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Play, My Harmonica- 2: Saving the Geewiliker

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Effralyo, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    AAAH!!!!!!!!!! Gardee!.. Gardee caaame!... :excited: :excited: Thnak you so much! Just flip the forums and will write Chapter .. eeeeeeeeerrrrmmmm...Next!
  2. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member


    Yup, I'm here for the afternoon. been busily scribling in my school verk all morning.
  3. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 28 - The Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh Guest
    "Hack! Pheeeewwwwwwww!... And you tagged...four times...", Floyd panted, while getting dry along with friends. "We-elll... hoff..."
    "So that`s how does it look, your nativeland", Beauregard said, sitting near Zel on the rock. "How lovely..."

    Someone could laugh by the sight of the clumsworth in the beach shorts, but here it looked even especially sweet. He stretched out on the grass and gazed into the sky. Something like small purple clouds with eyes were gilding in the high.
    "Shadees", Zeliboba explained.
    The sounds of the bellring resounded from the side of the small village, Kelgerayda-Foah.
    "And that`s Ernesto rings", the dratcher said. "Ern Wellainever, their friar." - He sighed, remembering his first days here, and laid on the grass too, leaning on his elbow.
    Beau nodded. His thoughts all turned into stark treacle flowing in his head now. The crimson evening, the other Allcrimsonsky, was as if stroking him by the brown fur, drying it, making shine and slightly rumpling.
    "Like my Inspiration Spot", Kermit sighed, missing his swamp.
    "Aha, only banjo`s missing", Quentin laughed.
    Nancy snuggled near Beau - it was pleasant to her to see her son happier than ever. He was afraid that will soak her dress, but it wasn`t matter for the clumsworthess. She only wrapped her hand around his shoulder:
    "How I wish it never end, sonnyboy."

    And Zeliboba even envied a bit deep down, admiring them. He had no mother, like the other dratchers did, - only the Great Lake Hoyde was their "spring".

    "Come to us, Zel", Nancy called him, spying the light sparkle of envy in the black eyes.

    The courtyard spirit did so, and she stroked his sideburns. An accidental sigh came out of Zel`s chest: perhaps, first time in his life he was fonded by a mother. No matter that not his own.
    "Okay, get dry, and then we`ll come to see our home", Beautingleroth declared.

  4. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member


    Obeira left with her folk. But she had to, as a queen. She magicked up a farewell firework to see off the friends, and soon they already couldn`t see her, moving farther.

    How long the way to the castle is... But if you have a good talk on it, it seems shorter, and the group even barely spied that reached Clumsburg. Beautingleroth saw how does the grass under their feet goes blue. And soon afterwards started the edge of the town.

    Zeliboba felt awkwardly, towering over the other clumsworths. Firstly he nearly thought that got on the potato fields, because they were almost all brown and short (for him). But he still liked them - and it was hard not to like.

    "Tell me about your clan symbols", Mr. Regard asked him on the way. "Do you have a coat-of-arms?"
    "I do", Zeliboba said, magicking up its image: on the orange field was a sword, entwined with a necktie.
    "And what does it mean?"
    "The mild power", the dratcher said. "I designed it myself - wanted firstly to change the tie to a vine, but then leaved a tie for some reason.."
    "Well, afterall, it`s a symbol of yours", the old clumsworth nodded. "Very clever."

    And here they are - the castle gate. With the old butler near.
    "Good evening, Mr. Fourt", Beauregard greeted him. "We want to see my Granda... um, hehe, the Great Beauhoth Tingleroth!"
  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    *huge grin* More references to mine! Thanks yeeee!!!

    (hi ho, hi ho, and back to school work i go...see ya later)
  6. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    (Bye Gardik, and back home I go too...to write the rest chapters.) :)
  7. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    ..Trrrrrrrrrrangolora, I`m`eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ...The old clumsworth butler bowed to them lowly and opened the gate:
    "Have a nice time, Beau. And you, the noble guests."

    ...Following the group along the corridors, Zeliboba admired the old medievial surrounding, recalling his visits to The Count. Some of his own relatives had alike castles too, but they looked still not so like this one.

    He inspected the large paintings on the walls. It were all the rulers of Raenbu before Beauhoth. Yes, he used to hear about them..long ago - perhaps, from Queen Obeira, perhaps, from someone else, but did. They said, the clumsworths are very ancient folk, whose clan rises into far far times of the ruling of The Great Bdang, the ancient Muppet leader who ruled their land first.

