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Poll: Which, yet to be released, figure are you most anticipating??

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by simon42, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. bc-fraggle

    bc-fraggle Well-Known Member

    Since most of us here have agreed that "nekkid rowlf" is one of the figures we are most anticipating, I therefore propose a question. A question that I am curious to know.

    We know that "nekkid rowlf" exists. He has been mentioned by palisades and his picture is floating around on the net and in toy magazines (toyfare).

    It has been said that "nekkid rowlf" will be released later in the series and something "special" is instore for him.

    My question therefore is, "why was nekkid rowlf not released and held back until a later date?"
    Any ideas?

    My thought is: Perhaps he will be in a playset, or will be an exclusive - if they continue to do exclusives later on in the line.
    Perhaps an exclusive member only figure for the Palisades club?
  2. Walker Boh

    Walker Boh Well-Known Member

    "Nekkid Rowlf" is not being released yet to increase the longevity of the line. Palisades doesn't want to release the definitive version of every character in the first few waves, but they need to have a few really well-known characters mixed in with the more obscure characters. That's why we're getting "Tux Rowlf" and "Cape Gonzo" a few waves before "Nekkid Rowlf" and "Purple Tux Gonzo w/Camilla."
  3. Juxton

    Juxton Member

    Ah, but what is the "something special" they have planned for Nekkid Rowlf.

    I think they should label the blister card he comes on with "Nekkid Rowlf" ;) :D
  4. Joggy

    Joggy Well-Known Member

    I have to say that there's not a figure in the series I can wait for!!! I've been playing with Kermit, Piggy, Bunsen, Beaker and Dr. Teeth for a while now, and I have to say - a good Muppet Show is not complete without characters like Fozzie and Gonzo. I'm glad series 2 will make The Gang look more complete.

    But anyway, the ones I'm most anticipating are:

    Rowlf (don't care if he's nekkid or not - I wanna Rowlf at a friggin piano, period!)
    Scooter - my fave
    Gonzo in suit with CAMILLA (oh, to have such a fine chicken figure...)
    Reporter Kermit with Koozbanians
    Complete Electric Mayhem

    I was gonna say Lew Zealand, Link and Crazy Harry, but that's just because I've seen the photos and I think they're beautiful. :D
  5. gen

    gen Member

    my apologies

    Sorry to all who read my last message after all i,m only a muppet !
    Hey G.W how do you know about the band bus before series 7?
  6. Walker Boh

    Walker Boh Well-Known Member

    Gen, the bus is scheduled to come out in Series 5.
    Check the release schedule on Muppet Central (link) for more info on upcoming series.
  7. bc-fraggle

    bc-fraggle Well-Known Member

    I heard that one too Walker... I am trying to find the part where it is mentioned that they have something "special" instore for "birthday suit" rowlf. Sorry guys just wanted to call nekkid rowlf something else!

    I read that part too where they wanted to keep the series going.
    I still keep looking for the other little tidbit about Rowlf... if all else fails I'll just ask Ken in the "ask Ken" part. It's bugging me cause I know I've read it somewhere... Thanks for your imput!
  8. Walker Boh

    Walker Boh Well-Known Member

    Ahh. Here's the only thing I remember Ken saying about naked Rowlf lately (yes, Ken, you're quotable):

    (Ask Ken at Palisades, p. 242, 9/18/02)
    Well, if Rowlf is on a card in an assortment, then yeah he would come with an Upright as far as I am concerned. Would be a no-brainer...well, MOST likely a no-brainer. One could argue he could come with dogs in cages from TMTM, or some other variation.

    Is that what you were remembering? Hope this helps ...
  9. grail

    grail Well-Known Member

    the truth is, no one knows what the "something special" for nekkid Rowlf is going to be yet. Ken and company are keeping it for a surprise. my guess is we'll find out in febuary at toyfair
  10. jeremyactor

    jeremyactor Well-Known Member

    What do I want?

