ...Does anyone know something better than a good tea-drinking in Raenbu, - no, not just a tea party, but a huge tea party, with donuts, scones, cream and purple apple jam?!.. Nancy Regard knew that Effralyo won`t reach the table with his height - so she sat him on a plie of pillows. Beautingleroth Regard, who at last also came back, was now resting, holding a cup of tea ( darn, and what did Nancy only add in it, from which the fur does literally rise and warmth pierces all body?..) and sometimes handling his beard... Clifford, slightly trembling from excitement, kept stiring his tea. Beauregard himself in a couple of seconds had devoured quite a heap of donuts with jam. And Nancy, who will ahve been brewing more jam later, was looking at her beloved family a bit under pity: tomorrow, Beau, Clifford and Eff had to return back in Muppet House. Yes, sir! Tomorrow the month of Cliford`s vacation comes to end. And since people need also Beau, he has to go too; and the geewiliker has to go just since he can`t leave alone his "Gardylardy" he got used to so much.
    "Uuummm!..", Cliff groaned in delight, savoring the jam. "Gooosh!.. Finger-licking good!..."
    "Haha, unlike that stew you used to be stuffed in the orphanage!..", Beautingleroth laughed.
    "True", the pink muppet nodded. "And almost always it was spaghetti! Yuck... You sit to a table and do already know that it`ll be again spaghetti. And suck it up from the plate - so!"
    "How horrible!..", Nancy said with sympathise.
    "Aha. Every day`s the same! That`s why I just can`t take even a single calm look at the spaghetti..." - Clifford lightly shook his head to get rid of the bad memories. - "And after it I`m as if in the heaven!.. Thank you Mum!"
    "Purple apples are all good in this year, and the striped ones haven`t even mature enough yet", Mr. Regard said. "Just think, hardly got the five trees and still ahrvested none! Isn`t it mean?.."
    "And what are they to taste?", Cliff asked with interest ,which made the old clumsworth sigh ahppily and take a dreamy look:
    "Darn delicious, my boy, darn delicious...."
    "Interesting, do they miss us?", Beauregard asked.
    "And why, howcha`think, we do recieve letters in batches every day?..", Clifford shrugged. "Ah, yes, and forgot to say -I didn`t open an one yet, that one from Mil.."
    Cliff cut himself and only winked to the clumsworth:
    "...from M-i-l-e-s a-w-a-y f-r-o-m h-e-r-e place."
    "And Gonzo promised to teach me being a cannonball", Effralyo recalled.
    ......Yes, how fast do the time run... The time Clifford had spent here was seeming to him the heaven indeed. He was now even laughing, recalling his old orphanage. And even though he had to leave Raenbu soon, the pink muppet knew that now can anytime hope: his family will definitely help.
    The dinner - the "goodbye feast" - had at last ended, and our three friends came all upstairs to Cliff`s room : it had the biggest window - just what`s need to admire the sunsets.
    And when the sky became of the same color as it was when they were riding on the magic bike, Beauregard asked the echo dwarf:
    "And d`you remember, Effy, that Mum wrote me once that the most dangerous thing for you is being captured and making you a servant to badness?"
    Effralyo giggled, slightly rubbing his cheek against the clumsworth`s side:
    "Ha! Till the cows come home, Gardylardy!.."
    "But what if.."
    "Nonsense! Just think, who needs a geewiliker? Well.... except lookalike magic critters?.."
    Beauregard agreed, yet cuddling the spirit in anxiety:
    "I dunno, Effy, I just asked.. Never mind."
    And continued to look at the last - in t h i s year - sunset in his motherland, yet with a little worrying chill in the heart.
    (End of Chapter 1)
  2. Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 2 - Returned
    Early next morning, as they decided before, Effralyo again magicked up a rainbow - the way back from Raenbu.
    A couple of districts to pass by, and here it is - Muppet House. And Sweetums stands near.
    "Sweetie!", Eff yelled. "We`re baaaaaaaaack!.."
    'What?.. gosh, it`s true?.. Fralyo?!"- The monster saw all the friends walking to the house, and hurried to take their suitcases and a small basket( Nancy decided to send several apples fromher garden.) - "What`s new in Raenbu, Bo? Cliff, how are you? took a rest from the spaghetti?.. Eff, and you`ve been missed tons and gallons!.."
    "C`mon, Sweetie, wait!" -Clifford laughed, entering at last the house. "We`ll tell it, I promise,but..."
    The friends all winced from a sudden choir yell, but the sight they saw next moment astonished them. The whole Muppet House was decorated as if to someone`s birthday! "Welcome back home",- the gigantic bright sign said. And an one of Swedish Chef`s masterpieces - a huge four-layered cake - right in the center of the living-room. And - well, certainly! - the colorful Muppet Crowd!
    "Why can`t we celebrate your returning?", Rowlf said. "My congrats!"
    "Like, I`m darn glad to see ya back, fer sure", Janice greeted in her usual manner. "Look, and Bo still didn`t slim!"
    "I`ll even prove it", Effralyo winked. "Will you let me, Gardylardy?"
    Beauregard sighed with a shrug - "go ahead",- and the geewiliker, from the other end of the room,..... rushed forward and - SBOWWWWWWWWWWWWNNNNNNN!!!!.... - Certainly, knocked the janitor off, and shown a thumb up to the rest, who all started to giggle.
    "See?", Effralyo asked. "My head`s okay! Ahh, our Gardylardy`s an amortisator for all seasons!.."
    "...Which can tear one day from anotherr alike headbutt!", Gard moaned under a grimace and got up. - "I`m not an iron clumsworth, Effy, easier!.."
    And everyone couldn`t help but burst with laugh. What to do, if Effralyo will be Effralyo?..