    And, as if by a wonder, Zel accidentally saw on a wall a portrait of Bdang himself.

    He looked a bit like Fozzie with a beard, a bit like a viking, and a bit like Beautingleroth, with brown fur, in full battle armor, leaning on a spear.

    "You guessed", Beautingleroth said. "It`s him."
    "Right. My father told that his spear lays somewhere in our castle. After the first battle with the human agressors Bdang gave it to the first clumsworth, Hawgluor, an one of his helpers."
    "And the other was Djaykoman", Zeliboba whispered. "Djaykoman Dratcher... I know it... Obeira told us long ago..."
  8. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ooooh!Cool the story just keeps going and going! And getting better too!!! It's lovely to have you writing in my setting!
  9. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    ...The Throne Hall...

    Beauhoth saw the invisable barrier smashing, but didn`t see who did it. He just couldn`t trust into such wonder. Zelirangoo opened infront of his eyes again...

    "By Rainbow`s name", he whispered, standing by the window. "Oh my..."
    The ruler wiped secretly a tear, recalling Obeira and her folk. Who knows when else they`ll see each other again... Perhaps never. Perhaps, Miss Nancy Pinksworth had managed to defeat the dratchers while he didn`t know anything about her. Maybe. And maybe now the dale isn`t magic anymore.

    "Why", he expired, "why did they do it?.."

    He winced listening.

    Someone was coming here.

    He heard the familiar voices, several of them he knew - that`s Beau and his parents; then were several also common - he recalled them since the day when the other Muppets got here to save the rainbow`s life, - and the other, low, kind and unknown voice he couldn`t recognise.
    But an accidental guess made him go all flaming inside:
    "A dratcher!.."
    ..What if at least the one had still survived?! What if...
    Beauhoth listened again. Yes , it couldn`t be any doubt more. A dratcher with them. Certain young one. And male. Or why else he could step so hardly.

    ...Appearing infront of fellow king in an unofficial tee and fuzzy jeans would be too unpolitely of Zeliboba, and he magicked up again a mantle on. He tried to find the neccessary words to say to Beauhoth when will meet with him face to face. Something praising and serious. But what?..
    He froze for a moment when they reached the doors of the Throne Hall.
  10. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Yey!!! Whoo!!!!

    Actually...this makes me think..maybe I too will write a What's sequel one day...

    ...once I have finished my story of the Muppets without kermit.
  11. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    And you can certainly borrow all my heroes for it, Gardee! I won`t mind!..
    (TBC after your PM) ;)
  12. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    All friends entered.
    Beauhoth was already on the throne, as if it wasn`t him a minute ago who let himself shed a tear. No, looking at him now, it was hard to imagine.

    "I knew it", he said, looking at Zeliboba. "Hello, Survivor."
    The dratcher arched his eyebrows in amazement.
    "Survivor?.. Sorry, can`t get on, Your Majesty?.."
    "But isn`t the magic dale defeated?.. I thought, if Nancy ever got there, she might..."
    "She might.." - Zeliboba repeated and suddenly laughed. - "Golly!.. Ah, how would you think about it!.. We are all alive, all, from me to our Queen!.. Who asked me to give you her greetings, by the way."
    Now it was up to Beauhoth to cheer. He even shifted on his throne (which, by the way, was just on Zel`s shoulders level, so the spirit hadn`t bow to talk with Tingleroth):
    "Wh...what did you say - Obeira`s alive?.. She rules the dale as she wished?.."
    'Certainly, Your Majesty! Sure she does." - Zel slapped his forehead and apologised: -"Sorry, I even didn`t say my name. I`m Zeliboba..um, I mean - Zelibowwing Kedragger. The President of the Outside World Muppets."
    The old clumsworth nodded, then got up from the throne and walked to him, shaking his hand:
    "I`ve never thought that will see it one day, young Zeliboba."
    "He`s my friend, Grandad!", Beau said with pride. "If there wasn`t both him and Effralyo, we`d never defeat the other threat to our world!"
    "Effralyo?"- Tingleroth turned to the echo dwarf. - "Ah, this little geewiliker!..."
    Eff confused, looking at him. Beau certainly had told about Effralyo to his grandfather before, but the spirit hadn`t seen Beauhoth with his eyes yet. And now he could. And for a moment lost his gift of speaking.
  13. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Beauhoth tried to show as he could that he absolutely doesn`t want to show off now, but all the "outsiders" were still a bit embarrassed. Certainly, not every day you easily get a chance to talk with the king just like this. Zeliboba, though a president himself, is still young and doesn`t like to show off. And Beau`s grandfather is looking so seriously...

