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Project "Zelirangoo"

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Effralyo, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. Effralyo Active Member

    Judgin` my signature, I think ya know who`s my FAV Henson`s character. So I decided to make several drawings (coming soon!) to my project I make since 1998. I was always interesting where Zeliboba could live before his appearing on Sesame Street. According to my story, it`s a magic place - Zelirangoo Dale, where live different kind spirits, including courtyard spirits( I call them Dratchers, for more shortness). And, by the way,you`ll know soon who`s that Effralyo who gave me such a nick. And lots of other things. ;)
    Just wait.:sing:
  2. zeldazipple New Member

    Here's something else I did while on the bus today. I didn't get a lot drawn on this one beecause I was more interested in writeing then I was in drawing. This pic really isn't what I had in mind. :o I was trying to draw her the way I discribed her in my fic but frankly I think she looks more like Dazy Duke than a althletic championion. ;) If anyone remebers the fic I started a few months back. She's not that flurty believe me. Hard to draw what you have in mind. But at least Skeeter has a body now. :)
  3. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ooops. Me thinks voi posted in the wrong thread ZZ!
  4. zeldazipple New Member

    Sorry about that I got it backwards again. I guess I really shouldn't post when I'm half asleep. lol
    :excited: And Elfralyo interesting plot. Can't waite to the first installment. :)
  5. Effralyo Active Member

    That`s OK, Zelda, I`ve got it on when saw.
    As for the project, its "launching" date is..... roughly..... early May.
  6. Effralyo Active Member

    List of characters

    `Twould be mean of me don`t introduce the characters (most of them at least) beforehand. So here we go:
    1) The Dratchers (courtyard spirits; the main six ones):
    Zeliboba himself
    Quieen Obeira
    2)The Other Spirits:
    Effralyo (the small, bird-like echo spirit)
    Krangry-Kragor-Tangry-Tagor-Klevor-Trevor-Ftagaratto (the tall, skinny, six-armed swamp spirit; a.k.a. Krangry-Gdang)
    Helbangior<or: Kelbangor>(the blue fuzzy rock-eater)
    Larko and Larquiola (two flamingo-like lake spirits, brother and sister)
    3)The Wonderful Plants:
    Hullonge trees(look like a maple with blue, mauve and pink leaves)
    Yvy-Fiew<or OrchiDruid>(a flower looking as a druid with a beard; speaking sounds as sound of flute - hence the name)
    4)Other Zelirangoo Residents:
    Ernesto Wellainever(the young muppet priest)
    Whatze Heck (Ernesto`s sister)
    The Villagers(several for a while):
    Incre Dibly
    Unspeak Ableguy
    Heyyou Getlost
    and a human hunter who wants to kill Zel for his fur - Furio Usone.
    That`s all for a while. More adding soon.
  7. Effralyo Active Member

    Launch proceed....

    Wait for Effralyo and Krangry-Kdang pix tomorrow. Though - isn`t it "charming" that the main hero will appear with suuuuuch late....;) Now I work on the logo and first Zel sketches.
  8. Beauregard Well-Known Member

  9. zeldazipple New Member

    Sounds good so far! I'm really looking foward to seeing what they look like, sounds like a good story comming along. :)
  10. Effralyo Active Member

    They`re scanned already, now I just must stuff`em in Photobucket.
  11. Effralyo Active Member

  12. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I think these may be your best pictures yet...you just keep ongetting better and better!

    I stand in dazed amazement and respect.

  13. Effralyo Active Member

    And with a lil late - Zeliboba himself. Not matter that on Sesame Street he wears a mantle. Actually, he`s pretty leggy and slim, and can use the magic - like here. (Though I still doubt that he has a tail....) The three small critters are Shadies - actually random spirits who like to pretend someone`s shadows and trick him.
  14. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oh my!

    It is....astounding.

    Wowzers! Glark! Gardylardyflardyflooo!
  15. Effralyo Active Member

    <Laughs> It seems we have TWO chain glarkers already in here. I continue to work - make a sketch of Ernesto Wellainever and one more Zel awhile.
  16. Effralyo Active Member

  17. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Ok...I am going to make a confession here....I do not know who Zelirangoo is...or even what series. FR? SS? TMS?

    I do know, however, that he looks great in all your drawings!
  18. Effralyo Active Member

    *Blink, blink*
    Ts-ts-ts. Gardy, you mixed it all up again. Zelirangoo, actually, is a name of the magic mountain dale where all the spirits live. And I made it up under impression of our "Sesame Street" version. And Zeliboba is name of the main hero - that tall blue one.
    And thanx for praise, of course.
  19. Effralyo Active Member

    [Temporarly freezed until I write the fanfic itself till the end.]
  20. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Sorry...my confusion....*bangs head (gently) on desk*

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