    Muppeteer Figures (I think that'd be awesome - put the muppeteer in the middle of all of their characters... Dave can come with big shoes to recreate the picture from Of Muppets and Men)
    How about Waldo from Muppet Vision and JHH?
    The Jugband?
    All releases.
  11. bc-fraggle

    bc-fraggle Well-Known Member

    Golly I can't wait until toyfair 2003, so that some light can be shed on things! I guess though I am kinda twisted a little in that I do and I don't want to know all the answers. I like guessing and doing some "sleuthing" to figure out what will be.

    Are any of you guys blessed enough to go to toyfair... although I guess you either have to be press or a vendor. Still though there must be the odd invite or the "someone with connections". If any of you do get to go, I am excited and a tad jealous.
  12. gen

    gen Member

    xmas set?

    Hi Guys here is one for you ,how would this be for xmas next year the muppet xmas carol movie with the playset and four figures to complete?
    tell me your thoughts and have any of you got any series one playsets available to buy?:)
  13. gen

    gen Member

    thank you

    Thank you walker boh i forgot to say that before.
  14. Walker Boh

    Walker Boh Well-Known Member

    No problem, gen. Welcome to the board.
  15. bc-fraggle

    bc-fraggle Well-Known Member

    Hi there gen! How's it going over there in Australia. I here you folks are the lucky ones who can get "vacation fozzie" at some of your stores!?

    I too would like to see a Muppet Christmas Carol set and based figures come out before christmas of next year. They could do Scrooge's house as the playset... there are so many cool and creative muppets in that movie, especially the three ghosts/spirits... it would be tough for palisades to choose. Probably if they do any of them it would be the main stand-outs... kermit, Fozzy wig, the usual main muppets.
  16. gen

    gen Member

    vacation fozzy?

    Which stores have vacation fozzy?we have invisible fozzy.I,m in Melbourne do any of your stores there still have the series 1 playset?if so can you give me there details?
    thank you and lets hope we see the christmas carol in 2003
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hello gen, and welcome to the forum boards here at muppetcentral.com. Basing my supposition on what Ken stated in an earlier post, Christmas 2003 might see the release of Series 6. If so, Ken stated that series 5 and 6 would be Muppet show heavy lines; and we would start to see a greater divergence into both Muppets Tonight and the movies probably starting with series 7 in 2004. There is one hope of MCC figures before then though. Figures of Statler and Waldorf are possible entries for the regular lineup of S6, to which Ken mentioned two special things planned. Upon suggesting figures of them as Marley & Marley, Ken responded that maybe he should make that three special things planned for this duo. Guess we'll find out either later this year or the next around February. BTW: If you're really anxious to purchase Series 1 Muppet Labs playset, contact me to see if we can work out a trade or something.

    The Killer of Threads, the Count.
  18. FozzieBear

    FozzieBear Well-Known Member

    Hey Gen,

    Welcome to the boards, being an Aussie myself, We have something in common :). I'll keep a lookout for Vacation Fozzie also, coz I want to get it also as he is my favorite muppet. If I see more than one, I'll let you know. Are you from Melbourne also, what part are you from?

    FozzieBear :p
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Muppet Labs Trade

    Hi, gen. I'm not sure if you got my E-mail message, so I decided to post my offer here at the forum boards. Muppet Labs includes:
    1 Muppet Labs playset.
    2 Operating table with straps, electric cables and helmet.
    3 Original window box packaging.
    4 If you wish, I could also throw in an extra Miss Piggy vanity dresser.
    Sorry about the non-inclusion of Beaker or the gorilla detector, but I gotta' have a suitable accessory for the figure. I was hoping to include the exclusive Beaker figures from my club kit in this deal; but since the pack from Palisades still hasn't arrived, I'm backing off on that bonus. Contact me if you're still interested in making this purchase, in exchange for which I'll accept either a money payoff or Sesame Street Unpaved book.

    Happy haunting, the Count.
  20. gen

    gen Member

    exclusive beaker?

    Hi Team thank you for your replies so far but i do require the entire set of the series 1 playset.Now here is another do you have ? Does anyone have the exclusive beaker will need more than 1?
    thank you Speak soon to the muppet world.

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