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Play, My Harmonica- 2: Saving the Geewiliker

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Effralyo, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    ...Never our friends had seen such a bright clumsworths crowd!... As they left the castle - and Nancy Ginger had to leave for a few else to make a real surprise to her folk,- they straight away got into a real medley of such colors that Beau had got a mouth like that maple syrup he ate a minute ago with the waffers.

    This time Zeliboba could see the citizens more properly, unlike yesterday, when they were all blurry by the weak light. And they looked at him rather like at a maypole than at a president!- Well, what else could the dratcher expect being 9 feet tall! But it wasn`t an insult. Zel took with grate all those wreaths the clumsworthlets handed him, and, in order of not to insult them, put on an one wreath himself, and the rest gave to the friends.

    But for Beauregard, when they reached the main square, waited an absolutely unexpected surprise - hardly he stepped there, and....

    "Aah hahaha!... Ouch, oh!... Aaaagggh, haha, oy, heheheheheeeeee... Oh.. haha-e-ha-noough!..."

    And what would you moan on his place, being as thrown up highly as was the janitor?.. Besides, plus all those "Vivat Beau!.... Vivat the hero!... Hip, hip, hoooraaaaaaaay!......" - and the golden coins the crowd throws to him. (When later he counted the coins, it was... just think! - ten thousands!..) But it wasn`t all, the citizens pulled in even Clifford, and soon already two muppets were soaring and falling, and again soaring, and again falling!.. Especially, certainly, Clifford, who was much lighter and thinner than Gard, But it wasn`t matter!
    Merrily came in Raenbu, merrily it hadn`t ever known!...
  2. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Recovering after those flights, Beauregard remembered that fake laughter Transfer made him to laugh way before. And for THIS people were supposed to pay?.. For several seconds of the fake happiness, when there`s a better chance to get alot more of the real happiness, besides, for free?..

    No, he did still right that swallowed the fake scientist. It served him right! Because what could happen if he left Transfer alive? Even though he could be inprisoned?..
    But certainly, much pleasure for our Beau was now swallow not the outlaws, but all this tasty stuff, plenty of which was here on every corner. Cotton candy... Suftiswicks in chocolate.. Corn with cheese... Chips.... Apple juice... Hohohoho, there we goooooooo!...
    Today there wasn`t a hut without at least a thin ribbon on the roof in honor of the Queen returning. Raenbu was shining, like a candy itself, and attracting to itself, and pleasing, as any jolly fairyland else.
    The clumsworth pitied perhaps already thousandth time that Robin leaved home. It passed already much time since the day he saved Raenbu, and the froglet haven`t seen how bright and merry can it be.
    But it wasn`t merry even in the day when he, Beauregard, was born, and didn`t knew any joy during the whole period of Miss Nancy`s ruling. So... wait, wait, what do we already get by that?..
    He hailed Effralyo and, unexpectedly for the geewiliker, gave him such hug that the dwarf firstly in the life felt how do ribs hurt!
  3. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    ...And just in a hour came the moment the whole Raenbu had been waiting.

    The walls of the castle shivered and started to move, opening the two thrones with the King and Queen on them.

    Beauhoth was all in stew, feeling the Wooden Hearts beneath his paw.

    Will his people excuse him for that gulliblity?.. Will they take him again calmly and peacefully?.. - Who could say... It got all dark in his eyes for a second.

    How many days had he spent alone, in the empty castle... No guards, no servant, no nothing. It was merely a heap of hard grey stones. And his very own heart nearly turned into this stone too! No.. Beauhoth was afraid even think about it. For the kind folk, whose hearts are always soft and kind, the ruler with the stone heart is nothing but death. Yes. Death. Even though they were the muppets.

    And now the entire castle was just filling again with life.

    And he had to get used to it again.

    The grey stones got warmer, because this day made them so. No more any evil charms anywhere. No way to get here for any mean persons more, whoever they were, either the humans, or the witches, or whatsoever.
    The paintings frames shone gold, as gold as honey, because life was inspired in them again. The Wooden Hearts, all five, all at once, seemed to pulse under Beauhoth`s hand.
  4. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    "The Queen was dead!..", he heard a lone voice from the crowd, and confised for a certain moment, unable to say a word.
    But then resounded a literal roar of the entire town:

    "V I V A T T H E Q U E E N!!!!!!!!!!........."