    As for Quentin, he was just fascinated in this moment. In his life it was, perhaps, the most marvellous hour. He recalled the day he met Beauregard. But had no idea that this accidental eevnt will turn into THIS! Now here he is, right infront of the throne of the ruler of Raenbu, and Beauhoth looks at him and talks with him,- just stand here and couldn`t believe whether it`s true, or will all disappear as you`ll wake up.
    Quentin looked around. Everything in the hall was literally begging for being painted. And he now pitied more than ever that hasn`t neither a pencil, nor an album, nor at least a piece of coal. The bright purple mantle of the king. And Zeliboba`s blue mantle, contrasting with Beauhoth`s but suiting to the surrounding... The overwhelmed crowd of the Muppets near the throne...

    And meanwhile Beauregard kept telling, and telling, and telling, introducing everyone he met and befriended in Outer World. He was telling so convincingly that the old clumsworth even gasped. Tingleroth was now all bulging with pride for his grandson, and couldn`t hide it, - it tried to get outside itself, threating to burst him. Just think... And someday the same Beauregard was sent into exile! To prove his worthness to live here, in Raenbu!.. If only Nancy Pinksworth could squeak something against him now!.. He`d show her!.. Or Zeliboba... or... - The thoughts turned into the whirlwind in Beauhoth`s head, and Beautingleroth and Nancy were both silent: he was going to say something tender and, along with it, important, to Beauregard.
    "I`d never expect such from you, my boy", he said at last. "Never. I even had no idea that the ruler of the Outsiders - all these noble Outsiders - will be your best friend. I`d never thought that you will be a Swallower. No one knows how many Swallowers else does exist here, in Raenbu, you are the one and perhaps only. And incase of it all, let me hug you, Beau."

    The janitor clung to his grandfather, inspiring the scent of the crimson mantle, and shut his eyes. Beauhoth embraced him tightly, stroking his dark dreads, and smiled, hiding the unwanted tears.
  14. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    (Color code for the song: C, G, Dm, Am.)

    "Yes...", the old clumsworth said, letting at last go of Beau. "Yes, you`ve proved it. Excuse us all, Beau. Excuse us."

    "But..." - Beauregard looked at him enbarrassed. -"But you ain`t guilt in anything!.."

    "Anyway", Beauhoth said. "And now I`m going to do the thing I wished to do way long ago but couldn`t. Today I`ll give it to you at last.'
    'My name?", the clumsworth exclaimed. "You`ve choose a name for me?... And what one?"
    "I thought and decided", Tingleroth emited, "that nothing will suit you more than ... Beauregard."
    "But I actually AM Beauregard, ain`t I?", Beau amazed.
    "Yes, but in the real name "BEAU" won`t mean "son", the king corrected. "So...

    It`s time for grandson now to kneel,

    It`s time to listen to grandfather,
    Who knew - one very day he will
    Be from his kingdom and the folk no longer farther.

    It`s time, though here there isn`t time,
    To rest my hand on head of grandson,
    And prove that you are worth new name
    In eyes of Raenbu and the Great Creator Henson.

    You never will
    The day
    I gave you name
    And shown
    The way-
    Thru arch of Rainbow
    In the sky to get
    In Outer World to see your friends you always may.

    In name of Sacred Wooden Hearts,
    My lovely child, unlike they all,
    Since very day "Twice Beauregard"
    Will every clumsworth you in sign of honor call.

    And in your gaze I guess my eyes,
    I guess myself in deeds and sayings,-
    And that`s why BEAU`s repeating twice,-
    As if a mirror I look in that never lies.

    And even if
    I can`t be here and help,
    My bless will shield you
    From the woe,
    Just keep your name,
    Like sacrify, in mind,
    For others Beauregard, for us you`re always Beau.

    I gave you name,
    And shown
    The way,
    My bless will shield
    From any
    Just keep your name,
    Like sacrify, in mind,
    `Cause on the end of RAINBOW there is always BEAU.

    (End of Chapter 28)
  15. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    ..but not the end of STORY! (Waiting, waiting, waiting...)
  16. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 29 - As If I Spent Ages Here!
    As the king had ended the song, Beau looked in his eyes again. They were lighting with happiness.