  3. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Wow. I might say that this one is better than the first!

    Certainly, the images rush around us, whirlign in our heads like a mighty colored whirwind of laughter. Certainly, the purple and striped apples are perfectly what you would find in Reanbu. And certainly Effy calling, Sweetums, "Sweetie" was awesome! And cute!

    And certainly if I don't read more soon I may bust!

  4. Effralyo Active Member

    *Screams like that lady in part 1*Ah, he bursts!..Oooh!... SLIII-IME!......
    Hehe, joke! But look what will be next!....
    ..To the common amazement, Nancy`s purple apples even enlarged till watermelon size when the Muppets were having a "greeting meal", so there was plenty for everyone. And it was nothing that sergeant Floyd accidentally splashed Tobasco sauce in his coffee and had to cough for two hours as he sipped it,- the main thing was that life in Muppet house since this day will go as usually.... well, not as SO usually,-if recall that the famous director, Stangor Glorio, made Beauregard a stage star... And if recall that Effralyo was drawing like a magnet luck to the house constantly, being its spirit guard.
    A hour afterwards, as the another feast had ended, Beau decided to visit his good acquaintance, Quentin Tronx, the artist. It could be curious to look what had he painted new after that Beau-monde.
    "I`d better wat a bit if I were you", Fralyo frown, as Gard told it to him. "I`m not a prophet, but something tells me that you must be careful today, Gardylardy..."
    'Keep off what?.." ,the janitor chuckled. "I say, Effy, after that show no one will even dare to harm me or anyone of you. Besided, I`ll spent not a century, but just a couple of hours at Quentin`s! Well? Will any scary thing happen in such a short time?.."
    "I dunno..", Effralyo said seriously. "I still doubt.."
    "Well, then sit at home all day long, you couch potato!", Beau joked."Or arrive to the hotel after me.."
    He said goodbye to the little spirit and went out.
  5. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    "Sergeant Floyd accidentally splashed Tobasco sauce in his coffee..."