    And then:

    "V I V A T T H E K I N G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..........."

    The common hullabaloo rolled on the crowd and deafen as Beauhoth lifted a hand.
    "My people!.."
    He amazed to his own voice sounding. It wasn`t as cold as before too!.. It changed.. But when?.. - Beauhoth felt: something melted in his soul. The ice that had been there all the time Nancy Pinksworth used him for her evil plans.
    "My people!..", he declared loudly and clearly. - "I`m glad to see you all!.. I`m glad to have you pleased!.. But the thing making me and all of you most glad today is that my beloved Queen had just returned to rule Raenbu with me for ever and more!...."


    ".. I learned just yesterday myself how did she disappeared and why. And couldn`t refrain from the tears. Yes, though I`m a ruler, I`m a clumsworth first of all .And that`s why, from my credulousity, I believed to the witch with thousands of faces, who captured my mind. she nearly defeated our land. She wanted to cause the flood of time to kill us all and start the new kingdom all by herself."


    "...But she didn`t manage to deal with it. No one, daring to harm the Sacred Hearts, or even the more precious sacrify,- daring to destroy the family, the love to the friends, to the relatives, being the neighbors, - no one, who dares to harm it even for a bit, will survive. Their own heart will kill them. I learned it from my own life, my beloved people. Because nearly turned into a tyran myself. Yes, I beg now pardon from my kingdom."


  5. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Effralyo, staring at the King, barely got on that Zel lightly tugges him by a wingflap.
    "Eff..Psst... Effy!.."

    The geewiliker jumped on his shoulder to listen what Zel will order this time.
    And the courtyard spirit started to whisper something. The more was he whispering the more Effralyo was smirking, glancing at Beau sometimes, and squeaking, "Yeah, yep, he`ll like it.. yeah!.."
    "Get it?", Zeliboba finally asked.
    "Yes, sir!", Effralyo shouted out, standing strightly.
    "Now, go and act!"


    "A-ha, it seems that`s the right street", Effralyo said to himself, HMMing in thought and looking around. "Which one did he say?.. The one with straw roof?.."
    The geewiliker moved to the house.
    Luckily, no one could see him here. If Beauregard himself in the first day of their befriending mistook him for a ghost, - what could think the regular people from the district? Afterall, not every day the spirits can walk along the town just like that...

    ...Matt`s Mum had just ended to bake the cake when resounded a loud "DON-DANNNNNNNNNNG!.."
    (Effralyo could excellently imitate any doorbell, since just couldn`t reach the bell button himself with such height.)
    And in a minute Matt, sitting awhile with a comic book in his room, heard:
    "Matthee, that`s to you!.."
    'Who, Mum?..", he exclaimed. For a second hair nearly rose: "Is it..?!"
    "A certain dwarf", resounded from the corridor.
  6. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    (..where on earth are you, Gardy,- DANN-DONNNNNNG!.....)
    Yoo hoo, anyone at home?..
  7. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    "..now, just now, now", Effralyo calmed himself, while waiting near the door. "Umffff.. just now... "
    Weird - and why Matt`s mother didn`t scare seeing him? No, even smiled, fancy that, eh!.. And said that "wait, I`ll just call him now".

    But when Matt came out, Eff was overwhelmed even more.
    "Effy!..", the boy exclaimed, picking the spirit up. -"Where are you from?.. What`s on with Beauregard?.."
    "I`m just from him now", the geewiliker said. - "He asked me to say you.. Psshspppshhhhsshshspshhhshhshshhspshhpshpsh...."
    "REALLY???"- Matthee couldn`t believe in such miracle. -"He said so?.."
    "Exactly, and why do you think I`m here at all?.."
    "Wait then, I`ll just go and ask Mum!.."
    (End of Chapter 31; wait for the 32th - The Very End...)
  8. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 32, final, - Let The Glad On The Circle!

    "Mum, can I go to...eeer.... to a friend of mine? He invites me today. On a party!", Matt asked, entering back the house while Effralyo waited outside.

    "Oh, what to do with this urchin... Certainly. But don`t sit in there too long!", she sighed. "Hope you`ll call me from there?"
    "If I`ll have time! Ok, bye, Mum!.."

    .."And now what?", he turned to Effralyo. -"Is here a portal to there?"
    "You needn`t it", the geewiliker answered. -"Just take me by the hand!"

