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Discussion in 'Friends and Family' started by ResidentLilly, Jul 8, 2002.

  1. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Active Member

    How many times will uncleduke change his avatar in this lifetime?

    I slay me...I really do...
  2. towels

    towels New Member

    Speaking of avatars, I keep hearing this talk about Ken being folically challenged, but there's no telling by his picture...

    I wish the posts would keep the original poster info/avatars next to them though...
  3. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Active Member

    Follically challenged!?!? My follicles are not challenged at all...why should they be, they aren't holding anything in!
  4. uncleduke

    uncleduke New Member

    If you ever get tired, I would love a chance at it :mad:
    I will stop when I get one that people stop asking me what it is. BTW whats the prize if I win?
  5. ResidentLilly

    ResidentLilly Active Member

    Hey...what IS that anyway!?!
  6. scarecroe

    scarecroe Active Member

    Looks like a Tim Burton drawing.
  7. uncleduke

    uncleduke New Member

    Now I gotta change it!
  8. dwmckim

    dwmckim Well-Known Member

    You will all note that i'm refraining from asking or even commenting on the latest avatar.

    All i wanna know is what color is Uncleduke's hands now?
  9. MuppetQuilter

    MuppetQuilter Member

    What's wrong with changing avatars? :p
  10. uncleduke

    uncleduke New Member

    Please explain what you mean by that. If it means what I think it means, it is the most biggoted statement on the board.
  11. Cindy

    Cindy Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry to step in a moment... Uncleduke, DW didn't mean that the way you thought. I believe he was just quoting a line from Great Muppet Caper when it is said that they will catch the crooks red-handed and Beauregard says, "What color are their hands now?" Again, sorry if I'm out of line, just wanted to help keep tempers from flaring.
  12. BlueFrackle

    BlueFrackle Active Member


    LOL !
  13. Ernie101

    Ernie101 Active Member

    hey,nothings wrong with avatar changes its fun! just shows how many avatars uncle can find too!

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