    I can totally see that happening!
  6. Effralyo Active Member

    No, everything in the city was looking, as ever, friendly, and our genial harmonist couldn`t understand why did Effralyo scare so darn much. Who knows, it can probably be an one of tricks up Eff`s sleeve, and, p`haps, when Beau will come back, Effy will exclaim,"And that was a joke!.. That was a joke! Huhahahahahahahahahahhahaha!..." - or something like that.
    He was walking along the city center, thinking of Mildred for some reason. Ndah, he must give a little present to her. Ndah, definitely must.... But what to choose?... A book? -but she has already lots of! A bouquet? Too simply... A box of chocolate cand...um, no, he`ll sweep them himself while getting home... Two tickets to the theatre?.. But - snacking on popcorn when a lady sits near will look pretty odd....Though... And what if ask Quentin to paint her portrait?..
    Thinking so, Beauregard stopped by a boutique and scratched head. Those thoughts of yummies made something tell him that there stayed a bit of room for a good French fries portion (and it after those five cake slices and who-knows-how-many-crackers!), and he nearly turned to a nearby McDonalds, but next second heard,
    "Jewelry!.. Fine jewelry!.. Who needs jewelry!.."
    To the salesman in a small yellow tent was already hurrying lots of people. Hardly Beau managed to think of something else, as was also squashed by the crowd and had already no choice except taking a look too. Besides, a chance to give Milly something expensive can be a good chance to be a real gentleman in her eyes. It was even weird -how didn`t he guess about it before.
    (End of Chapter 2)
  7. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Gardy and Milly! Yey!!!
  8. Effralyo Active Member

    Buuuut yooooou dooon`t knooooow whaaat`s neeeeeeeeext!.....

    Chapter 3. A Dangerous Gift

    "This way, sir! Just for you, sir!.. This way!.." - the salesman hailed Beau, and when the clumsworth reached the showcase, literally opked to him a big gold spider necklace.- "Just what you need, sir!.. The last one in the whole wide world; looks delicious with any shirt!...You can try it on right now and just won`t want to take off anymore! You`ll not pity if will buy it, sir!.."
    "Okay, okay! I do!..", Gard laughed, being actually touched by such an attention. And the strange necklace was bought in a second.
    Weird, but the crowd also vanished pretty quickly as he bought it. But the clumsworth hadn`t time to think why that. He continued his way to the hotel.
    But if Beau could only see what did that "salesman" do as he was gone!..
    The yellow tent disappeared as fast as it appeared, and its owner, quickly changing his look to reel, walked towards the Muppet house.
    ...Effralyo was on the terace, still waiting for his large fluffy pal. A certain scratch in mind kept bothering him.
    "Something`s wrong with Gardy."
    The little spirit looked at the farther corner of the alley. nohing even weakly reminding a familiar clumsy figure.
    "Cliff", he hailed, "did Gardy ring you now?"
    "Nope", Clifford responsed from the tree hut. "I wonder myself what`s up with him."
    Effralyo nodded and kept watching.
    At last a known white cap glimpsed in there. and the dreads... Certainly, certainly, it`s he!.....
    "GARDYLARDY CAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAME!!!!!!!!!!!", he yelled in glad and, as ever. rushed to the stranger.
    And in the last moment, when the dwarf was ready to jump in his hands, "Beauregard" suddenly thrown away the cap with fake dreads on it, turning into a human with an evil grin, snatched Eff and hissed,
    "That`ssss the tiiime I`ve gooot you, Geewiliiker..."
    (TBC:cry: )
  9. Beauregard Well-Known Member

  10. Effralyo Active Member

    Beau stopped at the big glass showcase with a mirror. He couldn`t wait to look how will his gift suit Mildred, and...-what do you think?- ... put it on himself...
    Everything disappeared in weird mauve fog, and when it dispersed, he found out that the world around became all merry and pink!..
    He felt a powerful flood of joy; it was seeming that people, the signs, the shops, the bills, mailboxes...even the telegraph poles - are proclaiming only "HELLO BEAU!" The janitor laughed, and his laughter started to echo everywhere, and was reflecting in everything. As if trillions of smiles appeared around and whirlwinded him.
    Suddenly he saw a certain man holding Effralyo.
    "Effy!..", Gard exclaimed, walking to them. "Eff!.. Hahaha... Effy!.."

