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Please Help! Making Krystal Puppet

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by ChickyBoy37, Aug 8, 2016.

  1. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    I was inspired by how the Jim Henson Company built the Puppet Likeness of Fox, Falco, and Peppy from the Star Fox Games so I wanted to do a puppet Likeness of Krystal (Here's a Pic for those of you who don't know who she is http://sta.sh/02bdqiikrpmy) But I need Help. So if there is anyone who can make good patterns or can give me some advice, Some Help would be appreciated.
  2. Tioh

    Tioh Active Member

    I would use a 3d-model of Krystal to make a 3d-printed head base or a foam pattern of the head with Pepakura. If you do not mind having a non-flexible head 3d-pinting is easier.

    You can find a 3d-model of Kristal at http://krystalarchive.com/3d/
    Pepakura is a great tool for converting an object into a pattern http://www.tamasoft.co.jp/pepakura-en/

    I already made a pattern for puppet-bodies that should work for her - it is linked in my video tutorial: http://puppet.tioh.de/

  3. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    That's Pretty Cool! I have seen your work on youtube
  4. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    To be honest I'm trying to go for this kind of approach! For some reason I keep thinking for the mouth plate, the top half would be under the head looking like as if you were wearing a hat.

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