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Play, My Harmonica- 2: Saving the Geewiliker

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Effralyo, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    (True, but I still think...:p Ok, ok, I give in :p)

    Posted at teh same time..and...waht a post!!!

    Can it be...is it she??? Or am I wrong!!! Oh, what if I am right!!!
  2. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Beauhoth, being afraid even to breath, huddled the "jewel" to his heart.
    "Okay", he expired. "Okay.
    Heart that was dreaming for ages, I call you,
    Call you, awake, and return now to Raenbu,
    Beg you, became who you were before poison,
    Warm you, while holding, and light you,while crying."

    At the same moment the "jewel" as if explored in his hands. Our friends straight away screwed up their eyes -the light flash was too bright to bear. ​

    But what a sight was infront of them when they opened eyes again!...

    The clumsworthess.. And what a clumsworthess!... Beauhoth moaned looking at Ginger... She was looking just like in the day of Beautingleroth`s birth. The same dress. The same tender smile. Eyes like forget-me-nots. She stretched out her hands to embrace the king.

    "The Queen returned!" - Obeira exclaimed. - "Vivat the Queen!"
    "G-Grandma!..", Beauregard acked. "Whoa!.."

    Bye till tomorrow, Gard, wait for me with the end already of the STORY! And send me one day a photo of your Beau when will get him. As a greeting. :) >Hug< :snore:
  3. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member


    *gets up*

    *colapeses again*
  4. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    ..Merrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrely???????????????????...............:) Ha, look what`s next!..

    ..Everybody, and especially Effralyo, who had endured the similar thing, were staring at the Clumsworth Queen with a silent delight.
    "Ah..", she pronounced with slight astonishment. "Can`t believe that I`m home!.."

    "You certainly are, honey", Beauhoth smiled.
    "And already absolutely safe", Obeira added. - "Be sure, no one will insult you.."
    "Yes..", Ginger agreed. - "I remember it."
    "But how had it happened, honey?", the Clumsworth King tenderly asked.
    And, as Clifford offered Nancy Gnger his chair, she started to tell.

    "You perhaps remember the day when she firstly came to our castle? Such an innocently looking pink clumsworthess, dressed as a seamstress... Certainly, I even had no idea who she really was.. Certainly.. And I`m very sorry for it now.

    That witch captured my mind... It was painful,- no, it was just terrible, but I was afraid to open it, share with anyone, because she threated that her charms will spread on everyone who will know it besides me.

    I was silent all the time after Beautingly was born: she threated to kill him if I`ll say... (Beautingleroth screamed hearing this.) You didn`t know, honey, how hard was living with this and bear... but I had to - for Beautingly, for Raenbu`s sake, for..you."

    Our friends rustled something in sympathy, while she went on:

    "Nancy wasn`t need me, she just used me as a shield.. And at that very day I absolutely lost my head and was finally ready to all that only will help to defeat her, she stolen my life.."

    "..prisoning it into a jewel?..", Beautingleroth exclaimed. "Gosh, Mum.."

    Nancy Ginger winced, glancing at him. So this is her son, her Beautingly?.. But why.. and where...?.... He looks so old.... How amny years could pass if he already looks so, and how many years had she spent sleeping?..
  5. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    The Muppets are really immortal.

    Even if an one of them stops their life, it absolutely doesn`t mean that they die.

    There always is a way to revive them. Always.

    But Miss Nancy wasn`t a clumsworth, even wasn`t a Muppet, just a polymorph witch. And that`s why, when the Great Flood of the Time nearly had destroyed Raenbu, she died and couldn`t revive as any muppet.

    Who could know what her real appearance was?.. Already no one. Perhaps she forgot it herself...

    And the reason why had she got in Raenbu at all was certainly that the clumsworths were too gullible. Miss Nancy even was amazed to it: they could easily trust to any her lie...

    But, luckily for them, the day came when she accidentally ahd punished herself...

    Beautingleroth was thinking about this all, looking at his mother,found already after so many years.