    The dwarf was furiously trying to get free from the horrible man as he could, when, luckily, he saw....
    Goodness gracious, what a grasp... But... *gasp* why...*gulp* doesn`t...*hoarse* Beau...help?.....
    Only stands and laughs like crazy....
    (Gosh, hahaha, they`re playing?.. A second else, and I can burst with laugh!.. heeeeheeeeeee..never had seen Effy making such mines!.. Heeeeeeeheeeee...)
    "GAAAAAARDYYYYY!... Help!.... GAAAAAARD!!!!!!"
    (Oh my, how darn funny!...)
    That last ....EEEEEEEEEEEEE!.... was so heartbreaking that would make cry even the stones. Effralyo felt that can`t struggle any more. The weird stranger managed to tie him hand and feet. And Beauregard, who was under charm of the necklace, thought that it`s all a fancy show, and kept laughing, without spying himself that the real bitter tears flow down his face under his fake laughter. It made him kneel and nearly faint. From a side someone might think that Beau does gloating over, but it was a random, yet mighty power.
    And though Fralyo guessed about it, it was already too alte. He managed to recognize himself for a minute and saw a syringe sticking out of his shoulder...
    And then all got dark and quiet.
    Effralyo moved no longer.
    By the time it was done, Beauregard felt how does the fake laughter - and the pink "veil"- slowly goes out, and when it had ended, he found out that almost lies on the pavement, his eyes terribly hurt, and the necklace spider turned long ago in a real spider and ran away, spilling to gold dust.
    The echo dwarf had vanished somewhere -along with that crazy stranger.
    "That was a vision", Beau tried to comfort himself. "A silly scary vision... I`ll better go back home... Ndah.... Perhaps Effy`s waiting for me.... And nothing happened... and...."
    The clumsworth pulled the cap visor to hide his hurt eyes and moved back home.
    (End of Chapter 3)
  11. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oh my...oh my gosh...oh my gosh my gosh my gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Effralyo Active Member

    (See ya Gardee... Darn that time limit!... :cry: Let me hug ya! Bye!..)
  13. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    <eyes pop out of head>


    Effralyo, I'm completely spell bound by this! MORE! PLEASE MORE! Please, you have my heart doing back-flips!!!!!
  14. Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 4 - "Who broke you?.."
    Hardly Clifford spied his friend returning back and looking innormally awful, he quickly pulled Beau in the hut on the tree and whispered with anger:
    "And while you were hanging around somewhere, someone in your cap came here and kidnapped Eff!.."
    "I already know", the clumsworth said sadly. "And the most terrible thing is that I even couldn`t save him... though could... Had a chance.."
    ...And after listening to the story of the terrible event Cliff started to pinch his goatee in awe.
    "The necklace..the necklace... Bo, just don`t think that I blame you, I know you were under charm, but.. why does it seem to me that I do know that guy?.."
    "I know only one", Beauregard said. "Effy was gone.And do you know what does it mean?"
    Cliff shook his mop of hair.
    "Exactly! That`s why it does scare so much..."
    "Psssst!..Guys?.. Are you here?"
    The manhole in the hut floor had opened, and both muppets gazed in shock at...a known yellow head.
    "Pooh, Scooter!..", Clifford exclaimed slapping his knees. "You`d better warn before getting`ere!"
    "But there wasn`t any conditions about the password", Scooter said. "Say the truth, what`s up?.."
    "And are you alone?", Beau asked.
    ""No, with Robin... He`s waiting now down here!"
    "Say him to climb too, and quick", Clifford nodded, helping Scooter to get up ;the froglet got thru the manhole next.
    "Say, is it true that our geewiliker was gone?", Robin asked, looking in Gard`s eyes.
    "Yes, tell us please!", the yellow muppet suggested.
    The clumsworth felt nearly more awful than before.
    "Now then, kids", he hardly said, as if got a mouth like sandpaper."Yes.. Effy had been ki...captured today. And I nearly had been killed by a mean jeweller. And now we moan our geewiliker."
    "That`s why you keep hiding here?", Scooter asked.
    "And we`d like to show you something", Robin whispered. "In the gooseberry bushes behind our house."
  15. Effralyo Active Member

    ..Beau straight away spied something bright and small lying on the ground.

