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Pro Red Monster Puppet on eBay Angus Puppets

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell and Trade' started by ButchCat, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. ButchCat

    ButchCat Well-Known Member

    Hi everyone,

    Well it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I have been very slow with these ebay puppets these days but I finally have another posted and it’s a Monster named Randall who has a red nose. Kind of like someone we all know at this time of the year and I don’t mean the guy down the street who’s had a wee bit too much. As usual there is a write up and some pictures to go with him. So go check him out and if you can bid on him please do. So click on the link below, have a look and enjoy. For those of you who have never seen my web site and don’t know me I’ll also leave a link to that as well. Good luck and thanks for all of your support in the past. Merry Christmas to one and all!!!!

    Take care all

    Terry Angus


  2. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member

    great job terry!:) :excited:
  3. MuppetDude

    MuppetDude Well-Known Member

    Ditto. By the way, Terry, what's with the Fraggle legs in the "Pushbroom" picture? Is that a doll, or one of your own creations?

    P.S.: The Storyteller rocks. ;)
  4. ButchCat

    ButchCat Well-Known Member

    Hi Barry thanks for your comment. I am glad that you think it’s a great job. Have a great Christmas. :D

    Hey MuppetDude. Thanks for your great comment too. The Fraggle legs that you see in the picture belong to the Fraggle Puppets I made years ago as mementoes of the fun times I had working on Fraggle Rock. I am also glad that you think the Storyteller Fraggle Rocks. Have a safe and fun Holiday.


    Terry Angus
  5. Luke

    Luke Well-Known Member

    Hey Terry ol'buddy, ol'pal. Great to see you here. It goes without saying, but LOVE Randall - so expressive and full of life. I have to say i really enjoy the stories and the little 'in jokes' in the pictures ... it really puts the icing on the cake. Mmmmm cake! I hope you and yours have a fabulous christmas and new year!!!
  6. PukkaPukka

    PukkaPukka Well-Known Member

    Wow! Another great job, Terry -- as usual :)

    I wish I could bid on your stuff man...
    Soon...soon... ;)

    I just like how you keep surprising us with your brilliant work time and time again. Keep at it, man!

    Great job!

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