    "Sonnyboy, goldy", she turned to him. "Don`t blame yourself. Mother always will identify her child, however could he look..."
  6. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Obeira might cry from glad, but, certainly, she couldn`t.She only sighed, watching already second time for a day the meeting of mother and son. But at the next moment the dratcherelle was just overwhelmed herself, because nearly the whole clumsworth family hung on her. Beauhoth, Beautingleroth, Nancy Ginger, Nancy Regard, Beaureg... no, he was in the chair, watching this all from the side...
    "So that means I`ve got a Grandma too today?!", Clifford excalimed. - golly!.. golly, golly, golly!..."
    "I`m happy", Beau sobbed from beneath a hanky. -"I`m just so happy!.."
  7. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    It was a literal chain of happiness this evening... Just judge yourself, how many events had caused merely a small geewiliker, who wanted one day to help a lonely clumsworth... And how Beauregard was glad that his family had restored at last; Clifford - that had got a real family he had been dreaming about for ages; the Muppets - because they were the eye-witnesses of this; Quentin - that got another charge of inspiration; Zeliboba- that had got another best friend; Obeira - that managed to take at least a short vacation from her royal self...

    ...and far far away from Raenbu, somewhere, Matt was looking at the first stars, being glad too, unable to let go of his large plush clumsee even for an hour. Though mother didn`t trust that Beau had swallowed him, the boy was still happy, and now was thinking of the real Beauregard, hugging the plush one.

    Couldn`t fall asleep Ferralyo, as he met his son. The old geewiliker nearly upsetted the whole wood with his charms.

    What to do, if glad, being sent on the circle, always comes around the world and returns to the one who let it go? That`s a law of life. And for the muppets it is even ten times more true.. Pity that the humans haven`t learn it till the end yet.

    And somehow that quiet tea-drinking in the castle turned into the feast. Not so big, certainly - the celebration of Ginger`s returning Beauhoth planned on tomorrow. But just what was worth a royal persons. It even wasn`t so matter that it was dark already outside. The Sleep seemed to be long enough both for a good feast and for bedtime.

    Only when the first stars lighted up in the sky, Queen Obeira left the castle. She was need her folk. And, besides, was need to share the joy with them.

    The good lovely old time returned to Raenbu. No, not that time which nearly unleashed once,- just the days when the sacred Wooden Hearts, the Tree of Clan, everyting that was preciable, was safe, and near the residents of Clumsburg dwelled their sky-blue, kind and loveable spirit neighbors. And not only they. Absolutely all the inhabitants of Zelirangoo Dale.

    And perhaps, yet sleeping in their huts, the clumsworths were just recognising it all now.
    (End of Chapter 29, but not of the STORY!)
  8. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter, hehe, 30, hehe- Show`er A Wonder!

    ..."And now Cliffy will go bye-byes. Goodnight, sonnyboy." - Nancy Regard kissed Clifford in a moustache and went out, taking the candle with her.

    Clifford sniffed something from beneath his silk blanket, took off his glasses and put them on the nearby chair.
    It was his first night in a real royal castle. A good chance to sprawl on a real featherbed - golly, what do you say, the orphanage apologise for a matress is nothing to compare! No, sir!.. - and think again about the life.
    That "Cliffy will go bye-byes" touched him deep down for some reason, and prehaps from it Clifford`s eyes teared. Luckily, it wasn`t noticable in the dark.
    He licked his moustache, on which left the crumbs and scent of that cake, and hardly recognised that falls already asleep.
    ..So deeply that didn`t hear the steps beyond the door.
  9. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    ...Mildred followed her brown "guide", who led her to the bank of the orange pond behind the castle. Actually, now it was seeming rather deep blue in the dark.
    "And the stars are visable here", Beauregard whispered. "Only the moon hides."
    "Yes...", the librarian nodded, admiring the sleeping kingdom.
    They couldn`t let go of the hands of each other, keeping just looking in each other`s eyes, trying to find in there something else that could open, explain, tell about their souls. Beau felt nearly more awkwardly than on the Fancy Dress Ball last night. Not because he was ashame of himself - it already wasn`t reason for it,- but because every time he glanced at Mildred the words were gone. Perhaps because they weren`t need here.And she could clearly see in the poor blue eyes that he suffers from it, but still cannot deal with it...

    Certain light, like from the moon, fell on Mildred, uncurling her short curly hair and making it longer and more straight. She fell that a flower wreath appeared on her head. And her look became milder than ever.
    "What`s going on?..", she amazed, looking into the lake surface.
    "I....I don`t know..", Beauregard confused. - "Perhaps Raenbu gives you a gift... itself..."
    And Beau decided to tell all fair.
    "Milly", he whispered. "Excuse me."
    "Because it all began from my single wish. We might needn`t save Effralyo, he could be safe, and the other Muppets could be safe and hadn`t to shuffle god knows where... if I didn`t want to buy you something as a present that day. Trust me... I had no idea that the necklace I choosed will be cursed!.."