    "Effy!..", he cried. "Effy..Why don`t you jump?.. Who broke you?!..."
    He kneeled to there and picked up.... Raggedy Effralyo.
    "So there..."
    He looked at the ex-spirit closer.
    Unless the lovable, known to every muppet smile stayed on the dwarf`s face, Beauregard couldn`t feel his heart pinching again. A little time before it was a living fancy creature, who could make miracles, hop on your shoulder, cheer up when you`re sad. It was a real Geewiliker. And now it`s merely a ragdoll... Still squashy, still funny, but static and mute.
    "That`s..." - Clifford gasped.
    "Look what had they done!..."
    Cliff pointed at Effralyo`s right shoulder - it was lightly torn. And from under the orange plush was visable....ah, goodness! - cotton!..
    The pink muppet groaned, squeezing his fists.
    "I`ll...n-never....forgive it. Whoever it was. Fancy that, Bo!.. And you too... You know what have they done?.. Stolen his magic at all... Til the last drop!.. Can you hear?!.."

    They decided not to bury him.
    Effralyo was now sitting under the tree hut, with stretched out legs, and his eyes were still seeming real. As if the geewiliker simply sat to take a rest under the tree and dream. But the more Beau looked at him the more thought - the real Effy never sits like this. Never. He`s too energethic for it. Gard already got used to feel the dwarf sitting on his shoulders like a parrot, and constantly rattling something.
    The sad music started to sound in the clumsworth`s mind. Beauregard amazed, and then recognised that sings.

    Am Am
    What to do,
    Am Dm
    If today I suddenly
    Dm G
    Let you die,
    C Am E
    While was under charm myself,
    Am Am
    Took away
    Am Dm
    Luck and joy from our house,-
    E E
    What to do,
    E Am
    Who can say and forgive me now?...
    That`s my fault,
    That`s my fail for all my life,
    Only thing
    I`ll never forget myself;
    Give a sign,
    Say a word, move an inch, we beg,
    If you can,
    And don`t want stay a raggedy...
    Sparklet went now out,
    Tears do flow,
    G C
    You`re all stiff from top till toe,
    Sparklet went now out,
    Hard to know,
    E Am
    Hard to bear and endure that woe.
    Trust me, Fralyo,
    I didn`t want
    Harm you even a bit,
    Beg you, live,
    Hope you can understand
    And forgive,
    While I`m staying in here
    And believe.
    (End of Chapter 4)
  16. Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 5 - The House That Lost Its Warmth

    "Mommy, it`s me, Beau, and I gotta tell you something really awful. Our Effy isn`t a creature we knew yet. A jeweller turned him into a ragdoll, charming me up before. You even can`t inagime how had I been fooled - and just because wanted to visit Quentin.
    Mum, if you can, tell us what to do now... I know, the Muppet House had been existing a long time before I met Effy, but now no one of us can imagine it without him. I don`t know why had he been emptied like that, I just know that we possibly never will be as jolly as we were before Effy`s end. Something changed. Can`t say what, but feel it. Goodbye.
    Love and hope to better.
    It got almost dark. Clifford was still in the tree hut, watching Gard writing something in his room thru the window. He felt a bit cold and light headache.
    "Ten thousands worse than orphanage", he sighed."..Coff..cofff, coff, kck! Kff! Coff!.."
    No doubt - he caught cold already. Certainly, and what else to expect when you stick here all day long without a sweater... The pink muppet got down and went into the house.
    "Can I make you a cup o` chicken soup, Cliff?", Gonzo asked. "You look sick..."
    "Ah? Later... kff! Kff! Not now..."
    Clifford walked upstairs and shut the door of his room. He forgot to make his bed since the morning, and now, as he was dressed, slumped on it and poked his face into the pillow. No one to talk with, no one to share woe.
    Cliff spied short orange hairs on the pillow and recalledd how, way long ago, he used to make up a featherbed for Effralyo. And how the spirit used to awake him - with a tickle spell!.. And now the lonesome pink muppet sprawled across the unmade bed, keeping freezing.
    "Bbbbrrrrr....Darn cold..kf!"
    He put on the orange sweater, Nancy`s gift, and felt a little better.
    Knock, knock...
    "Cliff? Can I come in?.."
    "Bo, is that you?.. Sure.."
    "Had just been writing home", Beauregard explained, entering the room.
    Clifford nodded, sitting closer to the fireplace. Beau with his fur wasn`t freezing, but joined him.
  17. Effralyo Active Member