    (TBC; sorry for pretty short posts...)

    Sidenote: hmm.. Gardy, again this time difference.. I`ll better write the end tomorrow, okay? And leave you hold Eff in hands, along with Plastic Beau!:)
    ~Eff:sleep: ..zzzzzzzzzzzzzz..........zzzzz.zzzz.....z....
  9. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    The boy squeezed Effralyo`s hand, and the echo dwarf clicked fingers.

    When Matt recovered after blinding light flash, he guessed that stands right somewhere in a fairyland.
    "Where we are, Effy?.."
    "Hehe, and don`t you know?..", the geewiliker squeaked. - "That`s how does Raenbu look. It`s nativeland of Beauregard."
    Matt looked around.
    Indeed, the fairyland proved its name, because there was a huge rainbow arch over it, reaching, as seemed, the other end of the world.
    The boy, with Effralyo on his shoulder, moved forward. Now all the huts of Clumsburg were empty, yet all decorated with flowers and ribbons. They reminded Matt the houses of his own nativeland,- actually, like the whole town...
    "But where are all?..", he amazed.
    "On the fair!. C`mon, Matthee, before we miss the best part of it!..", the echo spirit hurried him.
    Matt nodded. Soon afterwards, with Effralyo`s help, he reached the town square..and nearly fainted, seeing plenty of clumsworths there. It was just impossible to see which one is Beauregard.
    They all were looking towards the certain castle and listening to the King and Queen.
    "Whoa", the boy expired. "And how will we find Beau amond them all?.."
    "No problems", Effralyo winked. -"Later!" -He turned someplace and hailed: - "Zel, come`ere, I`ve found him!.. C`mon!.."
    And only now Matt saw that there are not only clumsees on the square. There was also a small bunch of the Muppets from the Muppet Show, and that blue dratcher from the Other Side of Sesame Street.
    The dratcher walked to him now, bent down:
    "Well done, Effralyo! Hi, Matt!.."
    "Hi, eeeeeer..." - The boy didn`t know his name and confused, but the courtyard spirit guessed it and called himself:
    "Ah, yeah, I didn`t tell you that time! I`m Zeliboba! Glad to see you!" - He shook Matt`s hand and asked: - "Don`t you mind if I pick you up?"
    "No, sir", Matthew replied.
    So the dratcher sat him on his shoulders.
    Holding onto Zeliboba` s sideburns, the boy felt as if on the tower top. Now the citizens were all below, and he easily spied Beau`s cap amond them. He wanted to call him, but Effralyo gestured -"later".
    For some reason Matt, looking at the King, thought that he has something common with Beauregard himself. Something very similar... What if they are relatives indeed?.. Though Beau is merely a plain janitor?..
    Hardly Matt thought about it, the crowd slowly dispersed, letting Zeliboba move to the thrones.
  10. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    "Your Majesty, King Beauhoth", he said, "and you, Lady Nancy Ginger, please, let me introduce you the biggest friend of your grandson in the whole wide human world - Matthew Regard."
    With these words he carefully got Matthee down.
    "So that`s true?..", the boy managed to think and looked at Beauhoth. - "Beau`s a..."
    The old clumsworth stood from his throne.
    "Thank you, Zeliboba, and you too, Fraly. Now, let me look closer at this little honorable guest."
    Matt froze in disbelief.
    Certainly, not every day in your life you can get into a real magic land, and meet a real king; certainly, not so often can you be in the center of the common attention and, of course, not always do you suddenly find out that your friend is a prince at a quarter.
    So judge yourself, what could Matt feel now, seeing the thousands of blue and grey eyes and several pairs of the black ones staring at him with interest and curiosity.
  11. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    The clumsworths saw a real human boy, nevertheless, forst time in their life too. Certainly, after so many years of Miss Nancy`s cruel ruling they firstly looked with suspicion at the any creature that came from beyond the Rainbow, but this one looked absolutely friendly, so a bit afterwards they admired him.

    "Thank you very much, Your Majesty, for a warm welcome", Matt started. "And to everyione who lives here. Yes, I`m a friend of Beauregard. And I like your land a lot. Thank you for inviting!"

    "No", Tingleroth said softly. "Thank you, kid. If there wasn`t you, and Quentin, and Stangor, and plenty of other people thanks to which my Beau now feels good beyond the Rainbow every time he has to get there, we clumsworths could probably never trust to mankind at all. But today, seeing the most convincing prove to Beauregard`s words, I believe you."