    Mildred didn`t spy herself how smiled. She understood now all. So that`s what Beauregard was keeping so long from her...
    She gave him a tight hug under whisper:
    "Poor child.... Certainly I excuse... Certainly I do, my dear child."
  10. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    He either sobbed, or sighed - she didn`t get on, but continued:
    "But look what have you really done, Beau. Just think. Saved the three lands at once. Certainly, not without the friends` help. Swallowed perhaps the most dangerous outlaw in the world. Isn`t it worth of a single glance of a lady you have been dreaming for ages of?"..
    Beau didn`t answer.
    But only nodded.

    You stand with her, and can`t let go
    Her hand,
    Can`t say a word, while being charmed
    So much.
    You flush the leavings of your worrying woe,
    Flame from only touch.
    What can make flame go out, you never
    But only looked at her and burnt
    And now she opened her ex-hidden
    Gave a hug to you.

    Star falls, you make a wish, and kingdom
    Infront of you already princess
    The frail and desirable happiness
    Rests in auburn hands.

    Show her a miracle - that miracle
    For which in centuries the knights might die,
    Show her a treasure that you dreamed
    to give
    And that`s hard to buy.

    "My forget-me-nots", Mildred whispered, lightly moving her finger along Beau`s shut eyes.
    "My wild rose", he whispered, kissing her hand.
    "Poor child..."
  11. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    And suddenly happened a wonder that Mildred perhaps will remember ever after.
    It started from the fireflies. They flied over the lake quietly before, and as the librarian accidentally glanced there, she saw... her name, written in large fine letters. The fireflies shaped into them, and for several minutes the big sign hung over the water, like a city light signs, but better.
    Then the flowers under feet of the two Muppets started to glow. Firstly weakly, but brighter with every second. Beau somehow astonished that.... he controls it all himself. But he wasn`t a spirit anymore! How can he do that, then?...
    And meanwhile his heart came out from under the control at all. The glowing spreaded on the stones, on tree branches, on the pond waves...
    Mildred even acked, looking how the light shapes into big hearts and letters of her name. Beau stood with stretched out hands, they glowed, and the magic expiring out of them did it. She wanted to exclaim something, but the clumsworth as if couldn`t hear her, frozen in magic. It was stronger than him. "Mildred, Mildred, Mildred", said almost every grass blade. "Mildred, I love you. I adore you. Do what you want with me, but I love you."
  12. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Pheeeeeeeeew, can`t believe that there is 2 chapters and a half till the end... Glark!
  13. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member


    ...Mildred kept staring at the beautiful sight fascinated.
    Now she finally convinced herself that it`s true. Beauregard loves her, even though knows that she`s a banker`s wife. He knows it, but loves not like a human does. He doesn`t want to harm neither her nor her husband. He just tells that loves and doesn`t know where to place it all, and is ready to everything to be worth of a kind word from his Lady. He didn`t know what to give her before, but as they got in Raenbu, he had found it at last. And she, Mildred Huxtetter, couldn`t believe in it, and frozen as if in the middle of a dream, a miraculous vision he had just generated.

    They were in the center of the wonder right now. Perhaps a fairytale-type miracle. But first in Mildred`s life. And in Beauregard`s. And, as a final feature to complete it, the huge graceful seven-colored arch crossed the sky above their heads.
    Rainbow in the night!...
    Beau whirled her... Like in that very Ball night... Their laughter echoed in the whole wide Raenbu. And if they could look now at the shaded spot near the pond, they could see Zeliboba and Effralyo smirking pleased, elbowing and winking to each other: -"Nicely done!" - "Aha! Tehe...look!.."
    (End of Chapter 30) - but still not of the story...
  14. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    *stunned silence*


    I'll get from school as fast as I can to give you a poper reveiw of this last chapter!!!
  15. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    :)Hey, hey, it isn`t the last(final) one yet! :) Too early to say bye!..
  16. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 31 - The Queen WAS dead, Vivat the Queen!
    ..Early next morning, on the market...

    ...Uncle Beauciderbarrel had just finished to place the parsley bunches on his showcase, when the same flower salesmaids started to whisper and giggle behind his back.

    "Well, and now what?..", the old clumsworth turned to them. - "Again something about Nancy?.. How`s she, had found her ..eeerrrrmm...children or not?.."