    .."Piggy, don`t even think to make a newsflash out of it", Kermit warned. "It`s dangerous! Today - Effralyo. Tomorrow, let`s assume,- Gonzo. Then Fozzie. And etc.etc.etc.etc. Do you understand at all what`s going on?.."
    "But I don`t see anything bad in it, Kermie! I.... If you wanna know, I just want to help you in searching for that villain! And draw to this deed everyone!.."
    "I doubt that they`ll raise an alarm just for a pathetic geewiliker", Uncle Deadly frown, folding his arms.
    "Not "a pathetic", but "our lovable!", Gonzo corrected.
    "I mean in their eyes", Deadly said.
    "True", Kermit suggested. "But that event could be spied anyway. If we`ll have to make a newsflash, we`ll do, but it will be the last way. Now we must only watch and wait."

    ..."Have you heard?", Statler turned to Waldorf. - "Effralyo`s gone.."
    "Why gone, when he`s sitting in the garden?.."
    "His magic was stolen -that`s why. Can`t you see he`s a ragdoll now?"
    "Ahh, that`s that.." -Nods with sympathize. - "Sniff.."

    ..."No, Beaker, no one of formulas will work here. Too hard event. It` s good that the spirits are all immortal, but does it relate to the toys?"
    "Meeep! Meep, memeeep, mep!"

    ...Swedish Chef looked at the oven-wrecklings and sighed (translate from BorkBork):
    "And Effy did it always well, clicked his fingers, and - voila.."

    ..."Got stuck!", Rizzo grumbled, trying to open a jar or peanut butter. - "Eff!.. Eff, where on earth are you?.."
    "Stop it, pal, okay", - Pepe responsed gloomily. - "Don`t you know he`s dead?"
  18. Effralyo Active Member

    Quentin rung Beauregard up himself in the evening.
    "You know, bo, I`ve heard a certain scream today in a district fron our hotel... Did something bad happen with Effy?."
    And as the clumsworth told him, the artist signed: "Ndaah... You never know how the destiny will turn..."
    "I say, Quentin, if you`ll meet Stangor today, tell it to him and add that we needn`t a newsflash awhile. Yes, Kermit asked me for it! Thanks. Bye!"
    He hung on and saw that it`s raining outside.
    "I`ll better go and take him home before he get wet", Beau said to himself and went out.
    "C`mon, Effy..."
    The raggedy spirit actually wasn`t so different from his living self. And while Gard was carrying him, it even seemed to him that Effralyo got a bit warm. Though Beauregard knew that it`s only his own warmth....
    But, as he always did, he wrapped the poor Fralyo in his plaid shirt, putting him near the pillow, and curled up under the blanket himself.
    Welll... If there isn`t yet a way to return you the lost power, I`ll still love you. No matter, whether a toy or not. Nothing will bother me. And I do believe, one day the luck will return to our home too... Wait with dying, Effy, wait with leaving.
    Beau`s hand touched the dwarf`s moustache last time and rested on the sheet.
    "Night, Effy..."
    (End of chapter 5)
    (...and where on earth did Gard stuck again when he`s darn need... :) )
  19. TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    Oh, Effralyo, it's so beautifully written! You made me cry! Oh... Please, tell me more, please...
  20. Effralyo Active Member

    (Wait a bit, I`m just waiting now for an one important detail and will continue when will know it.)

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