    He bent a bit and gave Matt a royal hug. The crowd yelled in glad. Hats and flowers soared in the air.

    "Now, Matthee, go and join my folk, because today we celebrate the Day of Queen`s Returning!", Beauhoth exclaimed. -"And I have to say else", - he added, turning back to the audithory. - "Since this day I want to concluse an ever peace treaty between both sides of the rainbow! Are you agree, Zeliboba?"

    "Sure!", the dratcher responsed.

    And then Beauhoth unfolded a scroll with the treaty text and signed it firstly himself. After him Zeliboba wrote his name below too. Then the treaty was signed by each of the "outside" Muppets, Matt and Quentin, and, lastly, the members of the town council.

    And after that pretty tedious but neccessary ceremony Matthew at last joined the common glee.
  12. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    ..Yes, life can sometimes be just marvellous, but when its level reaches the highest point, you don`t even know how to call it. Your friend of dreams is real, he`s here; besides, he invites you to visit his nativeland, and you get on a sich celebration... Gosh, what can be better, can anyone say?.. Maybe nothing...


    ...To the end of the holiday Zeliboba declared:

    "And now, ladies and gentlemen, could you all stand into a row for my greatest conjure?.."

    Both the clumsowrths and "outsiders" did so.

    One after one, across the whole town, and the King was in the end of the chain, last but not least.

    Zeliboba, standing to the other end, magicked up a cross between a fireball and a lightball, handing it to Kermit with a spell:

    "Hokuraq! (Hold and pass!)"

    And the frog passed it to the clumsworth standing next to him, and he - to the next one, and then to the next one... The lightball finally reached Beauhoth`s hands...

    ...and, like a bridge, connecting the two worlds, an another Rainbow shooted out of them.
    It ended already somewhere in Outer World, far far from here.

    The magic bridge, step on which could only someone kind, opened to their eyes.

    "I just couldn`t find anything to prove our treaty", Zeliboba smiled, turning to Beauhoth. "So thought that it will suit."

    So ended the greatest holiday in Raenbu`s story.
    (But not the story yet! TBC)
  13. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    ...Later, near the Orange Lake...

    There was only five of them,- Beau himself, Zeliboba, Clifford, Matt and Effralyo. The rest were still in the castle, while our five madcaps decided, as Gard promised yesterday, to fish here.

    "Glarkh!.." - The dratcher pounced, stroke the water surface, and in a second caught a large furry fish.

    "How is it called?", he asked.
    "Krox", Beauregard said, while watching his own angle. -"Lucky you, and I hooked still only three ones, and all are small fry!"

    In a half of a hour the dratcher caught ten another kroxen, and told about his fishing way:

    "In Zelirangoo I used to fish too, but a bit in another way." - His hand with pulled out claws hovered above the water. - "You firstly freeze, wait, wait, wait for a stripe in the deep, aaaaaaand theeeeen... strike...like.. THIS!.." - He hit the water again, throwing a mid-sized fish on the sand.

    Soon, nevertheless, the luck came to the others too, - it seemed the kroxen all piled here today especially to that event.

    "Aarkh!.. It`ll be plenty of work for Mum this evening!..", Beau exclaimed, tugging his angle out of the water. - "Ha, look, a big one!.."
  14. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Effralyo, sitting all this time on a willow branch, watched them firstly without any jeal, but soon it started to seem to him that they had already forgot him. They cheer, have fun, and no onw will even call the geewiliker, hail him, sit on the shoulder, scratch his sideburns... Terrible, lonesome...

    Effralyo secretly jumoed down and sadly shuffled to somewhere. Perhaps, back to Zelirangoo, to his father. What could he do else, after rising Beau from the janitors, after cheering him so long... It seems, he`s now good for nothing, and his magic came to the end.

    At the same second he suddenly heard Beauregard calling him.

    "A mirage?", the geewiliker thought.

    No, it was a real call....

    "Gardy?..", he sobbed. "Y-you really want me to come back, though needn`t me more?..."

    "Yes, and why do you think I needn`t you?.."

    "But.." - Effralyo gasped. - "B-but you already have lots of friends... and a family... What for besides it all a geewiliker will be?.."