    "And you don`t know all yet, Uncle Beaucy?", exclaimed one of the clumsworettes. -"The lost Queen had been found yesterday. Nancy Ginger! Will you go to the fair today?.."

    "A fair?.." - Beauciderbarrel dropped down a basket of apples. - "And..you..were..silent all this time?!.."

    "Certainly, a fair to celebrate this great event!", the same clumsworette suggested. - "They say, Beauhoth greeted a King of the Outsiders!.. I`ve even seen him yesterday!.. Such a tall and all shaggy... and wears a furry mantle... But very kind!"

    "Eerm", the grocer nodded. "That has a point. Well, you chatterboxes, okay, you can count that convinced me."

  17. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    When Clifford woke up, it still seemed to him that he dreams. Couldn`t get used to the splendid room. Unlike his own one in the Mupet House and even in the clumsworths`house in here! But it was true.
    Whump! Out of the bed and - wash face. He quickly shuffled to the bathroom door (golly, and even haven`t to wait, standing 20 or 30th in the row, till the toothbrush vacant!...),from where in a few minutes came out, looking just "triddly-how", as Miss Piggy might say.
    Down the stairs, and here`s Beau`s bedroom.
    "Hey-hola-fringa-rola-haikie-waikie-Bo!..", Cliff hailed, erupting inside. -"Ack!.."
    It was empty.
    The pink muppet shrugged, scratching head:
    "Weird... - Wait... Waffers for breakfast!.. Sure!.."

    .."And you nearly overslept", Nancy smiled, pouring a cup of coffee for him. - "Morning, Cliffy, goldy!.."
    "Eer-morning, Mum", he quickly nodded. - "Beau, slept well?"
    "He - well", Effralyo winked, elbowing Cliff, and giggled, poking nose in his pyjamas.
    "Aah!.." - Clifford recalled why had Zeliboba called him for a secret yesterday, and recalled what did the dratcher whispered to him. -"Aha, thanks."
  18. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Yes. Yes!

    This was an amazing sentence, somethign I love in all books, and stories, in when they suddenly come out with a statement like this...such as in one of my stories, I sddenly state, "Each humn is driven by fear." or "The greater love is the love that is willing to die."

    And this time I agree wholeheartedly...The Muppets Are Immortal!

    Yes, Gardy's have always been gullible. Too much so. I'm amazed at how this story wrapes up mine so beautifuly!

    Indeed! I havn't stopped smiling, and glarking, and smiling again since I started reading!!!



    Yes...this is so true. If only we could all realise this...:sing:There magic in the air, this evening, magic in the air...:sing:

    Aww!!! So sweet! My Milly!

    *catches breath*

    What can I say...

    Ahhaha!!!! Hahahahaha! *wipes laughing tears*
  19. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    (Ton of bricks falls down from the mind)
    Thanks for darn reliefing my mood, Gardik! This post really costs those 9 999 past. Wait, wait, it`s time now for fair!.. :)
    *Posts Continue*
  20. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member


    (Clap! clap! clap!)
    Oy ranai-ree di ranai-raa, how we had always been,
    Oy ranai-ree di ranai-raa, darn waiting for the Queen!..
    Oy dela-dor-dee-di ranai-raa, now feast we everywhere,
    Oy ranai-ree di ranai-raa, and welcome to the fair!

    Rey, rey, rahoyda, di ranor radoyraa-
    Oy ranai-ree di ranai-raa, and welcome to the fair!..
    Uncle Beauciderbarrel:
    Now come and choose what do you want, my dears, today for free,
    Now come and look what do you wish, whatever can it be! Hey!..-
    The Clumsburg feasts a lot today, ha, long live our Queen,
    Da-rio-nay-ree-di-o-nay-raa, and darn on all the mean!..
    (Rey, rey, rahoyda, di ranor radoyraa-
    Dario-nay-re-di-o-nay-raa, and darn on all the mean!..)

    (Clap! Clap! Clap!.. Clap!..)
    Gioole, kioove, dioy-de-la, the clumsworths sing today,
    Ah kioole, gioove, kioy-de-laa, let de harmonica play!..
    Ah kioove, kioove, giorn-todalee, kiole-ole-o-da-wee,
    Sing along and walk around, de fair is worth to see!...
    (Rey, rey, rahoyda, di ranor radoyraa-
    Ha, sing along, and walk around, de fair is worth to see!..
    The fair is worth to see!..
    The fair is worth to seee!..... Hey!..

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