    Then Beauhoth walked to the couple of Regards, putting a paw on Beautingleroth`s shoulder.
    "You can be really proud, my dear child", he said. "I`d never seen anything alike even in the days of saving the Rainbow. Fair. Your son is a real wonder himself. Perhaps the other clumsworths are better than he in something, but no one of them could fame our land as he did it. No one, only Beauregard."
    "Many lonely Sleeps had I spent looking at the silent sky," Nancy said, "and was still hoping that he`ll survive in there."
    "And I`d been dreaming about such friend for ages", Zeliboba confessed. "Fair!"
    "But don`t forget since whom had it all began", Kermit said, nodding at Effralyo.
    And what could the geewiliker do else except jump on Beau`s hands and give him such a smack that nearly got stuck to his cheek himself!..


  17. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member


    Beauhoth decided not to shock the guests too much with royal stuff, and offered them a peaceful usual evening tea-drinking. (Luckily, the hall had high celling, and Zel hadn`t to ouch when he entered.)
    Curtains were down in the one of the halls, and only the candles lighted up. It reminded Zeliboba The Count`s castle more. The only difference was only that there wasn`t any bats here.
    They all rested in the armchairs near the fireplace, keeping admiring almost everything, while Nancy, as a regular kind hostess, was in the kitchen with Clifford - he wanted to help her.
    Patches of orange light made Beautingleroth`s beard seem softer than it even was, and looked mystically, reflecting in Floyd`s dark glasses. As if the Field-Marshal had fire eyes.
    "It`s so cosy here", Mildred sighed. "I feel as if ahd spent ages in this place. Pity that I can`t stay."
    "Why, dear?", Beauhoth said. "After your marvellous dance with Beau?.."
    "But I`m expected in Outer World", the librarian said sadly. "Certainly, I can stay for a while... Not for ever."
    "No matter," Beauregard whispered, putting a paw over her hand secretly.
    Mildred nodded, smiling weakly.
    Light wasn`t falling on that corner, and the auburn paw kept restiing on her hand. Beau for some reason didn`t want anyone to see it. To be near her and hold her hand was for him too huge happiness to chat away about it everywhere or show.
    "Perhaps, you won`t mind about spending a night here, Zeliboba?", Tingleroth asked. "And tomorrow you can quietly look Beautingleroth`s home and garden."
    "And fish with me, aha?", Beau exclaimed.
    "Sure!", the dratcher laughed, adding in whisper: "Besides, maybe, the beds in here are of my size!"
  18. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I wishI could tell of each piece here that made me smile, and laugh, and grin hugely!!!

    The naming...wow...And Twice Beauregard..amazing...*sniff*

    Beauhoth..being so touched...make me wonder if maybe once a long time ago he hadn't loved the Dratcher queen...

    And! It's! All! So! Gardlingly!! Wow!!!
  19. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    And why must he love her if Obeira 1) is much elder than him and 2) was best friends with Nancy Ginger, not with Beauhoth himself? Besides, notice, she met them when they were already married. :p
    (TBC soon:), and thanks for an idea for my sig!)
  20. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    They could continue the talk quietly, but suddenly....

    Right in the middle of the hall appeared the glowing. Like a portal. Then it spilled on the separated sparkles, which all soon united into some..thing..no, in somebody... very familiar....
    "What the... But.. It`s ..."- Beauhoth even choked with a scone. -"Unbelieviable.."
    In a minute they understood that infront of them is who else but...


    The dratcherelle`s body glowed in the demi-dark. She was indeed here. Stood infront of the fireplace. And handed something small and bright, looking like a big jewel, to the king.
    "You won`t believe, Tinnee", she said. "But I`ve found it near the wall ruines. Firstly wanted to hail Zeliboba, but it was too late, and... um, I`m here..."
    "Very nice", Beauhoth confused, taking the "jewel". "And what`s it? An ornament for the crown?"
    "Better", Obeira smiled. "Wanna look what it is to light thru?"
    The clumsworth nodded, drawing the "jewel" closer to his face.
    It seemed living. Something like flowing energy was caught in it, and constantly changed its shape, sparkling in the candle light.
    "Someone`s life", Beauhoth whispered.
    "Guessed?", Obeira winked. "And whose?"
    "No..." - He widened his eyes in shock. "It cannot be... it just.... But is it?.."
    The dratcherelle nodded.
    "Miss Nancy might put it into the wall foundament to force it", she said, lightly wagging her tail. "But Father thinks she could just drop it down and forget while escaping from there. Take it, Tinnee, and do what you must do."

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