    The clumsworth got on it all. Certainly!.. how much was he carried away with fishing that nearly forgot about his friend?..

    "Effy", he laughed. "I`m awfully sorry! Come here, my little one!.. I didn`t want to insult you, fair!.."
  15. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    And, to convince the dwarf finally, he stretched out both hands to him:
    "C`mon, go ahead, Effy!.."
    This worked.

    And where was Effralyo`s whole sad mood only gone!.. He rushed onward, as ever, but... A-ha, "SBOWWN" didn`t sound! Beauregard nimbly caught him in hands in an inch from his body, like a goalkeeper, and hugged, almost impressed Eff in himself.

    "See, geewilicky, how true it is?..", the clumsworth laughed. rumpling Effralyo`s feather hair. "And you thought, I`ll leave my Effy, eh?.. And you thought, I`ll forget my little guardian for ever, eh?.."

    ... Now the geewiliker was really sure that Gard won`t do it indeed. He had proved it. And it calmed Effralyo`s heart finally...
  16. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I'm readintg, I'm reading, and I have this HUGE grin, and then I am running back to schol work, nd will finish grinning, I mean, reading as soon as I can!
  17. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    ...Near the camp-fire, Matt enjoyed being in Raenbu as he could, and being with the Muppets, and it already wasn`t seeming to him a vision. It was absolutely real. Stretch out a hand and will touch Beau`s fur. Look in a far and will see the King`s castle. And the two worlds since this day are connected with the Rainbow Bridge. Though, maybe, not all of the humans know about it yet... Who knows, maybe, one day they`ll at last recognise it.

    If Beauregard could now have any space, he could swallow Matthee again, but... - sadly, had to wait till all the fair tasty stuff, those impressions had he recieved for all the day will melt. So the clumsworth just gave him a hug, and both sat in silent, looking at the fire.

    "And do you have winters here?", the boy asked.
    "No, here`s always summer every day", Beau smiled.
    "Lucky you", Matt answered under sigh. - "I wish it was always summer in our world too."
    "But now you can spend the winter holidays here if you like", Clifforf stepped in. -"Anytime.."
    Matt nodded, lowering his head. He had to think a lot now, hugging Beau.

    Muppets... Muppets... -sounded as if from a side in his mind. - How good that you do exist, how good that you can make us kinder, and more loving, and warm our hearts and hands with your very jolly selves; and perhaps we have to beg your pardon for we not always could understand you, used to laugh at you and sometimes even mock... It`s all in past, and now we only stand infront of each other and silent,- it`s hard to believe that we met a greatest wonder, but didn`t learn how great it really is, and that`s why all those misunderstandings could happen; excuse us all for that now, Muppets, you, who love the life so much.

    And though Beau wasn`t a spirit any more, he felt these words flowing in the air, like his own harmonica tune.​

    And Zeliboba smelt them too - for him it was always easy.

    In the real world people crowded around the other end of the Rainbow Bridge, trying to find out, whether it`s real or not. Not everyone could touch it, but still could.

    "I`ve never seen my nativeland so happy before", Beauregard said.
    "But why?", amazed the boy. -"Was it sadder?"
    "Yes", the clumsworth replied. -"Wanna me to tell you how it all began?"
    "Sure!", Matt exclaimed.
    "Would be interesting!", Effralyo noticed.
    And Gard began:

    "..Well, it couldn`t be ever known and solved, if one day I didn`t accidentally sneeze backstage..."

    Matthew was listening to him, and didn`t know himself that will one day record it all and make a real big story - the story his friend was telling him now.

    ~THE END~
  18. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    *pauses to wipe tears*

    This story was so amazing and...amazing...

    Firstly with the capture of the Geewiliker, I thought I would die myself, and then the arrivel of the Dratcher in his speandour, and the Zeli-copter, and then, they near killed my best friend in the world, and the tears were of sad, and I couldn't breath, and then they escaped, and magic and then suddenly such a Joy Joy Joy story that I couldn't help but near cry of joy on each page! Simply Gardy so happy, and I always feel right near to him! And then me, and Gardy, and the queen, and the Rainbow, and...wow...amaz!!! What can I say!!! This was a truely Gard-worthy story!

    And I am still thrilled to pieces with it!!!
  19. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Hug, hug, hug, Gardik, hug!!!!! Bye for now!.... See you soon!....

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