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Pricing for 1977 17-Inch Miss Piggy Bendy Doll

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by karen Piggy, Aug 4, 2013.

  1. karen Piggy

    karen Piggy Member

    Hello this is my first post , i hope to post often , my name is Karen , i love the Muppets as a small kid I had a 17 inch tall replica of piggy but sadly lost her in 1987 , iv searched for years and years trying to find her again but no luck , i did ask around but no one new or had heard of the figure i was talking about , i was searching last week on ebay and i could not believe my eyes there she was in all her 70s splendor I had to have her at any cost , I won her and she arrived yesterday , iv found out she was made EXCLUSIVELY in the UK by Bendy toys limited 1977 and is very rare now if anyone has any more information on her please let me know , my piggy is just like i remember and she is still mint , i would like one in her box at one point .. any advice or help welcome


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  2. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    Bendy Muppets!!

    They are what started it all for me. I was given a bendy miss piggy and kermit for my first birthday and have been hooked since!!

    Bendy were indeed a UK company. The made many many licensed characters, which included the muppets, Sesame Street and fraggle rock.

    The miss piggy you have pictured, doesn't look like the original dress. They made her in a white silk dress, blue dress with hat and feather and a much rarer white karate suit!! Kermit, animal and gonzo were also made in this size.
    Mini muppets were made of kermit, piggy, Fozzie, Rowlf, animal. These were different in that the clothes were part of the mould in rubber and painted not loose fabric like the larger ones. Finally 3 rubber face puppets were made. Statler, Waldorf and Fozzie.

    These are amazing characters. Unfortunately as they are rubber they often dry up and crack and crumble.
    Production was moved from the UK to Malaysia and many of the moulds got broken, resulting in some characters being discontinued and very rare. Gonzo is the rarest of the large figures.

    A small kermit grip kin toy was also made by Bendy.

    Hope this helps.


  3. karen Piggy

    karen Piggy Member

    Hi yes its the original dress there was a white dress and a rare version with the gold dress there one on USA ebay just now in its original packing in THE GOLD DRESS so she is all original .

    here is the miss piggy i have with the original gold dress very rare but this piggy is a hot mess and damaged i have the original mint box for mine

  4. karen Piggy

    karen Piggy Member

    also she has miss piggy and the bendy toy stamp on the dress inside .
  5. SweetPiggy

    SweetPiggy Active Member

    Hi Karen,
    Congratulations on winning the auction and being reunited with her at long last.
    I can relate to this story a little. I have no luck when it comes to ebay auctions. I always end up getting out bid by someone when there's only a few seconds left for the auction to end. :mad: lol
    I stayed up till 4AM once trying to win a 70's Miss Piggy puppet only to lose her at the last second to someone else .
    Thankfully I saw one with a Buy It Now option and bought it on the spot and that's How I got my Miss Piggy Puppet which with a little help of a nice wig and a new body I made for her ended up looking beautiful :)
  6. fluffykins

    fluffykins Member

    This is the best toy Piggy ever! I'd love to see more photos.
  7. fluffykins

    fluffykins Member

    I have this doll but in a white dress. I'll try and post photos when I work out where best to host them as I think we can only post links here, am I right?
  8. fluffykins

    fluffykins Member

  9. fluffykins

    fluffykins Member

  10. fluffykins

    fluffykins Member

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