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Problems with MUPPETS.COM

Discussion in 'On the Web' started by Vic Romano, Nov 18, 2004.

  1. Vic Romano Active Member

    Yesterday I checked out the new Muppets.com real quick and was really excited, but today I've tried going on several times but it keeps bringing me to the countdown page (which is all 0's). Anyone else having trouble getting in? HELP!
  2. GelflingWaldo New Member

    I had that problem. Try hitting the refresh button on your browser...it worked for me.
  3. Vic Romano Active Member

    I tried several times and it's still not working. It worked yesterday. What's the deal, man! This sucks, I really wanna' go back on that site, it was so cool.
  4. GelflingWaldo New Member

    I surfed over to check it out and you're right, I''m now only getting the countdown again too. I wonder what's up?
  5. Vic Romano Active Member

    At least I'm not the only one. Anyone else know what's going on?
  6. christyb New Member

    Your not the only one. I just had the same problem. :cry: . I'll try the refresh trick, but nothing else is working for me. I hate this teasing us with the website game their playing.
  7. MockMockChef New Member

    I got the same problem to.And yesterday everything worked fine.And the crazyest is that all the games (i got the links) work fine.The FX Generator 9000
  8. Vic Romano Active Member

    That's weird. I even tried opening it from other links, like from Muppet Central's links page and no luck there either.
  9. christyb New Member

    Hey guys. I took the email address that were posted in "Review of Muppets.com" and emailed the two. No word back yet. Hopefully I'll get some answers soon.

    I take that back it just got sent back to me. Delivery Failure.....this is so frustrating. :rolleyes:
  10. MockMockChef New Member

    It works back!!!
  11. christyb New Member

    It's back I'm in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank the Lord!!!!!!!!!!! :excited:
  12. People, please do not e-mail the Muppets Holding compnay for every little thing. The site was down for a few hours, it's not a big deal. Please do not e-mail them for stuff like this. It's a waste of time and there is no reason for you to e-mail them or for them to e-mail you back when it's probably a technical issue.
  13. christyb New Member

    Hehehe :) I was just trying to see if it would work. I'm not going to make a habit out of it. (Actually I'll probably never do it again.) Besides it didn't even deliver it. so I apologize for even doing it in the first place (i realized how stupid it was after i hit send.) :sympathy:
  14. McFraggle Active Member

    I had problems with it being a little slow.

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